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…cases, these contributions are hundreds of thousands of dollars—and in some cases, over a million. Parent Company/Donation Brands/Products Abbott Nutrition: $3,918 Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, EAS, EleCare, Jevity, Metabolic, Nepro, Optimental,…

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…looking for the most up-to-date dietary advice, it would be best to look elsewhere, such as advisors certified by the Board of Nutrition Specialists, integrative doctors, including four-year trained Naturopaths….

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…which has programs in naturopathic medicine as well as acupuncture and oriental medicine, nutrition, herbal sciences, midwifery, and many other natural healthcare programs. Dr. Pizzorno’s book is The Toxin Solution:…

Real Not Phony Food

…salad dressings and pancake syrup, Glytrol (“complete nutrition support for patients with hyperglycemia”), Nutrisource frozen egg products, and Resource sugar-free puddings and desserts, mainly for hospitals. So there is no…


…Responsible Nutrition, the American Herbal Products Association, and the Natural Products Association. ANH-USA recently published a list of nutritional supplement companies known for their extremely high manufacturing standards, careful testing,…

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