Herpes—Why is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious Solution?


Vit DSearch the mainstream medical journals, even search the Internet, and you won’t find this undeniably simple answer.

Everywhere you look, conventional medicine is singing the same tune: the Mayo Clinic, the Berkeley Wellness Letter, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health all say that even though there is no cure for  herpes, the best way to prevent or treat the symptoms is with antiviral medications like acyclovir (sold under the trade name Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir), or valacyclovir (Valtrex).

They recommend one of two basic approaches: episodic therapy (that is, taking the medicine whenever you experience an outbreak) or suppressive therapy (taking the medicine daily to minimize the chances of recurrent or future outbreaks). Suppressive therapy for herpes means huge profits for drug companies, particularly since these medicines are expensive—there is no generic version for Acyclovir as yet, and a one-month supply of Valtrex costs around $200. There is also the small problem that these drugs do not work very well—and antiviral drugs tend to lead to drug-resistant superbugs.

But conventional medicine ignores the obvious natural prescription: get a vitamin D test!

Vitamin D is a powerful natural antiviral, which is why we bang the drum about vitamin D therapy for colds and especially flu every chance we get. Research from the University of Copenhagen shows that vitamin D activates the immune system by arming T-cells to fight off infections. Without vitamin D, the immune system’s T-cells remain dormant, offering little or no protection against invading microorganisms and viruses. But with vitamin D in the bloodstream, T-cells begin seeking out invaders, which are then destroyed and carried out of the body. You may recall the Japanese study we told you about in June which found that vitamin D was more effective than a vaccine in preventing flu, including pandemic flu. The report, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that school children taking vitamin D were 58 percent less likely to catch influenza A. By contrast, antiviral drugs such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza) reduced rates of infection by only 8 percent. Even vaccines had success rates significantly lower than the 58 percent achieved by vitamin D.

Our vitamin D–mediated immune response has been with us through more than 60 million years of pre-human and human evolutionary selection, as research from Ohio State demonstrates. Vitamin D is critical to our survival.

The problem is that a whopping 59 percent of the population is deficient in vitamin D, according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Moreover, nearly 25 percent of the study subjects were found to have critically low levels of vitamin D.

According to John Cannell, MD, founder of the non-profit Vitamin D Council, “Current research has implicated vitamin D deficiency as a major factor in the pathology of at least seventeen varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more.” All of this is in addition to viral and bacterial infections.

Type 1 herpes (cold sores) is thought to afflict a majority of the US population, genital herpes perhaps a quarter. For anyone plagued by herpes, and for everyone as we head into flu season, it’s essential that you are getting enough vitamin D. So please get your vitamin D level checked! If it is less than optimal—levels should be between 50–80 ng/ml, year-round—take a vitamin D supplement (be sure it’s D3—cholecalciferol), get your blood retested to verify that you’re taking the proper dosage, and get sufficient exposure to the sun. (Such exposure may not produce vitamin D in the winter, depending on where you live, or if you sunbathe too early or too late in the day.)

Besides vitamin D, there are a number of other natural ways to increase the odds of avoiding herpes outbreaks:

  • Eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet. They interfere with your immune system’s ability to fight outbreaks and new infections.
  • Identify any food allergies or sensitivities, and adopt an allergy-free diet.
  • Avoid foods (like cashews) that contain L-arginine, because this amino acid may facilitate outbreaks. (This is too bad, because L-arginine may also increase sexual arousal!)
  • Take natural vitamins and minerals: lysine (another amino acid, and a longtime favorite to control herpes), vitamin C, selenium (inhibits the ability of all “herpes-family” viruses to reproduce), lithium (slows down formation of the viral capsid), zinc (boosts the infection-fighting capability of immune system), and vitamin A.

Among natural treatments for active herpes lesions are vitamin C powder and propolis, a natural product found in beehives. The two can be combined. This is somewhat more realistic than the often-mentioned peppermint oil and tea tree oil, because their pungent odor announces their presence—not something you want during a herpes eruption. Lemon balm oil also has some research behind it.

  • Good article, ANH – thanks.

    Vitamin D is really coming into its own these days. And about time.

    • Elevated amounts of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) will also cure and prevent herpes. See the papers of Dr F R Klenner, Internet, or doctoryourself.com

    • marilyn grashow

      C is good, but herpes live in the nerve endings in your body. The 2 amino acids Arginine and Lysine must be in a particular ratio to be balanced. Whenever the arginine outwieghs the Lysine tooo much the herpes are released from the nerve endings, hence a break out. Ex. A cold sore. Anyone who has chicken pox as a child has herpes in their nerve endings in a subdued inactive state. If yhouj ever had mono (epstein barr virus is a herpes)-the same thing.90% of the world’spopulation has this, including all the modern advancedwealthier areas of the world. When the outbreak occurs Lysine will stop it–it causes the herpes to go back into remission in the nerve endings instead of runnig o around your body doing harm.. This is a good thing to keep in remission becaues there are something like 10 or so different herpes and they can cause nasty things like lymphoma (cancer) and auto immune diseases. You can take lyuine sgfely for up to a month b ut ususllly do not need so much.If concerned you can consuolt some alternative doctor or some research formlegitimate sources to check on this. When doctors prescribe taking Thorne Perfusia (slow relase high dose arginine) for cardiovascular issues (ex. hypertension, arrythmias)- it works great on teh cvd, but if you ever had chicken px, mono or any other herpes type infection after afew days you get massive cold sores etc. or worse.–so it cannot be used–then the lysine is taken and it goes away. Even on teh Thorne bottle at the bottom it says if yhou have any kind of herpes in remission or any cancer do not take the arginine becasue it will cause the herpes to come out and the cancer to grow. So anyway LYSINE works. Look at the reaearch.

  • Stirling

    This is great information. Thank you very much. My herpes is triggered whenever I eat corn. If by chance I ingest something with corn in it by mistake, I can usually stop the outbreak by taking Lysine right away. Sometimes I use a topical lotion called H-Stop that works great, too. I take tons of Vitamin D but the corn trumps it so I have to read labels devotedly.

    • Bio-Energetic Remedy

      Corn is one of the many gifts of Asase Yaa; the great EarthMother. Our mother is not trying to poison us (only humans do that). We need knowledge and respect for our EarthMother so that she will reveal her secrets. Where there is a corn allergy, there is also an herbal potassium deficiency. Inorganic, devitalized and denatured potassium pills are normally coated with ‘zein.’ Zein is a corn derivative; therefore, those who get a queasy feeling after taking some of these poisonous laboratory-created monstrosities are experiencing corn sensitivity. Most vegetable (“Veggie”) capsules are also made of zein gluten; therefore, many people experience an allergy to so-called veggie capsules. If this is the case, additional Herbal Vitamin F is needed. Smaller, ethical companies will carry a higher quality that hasn’t been produced in a lab — only from the Earth. Additionally, if you have been consuming these poisons for years, herbal magnesium and herbal histidine are called for as well.

  • This is good to know about he vit. D but what’s more important and I know first hand cause my sister cured herself totally of herpes using MMS. Miricle Mineral Solution. It’s apparently curing AID’s, Malaria, Herpes, and many cancers! Google it.

    • Ellen

      Where can I get MMS? Thanks, Ellen

    • Queen

      Interesting, I have HSV1 and I just ordered my mms. How long did she take the mms?

  • e bartlett

    olive extract

  • Lisa Beard

    Would this topical Vitamin C powder/propolis combo also work on Shingles? If so, I would imagine only for the initial eruption stage and not once it has progressed to post-herpetic neuralgia.

  • Jacquie Schmall

    Lysine daily will keep more than a few viruses out of the picture, including Shingles. However, be aware that L-Lysine interferes with the uptake of Iron. If anemia has ever been a problem, remember to get some extra Iron into your diet, via beets, and other veggies, or even an cast iron frying pan.

  • linda conner

    Good articles come from good research and this isn’t even close to the answer it’s good treatment generally but, the answer is l-lysine 500mg a day to stop outbreaks 2000mg a day during an outbreak, avoiding lots of foods with l- arginine which corn the major one and all products related to corn , beef not so much because it is balanced with the other proteins, some forms of whole grains sprouted breads good this is my experience passed on to all my acquaintances and family for years cold sores never a problems again if you know these things. Any old l-lysine product will do I was told this by a doctor 30 years ago who left this town to practice where he could be free to do this type of doctoring never had another good doctor since.

    • Angie

      The Lysine never worked for me. I found the food grade H2O2 worked but it still had to be dilute with spring water, and taken several times per day for 6 weeks with a 2 or 3 week break for about 6 months. Google the poportions but I generally did a stronger 6% solution than the recommneded 3%. I agree that the Vitamin D can be good but the D3 is the one to take. You have to take between 5 and 10 thousand units per day, minimum. Vitamine C and Selenium, Zn is also very good. I have never tried the lithium but hear that it is good for a variety of things.

      • Angie

        P.S. This is meant for consumption not topical use, but you have to take it on an empty stomach. It is recommned to consume 8 oz at least, 3 times per day. It will get rid of virus, bacteria and is an anti-fungal. It is safe to consume when propertly diluted. Usually food grade comes in 35% concentrate that needs to be diluted to a 3 to 6% solution. You can get it at a good health food store.

  • Brett

    This is a great article. My wife and I both have genital herpes and we tend to just live with the occasional outbreaks and not do anything about it. She didn’t realize she actually had herpes (which she gave to me…but it’s worth it!) as she just thought they were bug bites….but if you have reoccurring small breakouts, even if they seem like itchy bites, and they are always in the same place… then it’s probably herpes.

    • Lou

      “She didn’t realize she actually had herpes which she gave to me”

      IMO don’t worry about WHERE you got a virus. We LIVE in a sea of microbes. You WILL be exposed to EVERY socially active virus. Many viruses we come in contact with we NEVER get rid of. If your levels of vitamin D are high most will NEVER express themselves and continue to lie dormant within you until you die. IMO many of these dormant viruses have positive functions in our bodies.

      As a good example the “seasonal flu” lies within almost all of our bodies year around and is not expressed until our vitamin D levels run low during “flu season” which just happens to be our vitamin D nadir. The “seasonal flu virus” is IMO an important positive social vector.

      For the CDC et al to take this positive vector and turn it into an opportunity to needlessly inject six month old babies, pregnant women, old people and the rest of us with toxic neurodegenerative mercury and other degenerative poisonous “vaccine ingredients” is pure EVIL.

  • Bobbie Hensley

    Thank you for the insight!! I didnt know there was so many natural remedies for this.

  • Beth

    I use Red Marine Algae for any and all viral infections including herpes simplex2 and have had great results every time. I even have used it for the common cold. I have just started to supplement with higher doses of Vitamin D3 and am excited to see how it works this cold/flu season.

  • Chris Daub

    I found L-Lysine years ago, and it’s my remedy for cold sores. I get the sores when I’m stressed. As soon as I feel the tingle in my lip, I take 2- 500mg capsules, then I take 1 twice a day for a few days, and it’s the only thing I’ve ever found that will clear up these nasty sores. I also take vitamin D-3 with my main meal every day, for all it’s benefits.

  • Joanne

    For anyone experiencing herpes outbreaks, I’d like to point out that when it reaches the blister state, especially if you scratched them open, hydrogen peroxide provides remarkable relief (after a momentary burning) that may stop the outbreak cold at that point. I don’t know if it works for the cold sore type. Sometimes I have found it prevented getting to the blister state, but I don’t think that’s nearly as sure as the total or near total relief once blisters have formed, provides the H2O2 gets inside the blisters. I hope this helps someone.

  • You didn’t mention getting rest and lots of hi quality protein as a remedy for cold sores. If I get sick ( which I haven’t now because of vitamin D) I take lysine and vitamin B6 to prevent or heal a cold sore outbreak. But even with those supplements and others, hi quality protein and rest are indispensable for healing.

  • Debra Lyons

    You have an incorrect statement in this article that I hope you will correct as it reflects poorly on the integrity of your otherwise excellent article. This statement that there is no generic form for Acyclovir is not a true, as acyclovir IS the generic medication (for brand name Zovirax)

    Debra Lyons, RPh

  • Jerry

    I have been telling people about this for over 3 years; see The Scientific American Nov 2007

  • Traditionally, safe, effective, and cheap remedies are strongly discouraged by Mainstream Medicine. From washing hands for prevention of Childbirth Fever to basic Germ theory, and the circulation of blood; Medicine has repeatedly demonstrated is basis in Tradition and Prejudice, as opposed to Science.

    The same question might be asked about Iodine supplementation for the treatment of fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts and thyroid cysts. Anyone see traditional physicians use any of those treatments?

    Vitamin D not only improves resistance to most infectious diseases, it has been repeatedly shown to cut the incidence of many cancers by 50%. Anyone see an Oncologist get 25-OH vitamin D levels?

    The list of effective, safe, and inexpensive treatments that are ignored by the majority of medical practitioners is almost boundless. Pharmaceutical companies control what is taught, believed, and practiced in Medicine. That is why we have the most expensive medical system in the world, but far from the best.

    Doc Don

    • diana brendan

      Yes. I know from experience that iodine cures several breast problems. I was fortunate to come across Dr. Donald Miller’s article “Iodine for Health.” Yet rarely anyone acknowledges the immeasurable value of iodine.

    • Lou

      “Anyone see an Oncologist get 25-OH vitamin D levels?”

      Thank you Doctor. It is sure GREAT to hear a MD speak such truth. We often forget most Doctors are on our side even as the Rockefeller defined “standard of care” is killing us..

      Vitamin C is also strongly anti-cancer and IV vitamin C could IMO completely and salubriously REPLACE the toxic chemo which USUALLY kills in cancer treatment. But what would then happen to cancer as a method of population control?

  • Nancy Evans

    Great to hear about D-3, nice break through. I take 8000 iu’s daily and have been very healthy. I also consult a homeopath and take a daily regime of supplements, along with a very healthy diet and exercise I continue to maintain my health and a strong constitution.

  • Marten

    Organic sulfur flakes is very good and at the same time promotes liver and scar tissue regeneration…..Love and Light

  • Fred

    So, you mix vitamin powder and propolis, and smear it on the herpes? Not very clear.

  • Evan Eberhardt

    Do not take active vitamin A since it competes with vitamin D. Only take beta-carotene.

    • Lou

      You must not supplement beta carotene IMO. Supplemental BC is an isomer of the natural molecule. Cooked carrots will supply carotene which your body will convert to ALL the carotenoids you require including the natural BC molecule and vitamin A in all its forms.

      I eat at lest three pounds of cooked carrots/week or my eyes weaken. Take your cooked carrots with LOTS of fat or you may have problems with the high glycemic index of the cooked carrots. Carotene also requires fat for absorption.

      You can take large amounts of retinol IMO when you are coming down sick. Your body will burn it if you are fighting infection of some sort.

      “A short-term use of high-dose Vitamin A — 400,000 units daily for up to one week for average 70kg adults can be useful as an anti-infective measure.” Doctor Garry Gordon


    • My left eye is very swlloen. It almost looks like I have a black eye but normal skin color… I’m worried.?I have a cold sore on my lower lip, on the right side but when I get a shingles outbreak, it is on the left side of my forehead. I woke up this morning and my eyelid and undereye, where you get the “Bags” under your eye, is swlloen and I’m worried that it might be the virus. This happened a few weeks ago and it was Saturday so I spent the day applying cold packs to it and it eventually went away but this time is much more swlloen and sort of itchy and I don’t know what to do.I’m so worried it is the cold sore/shingles/herpes virus!I’m taking L-Lysine to help with the cold sore and that seems to be helping but it is too soon to tell if the supplement will help with my eye or not. Any advice? I’m going to wash my face, apply some abreva to my eye skin, then, later, apply some hemorrhoid cream and apply a cold pack. Does anyone else have any advice?Sorry, let me add more details… No crust.No blisters.No pain. No weeping/seeping. No discoloration other than slightly, VERY VERY slight redness from the swelling.No “Heat” as far as I can tell. I don’t think I have a Fever but that is hard to tell with me because I have constant low body temp. No problems/alteration in vision. Just swelling of both the lower and upper eyelid.The actual eye itself seems OK. It is just the upper and lower lid that is swlloen and ONLY on the left side.

  • Wendy

    Please note that lithium, although a “natural” mineral, is NOT natural to the human body and has NO PURPOSE in the human body. When ingested, it acts as a drug and can interfere with the utilization of calcium, which the body NEEDS, and other nutrients by attaching itself to the receptors for the minerals the body does need. I strongly advise against using it in any shape or form. Note also that mental patients taking lithium for “bipolar” disorder frequently overdose on lithium in order to commit suicide. Lithium is very easy to use for this purpose as a lethal dose is easily ingested and causes the body systems to shut down resulting in death. Avoid it.

  • yury shteyn

    Please advise on how do you combine Vitamin C with propolis, thanks.

  • Kathy Frater

    After having severe herpes lesions on my nose or upper lip, that would take weeks and even months to go away for years, a nurse at my doctor’s office told me about L-lysine. She told me to take three 500mg tablets immediately “as a loading dose” and then 2 more, twice, later in the day and one 3 times the next day until I got relief. (I probably wouldn’t have believed her, except she gave me her own tablets to try.) I was shocked because the very next morning it was almost totally gone and by that evening it was totally gone.
    She also told me when I first felt I was getting one to take the L-lysine ASAP to prevent it.
    I have never had another lesion by using the L-lysine amino acid. I still think of her with gratefulness.
    PS I do now use the Pro L-Arginine now for cardio vascular health w/o any problem.

  • Darryl Hubbard

    U forgot the cure. Photoluminescence will killand virus that is in the blood. the only problem is u can only get it from certain Natural practioners.

  • JCPKiara

    True. I take 4000 UI of vitamin D a day (because I always work inside and have little exposure to the sun) and haven’t had a cold or the flu in the last 4 years and never have I had a flu shot. I also used to get cold soars often (that is a form of herpes) I discovered that as soon as I would feel tenderness on my lip, I would cover the area with DESITIN…yes…the diaper rash DESITIN. Out of all the diaper rash ointment, Desitin has the most ZINC content and Zinc has a healing effect on the skin. When I used it at night before going to bed, by the morning that tenderness/tingling would be ALL GONE.

  • A Wells

    I agree with the other person who commented on the lithium. I would also further add that lithium causes hypothyroidism in 50% of people who take it (look at the package insert or a PDR) and can cause diabetes insipidus (an inability to concentrate urine) in a smaller fraction of people.

    Brazil nuts are high in selenium. An average nut contains 80 mcg of selenium which is higher than the RDI. Epidemiolgical eveidence shows a beneficial immune effect (from food) at closer to 700 mcg. I eat 3-8 a day. A 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds or 1/2 cup of almonds contians the the RDI for vitamin E. I mention this because selenium and vitamin E work synergistically together to make glutathione peroxidase a powerful free radical scavenger and boosts the immune system. I have four young children and since adding these foods to my daily regimen I hardly catch any of their colds and I was averaging at least 5 a year. Warning: it took about two months before I noticed a protected effect.

    As for herpes, I’ve had the genital for 17 years. I’ve only had four outbreaks; the original, twice after childbirth, and once after the flu. So only when my immune system was weakened. The second two kids were born at home vs. a hospital and a birthing center; way less stressful and didn’t suffer any outbreaks with the home births. As for the flu, I had something emotiionally upsetting the day before and came down with the worst flu of my life the next day. My vitamin D levels were in the 25% of the population critical level at 9 ng/dl. Since then I get a light tan each spring/summer and supplement in the winter.

    I’ve avoided sugar and white flour for many years now. Sugar reduces the amount of white blood cells for many hours after you ingest it, thereby lowering immune function.

    Anyone interested in reading on this info more in depth should look into: The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book by Shari Lieberman PhD, and Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton PhD.

  • Snake oil. A little information is very dangerous as this article reveals.

  • Share Ideas

    All very good information regarding L-Lysine and Vitamin D…Life Extension Foundation offers some excellent research and advice for this condition and you should also know that food products containing soy should also be avoided. It seems so many of our food products use soy protein these days it is difficult to maintain a diet free of it. Trying to keep the arginine levels down is most important, while keeping the lysine levels in your blood high is key. My favorite foods like oatmeal and peanut butter are very high in arginine and should be avoided during an outbreak.

    • Lou

      “You should also know that food products containing soy should also be avoided.”

      As you said if you are eating processed food it is almost impossible to avoid GMO soy or GMO corn. Of course avoiding processed food is one of the best things you can do for your health.

  • Denise Porter

    Talk about ignoring the obvious. LOL

    Though those already suffering the results of this disease by their own choice, by the impositional choice of some other, or both ——-must be cared for with profit-driven and never cost-free un-natural interventions that are inevitably prone to abuse & political/financial manipulation———————–the TRULY obvious response to herpes & all STD’S is to promote & to stand firm upon the the self-evident truth standard of free, monogamous, mutually-agreed upon, exclusive male-female marriage that has stood as the standard throughout all human history. Step out of the safety of that natural refuge —and the inescapable dangers & consequences of gambling one’s own —and others’ —health, well-being, and vulnerability to exploitation & abuse steeply & inevitably escalate.

    This choice also promotes the health & well-being, the financial & emotional stability, and the lessening of odds of abuse for men, women & children ——–and especially for the weak & vulnerable who are best protected by real family, or interventions in the absence of real family that emulate it as closely as possible.

    • LaughatFool

      Denise Porter,

      What a simplistic answer.. and in no way a realistic view. It assumes the marriage partners aren’t cheating.. which by the way has been happening since the beginning of time. The ONLY real way is to have a cure for this so the cheating SOBS don’t pass it on when they cheat.

      Must be nice to live in your world. jeez..

    • signlady23

      Denise Porter,

      Speaking of ignoring the obvious:

      You do realize that the MOST common herpes viruses are neither (A) genital nor (B) sexually transmitted? Ever had a cold sore? Transmissible to even a tiny baby by its loving mother.

      What you don’t know, or refuse to know, CAN hurt you.

  • gonefishin

    I have had great results with cold sores & colloidal silver gel. A few applications at the onset of tingling & the sore is gone! It also works very well when I feel a stye coming on,


  • jen

    Lysine, as a supplement, has done wonders for me with sores. I also recommend a topical form to put on the sore (or the area you feel it forming) and it heals even faster. I have curbed multiple sores from ever even forming. I have this lip stuff, it was about $5 for a small tube, “Super Lysine +”. Its got both Lysine & Zinc in it. It even has tea tree oil, which gives that tingle instant relief (which is great but it also is a natural antiseptic & skin softener! YAY!)! Its Beeswax & olive oil based, so i just put it all over my lips and they are so soft!

  • Robert Cruder

    Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw recommend BHT. It is cheap and safe.

    It avoids the need to restrict arginine which many of us need to support GH release and synthesis of NO to control hypertension.

    BHT is not “natural” or “organic”. It is a synthetic antioxidant which increases the lifespan of many species. I have consumed 250mg to 500mg daily since 1981 and never had a herpes sore or a wart and don’t expect to get shingles.

    See : http://bht-herpes.com/

  • Lou

    “59 percent of the population is deficient in vitamin D”

    This is misleading. Usually “Sufficient” is defined FAR TOO LOW. For example as 32 or so ng/ml. A more reasonable definition of sufficient vitamin D levels may 50 to 65 ng/ml. Using this definition fully 95% of us or more are deficient.

    Your body does not store vitamin D until you reach about 50 ng/ml. Surely no level below this should be considered sufficient because until you begin to store vitamin D you cannot be sure all your needs are met.

    1000 IU of vitamin D3/day/20 pounds of body weight will bring you up to about 65 ng/ml IMO..

  • Lou

    Herpes—Why is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious Solution?

    For the same reason so MANY efficacious, inexpensive NATURAL treatments are PROHIBITED by the Rockefeller defined “standard of care”; the medical industry makes money not by curing disease but by TREATING disease.

    It is just that simple as is our solution to this problem.

  • I was shocked a few weeks ago. My primary physician care is through the Veterans Administration (VA) local hospital. I only see the doctor 3 times a year, but will have lab work done about 5 times a year. After my last lab workup, without hearing from my doctor, I was sent two bottles of Vitamin D(3) with instructions to take 1000 iu / day. Supplemental medication from a mainstream doctor. There is hope.

  • mark

    BHT works to kill the Herpes genital virus in me. Episodes are reduced to 3 days instead of 5-7 days. The only drawback is I can’t drink my beer while taking it.

  • Although I’m not a fan of prescription drugs, sorry to say that’s the only thing that worked for me…. When I was diagnosed (genital) years ago, I tried every natural remedy I could find anywhere – I probably tried 15 different things. Nothing worked, and I continued to have outbreaks pretty much constantly (often quite severe), until I finally gave in and started taking daily acyclovir (which by the way IS the generic – your first paragraph is incorrect here – so it’s only about $30/month). Since then, I have maybe 2-3 tiny very mild outbreaks per year (usually when I skip pills for a couple of days.

    I take 5,000 IU of D3 daily (in the winter; less in the summer when I’m outside more), and have been taking 500mg Lysine daily for years (which by the way, DOES work for me, for the cold sores – I haven’t had a single one in about 7 years, and used to get them several times a year). I also take a lot of C as well. NONE of these worked or seemed to help at all for the genital HSV – but I always keep my eye out and read articles like this, just in case someone finds a natural remedy that really works – I’d be happy to try it! Thanks for the info!

  • Lou

    “But conventional medicine ignores the obvious natural prescription: get a vitamin D test!”

    Over the last ten or so years there has been an explosion in the medical research journals testifying unequivocally as to the extreme importance of vitamin D for human health. The vitamin D expert community has charged the Food and Nutrition board of conduct bordering on the criminal for their abjectly ridiculously low vitamin D recommendations. Why are not vitamin D experts appointed to the vitamin D panel rather than political hacks? HHS has thousands of PhDs under their wings; are you telling me HHS does not KNOW the extreme importance of vitamin D for human health and HUNDREDS of diseases? Why does HHS endorse staying out of the noon time sun; an action HHS knows will lower our vitamin D levels. Why does HHS endorse staying out of tanning booths; an action HHS knows will lower our critical late winter vitamin D levels?

    What is going on here?

    Here is my opinion.

    HHS knows that many thousands of units of vitamin D are required daily for good health. HHS knows noon sunshine on bare unprotected skin is the best way to get vitamin D. HHS knows skin cancer is not a serious issue with noon sunshine. HHS knows MOST people are seriously deficient in vitamin D.

    An honest HHS would be pushing vitamin D as a cure for the “seasonal flu” instead a dishonest HHS pushes the toxic “flu shot” which HHS knows will do nothing to prevent or mitigate the seasonal flu but will instead poison us with mercury, aluminum and other “vaccine” toxins.

    An honest HHS would be urging women to get sufficient vitamin D, at least 50 ng/ml, for osteoporosis instead a dishonest HHS endorses the toxic and counterproductive bisphosphonate drugs.

    I could go on and on. In each case HHS ignores the known cure or partial cure of vitamin D and instead leads us down the path to ill health or death via some toxic drug.

    And it is so much worse than this. Consider vitamins D and C and only vitamins D and C are capable of keeping the pandemic virus soon to be released from getting into our deep lungs and causing hemorrhagic lung which will probably cause the most deaths in our political pandemic.

    These are hard awful, truths about HHS and Industrial Medicine. I sure wish they were not the case but ignoring them is killing us now and may kill millions of us soon.

  • The things they say visit your knowledge of the works of art you’re. The globe hopes for far more passionate copy writers just like you that are not reluctant to state where did they believe. Constantly pursue your own soul.

  • I treated mine with Shaklee Vitalizer & Nutriferon. I’m not sure which one helped most. I know the Vitalizer gave me the zinc & D3 I needed, but the Nutriferon really gave me a huge boost. I started taking it because the Valtrex just made me exhausted and dehydrated. But I felt so good after just 2 days that I went off the Valtrex and surprisingly had no more problems. Not only that, but it literally stopped all my food allergies. I was very wheat / gluten intolerant and I couldn’t even eat a TINY piece of chocolate without being sick with migraines for days. Only been on the products one week and I just ate my first Thin Mints girl scout cookies in almost 7 years. No reactions, no migraines. Totally unbelievable I know, but it’s true and haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager. I encourage anyone to try it. They have a money back guarantee. Take care and be blessed!

  • Rita

    I had cold sores for years almost every week. It took up to 2 weeks until they started to actually heal and then the next one was showing up. WHen they were all gone and I was happy about each day without herpes I could be sure that as soon as my period started I would get the next outbreak and yes… there it was… Sometimes it was ok for few weeks. This went on for at least since 2006 and now is 2014.

    I remember that up to 2016 I had Herpes from time to time but sometimes no herpes for months.

    Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and iron deficiency. I thought I will take the L-thyroxine and Iron and let them refill the storage and maybe then the cold sores would disappear by themselves. Nevertheless… Herpes kept coming back.

    I read about correlation between Zinc and Vitamin B deficiency and Herpes so I started to supplement Zinc 25mg/daily and Vitamin B 300% of daily recommendation – if this sounds like a lot to you, this is what you get at a regular drugstore without prescription… – after two weeks Herpes started to heal, but it was still in the for me “normal” time frame. Then it was weekend I ran out of Zink and thought ok, for two days it won’t be so bad not to take it. Two days later, on Sunday the next Herpes was coming. So I went to the pharmacist on monday and told her about all this. I was lucky since the pharmacist recommended L-Lysine to me and said it could help. Well, I was desperate enough to try anything :) especially when it has no negative side-effects…

    Anyway, in the first two weeks of L-Lysine, I found new small blisters every day, lower lip, upper lip, nose, lower lip and so on. BUT, they disappeared within one day/night. So I realized that something was going on in my body and that maybe the herpes was in some sense fighting to survive. I didn’t know about the connection with arginine at that time and I used to eat a lot of nuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and so on because of their many nice and healthy contents… However they are all high in argine with respect to lysine. I removed the nuts from my meals… I talked to my dad, he has herpes zoster from time to time and he told me that many years ago he tried to apply some disinfectant. He told me about German soldiers in Russia during the second world war that had to fight only little with infections since they used a special disinfectant. His father in law had told him. So he tried it with this and it helped to make the herpes zoster not to break…

    • Rita

      So the same day I bought the disinfectant – it is even written on it that it acts against herpes, although only when applied to furniture, shoes and whatever 😉 – and applied it to the new blisters, the pain was immediately gone and it helped to push down the second blister that was coming right next to it (really, I was hating these blisters sooooo much and was quite desperate about what was wrong with me, since all blood values were with respect to thyroid and iron good and also my endocrinologist didn’t say anything about low vitamin d).

      I was curious and what I found is – the against herpes active ingredient is simply ethanol, you can even read it on wikipedia, although not explicitly with respect to herpes – ethanol destroys the protein connections in the membrane of ALL viruses that have protein membranes around them. The herpes viruses are exactly of that type. On contrary to stuff like acyclovir that acts against infected cells only and is in many cases really inefficient, ethanol kills the virus instantly and directly! Years I spend 7€ and more for two grams of this ineffective stuff, simply because I didn’t know anything else.

      Last step… the capsules that contain the L-Lysine are often made from gelatine that is high in arginine, actually most of these capsules are made of gelatine. So I removed the capsuled and poured the powder into a glass of water. You can also mix the powder with yoghurt (also high in lysine, better use the white, natural one 😉 ) and eat it. 10 days ago, I had the last herpes blister, two days later a flew iwth 39°C fever. So the coming flew was probably the reason for that last blister. Since that day I don’t feel anything “problematic” on my lips. Nothing new is on the way as far as I can judge right now. The blisters were healing much faster, were less painful and particularly they were not to deep inside of the skin anymore. I am optimistic :))))) Finally and I definitely feel that something is changing to the better!

    • Rita

      I checked my latest blood test results. My vitamin D is actually at 11.12 which is very low, so now I will also take 2000IU Vitamin D daily. I hope it helps as well to fight off tiredness and dizzyness which I still feel.

      To summarize:
      166cm, 60kg

      1) Zinc and Vit B supplements
      2) 3 gramme of L-Lysine in three doses of 1 g a day during an active outbreak, 1 gramme daily when the virus is sleeping; Lysine is used by the virus instead of argine, but apparently lysine then interferes with reproduction, while arginine triggers reproduction.
      3) in case of outbreak apply ethanol as soon as possible because it will prevent the outbreak but it is also very helpful when the blisters are already there (the product I use is Sagrotan with 20% Ethanol and 19% 2-Isopropanol, but I don’t know if you can get Sagrotan where you are..) I found some study that showed that echinacea within a 20% ethanol solution is similarly efficient against herpes as within a 60% or 90% ethanol solution… so 20% is enough…

      About the pharmaindustry… there is little research about the mechanism that makes lysine efficient against herpes. The reason is that for lysine, ethanol and similar natural substances you cannot get a patent… so there is little interest in selling a cheap substance like ethanol or lysine if you can’t have a patent and be the only one that sells it and dictate the price you cannot even claim research costs for developing the drug…

      Some more… my life has been complicated with respect to family and many more things. At some point I developed depression, was always tired and everything felt too much. I also developed physical symptoms. Every doctor told me that it is simply stress. Finally I wanted to get antidepressants but before that sincere step I wanted my thyroid checked. It turned out that with the hypothyroidism treatment I could fight off the depression and almost all of the physical symptoms. There are hundreds of people searching for help getting psychopharmaka and after years it turns out that they are hypothyroid or that they have a serious lack in any of the vitamines, minerals and so on. We, humanity, don’t know exactly what causes depression, which is why we have so many different drugs and we never know which one will be the one that helps a particular individual, which proves that we actually don’t know what is going on… Sometimes the cause of depression can be as simple as hypothyroidism which is a “nice” disease since…

      • Rita

        since it is easy to treat, or it can be iron deficiency or low progesterone. In case you feel depressed (its similar with anxiety attacks) get your blood values tested on TSH, FT3, FT4, Vitamine D, Iron… BEFORE you take antidepressants. You/we can still take antidepressants when we don’t find any other explanation/solution…

        Sorry that this became so long. I just thought it might be of help to at least somebody… I hope it all gets published.

  • tamtam

    I’ve had it for 2 years (genital) and the only thing I’ve EVER had that worked for me was a product called Somoxal. I was googling a lot and desperate and ordered a billion different product and spent hundreds of dollars online because I would try ANYTHING. Ever since then, any time I feel a tingling or the bumps start forming, I rub some Somoxal cream on them and it seems to stop it from progressing and they recede back into the skin within 2-3 days with 0 pain
    Unfortunately, I ran out and am in the middle of an outbreak. I’m taking Lysine and Vitamin C and praying for the best.

    • Crystal

      Try zinc supplements, when use to get cold sores they would last for two-three weeks and come back a month later. I would put on abreva and it didn’t heal any faster. They would be painful, crusty and ooze, don’t forget embarrassing. So I felt one coming on and I ran out and bought zinc supplements and started applying abreva. Cold sore went away in 4 days, with no oozing or crustiness!! No pain either. I read somewhere online that zinc helps fight it. I always take d3 but evidently it’s not enough in itself.

      • Ivan

        How much Zinc and d3 do you take daily?

        • Crystal

          I take 6000 iu of d3, and 50 mg of zinc daily. D3 depends on your weight.

  • ethan


    excellent information.
    i have just started taking vitamin D3

    i was informed a month ago that i have genital herpes after a sore on my upper leg was cultured.

    i am in my second outbreak and notice, apart from the original sore, that i have a very itchy scalp. has anyone had or heard of the genital herpes virus causing an itchy scalp.

    and if so is there any topical recommendations?
    i’m using a tea tree oil shampoo with no significant effect.

    • harbert michelle

      My name is Harbert Michelle, six months ago I had sex with the third guy in my life whom i was about to marry and now I have herpes. I couldn’t believe it because he wasn’t a random guy, he’s the closet guy I’ve had as a boyfriend, but it has been a never ending nightmare since. I’ve always believed in GOD and have asked him for forgiveness which is ironic.
      I felt like killing myself with the taught of having a husband and family will be quite difficult and i felt like I’m not really in the room when people are talking. I didn’t know what to do and pretty much cry and pray every day to God for help and looking at my family with so much love and feeling that i have disappointed them even though they don’t know. Until God lead me to DR. HARRY online who promised to help me cure my disease through herbals. At first i didn’t believe him, but to my greatest surprise i was cured completely by herbals, which medical doctor also verified that i was cured. Special thanks to DR. HARRY.
      Don’t be discourage because he that did it for me will also do it for you and you can contact him through his email address [email protected] or call him on his cellphone number +2348052850617.

      • Ana

        Wow, this is an amazing story, I know a few ppl suffering from this, it really does take a toll on a person, I’m glad to hear you are no longer in that space, what a miracle , where is this Dr. Harry located?

      • espen plener

        Hi Harbert,

        What are you using to help with the herpes? Are you not having any outbreaks anymore?
        I have emailed Dr. Harry, but would like to hear from you.

        Thanks a lot

      • Robert

        Thank you for the info on Dr. harry. God is always good even when we aren’t I recently had multiple affairs that came to the light as well as the fact that I lived a bisexual life for many yrs, because of my Christian Beliefs I was miserable over what I had done and how I lived my life. I FOUND GRACE it started with a book you can get on Amazon or ebay for under $10. The book is ” A Way To Escape” by Neil Anderson. He has a series of books based on the Bondage’s we are facing in this world, this book is specifically about Sexual Bondage. I wish you God’s Blessing and hope that this will help you as it has me

    • Jay Lynn (JJ1285)

      Use an organic lavender conditioner to clean hair and scalp. And a tree tea clarifying shampoo once a week to deep clean. Sometimes you can strip your scalp to much of its natural oils and it causes dryness and scaling. I like Avalon organics or EO products for this. You can also use almond oil and lavender on the scalp to help keel it moisturised without a lot of buildup. For every 2oz of almond oil put 12 drops of lavender and 3-5 drops of tea tree oil (no more, a little goes a long way). It’s great for all over the body as well. You could also use olive oil. Both olive oil and lavender can be soothing and relive itching in herpes effected areas.

  • plenty M.

    excellent info. thanks so much everyone. Just an additional tidbit: native americans use creosote bush, known as chapparal in herb stores, for viruses. good luck.

  • miss candy

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    • kyimommy528

      Is there anyway to contact you besides email

      • Fetty Wap jr. Betty Wap

        These post with these duper miracle doctors be fake…not saying doctors dont know how to cure it naturally just saying its alot of these scammers on these sites with doctors who DONT EXIST…GOOGLE them 1st

        • kyimommy528

          You are right. Wish I knew someone who was real about it

          • Fetty Wap jr. Betty Wap

            I have a doctor’s number whose real i called about 2 weeks ago but its still very expensive. The thing is that when i talked to his office the lady pretty much told me it was a special package of a combination healthy foods and oils and thats pretty much what all of the miracle cures are. So my advice is tember the names that keep resurfacing like bht, viamin d, oregano oil i think to name a few…and stray from greasy foods as well as nuts and almonds etc from what i understand they aid the virus and i myself am no expert but its no coincidence that the possibility of a cure is all over these sites.. but best of luck

          • William Watson

            Check my post….research the Food Preservative” BHT” and Try taking L-Lysine….thats my next move…
            Read that the BHT really keeps the Blisters from Ever coming back…

        • Crystal

          Oh yah, sounds like a scam to me. They would send a website not a email you would think.

  • [email protected]

    I take 2000-to-5000 IU’s of vitamin D3 almost daily and I still get cold sores 2-to-3 times per year.

    • Crystal

      Add in zinc, it helps me for cold sores.

  • Skull Bones

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  • fank alexeander banjamins
  • Pattyjewls

    I was just diagnosed with herpes simplex 2. Unfortunately I was molested when I was 6 years old by my father. My Gyno is so amazing that before she gave me the diagnosis she let me know that she did some digging through my medical file since I had cervical cancer when I was 18. Since I was molested my first pap was when I was 13 because my hyman had already been broken. The thing that kills me is I’ve had herpes simplex 2 since my first pap and hadn’t become sexually active until I was 18. So we believe my father gave me the virus which he also gave to my mother. What I don’t understand is why my previous gynos never let me know. I am crushed. I feel like I’ve been molested all over again and my father gave me another gift that keeps on giving. My husband is amazing and is sticking with me. I’ve had my first outbreak which I thought was a simple yeast infection. The dr. Prescribed valtrex which I’ve been taking for 4 days now. I can’t tell you how much research I’ve done on this virus but I’d love feedback on vitamins and a good diet to keep outbreaks at bay. I feel broken and defeated yet again by my POS father who is now a born again Christian and will never acknowledge what he did because he is saved. Please help with any feedback on how I can help myself coming to terms with this virus. Thank you.

    • William Watson

      Your Courage and Resilience is Honorable and Admirable.I too was molested at a young age …and also have had the horrid experience of life with cold sores/fever blisters…so.. I can relate. I’m gonna try BHT(..Butyl Hydroxy Toulene..it’s a food Preservative… Googe it)..i heard it prevents the cold sores and some claim they have not had any outbreaks to ever happen after taking it….!!….also….L-Lysine. I’ve heard some used 4-5 1,000 ml tablets should be taken if you feel a sore coming on…. or… you can take a couple daily to prevent an outbreak… I’ll try anything to avoid these embarrassing blisters…!!

  • more morgan

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  • Kamani Sofia

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  • [email protected]

    Thanks William. I see the LIFE EXTENSION brand BHT is available at http://www.swansonvitamins.com/life-enhancement-products-inc-bht-plus-100-caps

    the product has to be added to oil though. I wonder if there’s any BHT supplement that is taken in capsule form, rather than added to something.

  • joan

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