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Feds and States Keep Tightening the Screws on Vaccines—Including a New Bill in Congress


Meanwhile, the federal Vaccine Court keeps paying the victims hurt by vaccines—a clear acknowledgement that some vaccines are dangerous. Action Alert!

Earlier this month, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) introduced HR 2232, the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015. The bill would amend the Public Health Service Act by requiring states seeking federal grants to prove that each student enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school has been vaccinated following the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

So far, the bill has no cosponsors. But there may well be other such bills soon, and it is time to let Congress know that strong-arming schools is not the way to go. Currently there are also over two dozen state-level efforts to eliminate or restrict non-medical exemptions to vaccination—religious, personal, philosophical, and conscientious belief exemptions. Federal programs have also revved up their efforts to increase vaccination rates across the board and instill “vaccine confidence” in the public. In some states, pediatricians are being told by insurance companies that they will be paid less if all of their patients are not vaccinated on schedule.

After a string of lawsuits in the 1980s imperiled vaccine profits, vaccine manufacturers threatened to leave the US market. The government responded by relieving vaccine manufacturers of all legal liability when patients suffered an adverse reaction from a vaccine. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was set up in 1988 as a substitute to give support to families who were harmed by vaccines.

Since 1988, the VICP has awarded almost $3 billion to over 4,000 families who were harmed by vaccines—even though the window to file a claim is so tight that many families miss it. In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) receives an average of 30,000 reports each year, 13% of which are considered “serious”—that is, associated with “disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness, or death.” One recent article pointed out that adverse events from vaccines are significantly underreported, since healthcare providers, doctors, and vaccine manufacturers—all of which have major incentives not to submit adverse events—account for 73% of the VAERS reports. There have been estimates that perhaps less 10% of doctors report hospitalizations, injuries, deaths, or other serious health problems following vaccination. There are no legal sanctions to doctors for not reporting.

As we have noted before, the government’s response to adverse events from vaccines is to say that research on them has not been published in peer-reviewed journals, so they need not be considered—yet when asked to do such research, the government refuses.

There is more. Readers familiar with this issue know the vitriol and disdain directed by the mainstream media at anyone who even suggests a link between vaccines and autism, an extremely emotional and heated issue. The link is widely reported as “debunked,” the case “closed,” and any relationship “ruled out.” But if there is no link between vaccines and autism, then why has the Vaccine Court made payouts to injured children who become autistic after receiving a vaccine?

A law review article published in 2011 found eighty-three cases of autism among those compensated by the VICP for vaccine-induced brain damage. Of the eighty-three cases,

seventeen note an autistic disorder in a published decision of the Court of Federal Claims and twenty two have SCQ (social communication questionnaires) confirming caregiver reports of autism. In other words, thirty-nine of the eighty-three cases, or 47% of this sample, have confirmation of autism beyond parental report alone.

Further, twenty-one decisions by VICP acknowledged autism or autism-like symptoms associated with vaccine-induced encephalopathy and seizure disorder.

What makes this all worse is that government officials seem to be aware that vaccines are not as safe as they insist they are. We already know that the CDC has covered up inconvenient data. Now, according to an Associated Press report, the VCIP has been more stringent in its pay-outs over the years because officials are afraid concessions will erode the public’s confidence in vaccines, thus reducing vaccination rates. The AP report also details how families seeking relief from the VCIP could wait over a decade for the first check to arrive. In fact, fewer than 7% of the 7,876 claims not involving autism met the 240-day target in which cases were supposed to be resolved.

The latest attack on vaccine exemptions and choice has clearly been driven by the wave of alleged public concern over last year’s measles outbreak in California. We say “alleged” because (a) the concern is not coming from the public, but from agencies with a vested financial interest in selling vaccines, and (b) the measles outbreak was hyped out of all proportion to the facts of the case. As we previously reported, this measles “outbreak” consisted of fewer than 200 people out of 320 million people in the country—in other words, about 0.0000625% of the population—with no reported deaths at all. Here’s the kicker: many of those who came down with measles were vaccinated or may have picked it up from recently vaccinated kids! Moreover, deaths from the vaccine itself have been well documented.

These few measles cases were seized upon by the mainstream media as an opportunity to trumpet the supposed safety of vaccines, and to demonize anyone who raises legitimate concerns about vaccines—whether about some of the vaccines in the government’s recommended schedule, or the demonstrably dangerous ingredients and adjuvants in vaccines, or the problem of overloading a young child’s immune system with too much at one time, administered too early.

The media has consistently and conveniently downplayed crony capitalist connections between the CDC and the vaccine industry, which has a world market share of about $24 billion:

  • The story from a CDC whistleblower about the agency covering up evidence of harm to young black males from the measles vaccine was quickly and quietly buried.
  • So was the story of how the head of the CDC vaccine division gave the Gardasil vaccine to Merck, the pharmaceutical giant, and then left to become president of the Merck vaccine division.
  • A CDC doctor whose work was meant to disprove the link between vaccines and autism fled justice in 2010 after officials uncovered massive fraud involving the theft of $2 million in taxpayer dollars.

In light of all this, how can state legislators seek to remove important non-medical exemptions to vaccines? And how can federal lawmakers seek to pass unprecedented federal mandates to vaccinate all children? Given the documented and indisputable safety risks with vaccines, parents deserve to have a choice when it comes to their children’s health.

Action Alert! Write to your representative in Congress and urge him or her NOT to co-sponsor the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015. Please send your message immediately.


Check below to see if your state has pending legislation to remove vaccine exemptions.

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Rhode Island

  • save street end beaches

    You are doing a diservice to humanity.

    • zalewskimm

      Shut the f up ignoramus

      • save street end beaches

        Now, there’s a pot calling the kettle black. Have you ever studied science? Or just hocus pocus?

        • Lance Taylor

          Dear street end,
          I took a useless “flu shot” and 3 days later came down with chronic fatigue syndrome, with no liability from the flu manufacturers. Why don’t you read up on people like myself, there are tens of thousands who have suffered from ignorant people like yourself who push shots that have no positive value and actually harm people.

          • bev72

            I firmly believe that vaccines are causing more lifelong illnesses. In Europe, 600 children were diagnosed with narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine made by Glaxo Kline. It had some ingrediant in it that it didn’t have here. It was finally pulled from production. Narcolepsy is also a lifelong disabling disease without a cure. I have lived with it for 60 years.

          • bev72

            BTW, I have never had a flu shot and I do not get the flu and I am 75 yrs old. Everyone I know that does get the flu shot has been sick with the flu. I feel like tearing down their signs at every drug store and elsewhere. Money, money, and more money is all the drug manufacturers care about

      • bev72

        This kind of language is what people like street end beaches want to hear. They think it proves their point. Please don’t “feed” them, educate them

        • zalewskimm

          I appreciate your suggestion it’s just that the frustration level with these drug pushing vaccine zealots is at an all time high. Vaccines DO injure and that’s a fact. Not all do but that is a choice a parent has to make whether or not to vaccinate. The people that blindly support forced vaccinations are the ones that are dangerous and need de-brainwashed.

          • bev72

            I totally agree with you. I am living with the stress of this every day and even dream about it. It totally boggles my mind that so many people just accept what they read and hear in the media which is heavily funded by pharmaceutical advertisements. I pray that people will wake up and find out for themselves how harmful vaccines can be.

    • Lance Taylor

      Knowledge, not blind subservience, is what we need.

      • bev72


    • bev72

      The entire medical industry is doing a disservice to humanity. Look around you at the huge medical facilities that have been built and they are still building a whole lot more. The pharmaceutical companies advertisements that we are constantly being inundated with have caused this. They should never ever be on the stock market as a for profit business if they so interested in your health. Just think about the billions and billions of dollars that have donated to cancer research in the last 60 or so years. Do you seriously believe that there hasn’t been any cure found?

      • Reality of Truth

        Honestly when you look at the sideshow going on in the background, you notice that there probably is no cure to cancer because the only reason anyone gets cancer is the toxic chemicals they use on the general populous! Did medieval people get cancer? No, its because they weren’t living in a chemically induced toxic environment that poisons its inhabitants. They weren’t manipulating their food to withstand lethal doses of toxic chemicals, they weren’t intentionally giving their own people toxic chemicals so that they could make money off of them from a doctor, etc. All of the cancers, tumors and sicknesses in the world today are caused BY humans and their sad pursuit of attempting to “defeat nature”, which one will NEVER do without also defeating themselves.
        The entire Pharma industry is just one big monopoly where they sicken people, treat you for sickness and rinse repeat over and over until you drop, into which they harvest your organs and sell those in the black market in the US (to universities, to rich politicians who don’t have to wait in donor lines, etc).
        The US that they don’t want you to see, you know the one that they punish whistleblowers for bringing to light, is the most sick and disgusting society in existence.
        A literal cesspit of deceit, murder, rape, poison, abuse and vileness the likes have never been seen before on this planet. Even Ancient Rome was a better, more genuine, more authentic and loving Empire than the US is a nation and that is SAD! The major difference between the two is that Ancient Rome didn’t willfully invite the barbarians in like the US does!

  • Lance Taylor

    The human race has survived quite well without any vaccines, some vaccines have done good such as in smallpox and TB but there is a point where the damage done by “well meaning” people may outdo the “good”. To inject massive amounts of toxic metals directly into the bloodstream of helpless infants is a criminal act. There needs to be oversight of the vaccine industry, the lives of our own are at stake.

    • billorights

      Not even the smallpox vaccine was any good! In fact, they had so many cases of smallpox in those vaccinated against it that they finally just quietly gave up on vaccinating any more! The smallpox vaccine was the only thing causing smallpox!


        Yep, get the shot. Then immediately get the disease!

    • save street end beaches

      Millions died before vaccines.


        Millions died from vaccines when they put Simian Cancer Monkey Virus #40 in them and gave people cancer death sentences.

      • bev72

        Millions are dying now. One example is 108 children died from the measles vaccines and 0 died from measles in the last 10 yrs. Look it up and you will find this statistic in many places

      • zalewskimm

        And diseases were near elimination before vaccines were introduced. Hygiene and better sanitation is more responsible. Case in point is the Ebola scare recently. No vaccines used and disease settled down significantly ….

      • Reality of Truth

        Yeah, to warfare.

    • save street end beaches

      Why do you think the average human life span has steadily increased. Science helped prevent deadly diseases.

      • Lance Taylor

        Antibiotics and knowledge of germ theory helped, especially in the 20th century. Vaccinations?

      • bev72

        Sanitation, cleaner water and eating better is what has increased the life span. But if our food continues to be genetically altered and more and more vaccines are given, I think you will see the life span shortening again. My children had 3 vaccines in the early 60’s. There is now 10 vaccines with 49 doses given before the age of 6 yrs old. and they can keep on adding to the CDC schedule. I find that to be absolutely horrifying!

    • Hidden Realities

      Its not just the metals, its other chemicals, monkey viruses, animal DNA and wild pathogens that makes it into each and every dose–long covered up.

    • Reality of Truth

      It won’t be nature that forces the hand of Human Extinction, it will be the Humans Themselves.
      Humans started/caused the problem, the earth is just finishing the job for them.
      Wouldn’t of been this way if humans lived in unison with the planet instead of against it, living against it is essentially living against yourself and you can never truly prosper into glory with such aspirations or desires.

  • bev72

    The way too powerful and greedy pharmaceutical companies are 100% responsible for these horrendous bills. They should be made liable for vaccine injuries and most definately taken off of the stock market. If they insist on mandating vaccines, then there should be genetic and allergy testing first and the testing be paid for by the government. BTW, California is not on your list and we are fighting tooth and nail here to oppose SB277. This bill will NOT allow any child to opt out of even ONE vaccine and any and all FUTURE vaccines are also mandated. The only “school” Unvaccinated children will be allowed is home schooling in the child’s home. Reminder, even if you do not want your child to have one vaccine out of the 10, your child is clarified as UNvaccinated. Not being liable for any injury also gives the pharmaceutical companies to be lax on testing the vaccines before they are sold. I do not trust the FDA for the truth and I certainly do not trust the CDC as it is a for profit business. The government is not for the people only for the corporations

    • save street end beaches

      My problem is , just like you don’t believe big business, the CDC, the government, etc., I have difficulty believing anything folks on here say. I would like well-researched facts. There is a credibility gap. And the CDC is a for profit business? Since when?
      New vaccines should most defnitely be thoroughly tested. Vaccines that have been available for many, many years (polio, measles, etc.) should be mandated for school age children who are healthy. Unvaccinated children put themselves, as well as others, at risk.


        If you were vaccinated, aren’t you “immune?”

        • bev72

          No, you are not immune. The majority of recent whooping cough cases in California were vaccinated. The so called “meases outbreak” had about 20 or 30% vaccinated for measles. Varicella and the DPT vaccine do shed for several weeks after receiving vaccines. Tetanus is not communicable.

          • Reality of Truth

            When you break down the process and you realize that the injections bypass the natural immune system, you realize that you will never have natural life long immunity from vaccines because it is impossible to happen like that.
            To have natural immunity you have to naturally get the sickness and defeat it with your own immune system, not with a needle injection full of toxic chemicals that are not beneficial to health in any facet.
            Vaccines are a for-profit industry driven by a sick society that makes its own civilians unhealthy simply to make more profits for said industry. Once you get vaccinated, they have to keep vaccinating you yearly/monthly/etc; It is a sick and disgusting society that I will never be apart of. The Vaccines actually GIVE You the disease and since it bypasses the natural immune system, it weakens and destroys your ability to fight it naturally (thus meaning you need MORE injections which means MORE money for the industry).

      • Free2BUandMe

        Yeah, it’s those healthy children you have to watch out for!

      • Trinity Scott-Hinkle

        I have not had vaccines, and I’ve had health problems most of my life.
        Yet, I believe I would have died if I’d been required to have a vaccine for common illness.
        Here’s why, I’ve had health issues since I was 3 years old, possibly younger and somehow I always hear “you’re perfectly healthy” from my primary care doctor.

        There is no way that is true!
        I’ve been diagnosed with CRPS/RSD and have many immune disorders.
        Also, the kids who are immunized get sick as often as I do!

        My body treats the common cold like it’s something much worse, and when normal people catch it for a few days, I spend up to a month in bed, barely able to move.
        I’m sure some would argue that my sickness comes from lack of vaccines, but if I’m catching something indirectly and my body freaks out, I can only imagine the pain a vaccine would cause.

        I actually agree that healthy children could be potentially helped by vaccines, I’m just not convinced that people understand what “healthy” means.

        My family always hears “you look fine” or “you’re perfectly healthy” from doctors.

        I’m skeptical of a system where people who need heart surgeries (when they’re 3 or younger), have autism, ADHD, chronic migraines, nerve issues, back problems, early onset arthritis, cysts, asthma, extreme allergies, Down Syndrome, are bipolar, and feel like fainting from sitting up are frequently called healthy, and who have to find their own treatments.

        I think there should be more research, especially when life can be so random.

        My family has done homeschooling, and I didn’t get sick as much until we started going to public school.

        • Reality of Truth

          Guess what, the food is poisoned too.
          Not just vaccines.
          Stop eating conventional foods and switch to organic, boom health restored!

      • bev72

        Apparently you did not read my entire comment. There are uncommunicable diseases listed on the CDC schedule that are not neccessary. Hep B vaccine is given to a baby on the day they are born. I do not agree with that. Guardinsel is given to children as young as 7 yrs old. It has been outlawed in many other countries for being UNsafe. CDC is listed in Dun & Bradstreet as a corporation. Since the pharmaceutical companies and doctors have not been liable for any vaccine injury since 1986, the testing has not been as thoroughly tested as with other drugs. There are many side effects has there is with all drugs therefore vaccines can’t possibly be “safe” for all. To mandate all children to receive all vaccines and any and all future vaccines is extremely dangerous. The percentage of children declared UNvaccinated (even if they have received all but one) is 2.6%. There isn’t any health crisis to warrant the mandates.

        • Reality of Truth

          However, mandating that the masses be poisoned fits right a long with a criminal system that sees its own civilians as an enemy populous.
          I sincerely believe that our enemies got into our government after WWII and have been slowly degrading and defeating the US from the inside.
          It just seems so obvious, look how f-ed up the US is now compared to then!
          Back then we had real men who won WWII and now we just have petty crooks who poison people for money. Its sad, its disgraceful and it cannot be the True US.

  • bsroon

    Frequently on blog sites – the proponents of vaccination are out in droves. In bringing up the following points, i’ve never had one of these shills jump in and start flogging me.

    The premise of mandatory vaccination holds that to vaccinate a person protects them from specific infectious diseases, and to NOT be vaccinated leaves one susceptible to these diseases.

    Here is reality – indisputable – which absolutely proves those two points of contention are not true. Since 2010 there have been multiple whooping cough outbreaks, and in California for at least 2 of them, 70% and 72% of the people who became sick WERE VACCINATED. In 2014 the NY State Measles outbreak found that 7% of those becoming sick were NOT vaccinated, while 93% of those getting the Measles WERE VACCINATED. In Ohio the same year – Mumps outbreak: 3% were not vaccinated, NINETY SEVEN PERCENT WHO BECAME SICK WERE VACCINATED AGAINST THAT DISEASE!!!!

    • bsroon

      Usually all it takes is the first two points to not have the shills jump on me – and it surprises one greatly to not be attacked and vilified for such comments.

      It has been so vituperative at times, and the possible consequences of vaccines CAN be so damaging that i’ve started calling it “VAXASSINATION THEOLOGY” as it is a faith based belief based upon science free opinions and propaganda.

      • Reality of Truth

        Good stuff, you put it in polite ways that I just can’t muster.
        I am too frustrated and too angry with this corrupt toxic monopoly on life to be so civil about it. You put it elegantly in ways that I don’t care to. 🙂
        Unfortunately, I don’t really help any causes because my vitriol tends to just turn people off, but I’m sorry, I just can’t stand how awful the world is and since words don’t work on crooks my solution is to just get rid of them all, if you catch my drift.

        • bsroon

          Feel free to run with any of that stuff. i didn’t put the stats together, i just TRY to get things down a bit more digestible. Emotions cause people to “fight” back and not process our arguments. Most folks have NO CLUE about the science and have to be lightly educated. Most people you find in support of mandatory vax are truly concerned parents. So, the people GETTING vax shots having HIGHER disease occurrence should make them think if we don’t scream it at them. That just puts them into emotional mode – and that prevents thinking and processing.

          i’ve also never seen anyone mention this point, and i believe it is pretty relevant. There are about 27 measles viruses – but only one in the vaccine. No protection from the others from the vaccine. There are multiple flu strains – and the CDC did the wrong one this year “but you should get the shot anyway”. Right

          There are over 120 HPV viruses -and Gardasil/Cervarix only have 4 in them. Hmmm.

          So, if i were in a room in front of a group id do something like this;

          “How many people here can see the viruses and bacteria floating in the air right now, or those pathogens sitting on our clothes and in this room? That would be zero. Therefore, not a single person who is unable to see these infectious disease pathogens has the ability to avoid them. This means that ANYBODY – regardless of being vaccinated or not, child or adult – can carry either wild, or vaccine strains of viruses into environments which can transfer these diseases to other people.”

          “Since we know beyond any doubt (reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction testing) that viruses FROM VACCINES have caused outbreaks in both unvaccinated AND vaccinated people – to vaccinate people does NOTHING to prevent this sort of disease vector. No benefit at all.”

          “In fact, the ONLY way that i know of putting millions of viruses out into the environment is to become vaccinated – at which point one will ‘shed’ viruses for 2 to 3 weeks. So many viruses that one could kill a chemotherapy patient, or one with an compromised immune system.”

          Vaccinating does not stop the spread of disease


    • FACM

      Do you have the links for the stats you mention? If one mentions stats they want evidence or the studies from where the stats are from. It would helpful. The more there is – visibly – to back up the counter-argument we give the better chance of people listening. Thank you.

  • Maynard

    Time to dump the failed socialist paradigm of free government schools (tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto) and tell the feds to go screw themselves.


    Parents – Pull your kids out of schools (indoctrination centers) in mass quantities!

  • Chessmaster

    Any Politician who is on the side of Mandatory Vaccines is an un-analytical idiot, or is in the pockets of Big Pharma and it is most likely the latter.

  • Reality of Truth

    Glad I won’t ever have kids to be poisoned by this malicious system of abuse and anguish.
    I’m going to put it simply: Anyone who supports poisoning children with vaccines should be shot to death.

  • FACM