Action Alert: Tell FDA to Keep Its Hands Off Doctor-Supervised Prescription Chelation for Heart Health

October 19, 2010
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action alertWe are not currently sending messages to Congress while members are campaigning. Messages to Congress during recesses—much less campaigns—are largely ignored. During these few weeks, we will still be sending messages to regulatory agencies. In light of the FDA’s recent action against non-prescription chelators and an earlier attack on prescription chelators for the heart, today’s Action Alert is an important one. Please take a moment to read it and respond.

As noted in our preceding story, calcium disodium EDTA (let’s call it EDTA Version 1) is used to remove heavy metals from our bodies. It is still approved by the FDA for use by doctors. A closely related but different salt, disodium EDTA (let’s call it EDTA Version 2), has never been FDA approved but has been used for many years by some integrative doctors to remove calcium from our blood vessels and heart and thus improve our heart health. Disodium EDTA (EDTA Version 2) appeared in one of the products that the FDA just banned.

EDTA Version 2, for heart disease, has been targeted by the FDA for possible removal from the market, as we reported in 2008. When the FDA announced that it was considering a total ban on its use even by doctors, the only reason given was that a doctor might confuse the two EDTA formulations and use the wrong one. Admittedly, this has occurred and resulted in death. But it was medical error, not a problem with disodium EDTA (EDTA Version 2) itself. And keep in mind how common deaths from drugs are—450 deaths a year are attributed to acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) and the FDA isn’t taking that off the market! (By the way, the accepted medical treatment for an overdose of Tylenol is the same NAC mentioned in the preceding story about heavy metal chelators.)

Why then did the FDA really want to ban doctors’ use of disodium EDTA (EDTA Version 2)? Rumor had it that the FDA was very aware that many integrative doctors were using it for heart-related chelation, and hoped that by blocking heart related chelation, these doctors might be put out of business.

So far the FDA has not carried out its threat to ban disodium EDTA. This may be because the government’s National Institutes of Health is currently running a trial on the use of disodium EDTA for the heart, the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT), scheduled to be completed at the end of 2011. This trial has had a rocky history to say the least. Many voices in conventional medicine have tried to stop it and it was suspended for a time.

Let’s hope the TACT trial is run fairly and finally completed. If successful, it will make it harder for the FDA to shut down chelation for heart health to shut down chelation for heart health. Please take action now!


Click THIS LINK to go to the Action Alert page. Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.

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46 Responses to “Action Alert: Tell FDA to Keep Its Hands Off Doctor-Supervised Prescription Chelation for Heart Health”

  1. june pool says:

    ACTION ALERT FOR THE FDA:It doesn’t take a master mind or a lot of education too see that OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO HELL IN A BASKET, due to the FDA and BIG PHARMA’s hold on our HEALTH CARE. It is so ridiculous that we as a Society,just sits on our hands and lets this happen.I Think that it should be the right oif every Red Blooded American Citizen, to do what we think is right for our own health issues.This includes Oral Chelation, if we choose to do so.Just think of how much better we could be, if HEALTH CARE was not goverened by the GOVERMENT, WHO SEEMS TO BE HELL BENT TO TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY.iI have spent a lifetime researching health benefits for the human body.I will soon be seventy nineyears old and I challenge anyone in your office to walk a mile a day im my shoes.I credit this to the choices that I’ve made with my health care which is 98 % all natural. The MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR PHARMACEUTICAL INDUDUSTRY is nothing more than a band aid to most diseases and body ailments. Our whole being would be much better by making healthier food choices and taking vitamins and natural supplements.I would encourage you to dig deeper in your research before you make a decision that could affect milions in a negative way and possibly create a life or death situation for them.PLEASE THINK THIS OUT BEFORE YOU MAKE SUCH A DRASTIC DECISION!!!! SINCEREL YOURS JUNE POOL


  2. Hanne Koplev says:

    Chelating Therapy has allmost saved my life.


  3. Steven Bahr says:

    Please assist your constituents keep our supplements legal and over the counter!


  4. Steve Jones says:

    We must keep an ever vigilant watch on the FDA. They have proven time and again that they are not out for the best interest of our citizens but only for big Pharm. and their own self serveing interests.


  5. Mark Kroger says:

    Geez! It seems like everyone at the FDA are employees of Wall Street Pharmaceuticals. They are not pharma watch dogs, they are pharma guard dogs! Doctors and the Medical Establishment could have done wonders for health if it wasn’t for Big Pharma’s strangle hold on them, enforced by their guard dog, the FDA.
    I guess I wonder how much of the pharma propoganda garbage they really believe? Are they increasing Wall Street’s bottom line by taking the pharma killers they’re fast tracking? Health is a nutrient domain, not a pharmaceutical one.
    I watch the pharma commericials as they put a pretty girl on to distract you while they tell you what this drug is going to do to you. No thanks. I will stick with nutrients, even if I have to start eating ants.
    They are practically begging me to take pharma’s mercury vaccine and then taking EDTA off the market; do they think I have a death wish?
    It’s no wonder we are the most overfed, undernourished and proportionally sick population in the world. Thanks FDA.
    Mark Kroger


  6. George Tolhurst says:

    Really it is time for the American public to wake up to reality. We rally do live in the most brainwashed country in the world. The people of communist (socialist) countrys know that they are being brainwashed. In this county the majority are just too arrogant to relize it.
    Example: The dental industry putting mercury fillings into peoples teeth sense the 1820’s and still doing 500,000 a day, Yet no one in the world would knowingly sit in a dental chair and have mercury put into there mouths, Root canals are all toxic (posion) and they have known about that sense 1925 and covered it up being a billion dollor industry. Sodium flouride Poison sold as rat killer and fowl delicer and a waste product of alum. put into wour drinking water. (The Germans and Russians put it in the water of there P.O.W. camps in WW2 to keep the prisoners Placid and stop them from rioting and trying to excape. Gosh maybe that’s why the people of this country havn’t revolted aganist the taxis yet. WAKE UP AMERICA


  7. winston mctague jr says:

    Leave this alone and let the doctors do what helps,makes you better,better health and happy–! Why mess with this and all who want and benefit from this.


  8. Stan K Alderson says:

    The FDA protects the big Pharma, a relationship far too cozy for our best interest.


  9. Teresa Caudill says:

    If any person in the FDA…has a loved one that need Chelation EDTA Version 2 I bet they would get for them. Our health is being snuffed out because of the FDA…they want people to only take prescription drugs which are nothing more than poison for the body. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Bill Ridgeway says:

    Time to start checking some bank accounts for FDA members to see who is working for the Chemical corperations.


  11. Ricardo Moreira says:

    It clear that FDA is a shill for big pharma and Monsanto please stop to intrude in our rights


  12. Kay Bolinger says:

    i have been receiving EDTA and it has helped me greatly (along with other therapies) – to deny others this relief would be wrong – until we ask the Almighty God Who creates and sustains us all to again be welcome in our nation’s public life we will continue to see the one whose pride caused him to fall to be invading all our human structures


  13. Don Jusko says:

    The FDA is totally on the wrong side of the track. Thanks for the heads-up.


  14. m protzel says:

    please leave natural remedies to natural ways to combat our maladies


  15. Patricia Orlinski says:

    Don’t let an Alternative form of treatment that has proved effective for many people be removed from availability to people who have a need for this treatment. Chelation has definite positive effects for many people. Please keep it available.


  16. John Rokas says:

    Allow doctor’s to treat patiients with Chelation therapy.


  17. Mr. Bobbie Dee Flowers says:

    Please FDA Keep Your Hands Off Doctor-Supervised Prescription Chelation for Heart Health. Thank you,


  18. Willis Langford says:

    Dear Sirs:

    Please keep your hands off safe substances long used by those of us who take responsibility for our own health. I refer to your recent action against manufacturers of EDTA. Instead of telling us how deadly these safe products can be, do your legal job of keeping deadly drugs off the market that kill several thousand each year, even when legallly prescribed by doctors. I sugggest you begin by banning Tylenol which kills many each year and causes liver transplants for many more. This deadly drug is given to children and babies like it were candy. You know htat it destroys all glutathione within llungs and liver within 30 minutes, and remains depressed for five hours. By then it is time for another dose. This leaves lungs and liver completely unprotected from free radical damage from within and without.

    I counsel parents of autistic children who are loaded with to`toxic metals that need removed in order to restore them to health and wellness. There are benefits to be had from these natural chelators, and there is not the dangers found in prescription DMSA and DMPS.




  19. Ann M says:

    It seems like the FDA is on the take. There must be some payoff for these people because they are hell bent on destroying anything that the average, sane man can use to stay healthy without using anything Big Pharma manufactures. They want us to become ill and remain that way so we have to support doctors and the medical companies. I would rather chance that thing grown in the garden or rainforest than take those pills with all the warnings on them. I took Advandia for a few weeks and almost passed out one summer day, stopped that.
    I have only heard wonderful things about chelation theraphy and would love to have an over the counter version because it is quite expensive and time consuming otherwise.


  20. In 1989 my husband had a 5-way heart bypass. two years later he had clogged arteries.
    We know this because be he had an EBT scan done. We decided that he couldn’t take another
    heart surgery. He had lost the function of the bottom part of his heart just prior to his surgery.
    With that in mind we looked into the chelation treatment and went for it. There were about 27
    treatments..His skin color came back from ashen grey to pink. Five years later he had a nuclear
    treadmill test and came out great. Five years later he took another nuclear treadmill test and had
    the same result. He is doing well for a man with only a partially functioning heart. We are
    extremely grateful to that doctor!


  21. Michelle Hickman says:

    Someone needs to be fired over there. After we get done with the government your office should be up on the list next.


  22. DON PAYNE says:



  23. Geminga says:

    In the new world order controlled by big pharma,AMA Docs,big agra biz and wall street banksters there will be no place for the Docs who promote natural health,organic foods and sustainable agriculture. It will be a one size fits all world……..and they now have the tecnology to pull it off…or hopefully not. The irrational behavior of Congress and the FDA will make more sence to you if you study about this evil intent. I support all natural medical practices where there is reasonable science base to support the treatment. Good people can disagree about the results but it is our right to the pursuit of happiness to do what we feel is best for us as individuals.


  24. Wendy says:

    Will the alerts tell the FDA to hurt things instead of the opposite? Will it give them ideas on how to hurt people? Why is it only pro Conventional medicine?


  25. Wendy says:

    I do EDTA/DMPS IV chelation to remove heavy metals/unclog blood vessels and reduce inflammation. MS, diabetic, heart problems, clogged blood vessels, heavy metals and more problems need this. It saved my life…is awesome. Even one needs it….they would love how it helps…it is a life saver. I am only alive due to these chelations. Pray they will always allow it and stop all attacks on Alternative medicine help. I also need LDN, compounded Amour thyroid and bioidentical hormones…from compounding pharmacies which the FDA were also attacking. What I do for my MS works and all MS people could heal…..if they keep these things available…without it…they are doing angioplasty for MS people…which can’t be done often and don’t get unclog every blood vessels in the body. May the American people revolt against health care choices being taken away that work miracles!!


  26. Chelation is a very safe effective way to lower medical costs and minimize the effects of aging. I strongly recommend your reconsideration for banning the use of oral chelation especially in the absence of adverse clinical effects.


  27. Karen Fussy says:

    Apparently, the gov’t does not want us healthy


  28. Michael Nissen says:

    I can not beleive the stupidity of FDA. Chelation ts the answer to at least 90% of heart d patients in the world today. It is affordable and works. For $3000.00 to $6000.00 of chelation is far more effective than the $150,000.00 bypass operation that will last 3 to 5 yrs if you are lucky. What a shame that the greed of AMA and the DRUG CO>S control our health system. Wake up america and lets get the government back for the people, by the people . This is SOS time.


  29. Doris CArey says:

    I am disturbed that the FDA is always wheer it should not be and never where it should be when it comes to protecting our health. If they did the job they were supposed to do,. they would investigate the many complaints in factory farming facilities, unclean processing plants and enforce the laws governing them.


  30. Linda Bux says:

    I am disgusted by the FDA and their bullying of natural health practitioners and products. The FDA has way to much power and the those in the administration need to know that we will not tolerate the infringements of our rights in using natural supplements, herbs, vitamins and natural therapies. The medical community and pharmaceutical companies need to back off.


  31. Jeff Hubbard says:

    I am a 52 year old male. Vegetarian (mostly vegan) but started getting some chest pain. I tried the EDTA and saw an loss of the chest pain and also had an increase in libido. From what I have read it is a safe compound to take


  32. Donald Willey says:

    AMAZING that the FDA would want to take EDTA off the market over a death or two…yet after 1,300 deaths and well over 100,000 heart attacks and strokes, still hasn’t taked Avandia off the market!! Oh yeah, they finally made it harder to get!! Gardasil which has killed many girls and produced incredible health problems…is still OK to force upon them…I believe HYPOCRITS is the correct word…If it’s by Big Pharma, it’s OK if by a smaller company, excercise your dictitorial power,,,show em who’s boss. You are as ccorrupt as they come!!! And the reason I always refer to you as the Federal DEATH Administration!!!!


  33. I just want to tell you about my dad. He was diagnosed with heart disease at 50 and was not given a good chance of survival. He had a quad bypass and within 5 years was needing another bypass. The doctors here in our hometown did not want to perform it as my dad was overweight, had diabetes and high bloodpressure. He was a bad candidate for survival. Emory was willing so he went there to have this. He died on the table and was revived. After coming home he came to talk to me about what the doctors had told him. He was in a good place and decided to check into what I had been telling him. I had been trying for 5 years to get him to try changing his diet and getting chelation. The doctors had given up and said there was nothing else that could be done and if these bypasses didn’t work he could not have anything further. i guess this scared him enough to try something else. Well I found him a doctor who had just started doing chelation in our state and the story became a miracle from this point. My died in 2006 at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure as a result of the bypasses which had done much damage. That was according to a doctor not my words. But during the time from age 55 to 79 my dad lived a full life and was a walking miracle. Doctors were amazed. His regular heart doctors were amazed and told him whatever it was he was doing to please keep it up. Well I would like to have the same options as my dad if it became necessary. I have watched my diet for over 30 years and stayed away from too much fat and junk but who knows what can happen down the road. I am 59 at present and obviously do not want to have to suffer the way dad did with all of those bypasses. So I do not know what needs to be done but it is ridiculous for the FDA to be stopping oral chelation or any forms. It seems like to me the only one gaining is the drug companies….the consumer is definitely not!
    I appreciate your help in making us aware of when our rights are being hindered or removed. I do hope you will continue your fight to help us maintain our health rights.
    Deborah Mitchell
    Columbia, SC


  34. nancydianemartin says:

    Get out of the way of progress. You can’t stop the truth.


  35. Beth Pardo says:

    I have had heavy metal chelation and i am fine- and no more toxic metals. Please let this great practice continue


  36. Sonja Stone says:

    Since when has having a prescription made anything safer?
    I’m sure you are more aware of the statistics on how many people have died, or have become debilitated because of a prescription than I am. I understand that just ONE prescription called Viox (or however it’s spelled) killed more people than the Vietnam war…. I’m sorry, but I find it VERY difficult to beg for the right to have something that was probably safe in the first place turned over to people who will probably just alter it before prescribing it. And how many MD’s actually understand Chelation any better than the average person who has spent time researching and studying it? Most Americans are pretty tired of being treated as if we’re a bunch of incompetent imbeciles, who are incapable of making our own decisions…. And we’re just as tired of being used as their guinea pigs.


  37. Adrian Maldonado says:

    Hands off chellation. The FDA sucks! This is just anouther opportunity to prove it.


  38. Why keep Americans ignorant and endanger our health? Why suppress and maniputate to increase the profits of the heathcare industry and pharmaceuticals? Why allow one American to die every minute from cancer? Why cover-up the fact that every 3 to 5 secondsa an american dies from prescribed pharmaceuticals TAKEN AS DIRECTED? Why deny the safe and natural alternatives that have been prove scientifically effective? Being owned by those Entities you’re supposed regulate makes you the fox in the henhouse….even Canade recognizes toxins you refuse to recognize.


  39. To the employees and scientists for the FDA: you are our fellow Americans; you pay taxes, you vote just like all of us. yet you seem to be contrrolled more by the drug manufacturinbg companies than by our taxes. Why? Please do what is best for US, not them. If they had their way we would be addicted from age 35 on to their damned drugs; drugs to sleep, to awaken, to gtet energy, to relax ….. no, no, no. 95% of all all that can come by eating correctly. I am a STRONG 75 years old …. I take nothing into my body except good, clean food – and good health does NOT “run in my family.” Quite the contrary; they are all on this or that prescriptions – here’s the difference: years ago I stuck my tongue out in the morror and told it that IT was not in charge, but my brain was. I began eating healthfully using my brain – mostly Japanese style using a Wok for quick cooking. 90% of my proteins come not from our beef abd chickens that are jammed with hormores but from wild (not “farmed”) fish – mostly cod, perch and salmon. I cook only with “extra virgin” olive oil —- see what I mean? Come on, America! Look at the health of these so-called doctors – yikes! Yes, if I break a bone I will go to them immediately – but their knowledge of nurtrition was taught through their college text books that were funded by – ta-dahhhh! The drug companies. Look at their main manual: Merck. Now look up who and what Merk is ….. DRUG PUSHERS! Get it? Good! Now, the smartest ones among you will do something. The others, well, God bless …


  40. Lydia Garvey says:

    Public Health Nurse


  41. True Patriot says:

    The “Forever Evil Association” is at it again. Will it ever stop and the answer is no.

    Thank you Alliance for doing a great job. You are the best. I have joined other sites, but have not found them to be very effective in stopping these thugs.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work. A fellow patriot for freedom.


  42. Georgine Thorgrimsen says:

    Been using Oral Chelation product 2 pills with EDTA 16 years…skin looks wonderful, feel great and walking on my treadmill 2 MPH 20 mins each day,,,,7 times each week. Will continue to take…I am 78 with no aches and pains.


  43. L Watson says:

    What’s so frustrating is that I could have done EDTA chelation instead of triple bypass in Oct. 2001. I started learning about alternative/nutritional approaches to my health concerns only to learn that my insurance will not cover it. It’s a travesty. Or is it God’s wrath on a disobedient nation.


  44. Mike Scott says:

    FDA –

    Please do not ban EDTA!

    Thank you.

    cc: NY Times
    Washington Post
    Boston Globe
    LA Times
    60 Minutes/CBS


  45. Heavy metal toxicity can cause heart disease. Chelation therapy is safe and effective in removing heavy metals from the body.


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