Sustainable Healthcare

Why do we need natural and sustainable healthcare?
What is sustainable healthcare?

Presentation by Dr Robert Verkerk

View a lecture, presented by Dr Robert Verkerk, titled ‘Moving Beyond the Existing ‘Evidenced-Based Medicine Paradigm’ hosted by the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) and the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

**Please note the sound quality is not good at the start but if you bear with it, it improves after the first few minutes!

Why do we need natural and sustainable healthcare?

Okay – what’s with this new terminology? Why the need for a paradigm shift?

We asked Dr Rob Verkerk of ANH, who has pioneered this interpretation of the concept of ‘sustainable healthcare’, what he means by it. We asked him if a person in the street asked him about it, what would he say? Here’s the answer:

“Do you think orthodox healthcare is sustainable? I don’t. It costs too much, and it’s killing more people than it’s saving. Working with nature is sustainable—we’ve already seen that’s the case with the energy industry and agriculture. Now let’s do the same with healthcare….”

‘Sustainable healthcare’ is a concept we need to target at policy makers. They’re the ones who need to get their heads around just how unsustainable orthodox healthcare currently is—let’s look at what happens when we start working with the body using products and approaches the body is adapted to—not against it, using patented, new-to-nature drugs the body has had no evolutionary association with!

Do the images below help you to appreciate how far we’ve strayed from our natural origins in so many areas of human endeavour? Does drug-based healthcare, based on new-to-nature molecules, adequately take into account the way our genes have been conditioned or programmed over many thousands of years?

Sustainable Unsustainable
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Fruit&veg_300wide Drugs-mixed_300wide

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