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Forced Vaccination Coming in California?


The reality, hard as it is to imagine, is that we must fight fascist medicine in one of our largest states—and elsewhere. State-based Action Alerts!

Late last year, State Senator Richard Pan of California introduced a bill allegedly aimed at ensuring a child’s right to quality healthcare, childcare, and education. This being Sen. Pan, let’s read between the lines.

Sen. Pan, you may remember, is the lawmaker who sponsored SB 277, California’s law that removed all non-medical exemptions to vaccines. We think his new bill, falsely disguised as an uncontroversial “Children’s Bill of Rights,” is simply a stepping stone to get what he and the vaccine manufacturers wanted all along—mandatory vaccination for all children.

Remember that SB 277 applies only to children attending public and private schools—homeschooled children are not part of the law. And other children are able to get medical exemptions from doctors brave enough to endure the media frenzy or the licensing threats that ensue when they write exemptions.

The Medical Board of California is already attacking doctors who don’t toe the line. Recall that Dr. Bob Sears is facing charges of gross negligence from the medical board for daring to write a letter recommending that a two-year-old be excused from vaccinations because his mother reported that the child had serious adverse reactions to previous immunizations. The point is to scare other doctors from writing medical exemptions.

That’s one group of unvaccinated children down. What about the homeschoolers?

That’s where Sen. Pan’s “Children’s Bill of Rights” comes in. If a child has a right to basic medical care, this could very well be interpreted to include vaccinations. If the parents of a homeschooled child decide to delay vaccination, or to skip certain shots, the state could argue that the parents are withholding necessary medical treatment and force vaccination on the child.

There are few legal protections for parents in these scenarios. Adults can refuse certain medical treatments for themselves for whatever reason, but with children it’s a whole different ballgame. To refuse what the state deems a necessary medical treatment is grounds for removing the child from the custody of the parents—and turning him or her over to the state.

The zeal of Sen. Pan to impose a vaccine regime on unwilling Californians must be checked. It is shameful (and ironic) to use a “Children’s Bill of Rights” as a vehicle to stamp out the last remaining rights of parents to refuse vaccination for their children. What else will the California government determine is best for children, whether parents agree or not? This is an incredibly slippery slope.

This isn’t just an issue for California residents. California often acts as a model for other states. If a mandatory vaccination regime gets enacted in California, it will only embolden other state legislatures to do the same.


State-based Action Alert!

  • California residents, write to your representatives and tell them to oppose Sen. Pan’s legislation. Please send your message immediately!

  • Other state residents: Find your state below and click the link to oppose bad vaccine bills in your state.






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New York





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  • marihia

    Cal. has all kinds of garbage coming from across the border……..LORD KNOWS WHAT DISEASES THEY CARRY

    • Kim

      California has no vaccine mandate for Senators and their staffers … LORD KNOWS WHAT DISEASES THEY CARRY! (And unlike kindergarteners, some certainly engage in HEP-B risk behavior.)

      • Joyce Brandon

        Then they get what they deserve. Most people in that age bracket have been vaccinated. Hepatitis vaccine might have been missed since it’s relatively new.

      • Joyce Brandon

        Some parasitic diseases are coming here on cargo. The rat, mosquito, whatever just hitches a ride across the ocean.

    • Joyce Brandon

      Most of these diseases are worldwide. Many originate in Asia and Africa due to horrible farming conditions and the consumption of raw meat. Mad cow disease is linked to Germany because they didn’t monitor the sources for their cattle.

    • Joyce Brandon

      Zika would be a concern in California’s climate and is a major concern in tropical regions.We have cold winters which may keep this mosquito south of us. Hanta virus and anthrax also exist in California, but usually in isolated areas.


    This is the same rotten Vaccine tyrant that had me thrown out of Twitter just because I posted anti-vaccine comments!

    • riverstrat .

      Any site that uses MODERATORS is a site to avoid like the plague, its only
      real purpose is to CONTROL THE NARATIVE.
      I closed twitter and facebook years ago. Peace bro.

      • Joyce Brandon

        Good. Nobody missed you.

  • Eowyn O’Rohan

    Technically it does include homeschoolers because, under CA educational law, homeschooling parents are supposed to register their homeschool with the state dept of ed as a private school. You are “allowed” to homeschool under the “private school exemption”, therefore, this disgusting forced vaccination “law” would apply to homeschoolers. I filled out the private school form every school year from 2000-2001 to 2006-2007 when we left that wretched state.

    • Joyce Brandon

      Why do vaccines frighten you so much?

  • Which Pharma company does your Senator Pan have shares or “interest” in? that would make me curious!

    • Jeff_Bell

      Not just shares in Big Pharma. Pan has also taken hundreds of thousands in cash from Big Pharma. He also refuses to answer questions about his evil laws in any public forum. When confronted in such, he just leaves the room.

      So how about we turn the tables and use fear to motivate Richard Pan? Isn’t it time for a serious recall campaign against this evil being?

      • Absolutely. However, I live in Canada and am not sure if I can sign these petitions. It never ceases to amaze me that Big Pharma wants everyone sick so they can be pumped full of drugs. Who will work in the future to pay Big Pharma? So many are getting really sick!

        • Joyce Brandon

          That is because microorganisms evolve so rapidly. As a Canadian, you may know the story of Balto and the diphtheria medication. Diphtheria was ravaging the young population. People were highly alarmed because the only known medicine couldn’t be gotten to them. That’s when Barto and his dog sled team delivered the medicine on time. Read the book. It’s fun and informative.

  • Robert Cruder

    Stop playing Trump games!

    Calling someone names does not make it true. Not agreeing with something does not make it “fascist”. My Italian parents knew what a fascist is and you do not.

    We either make decisions for the good of the group or cower in a corner hoping that others will cover for us. It was always the privileged fascists who were in the corner.

    The parasites who depended on everyone else being vaccinated will start doing their part.

    • padden

      What a myopic and yes, fascist, point of view. There are far better ways to stay healthy than vaccination. In fact, vaccination is a good way to lose your health. This philosophy, of imposing your ideas on others, against their will, is _the very definition of fascism_. Not agreeing with me does not make you fascist, but being if favor of coericing or forcing an invasive needle, chock full of heavy metals, aborted fetal cells, simian viruses and other filth into healthy people (that most emphatically don’t want it) is definitely fascist. Keep your filthy ideas of health away from MY body.

      • Amen brother well said agree totally !

        • Joyce Brandon

          Wired: Vaccinations save lives. Too many have forgotten how devastating those diseases are. This is my husband’s field. You are medically ignorant. Since you oppose them, perhaps a doctor can deactivate them. Then we will send you to tropical areas to check on Ebola and Zika. You will probably die a horrible death, but at least you won’t have any nasty vaccine in your dead body. No one will cry for you. Time for you to take a bottle of sedatives and sleep.

          • Go FU_ K your self and proof it !

          • Joyce Brandon

            Your foul language and lack of knowledge reveal much about you. Find another hobby. You insult the knowledgeable and educated who use this forum for dialogue.

          • This is not my hobby like you and you are an insult to me ! Evidently think to much of your educated self like most liberals who like to tell us what is good for us . You do not know what is good for ME !

          • Joyce Brandon

            True. Nor do I care about you. Good-bye.

          • Joyce Brandon

            Do as you please. Ignorance is bliss. You really display great hatred. I will block your ignorance and foul mouth while praying for your mental health.

          • Joyce Brandon

            Get lost.

          • Joyce Brandon

            Get lost you ignorant person. When you become ill, please do not seek medical assistance. Just die.

      • WaterGenie

        Elegantly said.

      • Robert Cruder

        Please provide the peer-reviewed scientific studies that support your claim. The recent election shows that some will believe whatever you fabricate if you have enough trolls to promote it. I challenge you to prove that you are not just a schoolyard name-caller.

        Go to Medscape, Medline, Pubmed, BMJ, AMA, NEJM, CDC. Go to any accredited national health organization. Go to the UN.

        Prove to me that you are not totally ignorant spouting BS and backing it up with insults.

        • Joyce Brandon

          Robert: You must be a scientist or a very knowledgeable man. Peer reviewed studies will probably have no meaning for some.

      • pmbSAC

        Jenny McCarthy, is that you? Not only is that not even close to the definition of fascism, your comments are based on ignorant, refuted, and pseudo-science, but you either a) know that already but don’t want to admit it, or 2) won’t listen to anyone not named Robert F. Kennedy or Laura Eisenhower. So there is really no point in debating you, but I had to laugh when you described something that might be totalitarianism, but is in no way fascism. But it is a cool and fun-to-use word, isn’t it?

      • Joyce Brandon

        Your ignorance of medicine is appalling. Your ignorance about vaccination may kill you, innocent children, and other adults. Polio maims and kills. Find any substance that can destroy MRSA, STRS, MERS, Ebola , SARS and report it to the American Society of Microbiologists.. Anthrax is reappearing in chemical warfare. Like malaria? Go to a tropical climate without a vaccine. Staying healthy is admirable, but your immune system is not prepared to destroy these newly evolved organisms. The rate at which microorganisms evolve is astounding. Ironically, these diseases will kill the unvaccinated. Hence, a dictator would forbid them in an attempt to kill his enemies. When H1N1 first occurred, my students dropped like flies and were seriously ill for a week. Five students out of 25 didn’t catch it. They were seriously ill for at least a week. Those of us born in the 40s and 50s had been exposed to a similar virus so our immune ststems were able to ward it off. Young teachers lacked that advantage and were very ill. If you don’t mind contracting these diseases, don’t get vaccinated. Settle for the disease, many of which are incurable. Don’t you dare contaminate my child. In a Darwinian scenario, you would die first. Disease is nature’s way of killing us off. There is a ton of literature out there detailing this information. Find it. Read it. The Hanta virus recently appeared out west. It is in the rodent population. As people moved into their territory, they became infected. Visitors to the Chilsom Trail have reactivated anthrax whose spoes survivr for an incredible amount of time.Typhoid killed many until sanitation improved. My husband will find these responses both hilarious and scary. If you want to die, go for it just don’t take the rest of us with you. In my state students must be vaccinated before entering school.The unvaccinated are the ones who will die.

        • padden

          Have you heard of Ozone ? Have you read of Dr. Robert Rowan’s success treating Ebola with Ozone. Perhaps not, as ozone is a simple, unpatentable molecule of great efficacy (actually cures people) and the profit-driven media would never offend their Pharmasters by relaying the news. If you believe in vaccines so much, great, then get them and stop worrying. After all, you are protected by your vaccine. Disease is not only nature’s way of killing us off, it’s natures way of excercising and strengthening our immune system. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Measles, for example, in the well nourished, only kills 1 out of 10,000 or so. You seem to be so afraid of death. May I remind you, “no one here gets out alive”. We do all want to live as long and healthy lives as possible. In Freedom and Happiness. Mandates go against Freedom. And vaccines are worthless if you have to worry about the disease after getting the vaccine, much less the vaccination status of others.

    • WaterGenie

      The only true and indefinitely lasting herd immunity comes with getting the disease. Partial immunity to several of hundreds of strains last a few years.

      • Jasmine

        What the “herd immunity” enthusiasts fail to realize is that, assuming these inoculations work at all, those vaccinated become CARRIERS of the pathogen. Just because they don’t get sick doesn’t mean they can’t pass the disease organisms on to others, including persons at risk who assume they are safe from infection. I have a natural immunity to strep throat. Never had it in spite of being around others who are infected and eating food they’ve handled. I asked my doctor if I could pick up the pathogen and pass it along to others unwittingly. Absolutely!

        • Joyce Brandon

          You may be what my husband would call a strep carrier. The bacteria is constantly lodged in your body, yet doesn’t make you sick. Yes, you are a carrier who could infect someone else. A friend’s daughter has the same condition. No one knows why as of yet.

          • Jasmine

            I don’t think I carry the pathogen constantly, because I would be triggering epidemics and infecting people randomly, including persons I am close to who are susceptible to strep. Most likely when there is an epidemic I pick it up, but then the disease plays out without affecting me. I believe the reason for this is my life style. I live in a rural area, eat as much local organic food as possible, make my own fermented vegetables and raw goat milk yogurt, etc. The ferments in particular can help the body conquer disease pathogens.

            The rare times I do feel something “coming on” I use herbal and homeopathic remedies. This is how I raised my family. After the horrific vaccination experience of my firstborn, I researched alternatives and found what works for my family and myself. It takes work, study, and interacting with like-minded persons, but it is 1000% worth the effort! People are always surprised to learn that I’ll be 73 in a few weeks. They assume I’m in my 50s.

          • Joyce Brandon

            Congratulations on having such a long life. An Infectious disease doctor would have to determine if you are a strep carrier. A friend’s daughter is, but is not a Typhoid Mary. She takes some kind of medication to keep it from flaring up. I am not qualified to explain it., and hubby thinks I’m an idiot to be on this site with what he calls the crazies. Every now and again this girl does have active strep which antibiotics handle. Try researching strep carriers as well as consulting with your doctor. It is a unique situation that doesn’t occur often. I am guessing and am not a doctor.. Whatever you are doing coupled with your genetics seems to be working. Our immune systems do weaken as we age which could be a factor. A fever would indicate a need to seek medical help since adults don’t readily run fevers. Stay well and have a long, happy life.

        • Joyce Brandon

          Live vaccines are not used in the US so as not to produce carriers of the organisms.

          • Jasmine

            I tried to post the following earlier, which included the source link, but I guess ANH doesn’t allow links to government sites, in this case the NIH.

            Four types of vaccines are currently available:

            Live virus vaccines use the weakened (attenuated) form of the virus. The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine are examples.

            Killed (inactivated) vaccines are made from a protein or other small pieces taken from a virus or bacteria. The flu vaccine is an example.

            Toxoid vaccines contain a toxin or chemical made by the bacteria or virus. They make you immune to the harmful effects of the infection, instead of to the infection itself. Examples are the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines.

            Biosynthetic vaccines contain manmade substances that are very similar to pieces of the virus or bacteria. The Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) conjugate vaccine is an example.

          • Joyce Brandon

            You and hubby could have interesting discussions. Live virus vaccines are avoided if possible. The inhaled flu vaccine is a live virus used only with children with a strong immune ststems. They may result in developing a mild case of the flu. This asthmatic cannot use it because of my compromised immune system. The first set of vaccines are not wasted on old people like me who probably had or were exposed to those diseases as children so probably have some natural immunity ((obviously the best). For whatever reason Europeans use more live virus vaccines and different suspension agents. You should attend the American Microbiology conference at the end of this month. Lol. Try some Microbiology sites such as ASM; CLMA; CDC. Web MD is a site he respects. As Microbiologists attempt to develop new vaccines they like using blood samples from those who naturally survived the disease to determine what was unique to that individual. While working to develop a vaccine for H1N1, corpses of those killed by the Spanish Flu in the early 1900s were dug up, hoping to find some DNA or tissue that might give a clue to that pandemic. Some thought The H1N1 flu resembled it. I do not know if it helped. That German scientist spends most of his time in Africa collecting samples from people infected with Ebola, a very nasty virus. He has been unsuccessful so far looking for a solution. SARS and MERS are 2 newer dangerous viruses. You may just want to look up each individual vaccine or disease. It’ll be very technical reading. A good pharmacist can share invaluable information as can many doctors who use Microbiologists as a resource. The ultimate caveat from my hubby: taking out a splinter can kill you. Be aware. Eat wisely. Wash your hands frequently. Make decisions based on knowledge not fear. Have a long, healthy life as you continue learning. Way to go! Has been pleasant chatting with you.
            FYI: I would have died last fall from an undetected birth defect if not for great surgeons and nurses. Although not a fan of the medical system, I encountered caring, conscientious people working hard to make me well. They didn’t know me. One aide donated time to help me walk. I kept trying to send her home knowing how little she was paid. Would have adopted her.

      • Joyce Brandon

        If the disease kills you, what is the benefit?

    • Jasmine

      Got an agenda much, Robert? The fascist leader your Italian parents knew was quoted as saying, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

      You don’t need jack-booted thugs goose-stepping down your street to be living in a fascist state. When government does the bidding of corporations instead of representing the People, you are living in a fascist state. When government declares corporations to be “persons” you are being governed by fascists. When government forces a regimen upon real, living persons, that is fascism.

      If you are so convinced that these poisons will save you from disease, then go ahead and get injected instead of taking responsibility for your own health and researching alternatives. Just don’t try to force your fascist agenda on me or my family!

      • Robert Cruder

        Calling anything you dislike “fascist” does not change the meaning of the word, especially combining it with descriptions that are clearly National Socialist Germany.

        Both include corporatism but vaccines are supported and required by governments that are not capitalist and some that are largely socialist such as those in Scandinavia.

        Long before vaccines, those even suspected of communicable disease were quarantined. I’m sure that those who did not care about infecting other citizens were equally sure that their rights were being infringed.

        Adult citizens make sacrifices for the good of the whole and accept the advice of those educated in a subject. Children on the playground sacrifice for no one and are always right. Go back there!

        • Jasmine

          Capitalism, corporatism, socialism, fascism… Robert, you seem very confused, or is blathering about political ideologies a diversionary tactic?

          Re quarantines: Being quarantined didn’t ruin your health.

          Re the advice of those educated: Educated in what? Pushing drugs?

          • Robert Cruder

            My point is that your insult terms don’t even need to be consistent within the same sentence. I suppose they make you feel superior.

            In an overcrowded world, I agree that herd immunity would be stronger if one just lets susceptible individuals die but those paid to make law don’t decide on that basis. You claim that your rights are being denied but enjoy exactly the same rights as others; just not more for your whining.

            You accept herd immunity created by others relieving you of worry about exposure but claim that such worry was never justified and that you are intellectually superior to previous generations. Those of us who have studied history disagree and not respectfully so.

          • pmbSAC

            Perfectly said, Robert. It’s refreshing to hear a voice of reason emerge from this cesspool of conspiratorial psychobabble.

          • Joyce Brandon


          • Joyce Brandon

            Robert, you are a well educated man. Herd immunity is a phrase unknown by many. Are you a scientist?

          • Robert Cruder

            I trained to teach high school physics and math with a college job to give outreach presentations in high schools. Bible belters demanded an end to biology presentations that supported evolution. When Nixon cut National Science Foundation funds, my physics shows died as well. That convinced me to delay teaching until I met a more rational generation of parents. After four decades in computer software, I am still waiting for those parents.

            Anyone can and everyone should be a scientist. Every day one must question beliefs before acting on them and on most days must give up some belief in the face of new observations.

            You sound like you have chosen to be among those. Congratulations!

          • Joyce Brandon

            Thank you. As a child I was taught to observe nature and respect it.Having been married to a clinical microbiologist for 44 years, working with his colleagues, and helping at his conventions has taught me a great deal. I have met many famous scientists from around the world. Life and science are ever changing. Failure to learn and change results in stagnation. Within my husband’s 40 year career, a minimum of 5 new microorganisms have emerged creating horrible diseases. His field is ever learning and growing. He finds that exciting. Two of our scientific friends are from Kentucky and Georgia. Neither is content in their home territory due to the closed minds they encounter and want to move elsewhere. The parents I’ve worked with are pretty open to new ideas. Those who aren’t are at least respectful. Every day my students are told that they are always a scientist whether we observe and predict weather or classify any stray bug that enters the building before disposing of it. Science is exciting. Keep spreading the word. Have a great life.

          • Joyce Brandon

            Mom and her whole family were quarantined for a week due to scarlet fever. They could go no where, and no one could come to their home. It was a very traumatic experience. Grandpa couldn’t go to work. Today an antibiotic plus rest and hydration would cure her.
            Educated about human physiology and pathogens. It’s called medicine. Bright, highly educated people study these fields.
            You need to look up economic systems. Ours is called capitalism.
            Robert is very bright.

    • Joyce Brandon

      They knew to protect themselves and let the others suffer.

  • Sounds like this guy should be the test subject for Cali . Just another dirt bag making money off US !

  • Mike Bacon

    I’m now 30 years Vax-free!

    • Joyce Brandon

      Not sure where you live, but it seems unlikely since the polio vaccine has been around since1950 and was mandated. Hope your nex 60 years go along fine. Mumps is reappearing in your generation.

      • Mike Bacon

        I’m in my sixties so my last vax was in 1987 after I found out about vaccines I decided not to have any more also my kids had the3 first few until I convinced my wife to stop. My last flu vax was in the fall of 1969. Thanks to vitamin D3 I have flu once a decade and generally in spring, when I stop taking vit D for the spring and summer months.

        • Joyce Brandon

          Mike, you sound like a healthy man in my age bracket.I don’t get the flu vaccine, but my husband does. My reason is stupid: I hate needles. As a healthcare provider he is required to get it. Years ago as a young teacher I did contract a serious case of flu that progressed into a major case of pneumonia which kept me in bed for 2 weeks. The development of pneumonia is one reason flu vaccination is emphasized especially in the elderly. Employers also complain about sick employees missing work. Most vaccines are targeted to young children. Pertussis is becoming quite common in babies once again. Diphtheria seems to be well controlled.. Many of these vaccines didn’t exist when were young. The mumps and chickenpox vaccines are relatively new. As kids we just usually had those diseases. The mumps frequently causes sterility in men. Chickenpox can cause shingles in we older people. Hepatitis is reappearing so that vaccine is often encouraged. Tetanus shots are usually redone every ten years, unless you have an injury or surgery. Then you get it routinely. You have to weigh the risks vs the cost and inconvenience of getting the vaccines. Microbiologists currently are worried about the Zika virus and are attempting to develop a vaccine because it damages the brain. As we age, degenerative diseases are more likely to affect us than Infectious diseases. Nice chatting with you. Have a good night.

  • Rick Morrow

    One of the ways filing companies stay in business is to get corrupt government agencies or legislators to purchase their products, make them mandatory and distribute them. There is a solution. Make this practice illegal.

    • Joyce Brandon

      What does this have to do with vaccination?

      • padden

        Sen. Richard Pan received thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies to promote and pass SB277 in California, which coerces parents into vaccinating their kids in order to go to school. I agree with Rick Morrow. We need to get their money out of politics, (and mass-media advertising, otherwise public policy is shaped and controlled by the drive for corporate profits, and not by the true interests of the people and their health.

  • Lisa O.

    I am appalled that Pan is up his old tricks again. He is the epitomy of a fascist government grunt for sale. I am so glad my kids are past school age. They are both vaccine-damaged, but it would have been worse if they were starting out now, because of the increase in mandatory vaccines. I am part of the fight against SB277, however the judges are even corrupt and they are trying to throw out our lawsuit, without even acknowledging all of our complaints or letting it be heard! It is a very scary time in our country.

    • Joyce Brandon

      Lisa: Sorry to hear about your kids. Sometimes a nerve is damaged just by injecting the needle. You do want a skilled professional administering vaccines. Big Pharma is powerful and will easily out spend any of us in court. You may want to research each specific vaccine to determine if there is a pattern of side effects. Be sure to use reputable sources for the information. Infectious diseases or vaccination sites may contain such information.

  • pmbSAC

    yournewswire??? That’s a joke, right? Please tell me you don’t believe anything one that site. You just fell on your own sword there. The Onion is more respected than the garbage on that site. I think the tinfoil hat has cut off the circulation to your brain.

  • Joyce Brandon

    Fascism is an economic system. Dictatorships are tyrannical. Often they do co-exist.Please share what you believe about vaccines so my husband can address them at the upcoming American Society for Microbiology convention. One British scientist did falsify his data linking vaccination to autism. The scientific community discovered it. He admitted it. None of his work could be duplicated which raises a red flag in the scientific community. This irresponsible scientist did a lot of damage intentionally just for fame.

    • padden

      You’re bringing out the tired old smear on Dr. Wakefield ? He was basically the target of a witch hunt by Merck to protect it monopoly on the trivalent MMR. Give it up already. Dr. Wakefield has *never* admitted any wrongdoing, nor retracted anything he said. The Lancet (Pharma Funded) did retract the paper. His work was duplicated – by none other than the CDC. Are you aware of the confessions of Dr. William Thompson, of the CDC. I believe you have a wrong perception of Dr. Wakefield.

  • Joyce Brandon

    Interesting. Most states mandate certain immunizations before starting school. A state the size of California would have been thought to be one of those states. Learned something new.

  • Joyce Brandon

    I don’t care if you choose not to be vaccinated, but when you get sick stay away from healthy people who don’t want your germs. You need to read scientific literature about vaccinations. Perhaps you will contract mumps or the Zika virus. Just isolate yourself.

    • padden

      Likewise Joyce. That is just common sense. Common courtesy to stay home / in isolation if you’re sick. [Unless you’re having a measles party as the best way to immunize yourself (lifetime for real, not temporary with toxins). ] You also need to read scientific (truly objective in-the-public-interest science) literature, versus “disguised as science” pharma propaganda.