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Rick Perry and Major Media Openly Lie about HPV Vaccine


Will This Hurt?Do Perry and most of the media think they can get away with a complete cover up of the government’s own CDC data?

In the past few days, Governor Perry has tried to dismiss serious medical concerns over the HPV vaccine that he attempted to mandate in Texas. His strategy has been to keep the focus solely on rival GOP candidate Michele Bachmann’s story of a woman who claimed her daughter became mentally retarded after receiving the vaccine: “I think that was a statement that had no truth in it, no basis in fact.”

Perry intentionally ignored the shocking statistics about the HPV vaccine available at the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. The Center received a total of 18,727 reports of adverse events following Gardasil HPV vaccination, with 1,498 of them (8%) considered “serious”—such as blood clots, the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and 68 reports of death.

The fact that the data come from the government’s Center for Disease Control is particularly ironic, since the CDC’s former director, Dr. Julie Gerberding—who was essentially in charge of federal government decision-making about vaccines and disease-response programs—resigned in 2010 to become president of Merck Pharmaceuticals’ vaccine division. Merck is the maker of the HPV vaccine.

Perry isn’t the only party covering up the damning CDC data. Mainstream media and university spokespeople have also failed to do basic research on the HPV vaccine. In a recent Associated Press story, a reporter wrote, “Studies have found no serious side effects, with the most common reactions being redness or swelling at the injection site.” This is an incredible misstatement of fact, one which has not been corrected by the AP. And there have been other stories like it: the New York Times is saying the evidence shows the vaccine is safe—without mentioning the CDC at all.

Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, erroneously claimed that “The data show that the vaccine is safe and effective” and said that “It’s ethically obscene” to scare parents away from the vaccine. While the most common reactions might be redness or swelling at the injection site, to omit the existence of serious possible side effects (including death!) seems to us to be—well, “ethically obscene” is the phrase that comes to mind.

Vaccine Safety Isn’t the Only Area Where Perry Hasn’t Told the truth

This all took off at the September 12 Republican presidential candidate debate, when Michele Bachmann attacked Rick Perry for taking “thousands of dollars in political donations” from Merck, the global pharmaceutical and chemical company, and noted that the governor’s former chief of staff was the chief lobbyist for the drug company. She implied that those deep connections led to Perry’s executive order mandating human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine be given to all pre-teen girls in Texas. Perry then said “It was [just]a $5,000 contribution that I had received from them.”

The truth is very different. Perry received tens of thousands of dollars from the Merck PAC during his tenure as governor (Bloomberg says “at least $23,500,” while the Washington Post says it was “nearly $30,000,” including $5,000 in 2006, one year before his HPV executive order). Merck also donated somewhere between $380,000 and $500,000 to the Republican Governors Association, which Perry chaired twice and which is a major Perry campaign contributor.

The executive order was issued when his chief of staff, Mike Toomey, was working for the Texas Lobby Group, which is retained by Merck. Merck paid Toomey as much as $535,000 in lobbying fees to promote Gardasil between 2005 and 2010. And where is Toomey today? He’s Perry’s “super PAC” coordinator.

Sarah Palin, commenting on the debate, called Perry’s involvement with Merck “crony capitalism.” Of course, she doesn’t seem to realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vaccine crony capitalism, as we pointed out recently. With many lucrative drug patents expiring, pushing vaccines is a good way for Big Pharma to restore their profits.

Ron Paul slammed Perry for the executive order in the September 7 debate, calling it “not good medicine…not good social policy,” and objected to the mandate being done through executive order despite protests from the Texas legislature—who voted overwhelmingly to repeal the order.

The bottom line here: Governor Perry isn’t telling the truth either about the safety record of the HPV vaccine or about the money he has received from Merck.

  • Suzanne

    Of course they do. And why the heck shouldn’t I shout? This is our lives you are all messing with!!!!

    • I was incensed when I heard the prime time newscaster on NBC say that the HPV vaccine is safe and encouraged that it be given to young girls. At least 12 other countries have voiced concerns to their governments about HPV effectiveness, benefits versus risks, aggressive marketing campaigns, and the risk of adverse reactions. The vaccine is supposed to protect young women against cervical cancer, a cancer that presents a very low risk for women in developed countries. Health authorities are now recommending that it be administered to young boys from age 11.

      The vaccine is administered in three doses, each containing aluminum hydoxyphosphate sulfate, an adjuvant known to be linked with autoimmune diseases, and also sodium borate, a pesticide, which has been linked to infertility, seizures and paralysis.

  • christine madden

    I was incensed when I heard all of the “progressive” news people on MSNBC siding with Perry on the safety and necessity of Gadasil and making fun of Bachmann. I e mailed the big 3 on the nightly news shows and also Bill Maher after he referenced the vaccine and referred them to numerous websites where they could obtain correct info, including this website about the lead researcher for Gardasil who spoke out against it.

    I even (!) emailed Bachmann and suggested that she get a hold of that mom she referenced (and all the other moms whose children have been injured by the vaccine). Although mental retrdation is not a side effect, the child may have had a seizure or brain inflammation as a result of the vaccine, which resulted in brain damage that she was calling mental retardation. So far this has been a windfall of promotional free advertising for Merck. It needs to be turned around into a truthful expose about the dangers of Gardasil and all the other vaccines. Someone needs to get into the spotlight who is able to defend the truth and counteract the damge being done by the Big Pharma lackies.

    • I am a progressive and I do like MSNBC. However, I like the truth un-slanted. Thank you for standing up for the truth.

  • The corruption of the medical community and medical beaurocracies by the large pharmceutical corporations is a public scandal. I have details regarding their activities regarding psychoactive drugs on my webpage . Also official reports on their practices and details of court cases where they have been fined.

  • AvaGreen

    Gaw! You anti-Perry people are even invading the natural food industry to spread your lies.
    Sorrry, I’m a Perry supporter.

    Gardasil was found to be extremely effective in preventing several (but not all) of the strains of HPV known to cause cervical cancer and genital warts.

    Some critics maintain that Gardasil has a record of “very serious safety issues.” That obvious attempt to further tarnish Perry’s image by intimating that not only did he do the bidding of Merck in ordering the vaccinations, he did so without considering the possible serious side effects. There is little doubt that Governor Perry knew a great deal more about Gardasil at the time than those critics do now. The CDC has been following Gardasil since its licensing and some current facts follow. Taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website:

    “Since licensure, CDC and FDA have been closely monitoring the safety of HPV vaccines. “As of June 22, 2011, approximately 35 million doses of Gardasil® have been distributed in the U.S. and the safety monitoring system (VAERS) received a total of 18,727 reports of adverse events following Gardasil® vaccination. As with all VAERS reports, serious events may or may not have been caused by the vaccine.”

    “Of the total number of VAERS reports following Gardasil®, 92% were considered to be non-serious, and 8% were considered serious. Out of 35,000,000 doses distributed, there were 1,498 occasions of serious complications; that equates to a .0000428 chance that a dose will cause a serious adverse reaction.” Hardly enough to consider the vaccine “a very serious safety issue” as claimed by some critics. Apparently, they are too lazy to “do a little research.”

    As of June, 2011, the CDC says: “Based on all of the information we have today, CDC recommends HPV vaccination for the prevention of most types of cervical cancer. As with all approved vaccines, CDC and FDA will continue to closely monitor the safety of HPV vaccines.” Check out the CDC’s statements about Gardasil for yourself. And specifically check out the Summary at the end for the CDC’s conclusion about Gardasil’s effectiveness.

    • goldenhinde

      Perry makes Mayor Daley of Chicago look like a saint. Texas is a pure pay to play state and everyone of any substance in the state knows it. Apparently everyone except you. No self respecting Republican would give that clown a moment’s thought. Alas, feel free to nominate him. You’ll make Obama look like a saint by comparison.

    • RichFromShowMe

      I (personally) think the problem arose from the heavy-handed way Perry handled the vaccine issue; i.e., mandatory (but could opt out). It should have been at the parents option.

      The other issue is the CDC hire of the Doc who approved (covered up?) the whole mess.

      This is just more typical big government and big pharma, attached at the hip games, where taxpayers lose and they win. Nothing to see here – – just normal business!

      • “Heavy-handed” is exactly right. From his behavior he considers himself to be some sort of royalty, preferring to order the public to do what he wants in payback to his corporate supporters. Input, including votes, from his subjects are just meaningless noise he apparently prefers to ignore. Even those 68 reports of death don’t seem to matter; they weren’t his kids.

        What this country needs is a lot more recalls of right-wingers who lie their way into office, then hand that power over to the corporations.


    • Helen Allard

      you will not let me finish this post b/c you don’t like the way that I am talking, is that what you are saying to me?

    • c

      Perry is not the one to decide who get Gard. Isnt it up to the parents?

  • AvaGreen

    He’s since said he made a mistake in making this an executive order (even though the parents had an opt-out if they didn’t want their daughters vacainnated).

    sheesh! It’s you folks that are twisting the facts. Do I think this post will be allowed? No.

    Please take me off your mailing list. I don’t support lies.

    • What lies are you talking about? This vaccine, like all vaccines are, is dangerous, and reports of its efficacy vary a lot depending on who they’re from. The allopathic industry simply controls too much of the art of healing, and they much prefer profits to safety or even actual effectiveness. It’s much cheaper to buy a politician than to make a good, safe vaccine, even assuming the science behind them isn’t fake. That’s not a safe assumption, either.


  • Ashley

    All of the links on the CDC website to report adverse effects from this vaccine are inaccessible or non-operating.

    I don’t see how they can even keep an accurate accounting of them when they don’t make reporting it easy. Their last statistics on the HPV vaccine available on the site are from 2008 in the adverse effects reporting – and 3 years is way too long to go without an update.

  • Dr Kay Heaston

    I saw Dr Nancy (the today show know it all) talking about how safe the Gardasil vaccine is. I think she really and truly believes what she says. Oh my goodness, so sad. Dr. Kay.

  • The reason pathogens such as HPV, HIV, lyme’s disease, hepatitis, etc. became common is that iodine was removed from bread supplementation throughout the 1960s and 1970s at the insistence of the World Health Organization.

    Iodine does many things:
    1. detoxes heavy metals,
    2. kills pathogens in our blood as blood travels through the thyroid gland,
    3. main ingredient in T4 thyroid hormone (there are at least 200 low thyroid symptoms including depression, anxiety, bi-polar and schizophrenia),
    4. kills pathogens and stops free radicals in all tissues of the body,
    5. involved in many roles in the reproductive organs (any problems with reproductive organs involve iodine deficiency).

    Iodine is being re-supplemented in breads in other countries, including Australia. We need to re-supplement our breads as well and reduce our health problems, not chase them down with more pharmaceuticals. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry, which is having an income epidemic, will do whatever they can to stop this. However, grass-roots efforts can prevail with enough public involvement and perhaps a well-placed statement from our Congress.

    Other reasons for health epidemic:
    1. too much sugar and high fructose corn syrup (super sugar) causing intestinal yeast overgrowth,
    2. too much refined flour and rice in the diet, devoid of nutrients,
    3. not enough minerals – we need them from sea vegetables rich in minerals, not land vegetables poor in minerals from over-farmed land,
    4. not enough (basically none) fermented foods or drinks in our diets providing more live enzymes and beneficial bacteria than we produce for healthy food digestion.

    All of these things result in protein and enzyme deficiency (inflammation), which are the root causes of all symptoms and diseases according to western medicine (and holistic).

  • So let’s see if I understand this correctly. Rick Perry is Governor of Texas, a candidate for President, and a Republican. Republicans are ideologically opposed to Big Government, i.e., government interference in the personal lives of its citizens. They are supposedly for individual freedom, and aim (or so they claim) to limit the power and the role of government encroachment into personal decisions. The whole Government Knows Best Act is viewed strictly as a Democrat’s position. Really? With decisions like this, as well as their view that Roe v. Wade be overturned, can we really believe in their stance of small, limited government. So, I guess getting government off the backs of the people is a nice slogan. But if you are the one who is benefiting personally and financially, then that position does not apply to you – in fact, neither does the truth.

  • the reality is that these are folk that worship science and science alone, whether they admit it or not. you cannot reason with them.

    it says on that same CDC webpage from where your statistics came, “Based on all of the information we have today, CDC recommends HPV vaccination for the prevention of most types of cervical cancer.”

    the reports were not scientifically verified, therefore they did not happen… so they all agree. too bad, really.

  • Evan Eberhardt

    Another corrupt politician? Seriously, other than Ron Paul, which politician isn’t corrupt? What a BIG FAT EVIL JOKE government is! State and Federal. I would honestly prefer anarchy over this junk (anarchy just means ‘without rulers’, which sounds fine to me).

    • Kucinich isn’t as far as I can tell. The Republicans, however, have shown themselves to be all for anything that works to their advantage or that of the corporations that give them money. That includes just as much lying as needed. Face it: “our government” has been slowly taken over in an insider coup. They just move the same old players around, make sure there are lots of threats to things the people need to keep us distracted, and meanwhile they’re bleeding the Commons, us and everything else they can get their claws on dry. seriously, the destruction of America, turning it into a theocratic fascist oligarchy that practices eugenics on its own population including a culling program, means nothing to them at all. They expect that they’ll be immune to any inconvenient laws no matter what. If the place become unlivable, they can always go elsewhere. They’ll always have the best food, the best medicine, the real cures instead the toxic symptom suppressors (when did you last hear of anyone high up in government having, much less dying from AIDS or any of the other garbage that’s going around?). We’re cattle as far as they’re concerned – “The military are just dumb, stupid beasts to be used in enforcing National Policy.” Or words to that effect from Dr. Henry Kissinger.

      The wealthy are isolated from “the wad,” living in an echo chamber where they only hear each other and the reports of those who know what they like to hear. They are sociopaths by our measure – no conscience at all, no empathy (most regular people can’t empathize with cattle or other beasts, after all). They travel to other countries like we go around the block. And they can pretty much do anything to anyone and get away with it – a lot like cops.


  • WickedPickle

    Let’s just hope the overwhelming majority will wake up before this corporate toad gets too close to his focused goal of being emperior of capamerica. Bush jr was wrong to appoint this loser to anything short of garbage collector when HE decided to contribute to the end days of our Nation and the whole of texas was wrong when they were sucked into this ‘golden’ childs clutches THREE friggin’ times.. Now we got this situation floating in the atmosphere and heaven help us all if we let him slither his way into the oval office.. Our epitath? Bye-Bye America.

  • Jack Konrath

    It seems there is an effort on the part of the MSM, CDC and FDA to “dumb down” Americans on the real risks vs potential benefits of HPV vaccination. The CDC reports on its own website that more than 60 deaths are already directly attributable to Gardasil… and about ten times that many cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Due to under-reporting, the numbers are undoubtedly much higher. Meanwhile, the main researcher responsible for Gardasil development at Merck, Dr. Diane Harper, has reportedly stated that Pap smears are the best preventative for cervical cancer… and goes on to elaborate that Pap smears have never caused death. ( What parent would knowingly expose their child to Gardasil and its known side effects rather than annual Pap smears beginning at age 21? Do your own research. You’ll find, for example, that Dr. Harper says that a combination of Pap smears and vaccination doesn’t lower your chances of cervical cancer; it lowers your chance of an abnormal Pap smear. While all the proponents would have you believe that you’re delivering your child to certain death to withhold Gardasil or like vaccination, the truth is just the opposite. Stick with the pap smears. Merck won’t like it, but your daughter will love you for it.

  • Lou

    “The vaccine is safe and effective”

    How many times have your heard this in your lifetime? MANY thousands of times. How many studies have you seen that infer this may be true? NONE; you have not seen ONE study because to my knowledge there are none. I have asked medical professional vaccine shills HUNDREDS of times to show me a single study which meets THEIR gold standards and have not received a single study that was not done by a drug company and was an obvious sham.

    There are NO double blind placebo controlled studies on vaccines for ETHICAL reasons. Folks this statement is so pathetic it defies humanity and must have been uttered by a rock.

    Please BEFORE you shoot up your precious flesh and blood with some toxic money making “vaccine” DEMAND to see the studieS showing it is and and effective.

    • Scott Smith

      Yeah, like that Polio vaccine. Sheesh, wish I hadn’t gotten that….

  • Tina

    I wonder, if Perry was a female, would he still mandate this, would he subject himself to it? Maybe he should just take the vaccines to show us all just how safe they are.

    • No way in Hell. None of them are vaccinating their own families – with flu vaccines or anything else. They’re greedy, not stupid. Well, not THAT stupid.

      There was an article recently that pointed out how the math that was once taught in 8th grade is now a college-level class. He also remembers in the article how a simple, very basic concept was simply beyond the grasp of an elementary school class he was in – by everyone except him, and he wonders if those children, now grown, aren’t perhaps the low IQ majority of the U.S. population now, chemically, genetically and educationally dumbed down – and they’re the ones who are consistently sucked in by the self-serving Right, the ones who vote against their own interests and are then surprised to find they’ve been screwed. For a long I considered a view like that to be elitist. Now? I’ve ended up trying talk with too many people like that too many times only to them fail entirely to understand too many basic, simple concepts. And they ARE the majority as far as I can see.

      What kind of crime could having done that to hundreds of millions of people be called? What kind of crime is it that the same people are still doing it – adding poisons to our food, our water, our medications, almost all of it including what come to massive doses of neurotoxins, often in specific developmental stages of life. And what kind of punishment should there be once it’s proved and made public?



  • Carl Rosen

    Perry can’t find the truth to speak,and lying covers the multitude of corporate regard for genuine health.
    B.S.,B.S. B.S.

  • Mike

    The thing many people don’t realize about vaccines is that they also create business for doctors. Not only in administering the vaccine, but in creating a market for themselves when they damage people. I have a mother and daughter who are prescription drug addicts, I’ve told there doctors, and they just keep on prescribing. Many doctors are truly scum of the earth…

    • Danny

      Right you are Mike. If ever and/or whenever you hear those magic words from ANY medical professional, (it’s the “Golden Standard”) get out of there as fast as you can and don’t ever look back!

  • Barbara D

    Thank you for this article. I was horrified when Gov. Perry issued ‘a Governor’s executive order’ that all 12 year old girls be injected with a drug so recently introduced. Where does he think he is? I know Texas is a ‘whole other country’, but this is beyond any Governor’s constiutional rights.
    There was no public health emergency on Feb. 2, 2007, except, perhaps, for Merck profits.
    I was disappointed to see that even my favorite ‘heads’ on msnbc leapt to the defense of the vaccine. No medication is without risk. To pretend that any med is ‘safe’ especially right after its introduction is unacceptable. If we were looking at a polio epidemic in progress, the gain might outweigh the risk, but that is far from the case with Gardasil. Merck’s own list of side effects and problems indicates this is for a doctor and parents to decide, not a Governor. In March 2007 the Texas Legislature rescinded Perry’s order.
    I never expected to agree with Michelle Bachman, but in this one case at least, she ‘errs’ on the side of human rights.

  • Nicholas

    Alright I am not familiar with this website. But if you click the link (that they provide) and read the CDC’s website for yourself. It sounds like Alliance for Natural Health are the ones MISQUOTING the CDC!! Go read the CDC’s website if you are so worried about this vaccine that will save lives!!

    • Context is everything. The rate of adverse reactions to the Gardasil vaccine is about 150 adverse events for every 100,000 people vaccinated. CDC makes much of what a small rate this is, but leaves out the prevalence of HPV-related cervical cancer: about 29 cases per 100,000 women ( Therefore the risk of vaccination is five-fold greater than the risk of remaining unvaccinated. The choice to vaccinate or not should remain just that: a choice.

      • Gerry Subban

        Yes, context is indeed everything. Saying that “the risk of vaccination is five-fold greater than the risk of remaining unvaccinated” is an obvious example of throwing context out the window. When over 90% of the risk associated with the vaccine is minor reactions like pain, swelling and fever, that is hardly comparable to the risk of cervical cancer, which is FATAL 40% of the time.

        Shame on you.

        • Lou

          “When over 90% of the risk associated with the vaccine is minor reactions like pain, swelling and fever”

          The problem with this statement is you are ASSUMING we know or acknowledge ALL t he risks of “vaccination”. Those of us who have studied “vaccination” know MOST of the “vaccination” risks remain hidden from the general population.

          A few quotes should give a HINT at what remains hidden in “vaccine” risks.

          “The existing studies, kept on thousands of children for more than 30 years in the tiny West African country of Guinea-Bissau, include over 1 million documents on unexpected vaccine adverse events. Some of the most disturbing records refer to deaths in conjunction with the DTP and MMR vaccines. A single dose of DTP vaccine not only doubled the mortality rate in infants, but more than quadruped the rate after the second and third DTP doses.” Doctor Joseph Mercola MD

          “What was a bit surprising when we looked at some of the data from Canada and Hong Kong in the last year is that people who have been vaccinated in 2008 with the seasonal or ordinary vaccine seemed to have twice the risk of getting swine flu compared to the people who hadn’t received that vaccine,” Professor Peter Collignon

          “This is the second independent study to back up Dr Wakefield. In 2001 John O’Leary, Professor of Pathology at St James’s Hospital and Trinity College, Dublin, replicated his findings. This new study confirms what we found in British children and again with Professor O’Leary. The only exposure these children have had to measles is through the MMR vaccine. ‘They were developing normally until they regressed. They now suffer autism and bowel disease.” The Great MMR Deadly Scam

          “A remarkable study published in the Cochrane Library found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate. The authors stated that the only ones showing benefit were industry-funded. They also pointed out that the industry-funded studies were more likely to be published in the most prestigious journals…and one more thing: They found cases of severe harm caused by the vaccines, in spite of inadequate reporting of adverse effects.” NO value in any influenza vaccine

          In Oman between 1988 and 1989, a polio outbreak occurred amongst thousands of fully vaccinated children. The region with the highest attack rate had the highest vaccine coverage. The region with the lowest attack rate had the lowest vaccine coverage. The Lancet, 21/9/91

          In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk, who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961.” Science 4/4/77 Abstracts

          “In New Delhi, India, prior to 2000, ASD/PDD (autism spectrum disorder/pervasive developmental disorder) symptoms were rare – typically only occurring in children who were vaccinated abroad. However, after the Indian pediatricians began recommending, in 2000, the addition of triple-dose Thimerosal-preserved Hib (Haemophilis influenza B) and Hep B (hepatitis B) vaccination programs to the existing Thimerosal-preserved triple dose DTP (diphtheria toxin, tetanus toxin and pertussis toxins) vaccination program recommended by the Government of India, the incidence of a childhood ASD/PDD diagnosis increased to 2 % to 4 % of vaccinated New Delhi children.” Doctor Paul King PhD

          “Pure thimerosal is toxic at the low nanomolar level – an extremely low concentration, about 10,000 times less than the thimerosal concentration found in most vaccines.” Doctor J. Curtis Pendergrass and Doctor Boyd Haley Kentucky University

          “20,000,000 died of that 1918 flu epidemic, worldwide, and it seemed to be almost universal or as far away as the vaccinations reached. Greece and a few other countries which did not accept the vaccines were the only ones which were not hit by the flu. Doesn’t that prove something?” 1918 Pandemic was Man Made

          The more you study “vaccination” the sicker you grow in the pit of your stomach. One day you wake up and decide to stop being sick and start FIGHTING.

      • Lou

        “The rate of adverse reactions to the Gardasil vaccine is about 150 adverse events for every 100,000 people vaccinated.”

        This is the reported OVERT rate. Doctor Andrew Moulden MD PhD makes a good case that EVERY “vaccination” causes ischemia. Most of the time the damage is not palpable but it EXISTS. Each child, juvenile and adult reacts differently to this damage. Doctor Hugh Fundenberg states that in his experience those seniors who receive the totally useless toxic “seasonal flu vaccination” four out of five years are ten times more likely to contract Alzheimer’s Disease.

        ALL vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages – to all – creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances…death. The injury from vaccination is additive, each vaccination further injures.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

        “Vaccination mankind’s greatest sin can no longer be tolerated only abolished. We have reached a new era of understanding if we do not commit to a new means of treating infectious diseases Armageddon is at our doorstep.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

        Derailing microscopic blood flow is the key to many diseases. Every vaccination from infantry to adulthood causes the same damages in you weather you receive a diagnostic label or not the damages are additive. Mothers being vaccinated have fetuses or breast feeding infants showing the same damages leading to autism within hours.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

        Each vaccination is causing silent strokes in EVERYBODY. Stop vaccinating these children.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD PhD

        “When you impair the brain blood flow by vaccination you can impair the respiration control center which can result in death, we call it SIDS.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

        “You are completely free to carry out whatever research you want as long as you come to these conclusions.” NIH, Note only barely a joke. Doctor Moulden started out wanting to do research on vaccine safety. LOL!

        “If you do not know the cause in basic physiology of what you are treating some times you may put water onto an electrical fire and make things worse. Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

      • Scott Smith

        My first wife died from cervical cancer. For her, the chances were 1 in 1. If she could have gotten the vaccine when she was a teenager she might still be with me today.

    • Lou


      Do you have evidence that Gardasil will save lives? Why do you repeat this canard? Do you trust the CDC to tell us the truth? Do you trust Merck to tell us the truth. Do you trust ANY politician to tell us the truth? Please trust YOURSELF and LEARN the truth about this very toxic “vaccine”.

      Merck’s efficacy trials for Gardasil only showed it suppressed the target virus. The testing did NOT show any effect on preventing cancer of any sort. There is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence Gardasil prevents any cancer. In fact since Gardasil contains polysorbate 80 a PROVEN carcinogen we have evidence Gardasil CAUSES cancer.

      All the evidence I have seen shows me Gardasil will COST lives and health; just like most “vaccines”.

      “My daughter went from a varsity lacrosse player at Choate to a chronically ill, steroid-dependent patient with autoimmune myofasciitis. I’ve had to ask myself why I let my eldest of three daughters get an unproven vaccine against a few strains of a nonlethal virus that can be dealt with in more effective ways.” Doctor Ratner says she’d have been better off getting cervical cancer than the vaccination, Note you can bet Doctor Ratner will be put to death before her other two girls are forced to get this poison

      ”Can the Gardasil itself cause cancer? That’s a fair question – we’re talking about a vaccine that they’re claiming prevents cancer by imitating a pathogen that itself causes cancer, right? So wouldn’t we want to be fairly secure that this vaccine wouldn’t cause cancer? Here’s what the manufacturer states: Gardasil … “… not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or impairment of fertility ([1] p1986 “). Wonderful. They want to vaccinate all American 12 year olds with a vaccine for cancer and they don’t even know for sure whether or not it causes cancer, or makes the recipients infertile. Yeah, sign my kid up for that one.” The Doctor Within

      “It is therefore realistic to suspect that Gardasil is associated with between 177,000 and 1.7 million adverse effects among vaccinated American girls and young women.” Will Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine be its Next Vioxx?

      “Christina England, a journalist monitoring the politics and science of the HPV vaccines, relates the case of an employee at a large hospital who commented on the 1,000-plus girls who are manifesting psychotic symptoms for no apparent reason other than being vaccinated with Gardasil.” Will Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine be its Next Vioxx?

      “Otherwise pro-Big Pharma Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) printed an article in 2009 stating, “the rate of serious adverse events [of Gardasil] is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer.” Given the high prestige of JAMA, this alone should be a sufficient warning to avoid HPV vaccines at any cost.” Will Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine be its Next Vioxx?

      “If you have been exposed to HPV 16 or 18 prior to injection and take the Gardasil vaccine, you increase your risk of precancerous lesions, or worse, by 44.6%. Merck’s research is indicating that Gardasil may also ‘provide cross-protection’ against other strains of HPV that are closely related to HPV 16 and 18. (see this article on Medpage Today) This means prior exposure to these additional strains may pose an increased risk for cervical cancer also, if combined with vaccination.” HFA

      “Women who used multivitamins had a 79% lower risk of cervical dysplasia 2/3 than those who did not use them.” Life Extension, Note cervical dysplasia often precedes cervical cancer

      “Doctor Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.” Note when asked why she was coming forward with this startling information Doctor Harper stated “I have to be able to sleep with myself”

      “The vaccines did not cause autism or childhood developmental diseases but the damages were occurring after every vaccination finally Gardasil broke the camels back. You are all being harmed, it is additive, it is summative, it is cumulative.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

      “Gardasil, Merck’s horrifically bad HPV vaccine being pushed on little girls around the world, has been linked to 16 more deaths — including four suicides — and thousands of other terrifying side effects. Court ordered FDA papers revealed 3,589 new cases of adverse events since May 2009 after Gardasil vaccinations, including 789 “serious” cases, 213 that led to permanent disability, and 25 diagnoses of the debilitating and paralyzing nervous system disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome.” Doctor William Douglass MD

      • Gerry Subban

        “In fact since Gardasil contains polysorbate 80 a PROVEN carcinogen we have evidence Gardasil CAUSES cancer.”

        Really? According to UC Berkley’s Carcinogen Potency Database, Polysorbate 80 isn’t carcinogenic, it’s not even mutagenic.

        “the rate of serious adverse events [of Gardasil] is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer.”

        I cannot find that quote in any of the three JAMA artciles dedicated to Gardisil in the Aug 19, 2009 issue of JAMA. Lots of references to that quote from a fellow who attended a talk on the subject. Can you give a full citation?

  • Pat Williams

    Vaccines have always been problematic. Denials abound. No vaccine is 100% safe. Decisions need to be made based on the degree of safety and the consequences of not vaccinating. That can be a tough call. When medical decisions are biased and the defenses are biased by an overriding profit motive, as is the case in the US, it ought to be unacceptable.

  • Gail S.

    Parents’ rights over their 12 yr old ought to trump any politician’s opinion on medical options. That is where Perry failed. Makes me doubt his small-government principals. Why didn’t he think that was none of his business? What will he push as President? Even so, Perry isn’t as important as our daughters. Bottom line: If in that “tiny” percentage of death/serious side effects, it was YOUR daughter – would you still advise others to vaccinate their girls? And there hasn’t been enough time for statistics on long-term side effects. Too many drugs recalled as trusting Americans were the Guinea Pigs for pharmaceuticals.

  • Wayne

    How does the adverse reaction rate compare with other vaccenes or a placebo shot? Here the serious reaction is reported as 1 in 23,300 but to quote the CDC
    “VAERS data cannot be used to prove a causal association between the vaccine and the adverse event. The only association between the adverse event and vaccination is temporal, meaning that the adverse event occurred sometime after vaccination.”

  • A Nation of Sheep……a very good book. Or shall we say,”An Unconscious Nation of Sheep?”

  • Harlan Sanders

    You’re both wrong. In your article when you quote the statistic, you say that 8% experience side effects including redness, itching, … death, neurlogical disorder. In order not to be ethically obscene in your case, you need to say 7.9% experience side effects including redness… and .1% (or whatever the number is) experience neurlogical disorder, blood clots, death. Lumping the symptoms together as one statistic is misleading and makes it sound like the FDA approved a medicine that kills 8 out of 100 patients who take it.

    There are definitely serious issues with how pharmaceuticals behave and lobby.

  • Jacques

    This article is conflating two very different things: One is the results of medical studies studies on the vaccine, the other is the data collected via The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) by the CDC. No medical studies have shown the HPV vaccine to lead to any serious side effect, therefore noone is lying when they report this. The VAERS data from the CDC, however, do show that,1,607 out of 20,096 people reported serious adverse events after taking the vaccine. Does this mean that the vaccine CAUSED these problems, as this article seems to imply? NO. The CDC very clearly explains that the “VAERS data cannot be used to prove a causal association between the vaccine and the adverse event. The only association between the adverse event and vaccination is temporal, meaning that the adverse event occurred sometime after vaccination. Therefore, the adverse event may be coincidental or it may have been caused by vaccination, however we cannot make any conclusions that the events reported to VAERS were caused by the vaccine.” So please take the time to do some homework before you start scaring people away from potentially life-saving medication, ok?