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Readers’ Corner: Are HPV Vaccine-Linked Deaths Being Overstated?


With all due respect, the question is not the number of reported deaths, but why they are not being investigated.

Jennifer wrote:

I’m slightly concerned by your article posted recently, called “BREAKING NEWS! CDC Has Just Recommended Routine HPV Vaccinations for Boys!” Your article is extremely misleading almost to the point of shoddy journalism….

From your article: “A whopping 1,498 of those events (8%) were considered ‘serious’—such as blood clots, the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and 68 reports of death.”

From the CDC website you use as a source, the number of deaths was in fact 71 but only 34 of those deaths were reported with all the information necessary. The author completely ignored the most relevant last sentence of that section: “In the 34 reports confirmed, there was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine and some reports indicated a cause of death unrelated to vaccination.” It is irresponsible and misleading of your author to be neglecting this point by using the statistic and citing death as a side effect when it is obviously not. While vaccines can pose a risk to people with obvious health complications (family history or allergies, etc.) it is inappropriate to be cherry picking statistics on a site that tries to promote healthy living.

Thanks for your message. After we did our research, the VAERS website added three new unconfirmed deaths of girls who received the Gardasil vaccine, so the total number of deaths through September 15th is indeed 71, not 68. We appreciate the update.

Like you, we would like to know more about these deaths. That’s the whole point. Even if the 37 unconfirmed reports can be dismissed completely (though, honestly, why would the deaths have been reported at all if they didn’t occur?)—and even if, to quote the CDC, “some reports indicated a cause of death unrelated to vaccination”—why isn’t this being checked and why are the other reports of death not creating a gigantic furor? Why is the medical establishment, the government, and the major media refusing both to discuss these adverse event reports related to the HPV vaccine, often submitted by doctors, or to investigate them in any way? Why are they just being swept under the rug?

Teenage girls don’t just suddenly die in great numbers. Why did these girls die after receiving the vaccine? Why were there various other serious reported events? Why is there silence about this?

The Institute of Medicine, in issuing its report about vaccines in general, totally ignored all adverse event reports. Why? Supposedly because the IOM only considers “peer-reviewed” research. Well, we like peer-reviewed research too (see the Free Speech About Science bill which we wholeheartedly support), but why is no peer-reviewed research being done on reported HPV vaccine adverse events?

Many medical researchers, as we know, receive drug company funding. They also realize that any negative vaccine findings will get them in trouble with government medical funders too. Is that why there is no peer-reviewed adverse event research for the IOM to cite? Is massive drug company advertising behind the total silence of the major media?

As we have elsewhere noted, adverse event reports for drugs are also mostly ignored. By contrast, the FDA and other drug company allies keep close watch on supplement adverse event reports, which are taken very seriously, but which are so few in number that not much can be made of them.

We have more on our government and vaccines in this issue. Please read it carefully. In the case of vaccine risks, the department of the government in charge of vaccines may be engaging in a massive cover up. What is needed is independent and credible research on the subject. Like you, we want to get at the truth of the matter.