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Turning Vitamins Into Gold


How Pharma is stealing nature and charging you for it

From Gizmodo:

If you would like to take niacin, a B vitamin that is believed to lower cholesterol and the chance of having a heart attack, you could buy a month’s supply online for about $5. Or you could get a prescription for a bottle of virtually the same pills for almost $300, thanks to a pharmaceutical company using price gouging tactics similar to those of Pharma Bro Marin Shkrelli, according to a report from the Financial Times.

Comment: With drug after drug failing clinical trials (see the recent spate of failed Alzheimer’s drugs), Big Pharma is increasingly turning to natural medicine. This happened recently with Vascepa, an FDA-approved fish oil drug to treat high triglycerides which can run consumers as much as $300 for a one-month supply. Now the same thing has happened to niacin, which one company has turned into a prescription drug to treat cholesterol. What’s next?