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Which Supplement Companies Do the Experts Swear By?


Trusted Dietary supplementsFirst we asked our trusted natural health doctors and integrative physicians about supplement brands they recommend. We then added to the list based on our staff and board experience.

Please note that our list is not exhaustive; there are many excellent companies who pay a great deal of attention to quality and efficacy, and not all of them are represented here. However, here are some you may wish to research further to see if they are right for your family.

In the list below, a doctor’s name after a listing indicates that this is his or her own line of supplements; bullets indicate brand names under which the parent company sells its products:

Advanced Bionutritionals (Drs. Nan Fuchs, Robert Rowen, and Frank Shallenberger)

Allergy Research Group

Ayush Herbs

Beehive Botanicals

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc.

Biotics Research

Bronson Laboratories

Carlson Laboratories

CHI Health Products

Copy Nature (Dr. Jonathan V. Wright)

Country Life

Craig Nutraceuticals

Designs for Health

Douglas Laboratories

Eclectic Institute

Ecological Formulas


Enzymatic Therapy

Essential Formulas:

Fungi Perfecti

Gaia Herbs

Garden of Life

Green Medicine (Dr. Jonathan V. Wright)

Herb Pharm

Invision International Health Solutions Inc.

Jarrow Formulas

LG Sciences


LiveOn Labs

Living Fuel

Dr. Mercola Premium Supplements (Dr. Joseph A. Mercola)


Moss Nutrition

Natural Immunogenics Corporation

New Chapter

NOW Foods

Nutraceutical Corporation:



Olympian Labs


Optimum Health International LLC

Orthamolecular Products

Perricone MD Nutraceuticals (Dr. Nick Perricone)

Primal Force (Dr. Al Sears)

Pure Encapsulations

Purest Colloids

Ronald Hoffman, MD, CNS (Dr. Ronald Hoffman)

Dr. Sinatra (Dr. Steven Sinatra)

Standard Process


Tropical Traditions

Dr. Whitaker (Dr. Julian Whitaker)

Dr. David Williams (Dr. David Williams)

Wakunaga of America

Your favorite brand not on the list? Please send us your recommendation.