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Robert Verkerk, PhD: Five things you should know before consenting to HPV vaccine


No parent wants their child to get cancer. And if there was a vaccine that could reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancers with a minimum of risk – most parents would opt for it with open arms.

Unfortunately, the 10-year track record of use of the vaccine, in varying forms, tells us that the claim being made by health authorities that the HPV vaccine is both ‘safe and effective’ is false.

In terms of claimed safety, health authorities are ignoring or seeking to cover-up the scale and severity of the serious and long-term side effects being experienced by adolescent girls. Regarding effectiveness, health authorities are misleading the public by claiming that the vaccine’s ability to raise HPV antibodies over a few years equates to protection from HPV-related cancers, especially cervical cancer, decades down the line. The science tells us that the two are not equivalent.

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  • shygirl75158

    We would not opt for it if the risks were equal to the disease. I really don’t think they can make a safe vaccine, so if My choice is take this toxic jab and you “might” not get cancer but you may the horrible adverse reactions to the shot itself, then NO THANKS. You can avoid cancer with diet and nutrition and lifestyle. People need to stop thinking that some drug or biologic can save them all the while they go on eating garbage masquerading as food.

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W

      The problem is , Gardasil CAUSES cancer, including cervical cancer. See VAXXED website, where young women tell the stories how they were diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer soon after getting HPV vaccine. Injecting yourself with papilloma virus particles promotes HPV cancer. Expect huge increase in HPV related cancers in “gardasiled” generation soon, which will be used by pharma to demand more vaccinations.

  • sabelmouse

    it’s not even established that the hpv virus, any strain, causes cervical cancer.