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  • ddduke

    One would do well to know that bacteria cannot mutate around elemental catalytic silver. This is a relatively new technology that has been available as a nutritional supplement for a few years. It is not a conventional ionic colloid. The Pennsylvania State University four year study of this technology named it a nano-catalytic silver hydrosol, in their peer reviewed and published paper. You can google that term for more info.
    The nano-catalytic silver hydrosols have cured final stage malaria, which is a microbial parasite, in over 1100 Africans to date, in 5 days or less and for about $5.00 per patient. It has also been clinically successful against resistant gonorrhea and tuberculosis. It is showing great promise currently in two ongoing university studies in the US against AIDS/HIV.
    The link for the Silver Bullet tech mentioned in the video doesn’t work for me, but I’d wager it is a redirect to a private label marketer of this technology. All of the relevant published studies done on this technology can be accessed here,

  • RuthAnn

    Just an FYI but when I tried to access the link listed in comment from ddduke I got a high risk warning – malicious site. I would be interested in reading about the study you (ddduke) mention. Another way to access it?

  • LongtimeIOCinvestor

    Yes, the link is to a marketer of a couple of “silver supplements “, one apparently a skin gel and another for a tooth gel. I have practically no medical expertise, and in fact did not even read the marketing piece fully but the products marketer at least implies it is related to “nano-catalytic silver hydrosol”

  • LongtimeIOCinvestor

    Oh, and they apparently offer a couple of “silver solution” products which my guess is, are designed to be ingested. This link is, in fact the same one suggested below, by dduke.

  • Ira Gerard

    What about ozone for treating viral and bacterial infections?

  • windofchange

    I had to use silver socks w/o compression in the beginning and now with compression for cellulitis that allopaths and hospitalization only worsened, not helped. I’m now adding raw honey in the program. I may be old, but mobility is better with healthy legs.

  • motleyalaskan

    I make my own colloidal silver water…it kills both viral and bacterial problems….I even use it to sterilize my counters ! Our local hospital now even advertises that they use it for open wounds ! In higher PPM it will even cure aids and Ebola!