CSPI Asks FDA to Abolish Food and Supplement Health Claims

January 12, 2010
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Act Now to Protect Your Access to Natural Health Information!

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to abolish Structure/Function Claims and Qualified Health Claims. What does this jargon mean? Why is this so important?

At the present time, the FDA does not allow the seller of a food or supplement to say that the product will help prevent or treat a health condition or disease. Only a drug company selling an FDA approved drug may make such a claim. SupplementsAny violation of this rule can result in massive fines and a long jail sentence.

The producer of a Vitamin D supplement cannot legally cite the science showing that Vitamin D prevents and treats the flu. Flu is considered a disease so this is forbidden. The science doesn’t matter to the FDA. Nor does freedom of speech.

The supplement producer can make a Structure/Function Claim. For example, the bottle might say to take Vitamin D for immune system function.

Alternatively, the Vitamin D producer might ask the FDA for permission to make a Qualified Health Claim. For example, it might ask to be able to say that Vitamin D may prevent or treat the flu (note the qualifying term “may”).

But the FDA does not like Qualified Health Claims and will almost always deny them. It will typically say the science is not strong enough. To reach this conclusion, it will throw out most scientific studies because they have not been set up in the form of standard FDA drug trials.

The FDA seems to want, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest says it wants, the abolition of both Structure/Function Claims and Qualified Health Claims. They seem to want food, supplements, and drugs to be treated exactly alike. No health claims of any sort would be allowed unless the product was brought through the full FDA approval process.

At first glance, this might seem both fair and logical. Why not treat everything alike? Why not subject food, supplements, and drugs to the same standard?

But this is not at all fair or logical. It is actually both unfair and completely illogical. It omits an all important fact: the staggering cost of FDA approval: up to $1 billion for a single product.

Drug companies can afford to pay these horrendous sums. For one thing, they can charge as much as $100 a pill. And how can they get away with charging so much? Because drugs are usually patented.

The patent together with FDA approval creates a monopoly. This is a government sanctioned and enforced monopoly, and it makes drug companies the most profitable businesses in America.

Another important fact: natural substances cannot usually be patented. At least the rules say that they cannot be. Does this mean that drug companies avoid natural substances? Of course not.

When drug companies find a natural substance that promises to prevent or treat disease, they seek to “twist” the molecules enough to claim that the resulting product is “new” and therefore patentable. Then they take the modified and no longer “natural” product to the FDA for approval.

The result? We now pay as much as 100X as much for the drug than we would have paid for the natural product. Worse, the “new” drug may be much more dangerous than the natural product from which it was derived.

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146 Responses to “CSPI Asks FDA to Abolish Food and Supplement Health Claims”

  1. Columbus says:

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  2. Trigliserida says:

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  3. kathy young says:


    Those miscreants have NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to interfere in or meddle with our thriving and fair, NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY, even criminalizing what is NOT CRIMINAL and destroying this fair industry with the stroke of a pen, upon which fair industry our entire world depends, as a last bastion of SANITY and Health Freedom.

    Who damages this virtuous industry, violates all that is right and good with humanity, violating our Sovereignty of Mind and Body, WITH IMPUNITY.

    The Constitution does not authorize this sort of meddling impudence and insanity, nor does it give Congress/Senate/President/Greedy Corporate interests the POWER to implement these atrocities against the American People or anyone else.

    All those sordid types want to do is go back to the Dark Ages, where these sorts were most comfortable, doing what they please against whomsoever it pleases them to destroy, with impunity, without the People to stop them!

    ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS! Wake up and smell the Cinnamon!


  4. Joan R. says:

    Like many responders I have a number of diagnoses, some of very painful conditions (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia), that have been alleviated without drugs by my supplements. I also have muscle and nerve damaged caused by an FDA approved statin drug. Enough already. Either the FDA should get out of the pharmaceutical industries pockets or go out of business. It is not protecting us.


  5. Bzzz says:


    Daniel Chapter One does not agree, and are opposing the tyrannical Order of the FTC against them to stop sharing truthful information about natural healing. Daniel Chapter One is fighting for your FREEDOM TO INFORMATION, and YOUR RIGHT TO CHOICE.

    “We believe that it is the right of the patient to choose the treatment they wish, the materials which are placed into their bodies, and to obtain as much information as possible with which to make an informed decision.”
    (Dr Gammal, 1999)


    It is a well-known fact that Americans in today’s society are frustrated with government-controlled health care. A large number of Americans have spoken out in opposition to the federal government’s interference with their access to dietary supplements.

    The battle for free access to vitamins, minerals, and supplements continues as the FDA & Federal Trade Commission attempts to use its regulatory powers to push its own political agenda. They are demanding an unobtainable standard of proof from supplement manufacturers that their statements regarding vitamins, supplements, and minerals are true.

    One of their targets is a Rhode Island based natural health ministry, Daniel Chapter One. Founded by Jim and Tricia Feijo in the summer of 1986, Daniel Chapter One has been ministering world-wide with natural solutions to many health problems, and thousands of people have attested to the truth of their information and effectiveness of their quality supplements.

    Wouldn’t we all agree that the track record for FDA-approved drugs speaks for itself? Approved pharmaceuticals are tagged with a risk factor. All drugs are chemicals, poisons. Natural supplements are just that, natural, the connotation clarifying that they are legitimate; normal; not artificial, foreign, assumed, put on, or acquired; conformed to truth or reality.


    The Canadian and United States Governments are trying to censure what is said, oppress what is done, and ultimately extort any company promoting all-natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The Canadian FTC first complained about Daniel Chapter One’s nutritional support for cancer and reported successes. The U.S. FTC seized upon and continued the harassment; the Federal Trade Commission is currently demanding that Daniel Chapter One sign their Order, pay a burdensome fine, and stop sharing information and testimonies about natural healing. When Daniel Chapter One refused to sign their order and without one complaint from a person that have used the products, the FTC proceeded with trying to destroy Daniel Chapter One and what it stands for.
    The Federal Trade Commission does not want you to have true health treatment options. They are implementing Stalin-like dictatorship in regards to natural, God-given supplements. For the past two years Daniel Chapter One has battled the FTC only to be ruled against by the Federal Trade Commission. Daniel Chapter One is now in the process of appealing this ruling in Federal Court. The ministry has endured libelous accusations and extreme financial hardship to keep this battle going so all of us can have the right to choose how we want to deal with our own and family’s health and illnesses.

    Recent Press Release in regards to the FTC’s most recent ruling against Daniel Chapter One:

    Portsmouth, Rhode Island (January 5, 2010). On Christmas Eve 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered Daniel Chapter One — a Christian ministry — to bring to a halt its outreach program offering an array of dietary supplements and herbal remedies that numerous people had tried and found helpful in their bouts with cancer and other illnesses.

    The FTC holiday order brought to an end the first chapter of a year-long battle that Daniel Chapter One has been fighting to ensure freedom of choice for cancer victims who found that chemotherapy, radiation, and other traditional medical treatments had not made them better.

    For an entire year the FTC has pressured Daniel Chapter One to cease its ministry, even though the FTC had received no consumer complaints against it. And even though the FTC has the unlimited resources of the United States government, it made no effort to prove that anyone had been harmed by a Daniel Chapter One product. Rather, the FTC refused to hear the many voices of those who wanted to testify how well the products worked for them.

    In short, the FTC attack on Daniel Chapter One — and others like it — all offering an alternative way back to health — amounted to nothing more than a bureaucratic blow on behalf of cookie-cutter, big Pharma-based medicine — one size fits all — the government deciding what is right for you.

    While others buckled under the weight and power of the federal behemoth, Daniel Chapter One — constrained by religious principle — went into battle for the precious liberties of those it helps.

    Throughout this lengthy fight, Daniel Chapter One has had one hand tied behind its back with no opportunity to defend itself and its ministry before any court of law. Instead, Daniel Chapter One has been subjected to a financially and emotionally draining administrative process where the FTC — a powerful government agency — has been both its prosecutor and its judge, in an unprecedented effort to silence a nonprofit ministry.

    Now — for the first time — Daniel Chapter One has the opportunity to take its fight for religious liberty and health freedom for all Americans to a federal court. And it will do just that, seeking to overturn the FTC’s draconian order and to restore the individual right of Americans to make their own health care choices.

    Ways we can take action:

    Join Daniel Chapter One Freedom to support Daniel Chapter One’s legal battle with the FTC (www.dc1freedom.com ) Contribute any amount, pray for us or just enter a comment.

    Call every talk show you can and sound the alarm. If you have a friend or family member with connections to the media, tell them about this struggle and see if they would interview or have Jim & Tricia as guests on their program. Write letters to your newspaper editors on the issue.

    It doesn’t matter if we agree on everything. Remember, when good, honest Americans are willing to stand up for our rights, we need to stand together or we will all hang separately.
    Help organize like-minded people to win this fight.


  6. Pauly says:

    The FDA is so crooked they make the mafia look like the Girl Scouts. I think the only way we’ll ever get our freedom to healthcare and everything else is to exercise our right under the constitution, bare arms, and just start kicking some ass. When that day comes and we band together as citizens, there is no way the crooked, rotten, two face, no good for nothing GOV. can take us all. 2012 can’t come soon enough. RON PAUL would stop this.


  7. paul says:

    I believe that cspi is going after processed foods that offending companies mislabel to sell them to unsuspecting consumers.One problem with cspi’s request:The fda will pile on to block even fruit and vegitable growers,vitamins, from making any claims,too.Now you just threw out the baby with the bathwater by not targeting the guilty parties.The FDA is like the Genie of the bottle.You better be very careful of how you word your request or you will be oh so sorry.Many jokes are based on unintended consequenses and this could end up as one of the worst examples of those jokes.I would call for a retraction of that request if I were cspi.Just because you have good intentions doesn’t doesn’t guantee results will always come out as well as leaving the situation alone.Better to educate consumers than beat them over the head with a board.When we all get “free healthcare” we can be sure that the ama,fda will increase the amount of drugs to push on the middle age and kill everyone who is over 70 and is foolish or mentally empaired.Oh they will make them comfortable and not in any pain.Sort of like the treatment they give to strays.Enough morphine nighty nighty.


  8. Judy Squires says:

    I have found natural supplements more helpful for my health needs than prescription drugs. Please do not consider limiting our choices or our information about these natural supplements and vitamins and minerals.


  9. Lorene Berry says:

    I had West NIle Virus with polio like symptoms in 2003. I lost all the motor ability in my legs, thus I am in a wheelchair. I weaned myself off the 14 deadly drugs I was on and started taking very reputable supplements. I had to take a year off from teaching but went back. I am the only person in my building who has not called in sick in 6 years thanks to the supplements I take. They have made me healthy and given me back my life. Please don’t do anything that would jeopardize the Americans who are informed about and take supplements. All Americans should have access to ALL information regarding health choices.


  10. Kathy Cropp says:

    Give us all the information available and let the individual decide what is best for them. The FDA, pharmaceutical companies and mainstream medical community do not have all the answers and are often very narrow in their approach to treating medical conditions and overall health. Know one knows me better than me and I’m smart enough to decide what I need to be healthy. Just because a suppliment is not accepted by the medical community does not mean information about it should not be available. It all boils down to money and the influence it has on any decision making process.


  11. EMILY MATTHEWS, RN says:

    I take several supplements and never get sick, even though I work in ER and have patients cough and hack right in my face. The only prescription med I take is an antihistamine, for seasonal allergies, though many people my age take more than that–and look older, too. Access to supplements MUST be preserved!


  12. Ilene Heller says:

    As the co-author of CSPI’s report entitlted “Food Labeling Chaos: The Case for Reform,” I want to reassure you that we are not calling for the abolition of structure/function claims or qualified health claims for dietary supplements. Our report focuses entirely on problems involving conventional foods. Supplements and conventional foods are subject to different regulatory standards, and our goal is to strengthen the substantiation requirements for claims on conventional food and to improve the Nutrition Facts panel so that it is a more useful tool in the battle against obesity.

    I urge you to read the report and see for yourself.

    Ilene Ringel Heller
    Senior Staff Attorney
    Ceneter for Science in the Public Interest


  13. Susan D. McLean says:

    My husband’s health is finally improving after he made the decision to DROP all prescriptions (antidepressantts, GI tract drugs, blood pressure meds, etc) . It took 7+ yrs but we finally found a Dr. who knew enough to check on heavy metals poisoning via a URINE provocation test (not blood test). We found off the chart lead (50x ‘normal’) and high levels of mercury toxicity, too (despite the fact that all mercury fillings had been removed several years before the urine testing) .. The good news for us is that with SUPPLEMENTS ONLY those metals levels have come down dramatically in a series of detox rounds… There is still more metals toxicity yet to get out of his system, but at least my husband is no longer wondering what’s wrong and spending needless $$ while ADDING toxins via MIS PRESCRIBED DRUGS for MISDIAGNOSED (non) ‘conditons!! SMARTEN UP YOU DOCTORS..DEMAND FULL RANGE MEDICAL TRAINING (including learnign about nutrition and supplements !) and KEEP YOUR IMMORAL AND DIRTY MONEY STAINED HANDS OFF OUR SUPPLEMENTS FDA!


  14. michael says:

    this is an outrageous for this to even b considered! stay away from our holistic health and herbalists you big pharma imposers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Sharry Vickers says:

    Who backs the CSPI? The drug companies?? Their agenda to limit information to the public is against the First Amendment and clearly not in the public interest. The statement by the FDA–only a drug can diagnose, prevent or cure a disease–is patently false. Drugs do not cure disease; they treat symptoms and leave the disease to fester until it becomes truly serious, in addition to adding adverse chemical effects. A vitamin, mineral or hormonal deficiency causes disease, as do all the chemicals in processed food. Therefore, replenishment of that lacking vitamin, mineral or (natural) hormone does prevent disease. By definition, drugs are foreign to the body and should not be taken at all, and certainly not for a long term. Many patients know a lot more than their physicians about their own bodies and are certainly intelligent enough to decide what goes into those bodies.


  16. Darla Dahlager says:

    Good comments!


  17. Darla Dahlager says:

    I recently had a heart attack and was put on numerous medications that were all FDA approved. After taking them for a few months, I started having several side effects from them, so I started checking out information on the side effects others had in clinical trials. Most sited numerous things which were as bad or worse than the heart attack. It included damage to my eyes including getting cateracts or losing your sight, cancer, muscle diseases, as well as raising my triglycerides, raising bad LDL cholesterol, and lowering my good HDL cholesterol–all of which are signs of putting me at greater risk of having another heart attack or stroke. Nothing would ever improve, only get worse in time.

    I have found that natural supplements are reversing these problems and giving me a second chance at a healthy life. However, we need to know which supplements will help our situation and if the FDA listens to the CSPI and refuses to allow me to get this information, then the FDA doesn’t care about people staying healthy and are hastening their death.

    In fact, I am convinced that the reason we have so many people in Nursing Homes is because of the doctors listening to the Pharmaceutical Companies and prescribing all the drugs they recommend, especially to our elderly. They don’t look for the problem and correct the problem, they give them pills to block some part of their body from working. Then when that causes more problems, they give them more pills to block something else from working. The result, people are taking so many pills they become drug addicts and cannot function or take care of themselves. Many become zombies just sitting in a wheelchair day in and day out until they die. In fact, I spent a lot of time in Nursing Homes several years ago when my Mom had Alzheimer’s, so I saw a lot of people that were overdosed. I am now convinced they would have been much better off with supplements and Vitamins instead.

    Please, I beg you, do not to do do anything to limit my ability to get the supplements I need.


  18. Carola Polakov says:



  19. Wendi Myers says:

    Having had hospital acquired MRSA, it is VERY important to me to be able to access completely natural and organic food supplements, vitamins and minerals. Do NOT allow propaganda from the big pharmaceutical companies to limit anyone’s choices.


  20. Shayna Fuller says:

    I would like to keep the freedom to choose the supplements/foods, etc. for myself and my family. I have done my research and know that just because the FDA approves something does not mean it’s safe for consumption. In fact, many things that are FDA approved have been shown to cause adverse side effects and are damaging to the body. I currently take a prenatal whole food supplement that is non-FDA approved and is far better than anything I can get on the market that is FDA approved.


  21. B. Seltz says:

    FDC job is to support BIG PHARMA, by eliminating their competition. Forget about all new meds that they have approved and their side effects. BIG BISINESS! FDC is a useless government product.


  22. Jennifer Becker says:

    Sound science should be all that is needed to bespeak the benefits of a natural health supplements. Allow citation of valid, relatively current, pear-reviewed and published scientific studies for the labeling and advertisement of natural products and supplements. The FDA must quit protecting Big Pharma at the expense of free knowledge and our health.


  23. Maria Howard says:

    I urge the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to deny the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) request to abolish Structure/Function Claims and Qualified Health Claims. The Structure/Function Claims and the Qualified Health Claims allow appropriate, useful and beneficial information from independent, valid and reliable studies that meet the standards of scientific inquiry to be conveyed to people.

    The CSPI request is neither ‘for Science’ nor ‘in the Public Interest’ and should be denied for lack of merit and substance (it has no basis on Science and is against the Public Interest)


  24. Erik Stone says:

    I hope this doesn’t surprise any of you. Of course the government wants you to be forced to go though them on everything it can. Doesn’t matter whether it’s drugs, food, or supplements . . . . or healthcare, starting a business, going to school, shooting a gun . . . pretty much anything and everything. Everyone loves monopolies, but the government is the only one allowed to have them. Isn’t that convenient? And you guys are surprised? We are over the precipice, people. When a country like the US passes hard core socialist healthcare against the popular vote, there’s no going back. Once a majority of people have a vested interest in the destructive, Socialized system, it can only be changed after a violent collapse. If the FDA doesn’t get what they want now, because they are afraid of your empty promises, the FDA will get it next year, or the next. It’s over. Buy some guns and move to another country, because in America today, for what I’ve just said, could probably get you thrown into a “terrorist” prison camp. Have a nice day.


  25. Upgeya says:

    What happens when the government becomes so corrupt that it acts as an enforcing agent of large corporations that have the money and power to pay off people in government? What happens when those same large corporations buy what have previously been “public interest” groups? The answer is tyranny. The answer is slavery. Are you happy with this?


  26. Edgar says:

    yes it is such the FDA does not care about the health of the people only about making that is why so many people are sick simple things such as vitamin D supplements can sure diseases, but its not a drug so it doesn’t qualify.. thats BS , either the FDA needs to be overthrown or re made to actually help the people as intended


  27. Bill Dovel RN says:

    To the FDA,

    I am an RN who is informing my patients and coworkers of the independent studies on the most effective and least damaging interventions for many health problems. I am using valid and reliable studies that meet the standards of scientific inquiry. My coworkers are often amazed that the interventions studied in these studies are not being used in mainstream medicine. They and myself as well understand that their application would cause far less damage and ease so much human suffering. The FDA is primarily responsible for this as you will not allow valid research to be published with a product or procedure unless it has been run at great expense by a major drug company. You do this almost without exception. Any party who dares publish this data in conjunction with a product can have their assets immediately taken and can serve jail time like a common criminal. What you already do is inexcusable. The amount of human suffering you increase and support is incalculable.

    The proposal by the Center for Science in the Public interest to not allow holistic health studies to be published or even spoken of by health care professionals to their clients is tyranny. It is a violation of our constitutional rights to free speech. I am imploring you to at least not cross this line of violating our basic human rights and reject this proposal.

    I further am encouraging you to do the honest and ethical action and to change your policy by developing a standard for studies that are valid and reliable in their findings even if these studies are not done by Big Pharma and don’t cost millions of dollars apiece to implement. To refuse to do so is unethical and indefensible.

    Bill Dovel RN


  28. diane standish says:



  29. dale says:

    leave my freedoms alone….too many people have given up there lifes to protect them


  30. Chantal Brown says:




  31. Ronnie Plant says:

    At 82 years young I work a 12 hour day. I believe in my slogan WE ARE AS WE EAT, SLEEP ,DRINK AND EXERCISE ,taking pure natural additive free foods and drinks. As a practicing Naturopath I have treated and cured thousands through advising, also helping to discipline them, to follow the
    maxim As a strong believer in the use of NATURAL REMEDIES I use them myself and prescribe them where necessary. Don’t let anyone tell me they don’t work. The majority I’ve helped, like myself, cost the state nothing. I have hundreds of letters and ‘thank you’ cards. My aide,who is my secetrary,also my good wife, also in her eighties, tells me of the many calls received, especially from those who have suffered from the side and other effects of chemical medicines/drugs, none of which work…


  32. Laura Terry says:

    Dear FDA,

    The writing is on the wall. PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING AND DYING. How do you sleep at night? What do YOU eat??

    The cat is out of the bag. There is nothing less than a scientific revolution currently taking place at the intersection of food, food extracts, and food supplements. Solid, peer-reviewed scientific research is pouring forth from reputable research institutions, especially research universities such as Harvard, Stanford and the like. But the American people do not hear about this research. Food and supplement producers would like to tell them about it — but FDA rules prevent it. Our economy is paying a higher and higher price for health care (aka DISEASE-MANAGEMENT) that does not improve our health because of this, and because of the emphasis on using expensive and harmful drugs to TREAT SYMPTOMS rather than PREVENTING and HEALING the CAUSES of disease naturally and inexpensively.

    Reject the CSPI proposal. Do not abolish the Structure/ Function and Qualified Health Claims systems. Stop censoring good science. Wake up and join the rest of us HUMAN BEINGS in the 21st century!!

    Thank you in advance. :-)


    • Lisa Distin says:

      I have been taking natural supplements my entire adult life and am healthier in adulthood than I was in childhool. Please don’t take away my right to keep my body healthy the natural way.


  33. raymond vogt says:

    We need protection against false health claims! I am in favor of keeping the FDA keeping the Structure/Function Claims and Qualified Health Claims that are in place at this time.


  34. Ron Tipton says:

    I have been taking vitamin and mineral supplements for over 50 years. I am now 73 and do not take any perscription medicines. Please do not limit my access to these beneficial products.


  35. If the Center for Science in the Public Interest is successful in abolishing Structure/Function Health Claims and Qualified Health Claims, it will not mean that foods and supplements will then be taken through the FDA approval process. This is inconceivable. It would cost way too much to do without patent protection.
    It is not a coincidence that certain vested interests, supported by groups like CSPI and the FDA, want to shut down any free flow of information about natural approaches to health. The new drug pipeline is getting thinner and both food and supplements are increasingly viewed by consumers as a much healthier alternative to drugs.


  36. Martin Gebel says:

    Americans want natural supplements. I have used them for years and years, AND THEY WORK! To take them away would be unethical THANK YOU———MARTIN GEBEL


  37. Robert Morgan says:

    Please do NOT take away my supplements…I depend on them!


  38. Pam Murray says:

    If the makers of drugs, which are often deadly, can assert their claims that a particular drug will alleviate the symptoms of a certain disease (notice they never cure), then growers of foods and makers of natural supplements should have he same right. Since drug makers pay the FDA enormous amounts of money to approve their drugs, certainly creating a conflict of interest, pharmaceutical companies now own the FDA, so FDA approval is no more than a very bad joke. And because of this, drug approval is rushed through long before the efficacy or safety of a drug is established. The CSPI is definitely not looking out for the consumer. It’s just another agency controlled by Big Pharma.


    • Joyce Holdread says:

      When will the FDA and CSPI really honor true science and good sense? There are plenty of studies out there that show those who have eyes to truly see that some natural supplements are extremely effective, some even surpassing drug products, for various health problems. This should be able to be stated clearly and unequivocally, just as the information concerning drugs is “openly “given. There are so many harmful or annoying side effects of drugs, yet they bear few restrictions on their claims. Some natural substances have proven even more effective, yet they can’t openly claim that effectiveness because their producers don’t possess the millions of bucks to pay for the FDA approval process. It’s a simple matter of MONEY TALKS!


    • I agree with you 100%. Big Pharm has bought FDA, it’s a conspiracy to line their packets with gold at the expense of humans who become slaves to their drugs.
      Nature and natural products provide the means for our bodies to enhance its ability to heal itself. Synthetic products temporarily allelviate the symptoms but do not support the body’s defense system.


    • Marilyn Carvin says:

      If we truly want to lower health care costs we need education. The benefits of good nutrition and diet supplements must be made known to more people. Hundreds of scientific articles reporting on thousands of studies can be used to educate the public. The Structure/Function & Qualified Health Claims systems must be expanded so that this information is more widely available.


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