The Latest on the GMO Rider

March 26, 2013
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Where do we go from here?

The Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government passed both the Senate and the House last week—and despite all our mutual efforts, it still contained the dangerous GMO rider we’ve been telling you about. The Senate, and in particular, the Senate Appropriations Committee leadership, let us down, despite earlier signals they would stand up to Monsanto on this one. Senate Democrats were unwilling to remove the biotech rider, despite the efforts of hundreds of organizations and businesses and tens of thousands of phone calls and Action Alert messages sent.

As you’ll recall, the newly passed rider will strip federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of illegal, potentially hazardous genetically engineered crops while USDA is performing an environmental impact statement. It will not only affect future judicial orders—it will also invalidate several recent orders that found the approval of GMO crops were unlawful, and will allow the planting of those GMO crops even while the USDA assesses environmental hazards.

Since the USDA is totally behind GMO crops, removing court restraints really means that there are no controls on GMO planting at all. No safety reviews (USDA can’t even do them, only FDA, which refuses), and not even any real environmental assessments. This is one of the most blatant examples of money talking in politics that we have seen, and we have seen plenty of them in recent years.

There is also a real question whether the rider is constitutional—how can Congress contravene judicial actions? That would seem to contradict the separation of powers doctrine. We will be reviewing this and other questions with legal counsel.

Unfortunately, the Democrats were the ones who pushed this rider and allowed it to go through unhindered. What did they receive in return? This is the big unanswered question, as no one is willing to “take credit” for the rider. We spoke to the office of Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL), the ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, and asked our lobbyists to see what they could find out, but we still did not get any answers. Barbara Mikulski, the Senate Appropriations Committee chairwoman, is not a big recipient of biotech funds, and she’s usually our ally on this issue—so it is even stranger that the rider’s language would arise out of her committee. Procedurally, it is irregular for a rider to become law that was not passed through the committee of jurisdiction first—in this case, the Judiciary or Agriculture Committee. In fact, Congress held no hearings on the biotech rider, and many Democrats on the committee were initially unaware of its presence in the CR in the first place.

We do know that Monsanto and other biotech companies give a great deal of money to politicians. has not collated the information for 2013 as yet, but their figures reveal that contributions to both parties have increased dramatically in recent years. From 2011 to 2012, the agribusiness industry contributed $89,675,179 to political campaigns—65.9% to Republicans, 22.3% to Democrats—with Monsanto topping the list of contributors. The biggest recipients? In the Senate, it was Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) with $739,926 in agribusiness donations, and in the House, Frank Lucas (R-OK) with $720,590. However, neither of these individuals serve on the Senate Appropriations Committee, where the rider language was inserted.

Technically, this CR will be in effect only for six months—its purpose is to fund the government just through September 30—and the GMO provision will expire when the CR expires. In practice, however, this will happen only when Congress enacts a 2014 Appropriations Bill, and it’s not likely they’ll have one written, debated, and enacted by September 30, the end of the 2013 fiscal year. If they don’t have a new bill by then, they will simply change the date on the CR and extend it once again—and everything will remain as it is, including the GMO rider.

In other words, it’s extremely unlikely that the GMO rider will simply go away. Our only chance to end this provision is to make sure it doesn’t get included in the 2014 Appropriations Bill. This will require a huge and sustained grassroots effort—and a strong message to Congress to stop trying to sneak biotech riders by us. We as concerned citizens shouldn’t stand for it! ANH-USA will continue to work on lobbying, strategizing with various grassroots partners, and doing outreach. And we will, as always, keep you posted every step along the way.

Editor’s Note: It was revealed this week in a Poltico article that Senator Ron Blunt (R-MO) was behind the insertion of the Monsanto Rider into the passed government funding bill.

120 Responses to “The Latest on the GMO Rider”

  1. Warren says: is the link to Senator Blunts contact information and others. Please call him and others to let them know how concern you are of his blunder and remind him and others when they or if they reach the pearly gates and when asked by St. Peter, why did you allow so many people to die using GMO foods or developed cancer from GMO foods? If their reply, is simply to become or continue their millionaire status then, please shut the gates St. Peter for they have sanction the death of innocent people.



  2. Remy says:

    Ruin Organics through deliberate contanmination via GMO poisons…..MISSION ACCOMPLISHED by MONSANTO of EVIL, then everyone practicaly except them and their families and the other U.S elites they assume, will be then FORCED to EAT GMO’s there good for your death and their endless $$$ after all we consumers are in their evil eyes are all just useless eaters to serve them evermore and then throw us away when they can make no more $$$ from us.


    • Mich says:

      Remy: You articulated the Master Plan of the Elites!


    • Lou Albinati says:

      I am greatly concerned about the infiltration of GMO’s and the lack of any control by the Government. I am not surprised that the Dem’s are behind it’s promotion. They will do anything for money to convert this country to a Socialist State.


  3. So you have noticed the corruption of Congress. Well, join with Prof. Lawrence Lessig and his Root Strikers to end the corruption in a truly bipartisan way. Let campaigns be funded by hundred dollar vouchers that we citizens can give to the candidates of our choice who agree to use only those vouchers in their campaigns. Then when ten thousand citizens like a candidate they can give her a million bucks. It doesn’t end other candidates accepting money from millionaires but we’ll be able to tell who is using our money and who is using theirs. When almost all elected Congressional officials have avoided using big money funding, we’ll have Congress people who don’t have to “lean to the green”. It won’t take many election cycles if we do it. Check out Lessig’s videos. He speaks sense with conviction.


  4. Christian says:

    Who is the real enemy of America? We know now without a shadow of a doubt – Monsanto. Therefore, those that believe in the power of prayer, join me in pulling down this demonic stronghold. The higher world powers want to reduce world population. They can do this by slowly poisoning our soil and food supply. If you or your friends have land or community space PLANT VEGETABLE GARDENS, everywhere you can. We must not remain co-dependent on our grocery stores alone. Every small step will help. Be more personally responsible for your food sources and let your neighbors know the truth. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Never give up on this! Thank you for the updated and for the sustained effort.


  6. Mich says:

    What Monsanto is doing, is clearly unconstitutional. They want to overide the judicial review via the legislative branch—they are desperate. This is a government “of the people, for the people and by the people”. They are greedy and have demonstrated, ther activities, to be harmful to the public and environment; that’s why they deemed it necessary, to seek “protectuon” through this rider. Nice try, but we gotcha!


  7. Rita Thomson says:

    Dear Government Leaders:
    Have you all not read the Book of Daniel which the prophet Daniel tells the King of Babylon of his dream and its meaning? This dream describes a human image and its meaning so that this king’s empire was of gold, the next was of silver, the next was of bronze, and finally of clay and iron. These are human governments. Yet a stone not cut out of human hands has come to crush this image. Who is this stone, Christ. Now my point is to tell you that none of you are on the throne, only God is. So if you intend to sicken us Americans with junk food, you will be judged by the Almighty one day or even in your lifetime as well. Be smart and learn from the Holy Bible that God does not tolerate human government defiling mankind and the end will show this in a very terrific way. So I am asking you to consider taking aim at the invisible force you cannot see and fight to keep humanity healthy, in God’s name I am asking or suffer the consequence.


    • Glenn says:

      You stated the entire situation perfectly. If our government leaders had a fear of God, things would be a lot different in our country, for the better.
      Have a Blessed Easter.


      • Alonse says:

        Dear Government Leaders:
        Have you all not read the Book of Daniel

        Rita, I think you could have stopped right there ;-)


  8. dee preston says:

    Simply put- this is treason against the people of the USA. Unless we get rid of these criminals who
    Are allowing our food supply to be poisoned: where is the hope? What about our children
    Who will suffer from this rider? What about the farmers and our environment?
    Wht doesn’t our elected officials care or protect us? Because they are criminals and are
    All bought and paid for. This must end. Impeachment is the kind route. With hope, dee


  9. Stephine says:

    Another proof that government is bought off by the big corporations.
    CORRUPTION is all there is in Washington.


  10. Angela says:

    Thanks for all you do even for those who would benefit and know not your efforts. Blessings..


  11. Barbara Mikulski: Please review this matter carefully, learn all the facts, break free of servitude to Monsanto, & recapture your own social worker soul. You are confusing, saddening, discouraging, enraging & betraying all of the rest of us social workers who have trusted & respected you. Please reassure us that there was some mistake here, that you have not sold out, & that you will correct this mistake, ….pronto!! We believe in you. Please do not make a mockery of our support for you. With faith & hope, Tom Campbell B>D>C>S>W>< B.C.D.


  12. Sonja says:

    The only way I can possibly be “polite” about this and still remain honest is to simply say, we are adults, not children and I’d very much like to know what could have possibly given these Bio-tech people the idea, that as such, we have no right to know what we are eating, nor to decide what we would prefer to feed our families? Is this not America?


  13. Sonja says:

    The only way I can possibly be “polite” about this and still remain honest is to simply say, we are adults, not children and I’d very much like to know what could have possibly given these Bio-tech people the idea, that as such, we have no right to know what we are eating, nor to decide what we prefer to feed our families? Is this not America?


  14. Mary says:

    I found this on a friend’s FB page: When Monsanto forced GMO corn on Hungary, farmers burned thousands of acres to the ground and forced the government to impose a nationwide ban!


  15. Judith Volpe says:

    vote with your fork and buy only organic and non GMO foods, or EU products. its more expensive but so is having cancer. let large food chain stores know you will not patronize them if they contribute funds to defeat GMO labeling. its time for another revolution.


    • Jan V. says:

      Judith has the right answer. I can honestly say that when I eat organic, I am well. When I eat food out of the grocery store, I am not well. It’s like poison to my body–and this is just the beginning. The problem is that once the GMO foods take over the farmlands, their “disease” will spread through the ground and the air.


      • Lydia says:

        Sadly, most sadly, Jan is right. This is not just about my food or my support of an industry. It is about MASSIVE genetic pollution, which affects more than those who buy the product.

        It’s similar to the problem of anti-biotics in domestic food animals, in the sense that the affect is far more widespread than on those who participate, buy and eat the food. IT AFFECTS ALMOST EVERYONE. Already the jinni is out of the bottle. The question is, how bad will it get? Now we have a new strain of anti-biotic resistant klebsiella! On top of the MRSA and VSRA.

        Biology has it’s own rules: we violate them at our own risk.


  16. john polifronio says:

    I want to comment, but, by the same token, the extent to which Monsanto, and the equivalent, is able to buy its way to approval, of virtually anything it asks of government “regulators,” makes my comments effectively meaningless. Is this democracy? Is this the United States? Such blatant cynicism is appalling.


  17. Sarah Tiers says:

    I am horrified that Monsanto is allowed to continue poisoning our food; therefore, our land, animals and people. Where are our morals? This is a form of murder so let’s call it what it is. Innocent people are being sickened daily. In India, it got sdo bad that thousands committed suicide when their crops and animals died and they had no other way to make a living. When will we stop this? I’m in a state of shock that we allow this to happen. Someone do something before millions are wiped out.


  18. Carl Nye says:

    What I want to know, and what the big question of this article addresses is – how did this rider get into the bill? Who specifically wrote it, and who attached section 735 to the CR? Why did all the people we contacted ignore our requests and refuse to remove it? This information must be publicly exposed. It may take a FOIA action to find out, but we must be told who sold the immunity clause to Monsanto via this rider.


    • Alice Moriarty says:

      Amen! I agree with you totally. I also have asked for the congresspeople who sponsored this but have not received an answer. Isn’t that part of the record?


  19. steve says:

    thanx for the info, great job!


  20. jim adams says:

    What? I am OUTRAGED that this committee would play politics with this Monsanto Uber Alles bio-tech rider. My understanding is that nobody — not the congress, the courts, the constitution, the president and definitely not we-the-the-people can say or do anything about these GMOs while this is in effect — regardless if they are creating super weeds (like Amaranth) and superbugs (like one of the corn caterpillars), harming the health of people (independent tests show harm to rats.. enough to stop sales … except for this rider), keeping people from knowing if they are eating GMO foods.

    In one year, Agribusiness (you spell that c-o-r-p-o-r-a-t-i-o-n-s) spent almost $90 million buying elections for congress and Monsanto outspends all the rest of the Agribusiness corporations. Here’s one of the big payoffs — this rider and the silence with which it has been received in committee. ……….

    If you believe that a corporation is a person and that a really BIG corporation is a really, really good person and deserves to have more rights than an old fashioned living, breathing taxpaying person — you just might be a Republican

    And if you believe that especially corporations but also the rich have the right to use their millions to make certain that certain elections are won and others are lost — you just might be a Republican (+ there’s a few Democrats here too) (and thanks and a tip of the hat to Jeff Foxworthy)

    It’s appropriate to quote Nancy Reagan here: “Just say NO” to GMOs. It’s that simple.


    • Helen Bogart says:

      I think your stereotypical Jeff Foxworthy-like comments about Republicans is unproven and unwarranted. Not all Republicans desire agri-monsters like Monsanto to get a free ride and a free pass. I suppose I can cite just as many Democrats that are on the take by these corporations.

      However, that being said, the real matter is what to do about it. I like the comment before yours that properly asked the question, “Who put the rider into the bill that passed?” Somebody had to write it. Let’s investigate that instead of fingerpointing or namecalling, please?

      We have a host of problems to solve with this dysfunctional, harmful Congress, so let’s start by voting out House and Senate members, whichever party they happen to be, if they do not represent our interests. Just fire them, already. Make sure you tell all your friends and neighbors why you want them fired and spread the word.


  21. Loranzie Loudermilk says:

    I will not vote for anyone who supports GMO’s!


  22. estelle ogus says:

    gmo is like a mass global slow genoside. its very dangerous and its important to ban gmo seeda and roundup pesticides which are also dangerous. we need to avolanch the legislators with continual demands to ban them. and go to the whitehouse website petition to demand these actions, and to send the whitehouse continual nagging scientific studies and citizen petititions, not just once but monthly ongoing indefiniteley. its a matter of health or disease for most people globally…everywhere on planet earth. meanwhile buy organic and products with the “gmo project certified” label with butterfly picture. its crucially important to keep the pressure up. thanks for doing so.


  23. Jimh77 says:

    Is it not the time for the Government to stop poisoning it’s people with the Biotech chemicals and start doing what is right for Americans?


  24. im munton says:

    I find it interseting that I often see Senator Harry Reid shopping in my local Whole Foods store when he is in Nevada.


  25. john rogers says:

    The problem is every state ag dept is in bed with fed ag, and they are all in bed with monsanto and all the major players who have paid and continue to pay them all off handsomely, so this is going to be a battle royal to put it mildly. i think grass roots is trying super hard, i continue to donate generously, but i think it will require total outrage from the public and loud strong protests that get the medias attention. And the media are all paid off as well, so again, we need to do something with major impact and intensity. Our govt simply is bought and sold by all kinds of interests, they do not care if we live or die, it is really out of control. It is not a pretty picture. be prepared for turbulent times ahead in every way.


  26. JA Kienas says:

    This is such a travesty of fairness that I cannot imagine how it ever came about! What are our legislaters thinking with???? Their pocketbooks?? Other parts of their anatommy not designed for thinking? The untested long term results of turning loose GMO seeds into our environment is frightening beyond words. What effects will this have on our helath or that of our children? God did a great job in creating genetic chains that match well within species….let’s not mess with usurping His designs!


    • Jean Leclair says:

      All they think of is lining their pockets, sitting on their rich ***. They have no compansion of thought for us American people.


  27. Dennis Allen says:

    The unfortunate reality is that the politicians are crroks and liars. they will sell their souls for money. Washington is a corrupt pit of vipers. The only hope is to unite and continually attack the one who support these dangerous policies and become unrelentless in the attacks. Campaigns must be mounted that unseat these bastards, legal means should be explored to go after them. their personal lives should be made misserable with the continuous barage of criticism, calling, e mailing, news stories, anything that send a message that this will not be tolerated. It takes a heroic commitment. the have the money, the press, the power. They lie , cheat and steel. They deserve no respect. All efforts to stop these evil politicians should be legal and non violent, but efforts must be firm and without compromise. Sounds a bit extreme, but if the “people don’t take off the gloves and start fighting with a sense of commitment and courage, than I do not see a winning scenario for this effort.
    Lie it or not, this is a war. A true war of good against evil. The message should be loud and clear. mothers start boycotting the super market and write, Call and e mail EVEY DAY to the retailers that you do not want and will not shop at stores that sell GMO foods.
    Take a feww dollarsand print up anti gmo fliers and post them everywhere. Sneak them on the walls of the supermarket bathrooms and on there bulletin boards. put them on winshields. Set up tables in public places and start campaigning with fliers bumper stickers and buttons and tee shirts condeming GMO foods and thw business’s that sell them. organize parades and demonstrtions. get the press to report on these activities.
    I am watching good, careing, responsible law abiding people in this country go down with very little fight. If people don;t start getting tough and draw a line in the sand, they will win neither the battle or the war.
    A marine saying is when the going gets tough the tough get going. It is time to get tough.


  28. DemocratnoMore says:

    I think those of us who are Democrats need to send a message to the DNC.

    Perhaps those of us who are Democrats should leave the Democratic Party.

    Perhaps those of us who are Democrats should stop sending the DNC money,

    Perhaps those of us who are Democrats should realize that the DNC is merely “GOP Lite.”


  29. Laura says:

    I believe we are wasting our time on this or any other action we wish to accomplish as long as our Congressmen have no fear of us, which they obviously do not. I believe the reason is because the voting computers are rigged and they know it. We need to focus first of all in getting rid of computer voting. Yes, a huge project but necessary if we’re to get anything worthwhile done.


  30. Patricia V says:

    GMO and all other poisons must be abolished once and for all. Who placed them as God, and give them power to kill off Humans.
    Patricia V.


  31. Denise says:

    Of course it all boils down to the campaign contributions. And, of course, the people representing us make enough money so they can buy organic, unlike the majority of people in the U.S. I hope they will remember how important it was to allow GMOs without regulations: allowing Monsanto to tamper with our food and not knowing what effect it will have on our health. They will be the ones who created this monster.


  32. Katherine Whitson says:

    Democrats received hundreds of millions in donations from Monsanto so of course they’re going to pass this through. I am very disappointed in them for this- if they don’t have our back, who does?


  33. TAMARQUE says:

    Why aren’t you talking about the Codex Alimentarius? This is the framework within which this type of legal maneuver operates. I know you are familiar with the Codex which demands that member nations change their laws to support the Codex mandates.

    Most people are ignorant of these international agreements that push the globalization neo-con agenda. You are in a position to clearly draw the total picture for people. I think you really need to do this.


    • ANH-USA says:

      Hi Tamarque–Thank you for your comment! ANH-USA is actively involved in the Codex conversation. However, it’s important to note that Codex does not mandate that participating nations change their laws to match Codex standards. Here are some links to learn more about Codex:
      Thanks again!


  34. Tactical111 says:

    Wow, this is outrageous. I doubt they’d get away with this in Communist China. Proof that the Almighty Dollar is what rules in this so called “Free Republic”. What a joke. Boycott with your pocket books. I don’t eat/buy any processed food or any corn or soy products anymore.

    Gee, if GMO is so good and safe why are they afraid of labeling or Judicial oversight? Hmm.


  35. Carol Filonow-koppel says:

    I do not want GMO crops!


  36. Carol says:

    I am extremely disappointed that Politicians, elected to support and represent the American public, continually give in to giant corporations and greed, as opposed to supporting what the majority of the public wants.
    Monsanto has proven over and over again that they will do anything to control our food system to the detriment of the publics’ health. There are many, many studies in the U.S. as well as Europe, who have banned GMO’s from being planted, that show the negative impact from GMO’s. The American public has shown over and over that they are unwilling to consume these products, and want labeling to be able to choose what we consume rather than eating something we find to be unhealthy. I certainly am not willing to support any politician who looks to Monsanto rather than its’ constituents for approval.


    • Donna Marquart says:

      While this rider was being passed, and signed by the president, all I keep hearing about is gun control. Guess it is OK to slowly poison people. Jon Stewart on April 3 had an interesting commentary about how this rider was passed. Saw it on UTube.


  37. Dave Kisor says:

    I find it unconscionable that business and industry feels the need to to hide behind legislation to protect themselves from we the people. Whose government is this? As for those senate democrats, there is a very good reason I have transitioned over to the Green Party.


  38. Jeff piotrowski says:

    Another example, one of a hundred whereby our politicians whom are controlled by banks, special interest and the global elite( these are the people who really control our govt., not we the people.
    Wake up everyone there has been a silent coup de tat into both parties. Nothing in politics happens by mistake, these people are very smart and they do have an agenda. The artistry in all of this is to make it look like their just idiots ( another buracratic mess), well belive me you can explain all the injustices, tyranny, unconstitutionality, lies and betrayal on one thing; new world order. You will increasingly see your sovereignty and your freedoms disappear in the name of protecting you. Cash will disappear amd all currency will be controlled by the banks electronically. They will own you basically, they already do most just do not know it yet. Wonder why the world is in turmoil? Because if you create crisis’ then you can create solutions to these crisis’ right?
    Thank you for your newsletter its wonderful and i believe in you.
    Good luck
    Sincerely Jeff Piotrowski


  39. Brandon says:

    I really appreciate all you do! Thank you and this is maddening. These politicians should be kicked out! It is unconstitutional and there is so many other reasons that have led to this as well, like Citizens United.


  40. Dazzle says:

    The biggest problem in doing anything with Congress is that every 2 years they get ready to campaign for re-election! Thus they are siding with big biz with promises of big campaign contributions. The voice of citizens is subverted regularly by the structure of our elections.

    Then there is the FACT that the Congressional majority are already bought and paid for.
    Unlimited money is now allowed to buy legislation or to thwart it.

    The best that anti-GM farmers can do is to keep on growing organic and suing Monsatan if GM pollen infects their fields. Anti-GM farmers may need to invest in row cover, to cover their crops to prevent the GM pollen from getting into their seeds. Mote artful dodges will need to be invented.

    Dealing with Congress the way it is now IMO is futile.


  41. Wanda Siller says:

    I am very saddened and discouraged that our Congress deems it appropriate not to act in the best interest of the public’s health, and instead to side with biotech girants like Monsanto, which has no regard for anything but profits. In the long term, Monsanto and companies like them will not only ruin everyone’s health, including that of their employees and executives, but also help in the destructon of the earth. Do they refuse to see, or see and just disregard, or not believe, not that it matters. I wonder if there’s any way to get to Congress and the biotech companies to help them see the long range problems they’re creating?


    • Donna Marquart says:

      I think they see and I think they know – they just don’t want to see, esp. if they are writing the laws and have now limited the federal courts from going after Monsanto. Go watch the documentary The Silent Forest, Genetic Roulette, The World According to Monsanto, Food, Inc., the BBC documentary titled The Men Who Made Us Fat, just to mention a few. and don’t buy the processed food. Grow a garden, buy from the farmer’s markets. AND go to the town hall meetings and ask your representatives etc. about how they voted. And don’t back down just because “they” tell you it has been part of our food system for at least 20 years. It has – and it has been planned that way – kind of by accident. I doubt too many of those politicians and corporate rats eat GMO’s.


  42. David Davis says:

    Stop trying to sneak biotech riders by us.


  43. Electa Anderson says:

    Imagine how all mankind would benefit if our leadership in Washington DC would base their decisions on what is right for all society, not what is desired by a few corporate influencers.

    Until we have unbiased research, and an absolute guarantee that our food chain will not be contaminated by GMOs, GMOs should not be allowed in the food we are eating and the grains of farm animals…at the very least we have the right to know what is in our food by requiring our food be labeled if it contains GMOs.

    It is shocking that the FDA continues to state that GMOs are safe… So unfortunate that Americans are just waking up to the fact that we can no longer rely on the FDA to protect our food chain.


  44. Edgar A. Lucidi, MD says:


    I am appalled by the illogical. unreasonable and treacherous congressional approval of this nefarious rider that will promote environmental destruction, disease amd premature death of man, animals, plants, birds, bees and other beneficial insects.


  45. Anna South says:

    I am terribly disappointed in the governments continually ignoring the peoples desire to halt the growing of GMO crops without further research. Where is the conscience of our elected officials? Where is the common sense in all of government when it comes to the danger that GMO experimentation on our fragile agricultural land implies. I am very grateful to ANH for its continued efforts in lobbying on our behalf and in there up to date coverage on what is really happening in congress. This is really a battle about life and death. If anyone has done any research what so ever on GMO crops, they will see what a “crap shoot” we are engaging in. Money still seems to be the influencing factor here and in the end I am sorry to say that many will be sickened and probably die because of it.


  46. Johni Prinz says:

    “…it will also invalidate several recent orders that found the approval of GMO crops were unlawful, and will allow the planting of those GMO crops even while the USDA assesses environmental hazards.” How much of this selling off of our future are we suppose to tolerate before we bring in the International Community to stop this corrupt government from ruining the planet? How much more destruction will you reek on our lovely world?


  47. Cherri says:

    well it seems we have to shout out , it is the only way they seem to listen !!!!! We need to clean house in the government….


  48. Stephen says:

    This is a classic example of how “We the People” suffer at the hands of the money mongrols of political greed.


  49. Rich says:

    I consider GMO foods on the same level as Agent Orange. When I was in Viet Nam, I was told agent orange wouldn’t hurt humans. We all know how that turned out. Now we are told gmo foods are safe for human consumption. I guess even though we elect these people to office, they are positively more interested in the almighty dollar than our health. I guess in twenty or so years, people will be compensated the same as is being done to Viet Nam vets. Oh yes, need I mention that it is too late for many of my buddies to be compensated. What are our children and grandchildren worth? Food for thought.


    • DRHank says:

      We need more than ‘disappointment’ about government betraying us,I suggest ’screaming outrage’
      Impeach any government employe (including supreme justices)who is on the dole from any corporation.

      Asking the foxes to guard the henhouse is what we are offered as a solution, monsanto and their lawyer AGsecratry of Agriculture– Philsack and the FDA, all bought and paid for ( I do not mean to belittle the oldest profession, they only sold their bodies, not their souls) They must be proud-political.


  50. Penny Nichols says:

    I now have total disregard for our political system. I really though our elected officials would not back down to the biotech companies and come through for the health and safety of the people and our planet. You can bet Feinstein, Boxer and Thompson will be hearing from me. But I have expressed my concerns on GMOs to then through e-mails, petitions and phone messages many many times and I know most of my friends and family have also. I feel like we are on a extermination list. If your not in the top 2 per cent your number up.
    I’ve also written to manufactures letting them know that I no longer purchase their products if I suspect they have GMO ingredients or are supporting GMO companies. And I will continue to do so.
    Our only choice is to support your local farmer and question them about where they get their seed and if they grow organic and if they feed their livestock organic feed. Also start your own vegie garden and share with friends and family. My patents had great stories about them and their neighbors getting together during the war and growing their vegies, raising chickens and rabbits and sharing with each other. They said there was always a party on their block come the weekend and more than enough food for the week ahead.
    The only way to protect ourselves is with the dollar. If we stop spending on their poisoned products they will listen. And maybe our elected officials will remember who put them in office.
    We need to take care of each other.


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