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Toddler Given Extremely Dangerous Vaccine Meant Only for Older Children Starting Puberty


And that is only part of the story.

An audit of a county-sponsored free vaccine clinic in southern New Jersey, “Shots for Tots,” uncovered some deeply disturbing information.

Health officials found five irregularities in a review of twenty-two patient records. The most egregious blunder, according to news reports, occurred when a nurse gave a two-year-old boy a high-dose Gardasil shot that was intended for boys and girls no younger than age nine to prevent sexual transmission of cervical warts.

Doctors recently warned the child’s parents that he might be at risk of developing neurological problems. Whether the child is already irreparably harmed we may never know, because it will likely be covered up.

The audit also found tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of vaccines that were not properly refrigerated.

Recently, 250 immigrant children were also mistakenly given an adult dose of the hepatitis A vaccine at a detention facility in Texas. The shot contained double the dose of the shot a child would normally receive.

These stories underscore the necessity of breaking up the drug company/government cartel that is running vaccines today—doing so is the only way to preserve consumer freedom of choice. There are serious safety issues with Gardasil and other vaccines, even when they are properly administered. When the government stops acting as a cop charged with rooting out fraud and instead starts partnering with drug companies, such issues are simply covered up and never addressed.

Stories like these raise further questions: how many such clinics are in operation around the country, and what are they doing to our children? Note that these clinics are vaccinating poor kids. As we have previously noted, it is the poor who have no say about what is put into their bodies, while the rich can get changes to the vaccine schedule or attend private schools that are more lenient about vaccination requirements. Is this the America that we want?

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