Success! The Monsanto Protection Act Has Been Repealed—This Time for Good!

October 22, 2013
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monsanto fieldThanks to your activism, the controversial provision was removed from the government funding bill that was signed into law last week.

The bill, which passed both the House and the Senate on October 16, was a triumph of citizen involvement. Because of your emails, letters, and phone calls, and the hard work of a coalition of other organizations who joined together in this fight, we were able to wipe out the Monsanto Protection Act. The provision, which stripped federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of potentially hazardous genetically engineered crops, was inserted at the last minute in a funding bill back in March by allies of Monsanto and other GMO companies, but it is now history. (If you wish to read it for yourself, Section 101(1) of the bill contains the repeal language.)

Sen. Barbra Mikulski (D-MD), chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee who led efforts to repeal the Monsanto language, said recently, “My promises made are promises kept.” Thank you, Senator Mikulski!

28 Responses to “Success! The Monsanto Protection Act Has Been Repealed—This Time for Good!”

  1. xdustinx says:

    Not sure why I didn’t hear about this Monsanto Protection Act, as I’m vehemently anti-Monsanto, but once I did, I did more research that of course led me to this link. All I have to say is that there’s a huge difference in repealing an act or a bill, and an act or bill that expires. The original Act this thing was a part of had a 6-month expiration date to begin with, so when it expires and is not approved in a Senatorial or Congressional vote to continue, that doesn’t mean it was repealed. Either ways, as long as you have something to pat yourself on the back for.


    • Jason says:

      President Obama just signed this into law on May 25, 2014. So we’re all effed.


    • Jon B says:

      Good call doing the research, somebody’s got to. I appreciated reading this, politicians would take credit for “taking action” for something that they had nothing to do with.


    • Trish House says:

      It isn’t clear in your comment whether the offensive act is crushed or not. Could you please clarify whether further work must be done to kill it dead.


  2. SeaBerg says:

    We have many organizations like ANH that fight hard to stop the onslaught of monsters like Mon-satin, but really, we have us, the public. And if we won’t buy it, they lose. Vote with your fork. Refuse, under any circumstances, to buy their crap.


    • karin says:

      hi seaberg,

      i live in europe, the netherlands. do you know how i can see what product comes from monsanto and what not? what numbers/ logo/ ingredients do i have to look for? (i am new to this). thank you in advance.

      greetings karin.


  3. gigi Jones smith says:

    The link below is an article with links regarding repeal of Monsanto (who doesn’t need) Protecting Act! (I call it that name!) Now on to the PTT Agreement – when will the evil food production congolomerates give us a break? I guess Never!


  4. Kit says:

    That’s great, but Obama and 600 corporate lobbyists and lawyers are trying to get fast track approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement by the end of this year. It’s a top secret trade deal that even Congress, the media and certainly, the public are not privy to. It would eliminate food safety standards as well as food labeling. It would also eliminate vitamin supplements by reducing the dosages to the point of rendering them useless. Monsanto, Banksters, Big Oil, Pharma, Walmart, McDonalds,etc. (in other words, all the worst corporate scum), will be given unlimited power to do as they please while disempowering us. They want us to become slaves under the corporatized New World Order.


  5. Julia Vitale says:

    Please people are questioning this because we can’t get into an link. Could you please post a link we can access so we know this is true? Thank you


  6. Margaret says:

    Good news! Thanks to all who were involved and special thanks to Senator Mikulski!

    Now, we have to get Monsanto off the backs of farmers who don’t plant their dead corn and are sued by that evil corporation anyway over using Monsanto’s “patented” corn seeds that may have drifted into their fields — which they don’t want in the first place! God how I wish Monsanto and all its ilk would sink into the sea and never be heard from again!


  7. ROSEANN says:

    Honorable Senator Murkowski:

    Thank you, most profoundly for keeping your promise protecting US from this most insidious corporation, Monsanto, in particular, but all chemical food poisoners.

    We deeply respect your honorable efforts to enable us to sue these evil corporations.



  8. May says:

    When are “The PEOPLE” going to be able to go after and SUE Monsantan for SECRETLY poisoning us with their GMO’s for years WITHOUT our knowledge and the USDA and FDA who ALLOWED it???
    I’m just curious because this NEEDS to be done!!! Then we need to clean up the government and get them OUT of BED with the chemical companies and get some of those ex- monsatan employees OUT of the USDA and the FDA!!!!!


  9. MarthaLA says:

    This IS GOOD NEWS.

    But, what’s with posting a link that requires installation of a bunch of programs in order to view the content of the link. NOT GOOD. I closed out of all those windows and am no wiser as to the “repeal” language. With no mention of the bill number, can’t look it up elsewhere without a lot of googling.

    I know you were in a hurry to post the good news, but shame on you for posting a link with all the piggyback riders.


  10. kay says:

    sometimes a ray of hope shines brightly in an overwhelmingly hopeless situation.


  11. Elke says:

    Could you post the exact section of this Bill that repeals the Monsanto Protection Act?


  12. Ava says:

    Thank you senator!



    Thank you for doing your part in ridding us of the worry of monsanto. You led the drive with providing the petitions & letting us know what was going on. Thank you Sneattor Mikulski for sticking with it . We do need to keep our food safe & as pure as we can . Much appreciated.


  14. Debra MAFFEI says:

    Quit making people sick. Making our farmers who work so hard. Be in law suits with rich Idiots. Well at the same time. In with the FDA and Parmacical companies. Debra Maffei


  15. Lois says:

    I clicked on the link to the repeal language and I found no repeal language contained in this document.


    • Patrick says:

      “(If you wish to read it for yourself, Section 101(1) of the bill contains the repeal language.)” The language in that section isn’t about repealing anything. Your website is posting misleading information. The Monsanto Protection wasn’t REPEALED at all — it simply was not renewed and there is a BIG difference. If you want your cause to be respected, you need to present accurate information.


  16. Mtnairmama says:

    Great job everyone!!!


  17. Imogene Burkhart says:

    This is such wonderful news, thank you for letting me know, I have been fighting for this to happen for a long time now. It made my day too know that we the people are finally being heard!


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