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Sweden Rejects Forced Vaccinations


Our children might be safest in… Sweden, a government bold enough to say “no” to Big Pharma.

The Swedish government recently rejected proposals to both increase the number of vaccinations children receive and to mandate a vaccination schedule. The reasons cited included that mandatory vaccination violated Swedes’ constitutional rights and adverse effects that can occur from vaccinating young children.

This decision sends a powerful signal that could have profound ramifications around the globe.

Many politicians, particularly those who are left-of-center, point to Sweden as a model for the US to emulate. Sweden’s rejection of mandatory vaccinations is an important victory for those who fight for sensible vaccination policy and the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

Unfortunately, many state legislatures haven’t gotten the memo. There are bills in a number of states that would limit your freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate. Check below to see if your state is among them, and click the link to take action.

State-based Action Alerts! Check for your state below, and send a message to your state lawmakers telling them not to force injections of toxic substances upon our children or health workers. Please send your message immediately.








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  • Truth4All

    Anyone ready to move to Sweden?

    • Evan Eberhardt

      With the endless hordes of Muslims flooding in there? No thanks. This is America. Stand and fight.

      • patgo


      • Judith Thomas

        Funny how some people reject the propaganda about medicine and accept it about Muslims! Do your own research and find out what’s really going on. No excuses.

    • patgo

      No. See my other comment.

    • physicsandchem

      Not a chance. Does anyone remember what a polio outbreak looks like? There will be a refresher course.

      • Truth4All

        I will direct you to the fantastic series, The Truth About Vaccines with Ty Bollinger, and The Truth About Cancer, A Global Quest. There is also the fantastic series, Vaccines Revealed with Dr. Patrick Gentempo. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has his World Mercury Project website. You can subscribe to the National Vaccine Information Center. Injuries from vaccines abound. Hundreds of Published Peer Reviewed, PH.D’s, M.D.’s and more are speaking out. If it were you or your kid you would become more educated so you would be very careful what you allow yourself to be brainwashed into as “science”

      • Naomi Aldort

        The last one was: Caused by the vaccines.

        • physicsandchem

          Which one was the last one?

      • AlanV

        Do you remember what polio outbreaks looks like????? You should use your physics and chem to look up super bugs and antibiotic resistance.. that’s a better read for you

        • physicsandchem

          I am familiar with super bugs and antibiotic resistance. I am a Clinical Chemist and a Medical Technologist, who worked in Bacteriology.
          Now my question for you: “Do you remember what polio outbreaks looks like?????”
          I do. I never want to see one again.

          • Theresa

            It was over rated!

          • physicsandchem

            What was over rated?

          • AutismDadd

            Repeating dogma again?

          • physicsandchem

            What dogma are you referring to?

  • patgo

    The irony! Sweden will protect its babies so that a man from the swarm of immigrants, a terrorist, can kill them on the streets, or so that if you decide to homeschool, they can take your child away from you and never return him.

    • Truth4All

      You are right! You win a gold star.
      My question was a bit tongue in cheek, I suppose, because I know all the troubles they are really having over there and Sweden is not Sweden anymore.

      • patgo

        That says it all. Sweden is not Sweden anymore. Thanks for the star. I could use one or two these days. 😉

        • Truth4All

          Can’t we all! I am screaming at some government official or office so frequently over everything. I let them KNOW I am a granddaughter of a Senator and history into this country so deep, they had better listen.
          I KNOW I have had some influence and if everybody got Capitals Hills phone number on their contacts list, would know who the Senators and Congressmen are… SOME PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHO THEIR REPRESENTATIVE EVEN ARE.
          This country has screwed itself over with complacency.
          So when the NAZI’s come jack booted, they won’t know they’ll have to show their papers that they have been vaccinated and are all good little peasants.

          • patgo

            I know who my congresscritter is, and he votes against my views 99% of the time. So where does that get me? I am also having to fight wars with big corporations that are getting protection from government agencies that are SUPPOSED to be protecting the PEOPLE AGAINST the stuff they’re doing to us. It’s a constant string of battles. And I don’t think it matters if you are the granddaughter of a Senator. They ignore us all equally. That’s what “equal protection of the laws” means, ya know.

            If the jack boots come after me for not being vaccinated, they’ll have to tie me down, but I won’t go down without a fight. I have a pretty hefty kickboxing technique. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it, and it would cost me my life, but hey, then I’d be in heaven and they couldn’t touch me!

          • auto13142828

            “Congresscritters” bought and paid for, groomed for the position, provided with strategists and money. Yep, they vote as they have been told.

          • patgo

            Or as they have been brainwashed to believe, in our lovely Government Indoctrination Centers (aka public “schools”). I think our congresscritter actually believes what he votes. That makes it even harder.

    • Judith Thomas

      What a nasty racist comment. And the real irony is, the stuff about Muslim terrorists is basically a sophisticated propaganda scheme pushed by mainstream media. And the masses are duped. We send our sons to die for fake causes while those at the top are lining their own pockets.

      • patgo

        You will have to look elsewhere for racism. Our family is racially integrated by choice (ours). We represent every major “race” and several minor ones. In any case, the only race is the human race. You appear to have swallowed a great many lies. You might want to re-examine your worldview. If you don’t understand that there are terrorists out there that adhere to a religion that tells them to kill everyone who disagrees (even someone who belongs to a different branch of Islam) in the most hideous ways, you have your head in the sand.

  • AutismDadd

    Obviously Sweden is more civilized. The USA is still in the Neanderthal phase of development.