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World’s Oldest Antibiotic Also Shows Promise as an Anti-Cancer Therapy


SilverColloidal silver is a powerful healer, despite irrational FDA opposition to it.

Silver has been used medicinally throughout the ages, with great success. And now some very promising research is being done on silver as a cancer treatment. Patients have previously been treated with chemotherapy drugs containing another metal, platinum. In a head-to-head comparison against a leading platinum-based chemo drug, cisplatin, a silver-based drug was found to be just as effective—and far less toxic to normal cells than platinum. Dr. Charlotte Willans, the lead researcher, calls the research an important step in the quest for effective, non-toxic cancer treatments.

Silver also happens to be the world’s oldest known antibiotic. There’s written evidence that the ancient Egyptians made use of it; the ancient Greeks and Romans stored their water, wine, and other liquids in silver vessels to prevent spoiling and contamination; ancient Chinese emperors ate with silver chopsticks, and wealthy Europeans in the Middle Ages used silver utensils to protect themselves from illness (we still call our eating utensils “silverware” despite it being made from other metals these days).

In the 1800s and early 1900s, colloidal silver compounds were widely used to fight infections, though silver fell out of favor in the 1930s with the development of the first modern antibiotics. Even so, silver is still popularly used today to treat water, purify air, and is used in medical dressings prevent infection in burn victims. Very importantly in today’s world, germs cannot develop a resistance to silver.

The big problem with antibiotic drugs, we now know, is that bacteria can become resistant to them, adapting into “superbugs” that are very difficult to treat. The problem, as we noted in January, is exacerbated by overuse of antibiotics—particularly in animals raised for food, where 80% of US antibiotics are used.

Despite the long history of successful silver usage, including its current use in wound dressings and burn salves, the FDA’s official position is that silver is “not safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.” A 1996 FDA rule declared all over-the-counter silver products to be unsafe and “misbranded.”

The government and other skeptics often claim that colloidal silver can cause argyria—a condition in which the skin turns bluish gray. However, argyria has only been found to occur in response to prolonged exposure to or ingestion of silver compounds, especially silver salts, which are not present in true colloidal silver but are found in cheap imitations.

This was demonstrated rather dramatically in 2008 by Paul Karason, the fellow whom the news media dubbed the “Blue Man.” Although the news media continually reported that he was taking colloidal silver, interviews with Mr. Karason indicated that was apparently making his own silver compounds at home and ended up making silver chloride—a silver salt—which he both consumed in excessive quantities and regularly smeared on his skin before using tanning beds! Silver salt compounds are great for making photographic paper—but not for taking internally or applying to the skin.

A study published earlier this year demonstrated that bacteria are now mutating to evade vaccines for childhood pneumonia and meningitis. So we not only have antibiotic-resistant superbugs, we have vaccine-resistant ones as well. This is just the latest indication that the “miracle drugs” and vaccines of the mid-to-late 1900s are not standing the test of time.

Contrast this with colloidal silver, which has been used as a bactericide for over a millennium—and has never produced silver-resistant bacteria! The recent research into silver as an anti-cancer agent is exactly the kind of research that today’s medical experts should be exploring—and would be, but for FDA opposition.

Why is the FDA so stubbornly opposed? Presumably because the agency does not like competition for its approved patented drugs which are derived from natural sources. People dying from resistant bugs does not seem to move the FDA—they’re only interested in new patented drugs that might quell the superbugs, even though such drugs are not being produced much, and even when they are, they often prove to be too toxic to use.

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  • Rosemarie Russell

    Thank you for the information on colloidal silver. I have been making and using colloidal silver for many years with out any problems. i find silver to be very effective for fungal and other types of infections.

  • Robert Webb

    Thank you so very much for the fine service that you provide.
    Robert Webb

  • Robert Webb

    Thank you so very much for the fine service that you provide.
    Robert Webb

  • Robert Webb

    Thank you so very much for the fine service that you provide.
    Robert Webb

  • Robert Webb

    Thank you so very much for the fine service that you provide.
    Robert Webb

  • Robert Webb

    Thank you so very much for the fine service that you provide.
    Robert Webb

  • Robert Webb

    Thank you so very much for the fine service that you provide.
    Robert Webb

  • Gwen R Trube

    I use colloidal silver instead of antibiotics because I am allergic to them. I have had great success with colloidal silver thru the years & always keep it on hand. If only the FDA was not so stubborn. We are slowly educating the general public.

  • I have been a registered nurse for 35 years. Over the past decade, I have uncovered an increasing amount of evidence that the FDA has only the interests of Big Pharma in mind. Instead of regulating the pharmaceutical industry, it looks out for the interests of America’s pharmaceutical corporations.

    Evidence can seen in the FDA’s negative approach to the use of non-prescription alternative medications—including the very effective colloidal silver. It’s clear that they don’t really care about the well-being of American citizens. The thing is—the people in the FDA are potentially shooting themselves in the foot. They–or their families—may someday need to be treated with colloidal silver because of infection by bacteria resistant to all antibiotics—and it will not be available because you did not approve it. Think again.

  • Anne Haughwout

    Your research and understanding regarding colloidal silver’s usage is helping clear up fogginess for alternative health seekers as well. The facts were not clear, and the “Blue Man” story explains the myth behind it lack of trust. It does seem that the brand and quality are at stake. Is there any truth to statements that CS kills too many of our healthy bacteria in our gut? I would think that taking a good probiotic is the balance there.

    Thank you for your excellent work!

  • Thank you for posting the facts on colloidal silver – this has been hidden to the public, as usual.

  • Wendy

    Hi, Colloidal silver almost killed me. I built it up. My liver could not detox it due to being Celiac. It was the worse hell…24 hour a day panic attacks/lost my sugar digestion/blocked my thyroid/lowered oxygen in m;y brain/caused precancer and strange jigsaw cuts, messed up every chemical reaction. I had 20 pages of small print of what was wrong with me. I felt like autistic and could hardly talk. EDTA/DMPS IV chelation saved my life..get the silver out of me…but took 4+ years. Worse hell. I would not recommend anyone take colloidal or ionic silver. Eye lid drooped. My hair test was 98% for it. How do people know if they will build it up? Vit C IV may help more if you don’t want to take antibiotics that may have F which may block thyroid.

    • J.C.

      I am curious, are you glucose intolerant? Were you on any other medication? And where did the C.S. come from? Was it actual pure colloidal silver or was is there something else in the solution such as protein, salt (forming silver choride) or any other ingredient/ contaminant? And maybe most importantly, what was the silver particle size??

      • JOHNP

        That doesn’t sound too good. I don’t know what you were taking, how much. for how long or where you got it. Maybe you are allergic to silver or took way too, too much. I agree with you, you should stay away from it if you reacted this way. I have had very good results using C.S…. I have used Source Naturals Ultra Colloidal Silver (for a few years) …… liquid / 10 ppm and their Nasal Spray / 10 ppm and their Throat Spray 30 ppm with excellent results. I have tried different brands but liked Source Naturals the best. I find it very hard to comprehend your reaction as I have had only positive results from using only a teaspoon or two, 1 to 2 times a day of 10 ppm (parts per million).
        I would like to say that anyone considering using C.S. that they should research the subject very well, know what they are dealing with and start with a good brand that you could probably pick up at any health food store and follow the directions on dosage. Always, start with a small dose (ie: 1/2 tsp of 10 ppm)…. “Stay away” from high ppm’s (parts per million). 5 ppm , 10 ppm, 15 plenty, you don’t need more than that in most cases.Talk to people that have tried it and don’t ever try to make you own until you are very knowledgeable on the subject and are aware of laboratory techniques, cleanliness and purity. Never add salt. If you make it wrong, you could have problems. Buy a good brand – leave it to the experts. Check with your doctor or homeopath, if you are currently taking other meds and see how they feel about you adding C.S. to your supplements.

  • Peter Lindquist

    I have been making and using Colloidal Silver for about 9 years, and thank God for it, and I pray for people like the nurse above,Lynn Treat, She had been caught up in the untruths and is free now,I bet we could trade our silver healing stories for hours,

  • Honey is as a good as Ag, and the it may become more expensive than Au after the honey bees are extinct. Oops, Einstein predicted humanity will also become extinct four years years later. Desmond Morris (‘Naked Ape’) said, “Many exciting species have become extinct in the past, and we are no exception.”
    awl, PILMOC

  • Your information on Colloidal Silver is informative and correct. It is unfortunate that the media would scare their viewers away from Colloidal Silver products by choosing a negative point of view simply to spike interest for more viewers of a certain TV show. I have been using a brand of Colloidal Silver know as ” One Silver Solution ” for years and it has been very beneficial with zero negative effects. This specific brand is the latest technology in Colloidal Silver also known as Silver Sol. It is so advanced and unique that it has received numerous patents. I do not believe that having the FDA on board with silver products of this nature is a good idea. The FDA would most likely want it in the hands of the Big Pharma companies which would mean one would most likely need a prescription to purchase the products. The products would be very expensive and unobtainable for a large number of people that would not be able to afford them.

  • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

    I make my own nano-colloidal silver and zinc with high-powered generator, sometime to 5000 ppm and did you know folks, it’s the best cure against flesh-eating bacteria….IV of course…And never had problems drinking it too….and by the way it cost pennies to make
    Love and Light to everyone

  • Susan Goodner

    Where can I find the peer reviewed double-blind placebo controlled studies to support your assertions regarding colloidal silver? All I see are anecdotes: “It helped Aunt Mabel, and me, too and we didn’t turn blue.” What you assert is NOT science; show me the evidence!

    • Did you go to the link I posted? That is all hard science, some of which was used in the FDA and EPA applications… which were approved. Yes, there is also a testimonials page, but that is not what I posted. If that’s not scientific evidence, I don’t know what is.

    • grumpy

      Have you lost the ability to think for yourself and become institutionalised from reading media and government propaganda?

    • Susan, on April 23 the Wall Street Journal carried a press release “First Ever Double-Blind Human Ingestion Study On Nano Silver.” This University of Utah study is still in peer review, but will soon be published. The products tested are from the manufacturer that I am talking about. The study will be posted at as soon as available.

  • Of all of the home made and commercial silver preparations available today, the vast majority are ionic. One company, involved in researching medical silver applications, developed an entirely new process which created a unique, pure elemental silver nanoparticle, Ag4O4. Research at Penn State named this a nano-catalytic silver hydrosol. It passes completely through the body unchanged. It will not bind with other biochemicals present, as ionic preparations do, which makes it far more potent in much smaller doses than conventional colloids. Over 25 safety studies have demonstrated complete non-toxicity. This molecule stays in near solution and will not settle out as colloids do, giving it a shelf life in excess of 10 years, which has interested the military. In independent clinical and lab studies it has defeated every pathogenic bacteria in under 5 minutes, in solution strengths as dilute as 1.25 parts per million. It does not harm beneficial intestinal probiotics, like conventional colloids do, and is completely compatible with any prescription medication one may be taking. One would do well to learn more about this new technology which now holds 4 EPA approvals, 3 US Patents, and most recently, an FDA approval for its skin gels. Here’s the published science, much of it peer reviewed :

    • Linda

      Patents from the government, approvals from the FDA and EPA. Run away from these products as fast as you can. If the government is involved at all, it is a fraud.

    • Expat

      That a manufacturer would spend a lot of money and years of work to get an alternative healing product through rigorous safety studies to even be able to apply for regulatory approvals puts them head and shoulders above the rest of the supplement industry, which has little or no science at all to back their suppositions or their safety.

  • GT

    Anne, I have used CS for many years. I have found that if I use it for an extended period that I need to supplement with a probiotic. My digestive system is a little on the weak side so it may just be me, but it never hurts to add probiotics to our diet!

  • Michael J Dorning

    If congress were to pass a law reining in the job offers to FDA employees from Big Pharma, there might be less incentive to side with the enemies to Americans health.

    • Chris

      The problem is: Congress is bought and paid for by the same large corporations that have bought and paid for the FDA, EPA, etc. etc.
      You don’t really think our elected officials are there for you? Do you?
      Cynical? – Maybe. Realistic? – More likely.

  • I have made my own high grade colloidal silver for years (5 volts and clean the silver wire polls often) and for more than a year have taken a tablespoon a day. I am very healthy. I also combed my hair with it because of a stubborn 3/8″ bumpy spot (rash). My VA gave me a shampoo but I had to use it weekly. The spot is now gone and my hair is darker (it used to be as white as my beard but now it’s darker and I have new black hairs growing.)
    Every statement is photographed and proven.

    • patty

      Not exactly sure what I need to buy and how to make it… help! Definetly interested.

      • Although it may be possible for a skilled/knowledgeable/experienced layperson to make colloidal silver in one’s own home, ANH does not encourage folks to do this as many things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

        • J.C.

          I know many people who do, but seriously I agree with ANH here, unless you do your THOROUGH research on it. There are some companies who sell a really great & highly effective C.S. solution, but I still recommend doing your research on the manufacturing of and how it works before deciding which company to buy from to make sure they are manufacturing and shipping it correctly.

    • Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Hi, I use a brand of silver made by Tri-Medica, called Silva Solution. Along w/ the siver is trace homeopathics that enhance the work of the silver, helping to fight off infections even better than straight silver. It has been a Godsend to me. It has also helped stave off infections w/ many of my Cats & rescues. I always keep it in my cabinet, just incase.

      • patty

        where do you get it

  • Elizabeth Chilcott

    Well, I had that wrong.The movie was “The magic Bullet” and starred Edward G. Robinson as Dr. Ehrlich whose cure for syphilis was indeed colloidal silver.

  • i whould like to know if you can get it any where i live in fall river ma.if not at least send me some literature on this topic please & if it is harfull to any of your vital organ`s ? the f.d.a.has a lot too do with they have all the big drug compines on their backs it`s all about the rude of all evel { money } & everyone with a brain knows that well it`s a good subjest to know all you can & i want to so share the welth don t.god bless & godspeed

    • Faith St Francis

      To start to make your own CS is not sophisticated at all.
      Here you have a method to make quality CS cheap, one I got as early as mid-October 2003 from the list, when I just started out (and I am still doing it like this):

      Home making Colloidal Silver is not sophisticated at all.
      To make CS, you’ll need either 3 nine-volt batteries, the square ones, (the Lithiums last 4 times longer than the alkalines) or a Power Adapter from RadioShack,13.5/30V 1000mA Power Adapter using household electricity, filtered output. Number 263-1668. Cost is under $25.00 at RadioShack.
      2 five-inch pieces of pure silver wire, 14 gauge, .999 fine, (not sterling, as it has other metals in it)
      2 alligator clips, (the kind with 2 clips on either end of a plastic-coated wire, available at Radio Shack)
      2 cups of steam-distilled water in a glass measuring cup, (I always use glass to make CS in.
      A new green scrubber, just for this purpose.
      A green-colored empty water bottle to store your finished CS in. A pop top plastic bottle is just fine.
      Rinse the cup and storage bottle with distilled water to remove any dust or soap residue. Take the batteries and snap them together, one upside down on top of the other two. This will leave two empty posts on the batteries. Connect each of the silver wires to the two empty posts with the two alligator clips. (If using the adapter, just hook the wires onto the clips, drop them into the distilled water, turn it on, set it at 30 volts, and leave for 1/2 hour, wipe, and do another half hour.)
      Drop the wires into the water, with about 4 inches submerged, and about 1 inch apart. (As they tend to float around, you can put a candy cane bend in the top of the wires and hang that over the lip of the cup, with the connectors hooked to the bend.) Don’t let the connectors get into the water.
      It is now working. You can’t get shocked by it. Now you can leave it, and time for 30 minutes. There will be a buildup of fuzz on one wire, that is silver oxide. It is harmless, but you can wipe it off with a paper towel. Replace the wires, and time for another 30 minutes.
      This one hour activation gives a CS of about 18 PPM. The longer it works, the higher the PPM, but the larger the particles are.
      When finished, wipe off the wires with a paper towel, then with the green scrubber until the wires are shiny again, and detach the batteries. Store it all in a Ziploc bag to keep it handy. Do not refrigerate your finished CS. If you keep the bottle out where you…

      • J.C.

        I have done a lot of reading research, articles, opinions etc. about colloidal silver and even more on cancer. I do believe the electrical charge here may be incorrect and not advisable. I don’t know much about electricity so I am not an expert on that part just to make myself clear, but I do know a LOT about colloidal silver, the size of the silver molecules and the effectiveness. The charge that the manufacturers of the most effective colloidal silver I do believe uses a 110/130 V or 130/110V ( I am dyslexic sometimes) and I’m not sure if it’s AC or DC, but they also have a converter and a regulator ( because the more silver molecules break off in the water the MORE electrically charged it becomes) that regulates it all the way down to only .28ma (that part I am sure of). .28ma (milli amps) is a barely measureable amount of electricity. The reason for this and the reason their product is so effective and safe for use is because it gently breaks off silver molecules that are only .001- .0008 microns if I remember correctly, which is tiny tiny tiny. This allows it to pass through the body easily and more effectively kill microbes/ virus/ bacteria and be filtered out without clogging up the body/ kidneys/ liver/ skin. If you are using 1000 ma that sounds like much more than the .28ma used by successful manufacturers, which creates silver particles that are much to large to be helpful to the body. This is the reason you need to wipe your silver rods, the particles are too big. When using the proper amount of electricity u will not need to wipe your rods mid-making of your c.s. You should not be able to see the silver in your solution, it should not be foggy or visible to the eye at all. Hopefully this doesn’t sound rude, I just want to be helpful :/ Give it a try with the lower amount of electricity and regulator, add a fish tank bubbler to circulate the water and prevent agglomeration (the entrapment of silver particles between the positive & negative rods which causes them to stick together & form larger particles), you may find your solution to be more effective.
        I have personally used Colloidal Silver on a few occasions on myself and animals, life threatening and non-life threatening, and have been AMAZED and honestly shocked by the success without negative side effects. I definitely support it’s use when made properly, though I have not used it long term, the longest was maybe 2 weeks. The reason it works and virus/ bacteria/ microbes can’t grow…

        • J.C.

          Looks like my comment was too long & it cut me off…. can’t grow immune to Colloidal silver because the tiny silver molecule actually attaches itself to the breathing apparatus on the microbe/ virus/ bacteria and basically smothers it. Can’t grow immune to that! 😀

        • Don Jusko

          I have made CS with as low as 4 volts, I think 9 volts is too much. I think those 1/2 hour junkies are using too much electricity. 10 hours makes a good CS with 7 volts. I kept a good log on over 100 batches. A light colored straw yellow is good for me. If I dilute it with more (75%) distilled water I can bring it to clear. I don’t need it clear.

      • JJM123

        My generator (labeled American Lantern Press) runs off a single 9 volt battery and has made a couple hundred pints of CS over the past 4 years with the same battery. Raw voltage out is 20 volts. Just to test, the generator is outputting 13 volts DC at 260 micro amps on a batch I made 2 days ago. I use distilled water, ‘cook’ for 60 to 90 minutes and store in dark glass jar. Test with laser pointer looking for the shimmer off minuscule silver particles.
        Typically use 1 pint per week for preventative purposes. Does it work? Been sick 1 day in past 4 years. 2 friends thanked me for helping relieve their Shingles. No noticeable help with diabetes, but none expected.

  • Very Sorry to hear that there have been issues with Colloidal Silver, like our grandmothers made.
    Large does and long term usage where it is high parts per million could be an issue.
    There is a solution to that called.

    Silver Shield/Silver Sol is a patented product in nano technology, only 18 ppm. Stays effective continuously while in the body on in contact with pathogens. Does NOT remain in the body and is out within 24 hours, 99.999%. Have used for years since first on the market and NEVER a problem. Great internally, externally, all ages and species. SALT is the only thing that will cause it to be inert. SALT cancels the effectiveness. So 30 minutes B4 and 30 minutes after NO SALT. Other than that you can boil, freeze, microwave and it is still effective. Used this on every issue in our family and animal family with rapid response and relief of pain for years. Can’t say enough of how great this is and can be used DAILY, long term without harming the good bacteria in the gut due to the very low parts per million. This silver is not your grandmother’s colloidal where you use large doses and high ppm. You take tspns and is only 18 ppm. Check it out is has changed so many lives, just in my family and friends. Patented to kill MRSA, Virus, fungus and many other issues. For info check out the U.S. patent #7,135,195
    Thanks for letting give an alternative point of view. Health to you and yours.

    • Joanne

      Garbage about the salt!

    • Don Jusko

      Joanne doesn’t know what she is talking about.
      Jan, Yes it will kill MRSA, thanks for the patent #7,135,195. I tested CS with salt and when you can’t see the laser beam going through it, it’s just water. Salt does that.

  • Jewels

    I had life-threatening double systemic infections (staph and Epstein-Barr ). I took several ivs from a dr who generated his own colloidal silver. I was assured that this was not only effective, but safe.

    Colloidal silver saved my life and then nearly killed me. It helped at the beginning, then caused more problems. I was also inserting it vaginally, and ended up with many painful internal and external sores …. It took weeks of professionally-guided clay packing (using live-energy clean clay*) to clear the vaginal sores, and months of detoxing the rest of my body. I do not recommend colloidal silver for anyone. It is a heavy metal and lodges in tissue.

    *Don’t try this at home! You must use a proven non-toxic live source clay, guided by a knowledgeable alternative health practitioner in order to avoid re-toxification. I have found unbelievable life-saving, vitality-restoring help thru quantum research analysis and some potent products based on live-cell nutrition from premier research labs.

    There are only two diseases: malnutrition and toxicity. So the key to good health is to detoxify and nourish.

    • grumpy

      Those who state similar to the above haven’t a clue about the product or know what they are talking about.

    • peter tosh

      This is something that cost pennies to make medicine is big business. I have diabetes/high blood pressure and had gangrene on my toe and was told by the doctor on my visit that night we were headed to the ER for operation to amputate. I told him no I would come back the next day. I went to the store purchased my first batch of colloidal silver and learned how easy it was to make ordered everything offline and went to radio shack. Normally it would take almost a year for a large wound to heal for me it took 2 months. I lost the bone in my toe but I have the bottom half. I didn’t want to tell my wife to worry her because we had a trip to Disney a couple days after for my son and mother in law. I kept my mouth closed about it they had seen the blood coming out of my sneaker and told them it was ok from morning till night 10 days everything is fine. I knew and was confident that it would be ok with CS on it true story on my son

      • Don Jusko

        CS will stop gangrene.

    • clarence

      I am supposed to be dead I deink 16 oz of silver a day use it in IV’s my hep -b is improved to the point I can again function normaly.

    • huh

      why insert it vaginally?????

    • Coastie49

      sorry Jewels…. no cigar…. We don’t what formula U used to make CS or what form U purchased it in, but ‘Ionic’ or ‘Nano’ Silver IS NOT a heavy metal, especially, when processed at the aforementioned level. Anyone using silver compounds and or salts, can have a less than satisfactory reaction, as you apparently did. I suspect your ‘method of treating’ your vaginal condition, was a bit strange to say the least and packing yourself with the clay, may have done more harm than good.
      Ionic/Nano sized Silver,according to the science on the subject, is the most efficient and effective size mCS, in addressing viruses, bacterium, fungi, molds, and parasites. Case histories are numerous and 11 studies, just from 2014, essentially seals the lid, on mCS, as a ‘powerful, natural anti-pathogen solution, for many of mans infections and as a ‘preventative’ against infections.
      Read the Science behind mCS, before U leap…and pay the price for making it the wrong way or buying it from someone who doesn’t know how to make it correctly.
      Sorry for your Heavy Metal ‘Clay Pack’ snafu. I’m sure it put U outa commission.

      • Don Jusko

        Good work Coasti49, no pathogen can live in a silver environment.
        Green clay will draw out physical problems, not kill the yeast.

  • Mary Daub

    I was burned over 30% of my skin surface in 1988, and the Naval hospital treated these burns with Silvadine cream. It soothed and healed my poor wounds. I still have the last container in my fridge, and we use it for any burns. I never needed skin grafts.

  • Jenifer Parker

    I HAVE A STORY ABOUT SILVADENE. My son’s leg was abraded from knee to ankle on asphalt. Slivadene did NOT heal it. For 3 days my 12 year old son cried with the raw, weeping flesh causing severe pain. When I cut the longest aloe leaf I had on my mother plant and scalped the peel and cut the pulp to be softer and mushy and applied the entire leaf to the leg it healed itself within 8 hours. New glistening shiny skin with no more weeping blood from 8am to 5pm same day. HEALED. DO I ADVOCATE SILVADENE? NO. I advocate for ALOE.

    • GArbly

      From the manufacturer ” Silvadene Cream 1% (silver sulfadiazine) is a topical antimicrobial drug indicated as an adjunct for the prevention and treatment of wound sepsis in patients with second- and third-degree burns.”

      Used to stop infection, not heal skin, which aloe does do.

      • gabbysr

        Aloe is a good remedy in some cases but colloidal silver is not the same silver sulfur products. Appreciate if you read more about colloidal silver to understand it.

        • Don Jusko

          CS is a germ fighter, the best there is. Aloe is a skin healer, the best there is. First kill the bacteria, then seal the wound.

  • Donna

    Before taking Coloidal Silver I did a lot of reading. I did not come across anything that indicated that it would affect gut bacteria and I did check the safe limits for ingesting silver. I purchased a high quality CS and took the prescribed amount, 1 Tbl. I have a gluten intolerance and unfortunately I had a reaction to the CS as if I had consumed huge amounts of gluten. Was not fun! After two weeks and lots of water my gut seems to have settled down. I do take probiotics regularly and took them before, during and after taking CS. I may try CS again, but will take much less. Anyone with a gluten sensitivity should proceed with caution.

    • Joanne

      My neibor has a gluten allergy and takes CS everyday with no reaction… Maybe yours was not a good brand

  • gerry d welder

    youtube: Rockefeller Medicine

    By corbettreport

    Toward the end it may become evident where the FDA (PART OF A NOW ARMY OF FEDERAL AGENCIES) is coming from. The EPA has also gotten too huge, authoritarian and now predatory towards the very citizens forced taxed to fund it. Did you know the EPA is also now back door funding many UN agencies with US tax dollars.

    The federal government is way out of control.

    • Jim Trompe

      Corbett is great.

  • Dana

    The ‘colloidal silver’ industry is an unregulated industry. 99% of ‘colloidal silver’ products are actually ionic silver (the merchants lie). Colloidal silver and ionic silver are not the same. You can not make colloidal silver at home and this is the silver derivative that is most effective.

    • Don Jusko

      I’ve been making Colloidal silver at home for years. I make it with a silver anode and a silver cathode, sterile distilled water and 4 to 7 volts of electricity. I watch the silver pass through the water with a laser beam. You are misinformed, who told you CS can’t be made at home? [email protected]

      • bill

        Hey Don…what you call Colloidal Silver in reality is “IONIC SILVER” but still a colloidal silver….in fact your silver being Ionic Silver is far superior to Colloidal Silver that the Industry is making with “HIGH VOLTAGE”… for it is the Ionic (IONS) that do the greatest against Pathogens and Viruses… I too make Ionic silver and if you want to know my methods….just ask …I am at [email protected]….see ya

        • donjusko

          Hi Bill, I’ll call it colloidal silver because it’s the ions of silver that sparkle. That’s what I see passing through the water at low voltage, 4-5 volts. It’s colloidal because like milk fats, the colloidal particles are suspended in the liquid. I would say colloidal silver is the right term.

        • donjusko

          I had written a nice letter to you, I refreshed the page and it’s gone. So much for ‘checking it twice’.

        • Jim Trompe

          I was just reading something saying the same, it looks like pure silver has little antimicrobial properties. Its the other forms, oxides and chlorides, etc that are.

  • ElPolacko

    I’ve been taking 1 oz. of colloidal silver every day since 1996 and I’m still NOT blue and hardly ever get sick.

  • donjusko

    I think I know what turns a person blue, the copper on the clips that holds the silver wire in the sterol water. Copper’s element turns a blue-green color in an oxide. That’s the blue color in humans.

    • Jim Trompe

      Silver salts were used in black and white photography, so those salts in your skin + light = blue black just like a photograph.