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Sweden Rejects Forced Vaccinations


Our children might be safest in… Sweden, a government bold enough to say “no” to Big Pharma.

The Swedish government recently rejected proposals to both increase the number of vaccinations children receive and to mandate a vaccination schedule. The reasons cited included that mandatory vaccination violated Swedes’ constitutional rights and adverse effects that can occur from vaccinating young children.

This decision sends a powerful signal that could have profound ramifications around the globe.

Many politicians, particularly those who are left-of-center, point to Sweden as a model for the US to emulate. Sweden’s rejection of mandatory vaccinations is an important victory for those who fight for sensible vaccination policy and the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

Unfortunately, many state legislatures haven’t gotten the memo. There are bills in a number of states that would limit your freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate. Check below to see if your state is among them, and click the link to take action.

State-based Action Alerts! Check for your state below, and send a message to your state lawmakers telling them not to force injections of toxic substances upon our children or health workers. Please send your message immediately.








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