Shame on AMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine

October 11, 2011
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Did you hear the breaking news last night—that multivitamins may shorten your life? Here’s how junk science from the AMA set off the media frenzy.

Bloomberg phrased it this way: “Multivitamins and some dietary supplements, used regularly by an estimated 234 million US adults, may do more harm than good, according to a study that tied their use to higher death rates among older women.” The study’s authors outrageously concluded, “We see little justification for the general and widespread use of dietary supplements.”

The study, published in the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) Archives of Internal Medicine, assessed the use of vitamin and mineral supplements in nearly 39,000 women whose average age was 62. The researchers asked the women to fill out three surveys, the first in 1986, the second in 1997, and the last in 2004, reporting what supplements they took and what foods they ate, and answering a few questions about their health.

That’s right, all the data was self-reported by the study subjects only three times over the course of the 19-year-long study. To say the data is “unreliable” would be a generous description. This kind of “data” has no place in a valid scientific study.

Then the researchers looked at how many of the women had died by 2008. They reported that the number of deaths were somewhat higher for women who took copper, a little bit lower for women who took calcium, but about average for most of the women.

In the study, all of the relative risks were so low as to be barely statistically significant, and none was backed up by any medical investigation or biological plausibility study. No analysis was done on what combinations of vitamins and minerals were actually consumed, and no analysis of the cause of death was done beyond grouping for “cancer,” “cardiovascular disease,” or “other”—there was certainly no causative analysis done. The interactions of potential compounding risk factors is always tremendously complex—and was ignored in this so-called study.

“Multivitamin” can mean many different things, and of course changed tremendously over the 19 years during which this “study” was conducted. Were they high quality?  Were the ingredients synthetic or natural?  How much of each nutrient was taken? Were they really taken at all? How good is anyone’s memory in describing what took place over many years? One would assume that that the women’s diets fluctuated greatly over the same period; when self-reporting only three times in 19 years, there is a great deal of information one would naturally leave out even if some of it was accurate. No analysis was done of the effect of supplements on the women’s overall health, nor of their effect on women of other ages.

According to Dr. Robert Verkerk the Executive & Scientific Director of ANH-International;

“This study is a classic example of scientific reductionism being used to fulfill a particular need. In this case, it’s supplement bashing, a well-known preoccupation of Big Pharma — and an approach that appears to be central to the protection of Big Pharma’s profit margins.”

Read Dr. Verkerk’s article critical of the AMA’s goals and scientific methodology here.

In short, this study is less than useless: it is dangerous, because it is being used by the media and the mainstream medical establishment to blacken the eye of nutritional supplements using poor data, bad analysis, and specious conclusions—otherwise known as junk science.

239 Responses to “Shame on AMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine

  1. Mike says:

    Is there ever going to be a criticism of vitamins that you all will accept? Study after study from this massive conspiracy of yours comes out that shows vitamins can be quite harmful. Don’t search on google, search at instead, where us scientists go for real information. If you don’t believe the gathering evidence of the danger of vitamins, then contribute to scientific research. THink about it: How would you like a scientific study to be conducted so that you would be convinced by its conclusions? If you have the solution, then write it up and apply for a grant at Collect about $2 million and pay for it yourselves, because who is going to pay for it otherwise? The vitamin industry? Why would they cut into their profits, when they already are successfully selling snake oil to the masses? One last word of warning: Vitamins and supplements are not nearly as strongly regulated by the FDA. Maybe they are made in the same places that our lead-painted-toys are made? Be careful what you consume. Just because the pill is small, does not mean that it is not harmful.


  2. Doc says:

    Another thing that I would like to mention about the AMA is that if you check medical history, you will find that the AMA has a long and devious history of misleading the American public. Not only that, but they also have a long history of destroying legitimate scientists who happen to buck their medical tide. Case in point, poor Dr. Raymond Royal Rife of the Rife Technology fame. It is a story worth investigating as the then head of the AMA, one Martin Fishbein actually set out to destroy Dr. Rife because Dr. Rife refused to allow Fishbein in on the proceeds of the development of Rife Technology. Also, in the latter 1800’s when the AMA joined forces with the chemical companies they devised a concerted effort to eliminate any medical college that was not chemical and also to eliminate any medical college that taught minorities and women. In the time period there were women’s medical colleges, Homeopathic medical colleges, Naturopathic medical colleges, Herbalist medical colleges, and minority medical colleges. The nefarious AMA and the chemical companies got their way because by the 1920’s all the other medical colleges were gone. A sad tale of corruption and deceit, indeed.,


  3. Doc says:

    After a while it becomes easy to spot fraudulent studies whose only purpose is to confuse and influence the American public. I would ask the AMA what the fourth leading cause of death is in the US? Many people now realize that it is called iatrogenic diseases which basically means either doctor caused or treatment caused. If the AMA wants to cast aspersions on the supplement industry, it had better clean up its own house first. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I deal with patients every day who have taken supplements successfully to cure a multitude of illnesses and unfortunately I also see many patients harmed, maimed and even die from prescription meds. Just when I think I’ve heard about the worst scenario, I hear one worse. It isn’t only inhuman, it’s criminal. For that matter fraud in the form of bogus studies with no factual base are criminal as well. Misleading the American public for the sole purpose of vested interest is a disgrace to the medical profession and reprehensible in its scope and magnitude.


  4. Joanie Trussel says:

    What a great way to deflect from the pharmaceutical companies that kill millions of people every year with the drugs they manufacturer — not overdoses, just taking them as prescribed. That is the crime and that is where the legislation should be taking action…. The people aren’t buying it anymore…Occupy Wall Street says it all!


  5. Barbara Blaylock says:

    Those of us who know the value of supplements need to unite to fight the AMA and Big Pharma and to educate our physicians and our members of Congress who have been brainwashed by the drug companies, especially at ths time when the FDA is trying to gain more control over our use of supplements.


  6. Sue B says:

    I am 64 and wish I had been part of the story! I started on my liquid, complete supplement in Oct., 2008. I was house and chair bound. I have not missed a DOSE of it since, get up at 5 every morning, work out, and stay busy all day. I spend every minute the weather will let me on my jet ski. If I HAD NOT started taking MY supplement, I would not be here today!…. a little alone so ACTIVE and alive!! The pharma companies do NOT want to hear these stories because I have been able to get totally off 12 prescribed medications. $$ out of their pockets. We need REAL feedback!


  7. Dr. Jac says:

    Most doctors are bought and paid for, they are fools, and told you that everything from Agent Orange to smoking to aspartame is safe. Their association is a bunch of criminals.


  8. Chuck S says:

    To be really cynical, they maybe, possibly did the study with more people, more ages, more monitoring, but extracted only a subset that would give the conclusion they wanted.


  9. Carol V says:

    What I really want to know is who/what funded the study at the University of Minnesota which came up with these conclusions, and who/what funds the fellowship of the young post graduate doctoral candidate who appears first on the list of authors. My guess is we will have some answers when we know this information.


  10. Terry Grayson says:

    This is being done to scare people. It is also being done in the best interest of “Big Pharma”. They are the ones who have the most to gain by these obvious lies. Call, write or email your representatives in Washington D.C. and let them know how you feel about this.


  11. How much you want to bet the “study” was funded bu Big Pharma, which has a vested interest in keeping people sick so they can sell them drugs…


  12. Gershwin says:

    Same old story. Their goal is to “create doubt and confusion” when discussing natural remedies. If a good study is promoted, there’ll be 10 more bad results on same subject. Don’t buy it!
    Big Pharma, Big Medicine just want complete control and so , of course, they never will have it because their lies are an insult. It’s too obvious they think we are all idiots.
    When you hear or read “peer reviewed”, “gold standard”, “prestigious medical journal”and even “scientifically proven”, etc, know that you are being sold some a bunch of lies. ….. and when you read “calls for ….”, “may do more harm than good”, “the study suggests…”, “it is now thought that….”, “not a proven…”, or any of the other standard phrases that the PR’s and marketing agents pump out in their press releases for Big Medicine/Pharma or against natural health/remedies, know again that you are being sold some lies. Science and medicine is a tool. That’s all. The way these zealots pump their stuff, you could be forgiven for believing they are talking about some omnipresent God that knows all and is the sole guardian and grantor of Life. Nothing could be further from the truth for many people who fall into their clutches. Certainly the constant attack on nutritional preventative medicine/ healthy measures is just too obvious a slander. Don’ let anyone else buy it. I know you haven’t, yourself bought it..please don’t let any of your family or friends blindly believe the garbage.
    Oh, and one last thing. If you look back, it took years and years of attacks on “grandma’s lumbago treatment” or whatever Grandma or Ma offered as a treatment. There was a concerted and continual effort to discredit the original, universal caregivers by branding their treatments as “old wives tales” etc…well, try revisiting some of those “old wives tales” and you’ll find that many worked well. Better than genetically modified foodstuffs that are being rammed down our throats now.
    I read the other day that the US is now declining in life expectancy. I wonder why!?!???


  13. John Gamber says:

    I believe that the most important information from these surveys was ignored. “What kind of foods and prescription drugs were these women consuming over this same period of time.” This data would more accurately shed light on risk for and causes of death. Also in the press…worry about shortages of drugs. We should see an increase in the overall health of the population from this.


  14. Scott Gordon says:

    Moderator – I think you misunderstood my comment to be against the article. I have attempted to clarify, if so. Please e-mail me privately if you decide not to let this post and tell me why.

    Start of comment:

    Yes- this study is useless except for a lame attempt to discourage people from taken vitamins and other supplements.

    I hate to say it, but in some cases vitamins as they are sold in discount stores may be harming health as much as helping it. Have you looked at the pharmaceutical company vitamins lately? Ergocalciferol (D2 -reportedly blocks absorption of D3) instead of real Vitamin D3. Synthetic vitamin E (again – may interfere with real E absorption). Non-chelated minerals – poorly absorbed by the body, cobalt-based (look for cobal…) B-12 (said to work, but is mildly toxic) instead of methyl-based. Even “natural” vitamin A that isn’t carotene can have toxic effects in too large a dose.

    And that’s not to mention the food additives and colorants they put in these cheap versions that are toxic to the body! If we are talking about those vitamins, it’s better to do without, because I bet you that some of them are not doing much to support health. Maybe the AMA knows that!

    Anyway, it is a ludicrous study and statement on the part of the AMA, and a way to get people to neglect their health, since in a state of apathy (”what’s the use taking vitamins – nothing really works, anyhow”) you are going to be even more diseased.


  15. Emily Dale says:

    I am 86 years of age and wouldn’t be alive now if I had taken pharmaceuticals instead of vitamins/minerals/herbals that I have been taking for the past 20+ years. ‘Nuff said.


  16. JC says:

    the ama is responsible for about 1 million medical mistake deaths a year. On top of 1 million deaths a year from their drugs. ONLY 2 million deaths a year and they are picking on supplements !!! Must be a slow news day……


  17. turtle gray says:

    That’s funny. In July of 2002, they recommended all adults take multivitamins.Just globalist trying to take control of all and everything in our lives.


  18. Emery says:

    Ok – I’ll go back to eating fast food and TV dinners. I’m sure I’ll get all the nutrition I need there. Think of all the money I can save. As far as organics I’ll just start drinking pesticide and chemical fertilizer smoothies. Why let the toxic byproducts of the Nuclear power industry go to waste? You could call it a health bomb.


    • Lou says:

      In a clinical test the rodents given the paper box to eat lasted longer than the rodents eating the “cereal” in the box.

      True story this trial has NEVER been repeated. However your high school student could.


  19. Alice Moriarty says:

    I’ve taken prescription meds for 50 years. About 30-35 years ago I was diagnosed by an optometrist as having cataracts.(He said I needed to see him every six months forever!) I then visited an ophthamologist for confirmation. He suggested I take some antioxidents. I did. When I got my first computer I did some research online and found a world of information that might help with other health issues also. Prior to this I had intermittently taken a mullti-vitamin but never with any consistency. I also asked how long before the cataracts would have to be removed and he said probably 10 years. Actually I did not have to have this operation for more than 20 years and I credit supplements. When my eye doctor retired and his young associate took over my care (including cataract surgery) this young man told me my cataracts wouldn’t have developed any sooner even if I’d never take a vitamin or supplement. AMA had taught him well! Never mind contrary evidence.
    Bloomberg’s statement is rediculous on the face of it. He acknowledges that 234 million Americans are taking vitamins and supplements. Why would we do this if we were dying from them? If Congress allows the FDA to control vitamins & supplements, we all suffer–except Big Pharma! FDA is unable to protect us from Big Pharma’s drugs why would anyone think they will do a better job if they also control vitamins and supplements?


  20. Rosalind says:

    Ones health will drive them to look for other means besides traditional meds and that would be to look at Natural Health meds. On my journey I discovered the importance of taking vitamins that are active allowing the vitamins to get into the blood quickly to help the body heal. I try to change the minds of friends and family to read the lables, search the iInternet to education themselves so that they can make the right decisions about which vitamins are the best to bring results. Knowledge is Power. I am taking vitamins that have made a difference in my health so until there is reason to change I will continue on the journey to kick the meds given to me by my doctor.


  21. Bob says:

    Great article !!!
    The media never looks for the facts behind any (so-called) study, when the (so-called) results fits their agenda (in this case, the goals of their too numerous to count Big Pharma advertisers). We see this lack of media objectivity when it comes to political, social, and cultural topics, so why would we expect them to be objective with regards alternative health and medicine ?


  22. Jeffrey Lindberg says:

    I never cease to be amazed at both the hubris of the AMA, the CDC, the growing NFP Cancer Societies taking money and NOW THIS!

    A study like this makes NEWS? We obviously have no REAL news anymore. Like Congress it’s all about the money!

    If the AMA is so concerned for our health than why do they support along with the ADA the use of a toxic poison in our drinking water? FLUORIDE! DEADLY TOXIC!

    BEWARE THE CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is right around the corner people! WAKE UP! And fight this monster of the FDA and our government stooges in office!


  23. Jonathan Baker says:

    I hope that the AMA is castigated in the media for allowing such “junk science” to be published under its auspices. It seems that fascism and corporatism is rampant in our society. It’s time for a healthy change – pardon the pun.


  24. Lou says:

    “They reported that the number of deaths were somewhat higher for women who took copper”

    Copper is difficult to supplement IMO. My recommendation would to be under competent care and be tested for your BOTH copper AND zinc levels before supplementing.

    Chicken liver is perfectly balanced with bio-available zinc and copper which should be about 10 zinc for each copper. A good helping of chicken liver about once a week and you will be getting balanced zinc and copper as well as a whole LOT of salubrious nutrients. One of the worst things we as a country did was to stop eating liver once a week as we once did. The liver does NOT store toxins it DOES store nutrients. Try it for a couple weeks if you are low on one of the key nutrients chicken liver supplies you will receive an exciting boost in energy.

    Copper appears to be a difficult mineral to deal with

    “Activated charcoal is the single best supplement for enhancing detoxification. You can take charcoal to wipe out decades of toxic heavy metals that may have been building up in your body. Harmful metals like arsenic, copper, mercury, and lead. And it could one day save your life. An activated charcoal detox leaves you feeling like a new person – pumped up, recharged, and bursting with energy. As if you were suddenly 20 years younger. It’s best to use a powder form, mixed into a liquid. Tablets or capsules take too long to absorb and release the activated charcoal. And the dose is usually too small to do the job. Take 20-30 grams a day of powdered activated charcoal (in divided doses) mixed with water over a period of 1-2 weeks.” Doctor Al Sears MD

    Copper appears to be a difficult mineral to deal with. The daily required value for copper is 2 mg. At about 8 mg per day copper starts to get dangerous. This is one reason your water filtration system (See Water Protocol) MUST remove most of the copper. Ten glasses per day of water with the EPA allowed copper limit ALONE will give you over 3 mg of copper. Be sure to chelate (See Chelation Protocol) excess copper. Some experts believe that elevated copper levels, especially when zinc levels are also low, may be a contributing factor in many problems including schizophrenia, hypertension, stuttering, autism, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, childhood hyperactivity, depression, insomnia, senility, and premenstrual syndrome. Citrus foods increase the absorption of copper.

    IMO you need to get your copper from food sources. Chicken liver (See Animal Liver Protocol) is a great source of balanced zinc and Copper. Here are the food sources highest in copper.

    Copper and Zinc may Interfere with each other

    Copper and Zinc (See Zinc Protocol) may interfere with each other when eaten at the same time and over time if the ratio is wrong. For example if you eat more than a little beef liver you will need to get more zinc in your diet, as the ratio of copper to zinc is way wrong. The ideal ratio is ten zinc for each copper (10.0). In beef liver the ratio is about three COPPER for each zinc. OTOH if you are low in copper it’s the way to go.

    Foods with low ratios of Zinc to Copper; 10 Zinc for each Copper is ideal (10.0) too much of these foods may cause you to have low Zinc. Note some foods are high in Zinc in relation to Copper ratios and may also cause low copper. Just be aware of a possible problem with copper and zinc. I usually eat a LOT of these high copper foods, take supplemental Zinc (See Zinc Protocol) and chelate (See Chelation Protocol) free copper.

    To reduce high copper levels, you must use significant amounts of vitamin C and zinc and assure good cholesterol levels.

    Foods with low ratios of Zinc to Copper (Too much Copper)

    Make sure you take supplemental zinc if you eat a lot of these. I eat a LOT of many things on this list; you can see why I MUST take a LOT of supplemental zinc.

    Tap Water can be so low as to be off the chart
    Beef Liver 0.4
    Potato skins 0.7
    Mushrooms 1.7
    Banana, raw 2.0
    Nuts 2.0 average
    Seeds 2.0 average
    Chocolate 2.6
    Cashew nuts 2.6
    Avocado 3.4


  25. Talon Kimberley says:

    Yep, we got your number AMA.


  26. Talon Kimberley says:

    This is all too typical; people actually get benefits from supplements, need less pharmaceuticals, perhaps, and the big Pharma sends out it’s monkeys to trash another industry that may be their competitor. Plus, that so-called study is so lame! Puh-leezee!


  27. Joanne Scheller says:

    When I heard the “news” about vitamin supplements on the media, my first thought was “They’re at it again “- “they” being BigPharma.

    Are people finally catching on to the fact that doctors in many, many cases prescribe drugs which they do not understand and which in consequence harm and in some instances actually kill people? Are they finally discovering that one drug’s side effects may lead to the prescribing of yet another drug which in turn has side effects for which still other drugs are prescribed until finally the patient has a full medicine cabinet of drugs?

    All drugs have side effects. Some of these can be fatal or, at the very least, extremely harmful (the drug industry’s favorite cash cow, statins, is one of the most notorious in this regard) and the news is finally getting around. Meanwhile, hopefully people are finally drifting over to the use of CoQ10 and other supplements which are not the huge money-makers that patented drugs are but which are necessary for human health (coenzyme Q10, for example, is part of the mitochondria’s electron transport chain which makes ATP, the energy we need in order to survive. As we age, our bodies don’t make enough of it, and of course statins deplete the body of this vital stuff, which is part of the reason statins can cause so much mischief).


  28. robert says:

    This is but one tiny example of the AMA’s vendetta against any health system that is not Allopathic and therefore, not pharmaceutical in nature. The AMA was formed mostly to ‘rid the world of medical charlatans.’ They did a great deal more that throw out the baby with the bath water. They were successfully sued by chiropractic medicine for “conspiracy to defame the practice” over a long period of time. They used their resources and propaganda to bring down and slander the chiropractic practice because they don’t like competition. If the average person was aware of the caliber of corruption the AMA has displayed in their history there would be an uprising.


  29. Ray says:

    It would be interesting to know if the women themselves were asked whether or not they thought that the vitamins and supplements did them good. While this question is not scientific in itself the answers would indicate the mindset of these women. Is it not true that a person’s optimism, beliefs, and hopes for the medicine they are taking has a lot to do with the effectiveness of that medicine, vitamin, or supplement?


  30. Lillian Harrod says:

    During the study, I would like to know the different kinds of prescription drugs used by the women. I think when medical drugs are factored in, you might see a different picture. In my opinion, you could do a 19 year study on women who only took supplements, and women who took NO supplements. That would present a better picture to me.
    I would suggest that also the women in all, not take hormones or the birth control pill.
    I am not a Doctor or a Scientific Researcher, just wondering about the true value or not
    of supplements.


  31. John Halpin says:

    Thank you for juimping on this discraceful charade so quickly.
    As I read the details of the “study” I became more incredulous and shocked. The AMA’s cynical disregard of the overwhelming evidence of the positive benefits of supplementationat is breathtaking. So much so, that the real purpose of the “study’ quickly reveals itself as a yet another blatent attck by big pharma to build “evidence” to support their congressional; efforts to control vitamin supplements.. First get the lie published, then broadcast the “Sensational Study Results” around the gullible press.

    It would be great to see your assessment above published as a offsetting Press Release.

    Thanks again.


  32. Marie Krejci says:

    Why we never hear of summary like this about prescription drugs? How not only useless they are, but dangerous; how many side effects (all bad) and many times worse then what they are suppose to treat? If they would take one prescription medication at a time and aired it’s ‘dirty laundry’ on the nightly news they would have horror stories to tell for next hundred years.

    The worse that can be said for supplements or some vitamins is that they may not all be up to snuff and some people could be wasting their money…that, however, is far cry from what prescription meds are doing to individuals.
    And one thing that I never hear about is that the people (many of them seniors) are on so many drugs that they drive under the influence; and that is legal?and scary!


  33. MJ HawkSpirit Everhart says:

    OMG…they will not stop trying to CONTROL us will they? Please tell them to get the HECK out of my BUSINESS….I CHOOSE vitamins/natural medicine over their CORRUPT silent killer medicines….GET A GRIP AMA….this is AMERICA and the FREEDOM OF CHOICE….SHOULD BE OURS.


  34. Katherine Wuthrich says:

    This is ridiculous. I am not surprised. The Big Pharma Group should be outed as irresponsible
    when conducting research. I really don’t listen to any studies. I have a doctor that applies
    many integrative procedures and I trust him completely. People that get their doctoring from
    tv reports on various studies are doing themselves harm. Also, do we even know whether
    the participants really even needed the supplements? Where they advised by their doctor to
    take them? I don’t take things unless my doctor tells me that I am deficient. Another wasted study!


  35. As a 64 year old who has taken quality multivitamins and many other supplements over the last 40 years and am still thriving and riding my Harley, I must say, “What a bunch of crap!”


  36. Samee Jones says:

    Thank you! The reporting was si vague! And genetic because it was a national report with no local investigation!
    THEN as they shuffle their to end the 3min segment by looking at one another
    ‘ ……guess best to rely on food…’ ‘…yes not just vitamins supplements……’
    I Thought WHAT; vitamins are supplements for foods over processed and lack vitamins needed daily. Holy cow they even add to milk!
    This was not responsible reporting


  37. Mark Kempton says:

    This just goes to show you that while great advances in medicine are taking place, the ‘mind-set’ or thinking of the medical profession is decades behind the paradigm shift to a health and wellness as opposed to an illness consciousness. No doubt the study was funded by drug company money either directly or some hack federal agency.


  38. Mary Lou Tringali, PhD says:

    How ridiculous these so-called research results get into the main stream media. As you already know, more people DIE from legally prescribed drugs than even illegally acquired drugs on the street: Anna Nicole Smith, Keith Ledger, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on. So I cannot recall any mention of someone dying from an “overdose” of vitamins.

    Big Pharma loves to scare the unknowing public, and it’s a disservice to the viewers of main stream news to listen to this garbage.


  39. jim young says:

    I started taking vitamins and minerals when I was 57 and am now 73. I have not had a cold, virus or flu (plus other benefits) in all those years, but I am around people who do suffer. I never take flu shots except sometimes when I was still working because no one else would take a flu shot unless I did. The shot never gave me any side effects, but did for some others. Before I started taking vitamins, I suffered from colds and viruses the same as anyone else that I worked with. I agree with your article that it is very disappointing and suspicious that the AMA who should know how to conduct a study could publish such non-scientific confusion and distortion. It makes the scientist who did the study appear to be uneducated or concerned that they are not on the receiving end of alternative and safe ways to maintain health. They must have been absent the day they were supposed to take the oath to do no harm. If our vitamins and minerals are trashed, they will have done harm. No wonder our health costs soar.


  40. Laura Hardison says:

    This sort of research conclusion is the reason, sadly, that I have such resistance to the medical association as a whole. My distrust was developed, almost against my will, as I grew into adulthood based on exactly this type of “breaking news” and hype. It saddens me, as I know there are so many truly talented and caring medical professionals out there who are swayed all too often by the ridiculous bias against natural and proven methods of maintaining and improving overall health. My current belief in the affectiveness of the medical profession does not stray from the realm of emergency and trama situations, such as broken bones or burst appendix. For everyday preventative care and health I steer clear.


  41. Joel D. Manning says:

    It is too bad, AND SAD, that the A.M.A. has to resort to SCARE tactics and the use of “medical studies” such as this one to sway the general public out of taking nutritional supplements. I was always under the impression that the A.M.A. and doctors were there to help us stay healthy and lead long productive live’s. The A.M.A. seems to have lost site of the real purpose why they are here. It all comes down to the all-mighty DOLLAR! It seems that most of the medical profession (including the pharmaceutical industry) is concerned with writing prescriptions, operations that may not be needed and anything else they can add to your medical bill to please investors! It would seem that if the A.M.A. and the natural health associations could come together for the “better health” of the individual this may help to ease the burden on medical insurance carriers, including medicare and medicaid. I firmly believe that there is a time and a place for both “natural health” and for doctors, medications and even sugical proceedures if absolutely necessary. With changes in lifestyle (including diet and execise), proper supplementation and regular medical check-ups a person may live to be a ripe HEALTHY old age.


    • J Harvey says:

      One word – depopulation.


    • Ellen says:

      The AMA has had an agenda that’s been highly suspicious, to say the least, for decades. They were sued (and lost!) some years back by a group of Chiropractors because they’d been spreading continual lies, preventing MDs from having anything to do with Chiropractors, having DCs imprisoned, and doing their utmost (with their almost unlimited funds) to destroy the Chiropractic profession. They destroyed the Osteopathic profession to where these practitioners are now merely watered-down, wannabe MDs with nothing valuable to offer.

      People have become increasingly dumbed-down–by design–and will believe almost anything the pharmaceutical hucksters and their shills, the lamestream media, bray to those who will listen. MDs have become cookbook-readers who match up symptoms with very dangerous and powerful drugs that haven’t been proven to do much of anything at all except destroy organs, immune systems, and any quality of life.


  42. Nanc says:

    AMA is up to no good again Just leave our supplements alone.


  43. earl boyd says:

    Please continue to publish rebuttals of this biased study. Based upon what I heard coming from MSM, I should immediately through out all my supplements or I’ll be doomed to an early demise. Big Pharma has the MSM in their pocket. They will stop at nothing to keep people from staying healthy with supplements to avoid taking their expensive, toxic prescription drugs.


  44. Lawrence Landherr says:

    I heard this report on the national news and almost died laughing. It’s like saying that a traffic accident which happened at midnight where a drunk driver runs into someone is caused by an absence of sunlight.


    • Chris Antenucci says:

      Actually it’s like statistics showing an increase in car accidents during the day due to alcohol over many years and researchers saying it was due to the sun allowing people to see clearly lol.


  45. Holly Ripley says:

    Seriously? Could the pharma companies be more obvious and ridiculous> HIlarious.


  46. Aida Pazos says:

    Irresponsible and unreliable information distributed based on limited study or testing. This is a sham, farce and outright lie and untruth. The goal of the individuals who claim supplements are dangerous to ones health are obviously under the “influence” of big pharm. Natural is a threat to their bottom line, they want us all under their control. The real threat are the pharmaceutical companies themselves, they have created a Sick” society that has been made to believe their drugs are needed to survive , when in fact they makevus dependent and more ill.


  47. Janie C. says:

    So glad that I chose to read your article. After hearing the report on supplements Monday night, I was very confused. I, at 66, take a multi, C, D, A, garlic, calcium, cod liver oil, and flaxseed oil five days each week. With all of the bad things I put into my body, I thought these supplements would help. We should be able to trust something printed by the AMA to have been completely researched. I should know better.


  48. Thomas McGuire says:

    This is just the usual corporate propaganda from our friends at Big Pharma. Google Codex Alimentarius, the Un program to limit our accessibility to vitamins and natural supplements. For these people a strong immune system is bad for business.


  49. Big Pharma has been trying to do away with supplements for years now. I can see them using this kind of propaganda against multivitamins or any kind of supplements in order to caucus for them to be swallowed up by the pharmaceutical Hydra and force prescriptions for supplements with prices that will pump them up some more and rob the average person some more, while adding to stealing people’s health along with their money in this endeavor. Time for the Wall Streeter’s 1% theme to include every other area in which people are being stripped of their rights to good health while the drug companies don’t even test their products before releasing them. How many recalls per week do we hear about? It’s time to do our own research, and listen to our own bodies.


    • steve h says:

      Yes i agree and strange how big pharma never mentions about the 16000 americans that die from taking pain killers annually ,And the untold thousands of deaths from other untested chemical cocktails. If just one person dies from a reaction to a vitamin it will be banned


      • Charlie NU says:

        i agree totally !!! bet if these same supplements were sold through the big pharmas, they would be perfectly ok to use…..what a coincidence that the supplements came under scrutiny just as the patents ran out on a lot of big pharmas big sellers !!! i’m betting a prescription from the dr for the same supplements would be find and dandy !!!


  50. Sprintman says:

    I for one knew that this was not true when I heard it on TV. It was obviously nothing but Junk Science . A lot of the points in this article I had already thought of. The mainstream news is always looking for a way to discredit the Vitamin /food supplement industry simply because it can’t be patented and it works.


    • Rolf Eckhardt PhD says:

      I’m German and visited this side for the first time. As far as I understand, this side deals with natural health and natural food. If you eat a diet that contains all kind of food (Meat, eggs, vegetables, milk products, etc.) there is no need for additional dietary supplements. Only if you are a share holder of the big Pharma companys then you should use these supplements to encrease the value of your shares. It is not nessesary for your health. I think a society? that calls herself “Alliance for natural health” should be glad about the findings of Dr. Mursu and his colleagues because is supports the aims of the Alliance of natural health. Dietary supplements are in no way natural but composed in big chemical factories. So please tell me who is behind the Alliaance for natural food?
      I think behind the ANF is big Pharma and not an association of natural health or natural food or nutrition.
      The study of Dr.Mursu may contain faults but it shows similar results than other studies befor. So this indicates there must be somthing wrong with dietary supplements!


      • Dipl.Troph. A. Meier says:

        The German Society for Nutrition ( Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernaehrung, DGE ) is promoting a “balanced diet” consisting of mainly bread, grains and noodles, milk and milk products and meat, accompanied by vegetables and fruit since 60 years now. The DGE speaks out against supplements since 60 years as all Germas allegedly get enough of all nutrients from food. And where did that bring us? To more than 15 percent forced deduction ( illness insurance ) of our income to repair ill health. Rising. Shouldn’t we start to look critically at those recommendations of this lobby organisation for the food industry? Why don’t they advise against food categories known to be risky for parts of the population? Because the DGE serves its clients. Would the German Society for Nutrition serve the German population it would long have begun to recommend amounts of nutrients that are needed to counter the effects of car exhaust and other pollutants. Why are death rates of cancer and heart disease rising so quickly? And did so during the last 6 decades? Because we are so well nourished? No, because even the very low reccommendations for “healthy adults of 60 kilograms” are only met by very few people. Our paleolithic ancestors ate diets void of milk and grains. Their raw food diet constisted of amounts of vitamins and minerals two to four times higher than what the DGE is promoting as sufficient today. Orthomolekulare Medizin für Aerzte und Apotheker, p. 15.ISBN 38047109279


    • Adele Pollack says:

      I concur with you. I hope that many out there will keep abreast of this propaganda and protest any suggestion of the Pharmaceutical industry trying to take over the vitamin industry that we are free to use as we see fit. It’s the old adage, “Follow the money”!


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