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Vaccines and Autism: Important New Evidence


The mainstream media and the medical establishment have claimed for years this connection has been debunked—will they now listen to some new science? Action Alert!

Dr. Chris Exley, a leading researcher on aluminum, recently published a study finding that autistic children have up to ten times more aluminum in their brains that what is considered safe in adults.

Exley and his fellow researchers speculate that autistic children may have genetic changes that causes aluminum to accumulate in the brain, whereas other children’s systems are able to remove the toxic metal.

Researchers examined the brains of five autistic donors and found some of the highest levels of aluminum ever measured in brain tissue.

The study size is small, so more research needs to be done to evaluate whether aluminum in vaccines is contributing to the explosion of childhood development disorders. Through the 1970s and 1980s, about one out of every 2,000 children was diagnosed with autism; today that number has ballooned to one in 150 children.

The natural health community has been sounding the alarm about aluminum and other dangerous, untested vaccine adjuvants for years. This research should signal government agencies to launch more testing immediately. State legislators should also be aware of this new research so exemptions to vaccines are preserved.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and your state legislators, urging more study of aluminum adjuvants and advocating for the preservation of vaccine exemptions. Please send your message immediately.