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Our online action center is easy to use, we have petitions and alerts set up that allow you to contact your Senators and Representatives directly and tell them that you want sustainable health and you value your right to choose.

Protect Vaccine Choice in Vermont

Vermont law allows parents and guardians to choose whether to vaccinate their children or not based on personal beliefs. Two pending bills in the Vermont legislature, H. 527 and companion bill S. 199, will take away this choice. Parents, not the government, should have the right to choose whether to vaccinate their children. Please contact your state legislators and express your strong opposition to these bills!

Tell Congress to Oppose the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act

The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act has been introduced in the Senate. The bill instead targets supplements and supplement manufacturers, exploiting a hot-button food issue to try to pass more regulation for dietary supplements. Moreover, almost all of its provisions are already covered by existing law. There is no need for any new legislation; the only need is for existing laws to be fully enforced.

Tell Congress the Draft Guidance on NDIs is Bad for Consumers

The FDA issued draft guidance for complying with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols. This guidance will create such huge barriers for supplement manufacturers that it will be much more difficult and expensive to produce them. But of course, that means consumers would either have to pay much more for nutritional supplements, or else risk not being able to buy them at all if the manufacturer deems them too expensive to produce.

Maryland Residents: Tell Then to Make Smart Meters Optional!

Prince George’s County, the city of Takoma Park, and the entire region serviced by Baltimore Gas and Electric are moving forward with the installation of smart meters—radio frequency controlled meters that, according to many reports, damage people’s health, and which leave residents vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers. We are asking Maryland residents to write to the Maryland Public Service Commission and to their state senators and delegate, and ask them to mandate an opt-out provision so that citizens will not have to bear the possibly carcinogenic effects of smart meters without their knowledge and consent.

Tell FDA to Stop Listening to Big Food Interests on the “Gluten-Free” Definition

In 2004, Congress directed the US Food and Drug Administration to establish a uniform definition for “gluten free” for food companies that want to claim that designation for their products. Congress set a deadline of 2008, but now, three years later, nothing has been finalized. Instead, the FDA has been asking experts and analyzing “various technical issues,” when they should simply adopt the international standard of 20 parts per million.

Tell Congress to Permit Interstate Commerce of Unpasteurized Dairy Products

Representative Ron Paul introduced legislation that allows the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines. This legislation removes an unconstitutional restraint on farmers who wish to sell or otherwise distribute—and people who wish to consume—raw milk and milk products.

Tell the FDA to Warn Consumers about Antidepressants and Violence!

The FDA has approved a reformulated version of Prozac, but this one is just for dogs. Reconcile, a once-daily, chewable, dog-treat-flavored drug, was created to treat canine separation anxiety. The product label does not contain the black box warning that is mandatory on the version given to humans. ANH-USA is asking the FDA to expand the black box warning on SSRIs for humans to include a warning about increased risk of violence toward others, and to put a similar black box warning on the version marketed for pets.

Defeat the HPV Bill in New York!

In New York, AB 699 requires that all children born after January 1, 1996, be inoculated with the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) despite the fact that its actual effectiveness is unknown—at best it may protect against only two of the fifteen cancer-causing strains of the virus—and the side effects and reactions from the vaccine are sometimes severe. Ask your legislators to defeat this new bill.

Tell Them: No Protecting Monsanto!

USDA secretary is working on a plan to compensate organic and conventional farmers whose crops become contaminated because of genetically engineered food. While it might seem that Monsanto would have to treat organic farmers fairly and pay them for the damage caused by the contamination, it is more likely that what is intended is really a new protection scheme for Monsanto—a legal shelter that will limit Monsanto’s future monetary damages.

Tell Congress to Restore Free Speech for Nutritional Supplement Companies!

Any mention of the therapeutic benefits of supplements, whether through personal testimonials, citied scientific literature, etc., is automatically considered “misbranding.” These Paul bills also support freedom of speech and freedom of information in the healthcare arena. Consumers need access to as much information as possible to make informed decisions for their families. Ask your representative to fully support all three bills.

Oppose ADA Monopoly in New Jersey!

The New Jersey Legislature is currently considering a bill that would lump together “licensed dietitian/nutritionist”—the terms are used interchangeably throughout the bill. Instead of noting and providing for the differences between the two, the bill creates a State Board of Dietitians/Nutritionists instead of a separate board for each.

New York Action Alert on Licensed Dietician/Nutritionists Bill

The New York Legislature is currently considering a seriously restrictive bill that would create a new title for dietitians and nutritionists—“Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist” or “LDN”. Moreover, a majority of the new board would be ADA members, and they would have the power to decide which exams are allowed—and which are not. This change would criminalize non-licensed practitioners creating significant economic loss due to the severe and unnecessary scope of practice restrictions of the proposed bill. Highly trained professionals including but not limited to chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, certified nutrition specialists, certified clinical nutritionists, and health coaches would effectively be prohibited from providing nutrition-related counseling.

Tell Congress to Reject the Research Works Act!

Two members of Congress have introduced HR 3699, the Research Works Act. This bill would prevent the National Institutes of Health or any other agency from causing or even allowing private-sector research work to be disseminated online without prior consent of both the publisher and the study authors—even if the funding came from our tax dollars. Please ask Congress to fight this bill and uphold our free access to scientific data.

Tell Them to Reverse the Decision to Deregulate GE Bio-Fuel Corn, Roundup Ready Alfalfa and Sugarbeets!

Late Friday afternoon, the USDA announced its decision to completely deregulate genetically engineered bio-fuel corn for ethanol production. This arrives on the heels of a whole slew of deregulation decisions by the USDA.
The USDA recently reviewed Monsanto’s brand of Roundup Ready alfalfa and sugarbeets—genetically engineered to withstand the harsh herbicide glyphosphate, a.k.a. Roundup—and decided that genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa did not need to be regulated at all, and that sugarbeets will be “partially deregulated"

Vitamin D Petition

ANH-USA is petitioning the federal government (CDC, FDA, NIH, and HHS) to break their shameful silence about Vitamin D and to educate the American Public about Vitamin D’s key role in the prevention and treatment of the flu and many other health conditions. Please join our petition! We will need many thousands of signatures to get the government's attention!

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