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More news about HPV vaccine


In a previous Pulse issue, we reported on how Gardasil, the vaccine created and marketed by Merck, is causing one death per month and numerous, serious reactions according to a recent FDA report.  (Click here for the article.)

Now Dr. Mercola’s natural health newsletter picks up the story, highlighting how 13 year old Jenny Tetlock was vaccinated against the HPV virus, and is now nearly completely paralyzed.  Dr. Mercola details the facts about Gardasil, the truth about HPV, and the statistics of cervical cancer.  It’s an eye-opening article and is a must read for the health freedom community or anyone considering the vaccine. Click here to read the full article.

  • Arda Madeley

    HPV – YES – it is very dangerous and new information says it causes warts, cancer in young men and heart disease in women……BUT……..this is something NONE OF THEM KNOW.

    Enviromate, Inc – check out their web site – they sell a natural supplement called Terratol. ALL natural – ALL holistic – NO side effects. It’s sold to doctors treating HPV as well as other diseases/problems and it will cure/kill/whatever the HPV virus in 60 to 90 days………

    Doesn’t kill the virus – but it prevents it from replicating and if it can’t “reproduce” it dies out. Women’s Health Center in Fort Worth has been using it for several years for it’s patients.

    No one evidently is aware of it. Clinicals are going on at Texas Tech University………..

    It also does the same thing for swine flu – no matter which strain it is. You’ll have to talk to CEO/President/Owner to get all the details, but………if you don’t want the vaccine, and as an RN I am afraid of most of the vaccines pushed on us by pharmaceutical companies before they are really tested – Terratol will take care of it.


    • Amy

      What Terratol Product is it? I noticed they have a few different products