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Updates From The States


GMO Updates from the States

Despite the fact that over 90% of the population wants products with GMOs to be labeled, only a handful of states have passed GMO labeling laws. Twenty-eight states have introduced legislation, but most never make it to a vote. In several states, biotech has spent millions to defeat labeling legislation. This is a map reflecting what each state is doing in regards to GMO labeling.

What’s going on in your state? Join the fight.

Nationally, two competing bills are being debated. A national mandatory GMO labeling law (H.R. 1699) sponsored by Barbara Boxer (D-CA) would require that products containing GMOs be labeled across the US. We fully support this bill.

A competing bill put forth by Mike Pompeo (R-KS), known as the DARK Act and sponsored by Monsanto and the GMA calls for a voluntary national labeling standard. This bill would destroy all state level laws that have passed or are pending. OPPOSE THIS BILL!