URGENT Action Alert! New Legislation Threatens Supplements!

August 1, 2013
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You won’t believe this, but Senator Durbin has actually reintroduced his disastrous anti-supplement bill! Urgent Action Alert!

On August 1, just as Congress is preparing to recess until the second week in September, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) reintroduced legislation (S.1424) that would deal a deadly blow to nutritional supplements. The the language of Sen. Durbin’s new bill is identical to that of his previous bill, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, which ANH-USA and grassroots activists nationwide successfully fought in the past.

Sen. Durbin has said his bill is designed to stop “mislabeling products and making health claims that have no scientific basis” and “marketing supplements with impure or incorrectly identified ingredients.” If that’s the case, the senator should be pleased to know that each of those things is already against the law! In fact, almost all of the bill’s provisions are already covered by existing law, and the few that aren’t covered are so vague that they could mean whatever the FDA wants them to mean.

This bill requires that the FDA, together with the Institute of Medicine (IOM), compile a list of dietary ingredients (supplements) that might lead to adverse events, or are otherwise deemed risky in some way—based on completely arbitrary or nonexistent standards. Given the FDA’s profound bias against supplements, and the skewed, anti-science recommendations of the IOM’s vitamin D report, these are hardly trustworthy sources of guidance!

Creating arbitrary lists of “bad” supplements or “bad” doses, especially with no scientific evidence whatsoever, is a dangerously slippery slope. This bill will give the FDA major new powers to curtail supplement sales, and neither the FDA nor the IOM will be subject to any clear standards. They can just make it all up as they go along! Even worse, once an ingredient or supplement is on the list, there is no clear process to challenge the FDA and IOM determination, not even if new or contradictory evidence comes to light.

This bill is a naked FDA power grab—an attempt to move us one step closer to a full FDA pre-approval system for supplements. That, of course, would just make supplements insanely expensive, like drugs—if you could get them at all. Since foods and supplements already occurring in nature are not generally patentable, producers faced with immense FDA approval costs (the average new drug costs $1 billion to get approved), most health foods and supplements would no longer be marketed at all.

URGENT! Please write to your senators immediately and tell them to stop Sen. Durbin’s frontal attack on your right to use supplements dead in its tracks! We don’t need this new legislation—all we need is for existing laws to be fully enforced. We need our access to nutritional supplements to be protected. Please write your senators today!


58 Responses to “URGENT Action Alert! New Legislation Threatens Supplements!”

  1. Kim Hoff says:

    When Congress and Rep and Senators and the house all have to live like a normal middle class person that includes having the same benefits we get and the same health care and no outrageous pay then they my be able to make decisions that may impact us…For those overpaid government people who should never have a complaint at all till they walk in our shoes and have to live like we do, its downright sick and I can only hope they clean house and dismiss all of them.


  2. Pat judge says:

    major boycott of pharma drugs buy nothing dont buy aspirin etc you need a national strike over in usa picket senator durbins home, spread to other countries


  3. Lance says:

    U.s Officials Are Tryin To Make ThIs Country A Dictatorship. We Have EveryRight To Put In Our Body What We Wish As Long As It’s Not A Danger To OTHERS.


  4. Dee says:

    Well, well—-Dickie’s at it again. He voted against GMO labeling too. So he’s getting $$$ from
    both Monsanto and Big Pharma.

    It doesn’t pay to write to these reps/senators–all you receive is a nicely written dictated letter
    from them, with all their talking points, written by Monsanto/Big Pharma.

    Just IGNORE the government/corporations. They have to keep changing/writing new laws to
    keep filling their pants with $$$.

    The best thing to do is BOYCOTT, and slam your wallets shut.


  5. Liz says:

    Senator Durbin is only concerned with his own pocket book (like most of them!)! Every time I sign one of these petitions, I get a condescending reply along the lines of Don’t you worry about it little lady, I’m only looking out for your best interest, and I’m gonna do what I think is “best”. These politicians have forgotten they work for US!


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