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The Emerging Sperm Count Crisis


If sperm counts continue declining at the current rate, humans could become extinct.

Analyzing nearly 200 studies, researchers have found that the sperm counts in men across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have halved in less than forty years. The study found that the decline in men’s sperm counts may also be accelerating.

Although the study didn’t investigate the potential causes of this sharp decline, prior research has implicated exposures to man-made chemicals, especially endocrine disruptors that are plentiful in many consumer products and the pesticides sprayed on our food.

We’ve previously reported the evidence that GMOs could also be culprits in declining sperm counts. In a Russian study on hamsters, scientists observed that consumption of GM soybeans tended to slow their sexual maturation, and completely eliminating their ability to reproduce. This can take several generations to unfold. Another study uncovered similar infertility in third-generation mice that consumed GM corn.

There are natural ways to improve male fertility in addition to protecting oneself from exposure to endocrine disruptors, which can be found in unexpected places, such as dental offices or checkout receipts. Natural medicine specialists can also help with more sophisticated tests as well as the right food, supplements, and exercise. Something as simple as enough Vitamin D can make all the difference in restoring fertility.


  • zenchuck

    We provided your association a solution 5-6. years ago. See USPTO#6555140.
    Unfortunately FDA requires that we submit an application as a new dietary supplement. You all know what chance it has at approval. Ingredients have been around since 1667, used daily by everyone, and approved in other countries. Ingredients are essential for healthy cell development (Merck Index). We have filed a GRAS notification. Let’s see how this goes. Application has been supported by World Experts in the field. It would be interesting to see what influence major pharma has on the FDA re these ingredients.

    • Belinda Eastmond

      What IS your solution? or how can we look it up? I googled USPTO#6555140, and came up with an ad for a provisional patent application company, and this comment.

  • Robert S Redfern

    It’s not one simple supplement. It’s malnutrition, chemicals, GMO grains/cereals feed in all meats, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk etc, WIFI, Mobiles, starchy carbs, not walking 2x longer than sitting, in facts the sum cause is the Unsanity of humans not understanding cause and effect.

  • Justinian

    Not enough studies have been done to fully understand the detrimental effects GMO foods have on organisms and humans in particular. GMO crops have been linked to the decline in bee and other pollinators as well as other species in the bio chain. And now studies show a direct connection in declining sperm counts and re-productivity in mammals. The use of GMO must be stopped before irreparable harm is done to mankind and the creatures living in our world.

    • Centurion

      Yes, we must stop GMO’s, but going up against Monsanto would be a daunting task. Better would be to demand Congress to stop taking bribs from Monsanto.

      • Truth59

        Demand Congress to stop taking bribes from Monsanto AND PHARMA AND Big Food, Big Agri, etc.

        • Belinda Eastmond

          Hah! With a Republican Congress, one’s as likely as the other – fighting Monsanto or fighting Congress!

    • Judge Dr3dd

      3rd generation rats fed on GMO were infertile but apparently GMO’s are good!

    • Belinda Eastmond

      You simply cannot lump all GMOs together and label them bad. That muddies the water and makes intelligent discussion impossible. Genetic engineering is a process, not a result, The GMOs we must condemn are those that produce their own pesticides, or that are resistant to herbicides, because both of these introduce poisons into our diet and into the ecosystem. I have seen no reason to worry about GMO tomatoes that don’t spoil in shipment, or apples that are slow to brown when sliced. Let’s focus on the real problem, folks, and not get sidetracked by catchwords.

  • RadRosie

    Wireless radiation of any type ie cell phone, wifi, cell towers, smart meters reduces sperm count. We are being exposed to levels billions of times higher than our grandparents 24/7. There are over 23,000 independent studies showing biological harm from wireless radiation.

    • Pat Ormsby

      Thank you for speaking up aboput that, RadRosie.

  • Joseph McCroskey

    This is great news for supporters of the New World Order with its aim of drastically reducing world population. I am not one of those supporters, by the way.

  • Well, we are grossly overpopulated, and we are destroying everything in our path. Perhaps extinction of people would be a nice break.

  • Dhara Wood

    For centuries males have used their energies for war, rape, abuse and murder and now they are paying the price with their ‘Y’ chromosomes – from 1500 ‘Y’ chromosomes to today’s count of 50 ‘Ys.’. There is a price to pay for everything. Add to that the intake of soy and smoking pot – artificial estrogens – and males are faced with a serious problem. You cannot rape the Earth and females and not pay the price. It is time to rethink male priorities by admitting the arrogance.