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Since its inception the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded over $3 billion to those affected by vaccine injury. So, how can anyone claim that vaccines are completely safe?

There is general consensus that vaccines serve a useful role in combatting disease, but serious questions remain about the absolute safety of specific vaccines and the various ingredients that they contain, such as their use of heavy metals and other adjuvants. The federal government maintains a website that allows people to report adverse reactions to vaccines. The Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Despite these facts, states continue to march toward making vaccines universally required for all children.

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California’s recently enacted law, SB 277, is a prime example of how media frenzy and misinformation has led to a disregard for the principles of Informed Consent and the role that parents play in managing their children’s health choices.

ANH recently published the following OpEd in The Hill:

Last summer, California passed SB 277, which eliminated all non-medical exemptions to vaccinations for children attending private or public schools. This ill-advised law and the vaccine schedule it promotes threaten to mandate childhood doses of a dangerous heavy metal.

The rationale offered by the bill’s supporters echoed what we are so often told in the news—that the scientific community is “nearly unanimous” in its determination that vaccines are safe. To question anything vaccine-related has become akin to questioning the roundness of the Earth. This view makes rational debate extremely difficult.

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