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Hope for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Deborah Ray Interviews a Health Hero

Deborah Ray, MT (ASCP), ANH-USA Vice President


An Interview with a Health Hero: Part 1
An Interview with a Health Hero: Part 2
Dr. Shauna Young, PhD, CTN, CBS, OSJ
Deborah Ray, MT (ASCP) Shauna Young, PhD, CTN, CBS, OSJ
Recently, ANH-USA Vice President and national radio host Deborah Ray, MT (ASCP) sat down to interview Shauna Young, PhD, CTN, CBS, OSJ. ANH-USA is pleased to make this informative and inspirational conversation available to our readers.
Dr. Young, a certified naturopath, is the Owner and Medical Director of the Assertive Wellness Research Center of Durango, CO. At her clinic, she consults with clients from around the world who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders with a groundbreaking nutrition-based approach she calls the Spectrum Balance Protocol. She is the Chief Medical Advisor for the NoHarm Foundation, a Colorado not-for-profit organization formed to educate the public about the Spectrum Balance Protocol and its successful applications.

In addition to her pioneering Spectrum Balance Protocol work, Dr. Young serves the autism and natural health communities in a number of other capacities, including as a member of the Medical Advisory Board of the Allergy Kids Foundation and the Advisory Board for the Colorado Chapter of the Coalition for Natural Health, and as Chairperson of the Legislative & Legal Fund of the Colorado Naturopathic Medical Association. In February of 2008 she was also knighted into the international Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller in recognition of the unique impact of her work with Autism and for positively advancing the field of natural medicine in general.

Please use the Play (Play) buttons above to stream Deborah Ray’s two-part interview with Dr. Shauna Young, “An Interview with a Health Hero: Forever Changing the Practice of Medicine.”