Tell Congressional Legislators Blocking Natural Health: “You Can Do Better!”

September 25, 2012
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we_can_do_better_button-p145648405550957164en31v_210Part two of our series looking at how senators and representatives fare on important health issues. Action Alert!

With elections in just a few weeks, we’re reviewing which legislators have been good on our issues—and which have dropped the ball. (As we did last week, we’ve indicated with an asterisk those legislators who are up for reelection.)

As before, we assess our elected officials according to their activity in three important issue areas: your right to access natural health options; your right to choose toxic-free food and drink; and your right to the healthy food of your choice.

Action Alert! If your senator or representative is listed below, click the link in their name to send them a “You can do better!” message, and tell them how much their support of natural health issues means to you! (Don’t know who your representative is? Click here to find out!)

Your Right to Access Natural Health Options

For example, did they fight the Free Speech About Science Act, support the FDA’s Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients (NDI), and support Sen. Durbin’s anti-supplement amendment?

Senate: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced the disastrous Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, and Sens. Max Baucus (D-MT), Jeff Bingaman* (D-NM), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Ben Cardin* (D-MD), Kent Conrad (DNL-ND), Al Franken (D-MN), Kirstin Gillibrand* (D-NY), Amy Klobuchar* (D-MN), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), John McCain (R-AZ), Claire McCaskill* (D-MO), Mark Pryor (D-AR), Jack Reed (D-RI), Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Jim Webb (D-VA) all supported it. Even some senators whom we praised last week for their stance on toxic-free food and drink supported this dreadful bill: Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Dianne Feinstein* (D-CA), and Bernie Sanders* (I-VT).

When the bill didn’t go anywhere, Sen. Durbin tried to sneak some of the bill’s provisions into an FDA bill as an amendment, which was defeated through an outpouring of grassroots activism from people like you.

Sen. Leahy tried to revive his own bill from last year by attaching an amendment to the Farm Bill. It too was defeated.

House: We’d like to draw special attention to Representatives Henry Waxman* (D-CA) and John Dingell* (D-MI), who have always been especially antagonistic toward nutritional supplements. Rep. Waxman tried to oppose DSHEA when it was introduced in 1994, and slipped an obscure anti-supplement measure into a Wall Street Reform bill in 2010.

Your Right to Choose Toxic-Free Food and Drink

For example, did they support GMOs and GE salmon, oppose (or fail to support) GMO labeling, do nothing to limit our exposure to BPA, and allow the use of antibiotics in animal feed?

House: Rep. Frank Lucas* (R-OK), head of the House Committee on Agriculture, allowed the insertion of two pro-GMO riders into the 2012 Farm Bill. And Rep. Fred Upton* (R-MI), chair of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, should have brought up several important bills for hearings and consideration—particularly bills concerning BPA exposure and the overuse of antibiotics in animal feed—but failed to do so. The bills languished in his committee.

One of our champions from last week, Rep. Jack Kingston* (R-GA), who was so instrumental in our work on the NDI draft guidance, unfortunately also allowed the terrible GMO riders into the Appropriations bill.

Your Right to the Healthy Food of Your Choice

For example, did they oppose a farmer’s market exemption from the Food Safety Modernization Act, oppose your access to raw milk, and support the school lunch program in classifying frozen pizza as a vegetable?

Senate: Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Mark Udall (D-CO), both from big potato-producing states, joined with the National Potato Council to fight the limits on potatoes and other starchy vegetables in school lunches. Sen. Amy Klobuchar* (D-MN) wrote a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack extolling the nutritional value of tomato paste; Schwan’s Food Service, which supplies frozen pizzas to 75% of US schools, is based in Minnesota.

House Opponents: Joe Pitts* (R-PA), chair of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, has not held hearings on bills concerning citizens’ access to raw milk and other health freedom bills.

Note: Comments below are NOT sent to members of Congress. If you are a constituent please click on member’s link in the article above to send your message.

120 Responses to “Tell Congressional Legislators Blocking Natural Health: “You Can Do Better!””

  1. concerned citizen says:

    To interfere with human health and the free choices therein, resting with each individual human being, ought to be legislated on a par with violent crime. It surely is a crime, a violent one, by any moral standard.


  2. Donna Mae says:

    It is our God given right to choose natural substances and food supplies for good health. I believe in the Hippocrates Oath — “Let food be your medicine, medicine be your food.”; also “First do no harm.”. Most pharmaceutical drugs casue great harm to people’s health and FDA is in bed with them to support mass usage of such toxic drugs. When one takes a drug and gets side effects, a doc would prescribe other drugs to counteract it, when that happens, one can take mulltiple number and is toxic to the body. This is not the answer for good health. I say let food and natural substances to treat diseases. We need to clean up and hold natural foods as sacred resources. Its a no wonder we have an epidemic of disease proliferating and docs are not keeping and advising patients to change lifestyle. Too many convenience foods with toxic and unnatural substances are being added. I seed to keep foods pure from adulterations so everyone can have good health again. Lets keep it that way as has been provided in nature in its pure form. Earth’s wisdom in the anwer to what ails us.


  3. Anne Zerrilla says:

    It is not a coincidence that now medical doctors are admitting that research supports supplementation to support the body. For example, Vitamin D in higher doses then the FDA suggests is now widely believed to help such diseases as Multiple Sclerosis. We don’t need big government controlling how we choose to treat ourselves. It’ our decision if we want to treat ourselves or support our bodies with supplementation. I find it slanted that pharmaceuticals, just listen to the advertisements on t.v., can get away with major side effects everyday but supplements are being attacked. It seems there is a conflict of interest on whose interests certain legislators support. Maybe special interest have swayed people in leglislation so we have to eat GMO food, food sprayed with Agent Orange a known carcinogen (that’s the latest legislation proposed, carcinogens spayed on our strawberries to mention a few. Whose interest exactly are our legislators and FDA looking out for anyway. Not mine…


    • Kenneth Shonk says:

      If you haven’t figured it out yet, here is howi it works. The major agribusiness feed us unnutritous food full of toxins. The toxins gives us debilitasting “life style” illnesses mostly starting at age 50 that require a 20-30 years of medications to keep a person on life support all the while draining the average person of their accummulated life savings and then their draw on public funds. The pharma companies make out like bandits selling the drugs. The researchers at universities cry for more research funds ti “cure” the diseases and when them come up with promising approaches for treating lifestyle diseases like cancer (example, ECYT whose folic acid receptor drugs orginate from research at Purdue Univ.), they leave the university and the research out to a public company withe researcher at the helm. The researcher becomes wealthy on the IPO. The politicians who are aligned with the agribusinesses and pharma companies and provide subsides for productuib of non-nutritous starchy foods that spike insulin levels and promote regulatory approval for toxic food additives, pesticides, and herbicides (aspartame, glysoshate, fluoridated water, etc.) that cause cancer, HBP, obesity, neurologic diseases, mental retardation, etc. get preferred access to the IPO. If the new appproach proves a success, a big pharma company buys the little company. The researcher gets rich, the politician gets rich, the pharma company executives and salespeople get rich pumping the new drug even if no better than the old drug. The pharma company “educates” MD’s and health care practioners in the use of the new drug. Its put in the medical school curriculums.. The AMA makes the durg part of the “standared of care” that means thart if a doctor doesn’t follow it, the doc is censured or license is revoked. This forces them to toe the line even if they know there are alternatives. The “health care industry” becomes the only growth industry and a major source of tax revenue much to the politician’s benefit who then promise a “War on Canncer” and more research funding. Its a great system for those in the know and control a valve on hteh pipeline to exappropriate the average person’s wealth in their last 5 years of life before they die so that they can’t pass it onto their heirs. If also is a great way to raid the public treasury, all in the guise of “public safety and health”. Just a note: this system wasn’t designed, it evolved over many years since…


  4. As I am A Taoist/Buddhist Master of meditation chi gong and kung fu, This plan to undo my access to the traditional herbs used in the religious practices must be viewed as a direct violation of my Constitutional right to practice my religion!


  5. Jon says:

    Folks:The status of your health is absolutely of no consequence to our lawmakers in Washington; they are there for money and power. It should concern them, however, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find young men and women healthy enough to serve in the military. This situation can be directly attributed to the garbage being foisted off on us by the food industry and our (uninformed) choices in the marketplace.


  6. Debbie Starks says:

    I don’t have a problem with you making GMO foods, that’s your right & choice. But I do have a problem with you not labeling that so that I can have my right to choose what I buy & eat or take in in supplements/vitamins. Just be open & honest about it. What are you all trying to hide? I’m trying to take care of my body/health & I want the right/freedom to choose how I do that, not you or anyone else telling me. Do you want me to tell you what you can & cannot eat, supplements you have to take etc? Of course not !


    • Kenneth Shonk says:

      The problem with GMO’s is that most GMO crops are made to use with proprietary pesticides and herbicides like Monsanto’s soybean and corn with Round-Up (glysophate). The glysophate then contaminates the run-off from the fields and gets in the the water supply. Glysophate causes genetic damage at levels of 1 ppm and lower. In addition, for many GMO’s, since the gene is part of mitochondrial DNA, it can be transferred to other organisms. An example is the Bt toxin gene which has been shown to transfer to gut bacteria which means that the bacteria in your gut can sit there for the rest of your life producing Bt toxin, which is not good for humans as well as insects. Insects, however, have short lifespans and will rapidly develop resistance as is the case already which means that now there are even problems with using a Bt bacteria spray (it can be wash off easily and so is less problematic). In addition, changing one gene almost always results iin a wide variety of brand new proteins being produced that represent potential allergans and whose interaction with other life (humans for example) is unknown.


  7. Robert Hoekstra says:

    I oppose any attempt by the government to limit our choices in a free market society. We need to be able to make decisions ourselves based on what we think best suits our needs. Government does not need to step in and tell us how to run our lives. What we need is access to reliable information that provides us with the facts about the food we eat, the drugs pharmaceutical companies tell us to take, and all the other things we rely on on a daily basis. If government can do that for us, then it’s doing it’s job.


  8. Your hands should be kept off of food supplements. The same goes for organic food and raw milk. Sen. Durbin’s disastrous provision for regulating them must die and never be born again. I don’t understand his motivation in pressing for this. Nanny government is not something we need or want.


  9. Debbie says:

    @ Thomas Fusco – Please don’t rely on any label that says “Natural.” It has no meaning whatsoever. They can label something that is composed completely of chemicals as “natural” simply because there is no universal definition for “natural” within the FDA or USDA. However, if you are buying natural, unprocessed, locally grown fresh fruits and veggies, then kudos to you!


    • Rebecca Petrovic says:

      @ Debbie… Of course they have a definition for “Natural.” That definition is something that already exists, not artificially created by man. But, arsenic and cyanide are “Natural” aren’t they… I sure don’t wish to consume them… Oh yeah, and so are feces!!


  10. Thomas Fusco says:

    I use natural and when possible organic supplements, I look for GMO free foods and eat as much organic foods as I can find. DO NOT mess with my right, go pick on the corporations. Oh wait then they won’t give you your blood money to get re-elected to a job that you spend less then 50% of your time doing the peoples for 100% of your pay.


  11. aj says:


    how are you . i think we have right to choose our vitamins suppliments .i can not allow any body

    to take our right so please you can have our support . if you like we can send our messege to congreshnal or state legislator .please send me your advice whom we can send our concern or messege .



    • ANH-USA says:

      Hi Aj–Thanks for your comment! To send a message to your Member of Congress or Senator, simply click on their name above. This will take you to a new page where you can send your message. Thanks again for reading!


  12. Millie says:

    It is time the American people start standing up for what is right!! It is also time for our government leaders to quit being greedy and start looking out for our health!


    • Susan says:

      I feel that people are starting to wake up to the reality that is all about the greed of money. It’s not their fault that they’d been duped into brainlessness, the Sheeple mentality, blind followers. We’ve all been led to believe and trust in our elected officials. But alas, our elected officials aren’t working for us they’ve been bought and paid for by big industry. This country (and the planet for that matter) is run by big multinational corporations, among them is BIG CANCER. Industry run, everything, and when you start to get it you really get it. It’s only and all about MONEY.


  13. bruce says:

    The solution is simple. Just do your job for the people and remember your sacred task. Re frame your intention, and be about the highest good. Release the adulterated intention that you have been groomed to accept by Big Ag and special interests, and represent the people of the USA.


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