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Green Medicine

What is Green Medicine?

Green Medicine is a monthly newsletter, available in print and digital formats, that provides subscribers with the very best and latest research and advice from one of the pioneers of natural medical protocols, Jonathan V. Wright MD. For anyone interested in treating disease using natural modalities or those looking to maintain health using a diet-based approach, Green Medicine will give you the information you need to take control of your health—naturally. If you are not yet a subscriber to Green Medicine, become a supporter of ANH-USA and begin receiving this monthly, life changing publication.

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About Jonathan V. Wright, MD

A Harvard University (1965) and University of Michigan Medical School graduate (1969), Jonathan V. Wright was awarded an honorary N.D. by Bastyr University (1993). He is a pioneer in research and application of natural treatments for health problems not requiring surgery, and in the theory and use of natural means to promote healthy aging. More...