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Vaccines May Cause Brain Disorders


This is according to startling new research from Yale and Penn State. State-based Action Alerts!

In a new study, researchers from Yale and Penn State found that the onset of certain neuropsychiatric disorders—obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia, tic disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and bipolar disorder—appears to be related to childhood vaccination.

Absurdly—and flying in the face of their own findings—the researchers who did the study still encourage parents to adhere to the CDC’s vaccination schedule!

This is a hallmark of the debate over vaccination. A great deal of scientific evidence demonstrates the harm vaccines may cause; this study is merely the most recent example. The government’s own Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out billions of taxpayer dollars over the last few decades to families who have been damaged by vaccines. Yet vaccine advocates turn a blind eye to this evidence and continue to recite the mantra that vaccines—and the CDC schedule—are safe, and there’s no reason to worry.

The truth would seem to be that what is safe for one person is not safe for another. We are all different in differing ways, and these blanket statements are not consistent with good science. Studies like this one show that vaccines are especially unsafe for some children with certain genetic predispositions and polymorphisms.

To combat this blatant disregard for the facts, our colleagues at ANH-International have started a petition to stop health authorities from saying that vaccines are “safe.” We encourage ANH-USA members to add their name to the petition. As the description states, the petition is not pro- or anti-vaccination. Rather, the goal is to demonstrate the public’s desire for more honesty over the communication of scientific knowledge about vaccine safety—before consent for vaccination is given.

In sharp contrast, we have organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics—an official AMA-affiliated group of pediatricians heavily tied to and financed by the pharmaceutical industry and other companies—advising their members to “fire” patients who do not do as they’re told in following the CDC’s vaccine schedule. No starting at a slightly older age! No avoiding so many shots on a single day—even though it is acknowledged that concentrating so many shots in one day is done for the convenience of the doctor and to ensure better compliance by parents, not because it is better for the child!

What is better for the child is honest talk of the scientific information available about vaccination, instead of coercion and intimidation. It seems clear what the more reasonable position is.

Here are some more reasons to be skeptical about claims that vaccines are “safe”:

  • A recent analysis found that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hold an astounding fifty-six vaccine-related patents. This means that both the government and the vaccine producers profit when more vaccines are sold. It should give us pause that government officials are, in effect, encouraging us to buy vaccines—and, at the state level, requiring them.
  • The FDA has set a limit on the amount of aluminum that can be in vaccines, but this number was based on the amount of aluminum required to enhance the effectiveness of the vaccine. The agency has not empirically determined the safest amount of intramuscularly injected aluminum, relying instead on the mere hope that current levels are safe.
  • The national vaccine schedule has never been rigorously evaluated for safety. This was the determination not of some “anti-vaxxer” group, but of the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), which advises the government on issues relating to medicine and health. In a 2013 report, the Academy concluded, “Key elements of the schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies.”
  • One study that compared vaccinated to unvaccinated boys found that vaccinated boys were 155% more likely to have a neurological disorder, 224% more likely to have ADHD, and 61% more likely to have autism.
  • A Dutch study found that vaccinated children had higher incidences of a number of illnesses and other health indicators compared to unvaccinated children in the first five years of life. Vaccinated children had high incidences of chronic eczema, allergic reactions, ADHD, ear infections, throat inflammation, and were more likely to be sickly.
  • A study in New Zealand found similar results, with vaccinated children having higher incidences of asthma and eczema, and an astonishing tenfold increase in tonsillitis.

In light of these facts, it is crucial to preserve the right of parents to refuse vaccination for their children through philosophical, personal belief, or religious exemptions, or to modify the schedule. A number of states are moving to remove these exemptions, or to mandate certain vaccines for school children. We cannot let this happen.

State-based Action Alerts! Check for your state below, and send a message to your state lawmakers telling them not to force injections of toxic substances upon our children or health workers. Please send your message immediately.








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  • tamarque

    All vaccines always cause damage. It is just a matter of time before symptoms develop and a difference in what symptoms emerge. It seems the increase of autoimmune diseases increases with more vaccines and they can take years to show up. Intelligence is effected and this can be subtle–probably even more so than the drama of regressive autism. The very concept of vaccines is highly questionable and has never been tested. The concept of herd immunity cited to push vaccines is bogus. And vaccines themselves do not provide the immunity that a child receives when they actually go thru a childhood disease. That is why we have outbreaks of diseases where there is a high rate of vaccination for those diseases. And it is always the vaccinated that are the majority of the sick and suffer much worse cases. When will people begin to stop this b.s. about supporting vaccines but just needing choice!

    • Karen

      How are people damaged by the Salk polio vaccine?

      • tamarque

        First to know is the polio vaccine did not stop polio. The so-called epidemic of polio was no such thing. The number of cases did not reach the level of an epidemic as cited by the CDC, that agency responsible for such things. Second, polio cases were on the wane significantly before the vaccine hit the market, again, CDC data. Third, the polio vaccine was contaminated with SV40, a carcinogen which affected millions of people. Fourth, all cases of polio after the vaccine were from the vaccine itself. Fifth, the ingredients in the vaccine, besided the SV40 contamination are disease producing. Sixth, the very concept of vaccination is designed to take over the body’s immune system which weakens us by preventing the immune system from working and it becomes compromised. Polio vaccines around the world are causing paralysis in children in large numbers. Further, polio in the US is mainly a symptom syndrome and when that syndrome shows up, which it does, is now diagnosed as something different, like various forms of meningitis. The myth of the vaccine efficacy needs to be protected to keep the public subservient to the drug corporations need to sell vaccines for profit. Vaccines are the biggest money maker for these corporations particularly since they have immunity from prosecution for damages from them. Lots to think about here.

        • Karen

          I got polio along with thousands because the vaccine was not out yet. I was paralyzed from my neck down at age 3 yrs old. I am astounded at this misinformation. Your case is basically one of semantics and unsupported “facts” but I lived through it. The reason some got polio from the SABIN or oral vaccine was because it was a weakened virus, not a killed virus like the SALK vaccine. That’s why it’s no longer used in our country. Using that outdated information as an excuse to avoid the Salk vaccine today is deceitful. People today forget how many were permanently paralyzed and how many died. I’d give anything to have been able to get the polio vaccine.
          PS ” polio in the US is mainly a symptom syndrome and when that syndrome shows up, which it does, is now diagnosed as something different, like various forms of meningitis.” HUH????

          • tamarque

            Karen, the fact that you got the flacid paralysis is a sorrow, but that does not negate what I posted. You should also know that most cases of polio were not worse than a cold and not even attended to by doctors. They no longer give the polio vaccine in the US and where they do give it, it causes polio, as I have said. The fact that you did not get the vaccine has no bearing on what I posted. You could have gotten polio from the vaccine. Another fact is that the vaccine often acted suppressively and many people who had the vaccine developed polio symptoms many years later when the suppression response wore off. The problem with all vaccines is they do not confer immunity as getting the actual disease does.

          • Karen

            Yes, they do give the polio vaccine in the U.S. I’m astounded that you would say it isn’t. It does not cause polio because it is the Salk, or killed virus. In other countries the oral or Sabin weakened virus is still given because it outweighs the risk for vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) which occurs in one child out of every 2.4 million. How could I have gotten polio from the vaccine when it was not available yet?? You have too much misinformation.

          • tamarque

            No, polio vaccine stopped being mandated years ago in the US. Further, I did not say the vaccine failed you. Please read more carefully. I said that since the vaccine all polio in the US was from the vaccine which is why they stopped mandating it. The vaccine did not come on the market until after the alleged epidemic was pretty much done–CDC data!

          • Karen

            From the CDC website: Most people should get polio vaccine when they are children. Children get 4 doses of IPV at these ages: 2 months, 4 months, 6-18 months, and a booster dose at 4-6 years. OPV has not been used in the United States since 2000 but is still used in many parts of the world. So the injection is given here just not the oral. The injection cannot cause polio! It is a killed virus!

          • tamarque

            Sorry for you Karen and your blind trust in a medical dictatorship run by the drug corporations. Polio is not mandated any longer and most don’t get it. It was stopped many years ago, early 1980’s I believe. And if you did any real reading/study you would know that every single vaccine causes damages, often the very disease they are supposed to prevent. Cases of adult polio that I know of all came from consequences of the vaccine. The injection is designed to by-pass the normal immune system, assuming it has not been compromised by all the vaccines and other toxins to which a person has been exposed. And every vaccine is full of foreign protein, viruses of various sorts, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and numerous other noxious things. The lucky 25% rid their body of these quickly; the rest live to suffer the consequences both short and long term. Polio vaccine was one of the biggest boondoggles in medical history foisted on the public after the outbreaks had waned on their own.
            You seem so committed to the vaccine as if that would have saved you. I sure hope you have no children because their fate would be sealed with all the neurotoxins, allergenics and carcinogenics in them. I wonder if you have any idea how many lawsuits were lost by pharma over their fraudulent vaccines. Or whether you have any idea that there has never been a single double blind study any one of them, much less the schedule of pumping multiple vaccines into a baby in one shot. I am not interested in this conversation any longer as you are stuck in worshipping the polio vaccine as if it were anything of human value–other than the huge profits it made for pharma. I have said my piece, provided you with an immediate access to some great interviews by medical people on this issue and you are committed to a blindly held belief system perpetrated by huge propaganda organs.

          • Karen

            Your closed-minded and misinformed brain cannot even see what is clearly a vaccine that wiped out polio in this and many other countries. So the cases had declined…because people were getting more careful, not because it was disappearing. I do a lot research and am in touch with the main researcher of the polio virus, Dr. Richard Bruno. I also come from a vantage point of experience which you can never understand. I lived through the epidemics….and who cares the exact number an epidemic must be… there were thousands of kids struck down and who died, every year. By the way, I have two perfectly normal, gifted children. I would never put them at risk of polio, never. I feel sorry if you have kids. It would take one person from a country with polio to visit here for an epidemic to start up again…but the victims will be the anti-vax parents’ kids. Please show me where it says the polio vaccine is no longer mandated in this country…unbelievable!

          • Karen

            By the way, big pharma does NOT make their money on vaccines!

          • tamarque

            Now I know your level of blind belief. Vaccines are the bread and butter of the pharma industry making them billions annually. You keep pumping your kids full of toxins and prey their immune system does not totally fail them with auto immune diseases, cancer and other chronic and debilitating illnesses that will cripple them for like. Your lack of knowledge is profound, but understandable as you have bought big pharma’s line like a religion.

          • Karen

            My children are healthy adults. Do some real research instead of passing on false information. I guess you think you can state false information and that this makes you an expert. YOU are spreading anti-vax propaganda and perpetuating fear of protecting children. My generation had the polio vaccine when it came out in 1955 and guess what? NONE of them ever got polio or had any other horrible results from the vaccine. You keep ignoring the fact that the injection, or Salk vaccine is safe and has never ever caused polio in anyone. When you have spent time in an iron lung and strapped into braces all of your life, then you might be able to understand.

            I feel sorry for the parents who listen to your garbage. I’m still laughing at your statement, ” polio in the US is mainly a symptom syndrome and when that syndrome shows up, which it does, is now diagnosed as something different, like various forms of meningitis.” Where do you dig up this garbage?

          • holisticpoet

            Dear Karen,

            Are you aware that polio and most other diseases that there are vaccinations for were on a sharp decline before the vaccinations became available? There is no vaccine for scarlet fever and almost no one gets that any more. Can you explain that? Do you realize that about one third of the drugs approved by the FDA since 2000 have been taken off the market or have had sever warnings placed on them because people have died? Are you aware that vaccine makers cannot be sued for childhood vaccines? This is because they are so unsafe that the manufactures of vaccines were going to stop making them because of the liability. Do you realize that the US ranks 174th in infant mortality and has the highest vaccination rates of any country? There is much more going on here than meets the eye. Talk to me after you have done 100 hours of research. I believe you will think differently. Blessings

  • disqus_b94LcxBhhW

    This issue is like every other when it comes to the Federal government mandating what people should and should not do. It’s worse than overreach; it’s down right dangerous, as we are learning. Why are we doing genetic testing today if we have no differences in how we metabolize medications? Vaccines are no different and one size fits all has been and is a recipe for disaster. Parents need to stand strong on this issue and the pharmaceutical companies need to reduce the potency of these strains.

    • tamarque

      I have already posted the link to the Truth About Vaccines which is airing free online. Today is episode #4–there are 7 days in all. Anyone of these episodes will inform you of the risks, dangers, safety/lack of it and efficacy of any of the ones being discussed. Polio was on Day 2.
      You can also look up Wellness Within, Sheri Naken’s website. She has been studying vaccines for many years and runs very inexpensive online reading courses on their dangers. Her site has many articles and is an excellent place to look.
      There is also an independent research group called the Cochrane Org. They take absolutely no money from pharma or anyone even remotely connected to the drug industry. And all the people who work on it are volunteers. They do meta analyses annually of various medical issues and put out reports on their findings. You will have ro search their site.
      Green Medicine is an excellent site run by Sayer Ji that has 100’s of articles on vaccines and their lack of efficacy and dangers.
      If you ask such a broad question, it suggests to me that you have never done your research with independent sources of information. That said, there are also 1000’s of doctors who see the dangers of all these vaccines and resist forcing them on people, especially babies.
      One thing of interest is that the Japanese do not vaccinate till after age 2 or 3, and I also believe give single valent shots. They also do not mandate them. Consequently the rate of autism, SID and allergies are much lower than in the US. FYI, the US his the highest rate of infant mortality among 34 developed nations in the world and also mandates vaccines at the highest rate ever. We have the sickest children in the world, too.
      Of course, if you take the time, even the CDC’s website has information on the lack of efficacy and harm of vaccines. But you will most likely need to devote much time to unbury it.

  • backtonature

    Please note that the link to the study of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated boys is not good. Would you please fix it?