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HPV Vaccine Victims Speak Out—Will the Media Finally Get it Right?


Speak OutFor people who do not believe the HPV vaccine can have devastating side effects, here is living testimony. The victims who have themselves been harmed by the human papillomavirus vaccine will address the nation this afternoon, hoping to inform the GOP candidates’ debate tonight.

As you know if you’ve been following our coverage of the dangers of the HPV vaccine, the media have been blindly parroting the American Academy of Pediatrics’ statement that the HPV vaccine has “an excellent safety record.” The fact is, the CDC has received tens of thousands of adverse event reports after administration of the Gardasil HPV vaccine, including serious side effects like blood clots and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This is not “an excellent safety record” by any means.

Hearing directly from the families who have been dramatically affected by the vaccine—particularly girls who became cognitively impaired after receiving the Gardasil vaccine—may change some minds. According to the press conference organizers, the Canary Party, one girl “spent six months at the University of New Mexico Hospital enduring plasmapheresis, two spinal taps, and ultimately a diagnosis of encephalitis from viral infection, traumatic brain injury, and a seizure disorder.” Another was an honor roll student in the seventh grade, but after receiving the vaccine started failing in the eighth grade. She started high school “in a special education class in diapers. She’s reading at a fifth grade level with maybe the comprehension of fourth grader. She was kicked out of school this year in just the third week.”

With this press conference, the national media will have another shot to get it right. We hope this time they report the truth about the vaccine, and make their reports more complete and accurate. So much of the problem has been not what they said—but what they left out.