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September 16th, 2014: Congressional Committee Says FDA Is Overstepping Its Jurisdiction

A powerful subcommittee says a new FDA proposal on medical testing will stifle innovation and may not be legal. Action Alert!

September 16th, 2014: FDA Approves Controversial Diet Drug Despite Warning of Suicide Risk

Contrave has terrible side effects, is expensive, includes a hidden antidepressant, and barely even works. So why did the FDA approve it?

September 9th, 2014: Do Antibiotics Contribute to Mercury Poisoning?

Scientists are no longer even sure how antibiotics work. We have the latest research.

September 9th, 2014: Readers Suggest More Integrative Physicians for Our Online Guide

How could we have left out naturopathic physicians, readers wondered? We wonder ourselves. Here’s an update.

September 9th, 2014: Which Supplement Companies Do the Experts Swear By?

First we asked our trusted natural health doctors and integrative physicians about supplement brands they recommend. We then added to the list based on our staff and board experience.

September 2nd, 2014: Nutritionists Excluded in New Federal Bill

A new Senate bill introduced last week by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) called the “Older Americans CARE Act” provides funding for programs that support the elderly. The bill states that those services can be provided by “a nurse, registered dietitian, case manager, health coach, or social worker.” As introduced, “nutritionist” is not included in that list. However, after being made aware of the oversight, Sen. Merkley’s office has vowed to add nutritionists when the bill is reintroduced next year.

September 2nd, 2014: Ebola: WHO Turns To Experimental Drugs, But Not Proven Natural Remedies

Could some of the world’s oldest antivirals stop the spread of this deadly disease?

September 2nd, 2014: Crispy, Golden…and Potentially Dangerous!

Grass-fed, organic, free-range. But are you undermining those benefits with the way you cook your food?

August 26th, 2014: GMOs: Respected Analyst Says They Could Destroy Life on the Planet

Invoking the risk of famine as a justification for GMOs is “a deceitful strategy, no different from…Russian roulette,” according to the report. Action Alert!

August 26th, 2014: Autism-Vaccine Cover-up Snowballs as Whistleblower’s Identity is Revealed—LATEST UPDATES

Rumors are swirling as the world learns of the government’s deception. Here’s what we know for sure.


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With hundreds of thousands of seasonal flu-related complications, more than 35,000 deaths, and countless more expected this season, ANH-USA asks the obvious question: What is the government doing about it? The answer: Not much!

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The aim of this campaign is to protect access to functional foods and supplements by preventing attempts to over-regulate them in a manner similar to drugs.

Stop Censoring Medical Science

The aim of this campaign is to protect free speech about medical science and promote the spread of factual information about natural health.

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The aim of this campaign is to promote safe, high-quality food through meaningful organic standards, sanitary and humane agricultural practices, and unfettered consumer access to raw and natural foods.

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