A New Federal Vaccine Plan—and a Bad State Bill

September 6, 2011
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Vaccine state billsThe crony capitalism in vaccines just gets worse. And don’t expect any help from so-called small government candidate Gov. Rick Perry. A state-
based action alert!

The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has unveiled a new roadmap for increased vaccination and immunization for the 21st century, the National Vaccine Plan or NVP. It calls for new vaccines, at a time when children already get far too many vaccinations, especially when given all at once and at too young an age.

Why are the vaccines piled on top of each other in one doctor visit? Because the medical establishment is afraid to ask parents to bring their children back over and over again. So for reasons of “compliance” and “convenience” the child’s immune system  is assaulted all at once.

As we have pointed out, HHS would have more credibility if the government had not entered the vaccine business itself as a partner of major drug companies. Much of the funding for new vaccine facilities as well as new vaccines  is coming from the government itself; the government then legally requires parents to “consume” more and more of these products for their children.

This is a bailout for the drug industry, which is  financially ailing at the moment. It is crony capitalism at its worst, and it directly affects the most vulnerable population of all, our children.

Just before the NVP was unveiled, the Institute of Medicine released its first comprehensive safety review of vaccines in seventeen years. This was not a coincidence, of course. Predictably, the IOM said that vaccines can cause “certain side effects,” but serious ones appear to be “very rare”—with no link to autism.

Conspicuously, the evidence provided by around 5,000 families who had submitted cases to the US vaccine court claiming their children had developed autism following exposure to the MMR vaccine was quietly disposed of, the report indicating that the MMR/autism link “favors rejection.”

The report also avoided dealing with the case of ten-year-old Bailey Banks, which in 2007 proved a link between his MMR vaccine, a seizure sixteen days later, the subsequent development of “Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Not Otherwise Specified)” which the court—fully aware of the potential financial consequences for the vaccine industry—decided  was not an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The fact remains that anyone observing Bailey would, from the medical records given in the case,  be unable to distinguish Bailey’s symptoms from other kids who had been diagnosed with ASD. This was simply another cover-up.

Despite the claim that vaccines are “generally safe,” even the IOM found convincing evidence of fainting, fever-triggered seizures, anaphylactic shock, a rare form of brain inflammation, shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis, or, in the case of the chicken pox vaccine, chicken pox! There is no mention in the report of mercury in the flu vaccines, even in children’s shots or nasal inoculations, or the evidence that some vaccines do more harm than good. All this  suggests that the report is just another example of whitewashing for pharmaceutical interests.

(Keep in mind that the IOM is the agency that Senator Durbin would like to do the risk assessment on supplements and mandate labels—despite drug company money flowing to some scientists relied on by IOM, not to mention their abysmal lack of knowledge about supplements.)

One of the New Vaccine Plan’s objectives is to increase routine vaccination coverage levels for adolescents. For example, they want girls to have received three doses of human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) by age 13 to 15 as means of preventing cervical cancer. This sounds reasonable until you realize of the 100 different types of HPV, only fifteen might someday develop into cancer; moreover, the Journal of the American Medical Association says the relationship between infection with HPV at a young age and later development of cancer is unknown. Of those fifteen potential cancer-causing strains, the vaccine targets only two: HPV-16 and HPV-18. In other words, the vaccine will have no effect on 87% of the HPV viruses that might potentially cause cancer, and the causal link between HPV and cervical cancer is far from definitive.

On top of the shocking lack of proof of the vaccine’s effectiveness are the mounting number of reports of “adverse reactions” from it. Dr. Diane Harper, lead developer of Gardasil®, one of the HPV vaccines, has stated that the HPV vaccine is associated with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and has resulted in deaths. And she actually questions the effectiveness of the vaccine, and says, “Please push for full disclosure in consent forms so that parents and potential vaccinated persons can weigh the benefits and risks of the HPV vaccination from their own perspective.”

The HPV vaccine was approved by the FDA and was recommended by the CDC in 2006. In January of this year, the head of the CDC since 2006, Dr Julie Gerberding, resigned to become president of the Merck vaccine division, which makes Gardasil. In the meantime, legislators in at least 41 states and the District of Columbia have introduced legislation to require inoculation with, fund, or educate the public about HPV. Fortunately, many of the bills have not passed.

In 2007, Texas governor Rick Perry mandated the HPV vaccine by executive order—an unusual action from a presidential candidate who says he is against big government. It was noted at the time that he had received campaign support from drug interests.

When Perry more recently received spinal fusion and nerve decompression surgery to treat a recurring injury, he underwent an experimental injection of his own stem cells, a therapy that isn’t FDA approved, has mixed evidence of success, and can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Perry’s chief of staff said, “He feels [it] is certainly his right to determine the best course of treatment for him.” If so, why would he require HPV vaccines for young girls against their and their parents’ wishes? Does health freedom work for him but not others? Thankfully, Texas legislators passed a bill overriding the executive order, and Perry withheld his veto.

Unfortunately, Virginia now mandates the HPV vaccine for girls on or after their 11th birthday, and Washington, DC, mandates that all girls enrolling in 6th grade for the first time receive the HPV vaccine. Both jurisdictions have opt-out provisions, since HPV is not communicable in a school setting. Opt-out provisions are good, but they’re not enough. Many parents do not know their rights, are not educated about the relative dangers of the HPV or about the vaccine against it, or are scared or pressured into making their child take the vaccination anyway.

There is an HPV bill pending in New York. If you’re a New York resident, please contact your legislators immediately and stand up for parental freedom of choice in vaccines. People should be able to choose whether to vaccinate their children or not, and to make that choice on a case-by-case basis. New York’s bill, for example, doesn’t offer an option to opt out of just the HPV vaccine—you have to opt out of all vaccines through a philosophical exemption. This is especially galling to parents who feel that some vaccines are safe while others are dangerous, and would like to be selective in their choices.

In New York, AB 699 requires that all children born after January 1, 1996, be vaccinated against HPV (in addition to the already mandated vaccines against polio, mumps, measles, diphtheria, rubella, chicken pox, meningitis, pertussis, tetanus, pneumococcal disease, and hepatitis B). New York residents, take action now!

23 Responses to “A New Federal Vaccine Plan—and a Bad State Bill”

  1. Lou says:

    “I sure hope the FDA does what it is supposed to do to clean up this vaccine.”

    I am afraid there is no way to “clean up” a vaccine.

    The human body was not designed to by pass all its defenses by injecting toxins into a blood stream or into blood saturated deep muscle tissue. To do so violates all logic and common sense medical practice. And to perform this insanity without even proof of efficacy in preventing or mitigating disease is the height of non rational behavior. Clearly the “Medical Industry” has sold its soul to the vaccine peddlers and their depopulation political bosses.

    There are some 300 or so new “vaccines” in the pipeline clearly we are to be slaughtered like cattle being rendered into meat. We wake up or die. Literally!



  2. mark says:

    I like to see all there daughters at the front of the line****


  3. Lisa, RN says:

    In nursing school, we are told to promote breast feeding since a newborn has an imature immune system and are unable to develop antibodies until they are older. Mother’s milk provides these antibodies until the baby develops a functioning imune system. Why then does the medical establishment push for vaccinating newborns at a time when they are unable to produce antibodies? Is that not the whole purpose of vaccination? Think off all the babies born in the US in one day and all those wasted vaccines. The only conclusion that is possibly drawn is $$$ and lots of it.

    Also, research Simian Virus 40 that was discovered in vaccines before 1965 and its link to cancer. The government is so concern with the HP virus but it ignores SM -40.

    Also, it is correct that the manufacturers of drug companies are protected from lawsuits. NJ established a fund that takes $.75 from all vaccines. People affected by vaccines may file a claim against this fund. Time is extremely limited and it certainly is not discussed at the time of vaccination. My guess is because then most parents would opt out.


  4. Shelley says:

    What I want to know is, how did Rick Perry get in that conversation??? He has absolutely no federal power or authority whatsoever.

    This is all Kathleen Sebelius of HHS. An unelected member of the Obama Administration who has, not just power, but a whole lot of power, and is not answerable to anyone but the president. And I did note that article did not contain her name whatsoever, nor did it point out the name of the person who gave her the authority to do this and that is the president.

    I understand the author’s issue here and agree, but I think it’s a disgrace and disingenuous at best, to not point out who is actually responsible for this wrong. And not only did the author not point that out, instead they chose to throw stones at a man who has no power, authority, or say over the HHS or any other part of the federal government whatsoever.


  5. Gloria Jones says:

    I think people should have the right to choose what they feel is right for them and their children. Our political system is all about money, the bulk of which goes into the pockets of the politicians and does not bode well for the welfare of the masses. The same goes for the big pharmacy companies and the insurance companies who annually reap in a harvest of big bucks while the less fortunate become even worse off than before. What this nation needs to do is protect the elderly, the disabled, the poor, and the children, instead of letting the uneducated politicians keep giving themselves raises and other perks. This has to stop, or there will eventually be uprisings as seen in the Middle East contries. I can’t believe what’s happening in the United States, once a respected nation, and now one to be pitied and ridiculed by countries who put their citizens first. That’s the way it used to be here, but unfortunately, not any more.


  6. michelle says:

    No one is suggesting we deprive anyone of any vaccination or any other medication for that matter. What we do want is more information and the OPTION to opt out.
    As far as the ability of the immune system, are you talking about the adult immue system? I’m sure you understand that a child (especially an infant) has yet to develope the immunity that we enjoy as adults. Incidentally, from what I understand, the unnatural immunity we recieve from shots is different from what we recieve the old-fashioned way. Not that I’m totally anti-vaccine, obviously some vaccines, like polio, have saved whole populations. I think we need to be careful though cause I’ve read about a doctor volunteering in Africa who personally witnessed the differences in results when vaccines were administered in differing orders. He even commented on the differences in reactions between boys and girls. I think anyone that has an all or nothing attitude should do their research. I know that the medical community is trying to help keep us healthy, but they don’t know everything and for some of them (not all,) their egos get in the way of them admitting this.


  7. I dont ever remember anyone coming down with Measels,Mumps and Rubella at the same time.Children are born more or less sterile,they are supposed to be inoculated at birth with the mothers bacteria via the birth canal. Also in a natural setting these diseases pass thru the digestive tract,or lungs,they are not injected directly into the blood stream in combination with all the other junk added to vaccines,everything from mercury,aluminum,proplyne glycol and alot of other contaminates such as human and animal DNA. I feel that this is more of a complete fact. The immune system at birth is under-developed.No child deserves to be innoculated with Hepatitis at birth when for one,the mother doesnt have it and two the child isnt sexually active-what Idiotic reasoning.


  8. Sara Jane Conway RN BSN says:

    Until there is evidence of the actual & efficacy of all these vaccines or an actual outbreak of the “vaccine preventable” diseases…the government & “Big Pharma” needs to stay the hell out of my right to choose what is healthy for me & my children. It is so obvious that the government & “Big Pharma” are out to make billions off our nation’s declining health…all ushered in by the pushing of an ineffectual & dangerous vaccine program & the threat to our accees to nutritional supplements. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


  9. Steven Bolting says:

    It really makes me angry when politicians pass laws that force parents to injure their own children just to profit and protect big pharmaceutical companies. Our government is suppose to be serving the people and giving us freedom to make informed choices for our good, not conceal information and uses the courts to protect campaign contributors and lobbyists.


  10. Suzanne Conner says:

    The same people complaining about requiring healthcare insurance in the new healthcare law are in favor or mandated immunizations, ultrasound for pregnancy before abortion, outlawing abortion,etc. All of these require money to be spent by Americans. It is hypocracy on the part of people who complain that goverment intrudes into our lives. Who appointed them masters of ourr own bodies??? NO ONE!!!


    • Steven Bolting says:

      The financial issue is not as significant as working to save babies from death. We cannot keep killing our posterity for convenience, and expect no consequences. Actually these people you described are not from the same groups.


  11. Jon Rohde, MD says:

    What an unfortunate and misinformed diatribe. Your immune system is capable of responding to dozens of antigens simultaneously. the idea of overload is a misconstrued concept. the association of Autism with vaccines has been disproved in numerous studies. it IS associated with sunrise – virtually 100% of children with autism came down with it within a day of the sun rising – therefore….

    HPV 16 and 18 account for 70% of cervical Ca in the US and up to 85% world wide – how could you possibly deprive a girl of a chance to avoid this horrible cancer?

    your misinformation is a great disservice to the public who mistakenly believes your distorted views


    • k.stoute says:

      oh my god. I hope you are not a pediatrician. Yes, our body does have the ability to handle many antigens but any intelligent person should know there is and must be a limit to what our body can handle. As far as that sunrise crap that pseudo science is trying to cram down our throats, I would be interested to know, is there a high number of people having autism in tropical places like Africa, Caribbean, Hawaii etc?. I googled the sunrise and autism connection and so far cannot find an article on the connection.

      The sun has been rising for thousands of years, why is it suddenly a problem for some of us? especially Americans at an alarming rate compare to other countries(countries with fewer vaccines). No wonder kids are being vaccinated like crazy because there are doctors that actually believe the sunrise and other crap are responsible for diseases associated with vaccines but the vaccine themselves. Parents please check the intelligent levels of the doctors out there before putting your children health in their hands.


      • chrysalis says:

        i believe the sunrise causation mentioned by the MD above was meant to be a comedic analogy to prove a point. honestly, i haven’t looked that up myself to see if anything based in reality. my assumption is it is not. in that case, perhaps it is you who needs to consider your intelligence in the matter.
        i am not a die hard proponent of vaccines either. however, I really like it if people are going to speak out against something to make sure they are also checking their facts. and if they haven’t , to be open about their true knowledge level on the matter.


  12. rita Butler says:

    I just read a history of the small pox vaccine in North and South America. When Europeans first came to the “new world” native people had no immunity at all to small pox. So they were being wiped out. They used cow pox on live children to innoculate the population using a lance and it worked! They had to keep the vaccine alive by passing it from one carrier to another as they had no way preserving it.
    So this vaccine was true life saver. Unfortunately, the carrier system was underminded by wars.

    On the other hand, the multi shots, and vaccines like the HPV and flu vaccines are pure scams which do far more harm than good.
    It is infuriating the way so many law makers buy the drug company propaganda and are forcing these substances on helpless infants and children. This is a violation of our rights and our bodies.


    • Shelley says:

      Law makers are not buying drug company propoganda. They’re buying their votes. And their getting money in the form of campaign contributions in return for the money they give drug companies for crap like this.


  13. Robyn McGill says:

    In the above article, this statement may be incorrect: “New York’s bill, for example, doesn’t offer an option to opt out of just the HPV vaccine—you have to opt out of all vaccines through a philosophical exemption.”

    I believe that the state of New York only allows a medical or religious exemption.


  14. After reading this article, I felt that since you used Gov. Perry’s executive order about the HPV vaccine, and then the fact that he made a choice to use an experimental drug created a political statement against Gov. Perry. I resent the fact that you are injecting political rhetoric in your statements. I found it unnecessary and insulting to Gov. Perry without hearing his side of the story and the possibility that he might have realized later that it was not a good idea, especially since he did not veto the overriding bill that was passed to negate the executive order. I certainly will look into his association with drug companies as I will anybody else that is running for office in Washington D.C. since I don’t like the fact our government seems to be in bed with the pharmaceutical giants—-Democrats and Republicans included!


    • Maybe his decision was mixed with the other believes of the Boy Scouts being a gay organization and social security being a ponzy scheme,perhaps he is just confused about goverments right to mandate control over our own bodies.


  15. Raven Heart says:

    Virginia also mandates the HPV vaccine. People are woefully ignorant.


  16. susan campbell-webster says:

    Thank you for your work. I greatly appreciate the information that you provide.


  17. This is all well thought out and points out the dangers of mandating a very dangerous procedure, one that shows up daily in illness in the animal world: vaccination. What might be of even more interest is that, the vaccine manufacturers, with their link to the legislative world, have managed to free themselves of all fiscal responsibility for damage done by their vaccines!!
    If there is one risk factor to minimize or eliminate entirely in the quest of raising healthy youngsters (of any species!), it is vaccinations. We in homeopathic veterinary medicine see significant illness brought about by vaccinations frequently, and it’s not until we address this illness with specific medicines to counter “vaccinosis” (a hundred year old, very useful term), that we can begin to make our patients healthy again.
    Children are our future, folks. Their parents need to have choices in this very big decision to vaccinate or not. Governments are not fit to make that decision, especially when there is so much money involved.


  18. Beth says:

    Actually, it is Virginia (not West Virginia) that carries the HPV vaccine mandate along with Washington, D.C.. If West Virginia carried an HPV vaccine mandate you can be assured there would be no opt out at all, as they only allow for medical exemptions to vaccines in WV (not religious or philosophical exemptions). Best of luck to all of us to maintain our bodily integrity. Gardasil vaccines are contaminated with charred plastic shrink wrap and with HPV recombinant DNA. I sure hope the FDA does what it is supposed to do to clean up this vaccine.


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