FDA Says No to the Senators Who Drafted DSHEA

February 7, 2012
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FDA HHSAccording to our sources, the rogue agency is digging in its heels on the NDI draft guidance that threatens so many supplements, refusing to listen to Congress or follow the intent of the law.

Senators Orrin Hatch and Tom Harkin met with Dr. Daniel Fabricant of the FDA on January 26 to request that the FDA withdraw its NDI draft guidance altogether—a meeting that ANH-USA, together with some trade groups, helped set up. They were following up on their recent letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg asking the FDA to stop the process altogether, withdraw the guidance, and start again after meeting with interested parties to address the list of significant concerns expressed by consumers and industry.

You may recall that the landmark Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) required that guidelines be established for supplement manufacturers to notify FDA when a new dietary ingredient was introduced into the marketplace. The FDA’s Draft Guidance for New Dietary Ingredients was supposed to fulfill that requirement.

Unfortunately, the FDA’s proposed regulations are in fact completely contrary to the intent of Congress when DSHEA was passed, and Sens. Harkin and Hatch wanted to make that clear to FDA. They should know—they were the two principal authors of the legislation!

According to our sources, FDA has turned down the senators’ request. FDA in effect said that it is refusing to reconsider its interpretation of what the NDI section of DSHEA means, regardless of what Sens. Hatch and Harkin say they meant when they wrote the law.

Does this mean FDA intends to use the NDI process as a de facto pre-market approval system—something which regulatory observers believe was specifically excluded by DSHEA? In a word, yes. We have been told that FDA claims the NDI process is the only “preventive control” for dietary supplements in federal law. Whatever “preventive control” means, it is completely untrue that supplements are uncontrolled under federal law or that the FDA lacks the power presently to regulate them.

In refusing to follow the intent of the law as clearly stated by the law’s authors, the FDA is acting as a rogue agency. If you haven’t done so already, please ask your legislators to make a one-minute floor speech opposing the FDA’s guidance document. FDA’s plan would sweep many supplements off the shelf and make the ones that survive much more expensive.

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  1. William Geoghegan says:

    Mormon Tea Drinkers

    Senator, His Son Get Boosts From Makers of Ephedra; Orrin Hatch has kept regulators at bay and benefited via campaign donations. Lobbyists linked to his son have received $2 million.

    Indeed, the Hatch-Harkin act defined dietary supplements as a special category outside drugs and other food additives, and did so in a way that has helped supplements mushroom into what the Nutrition Business Journal says is an industry with $17.7 billion in annual U.S. sales. Many of the companies are based in Utah, which describes itself as “the Silicon Valley of the supplements industry.” Los Angeles Times Mar 5, 2003


  2. L..P. says:

    I would like to add that DOC BLAKE said it in a nutshell. Go back and read what this very savvy man said. It is right on target and THE TRUTH.
    We are not only slaves….but we are being depopulated by THEIR agenda. Their’s meaning…. the United States Government, the Elitists, and all corrupt entities OF the United States Government. Do your own research IF you don’t believe this is happening right now, and while your at it, rent the movie: *1984* by George Orwell and see a glimpse of what is happening now…and in the very….VERY near future.
    America is doomed.


  3. L..P. says:

    Michael Taylor who was Monsanto’s attorney now works for OUR corrupt United States Government, compliments of No-Bama, who appointed him. This is not all about the FDA (Food & Death Administration), but about collusion within the government, the FDA and Big Pharma. They are ALL in bed together trying to make this happen. Our government does not give a hoot about the American people, but rather their own self-interests. PLEASE…keep this in mind when you vote in November, 2012. There is absolutely NO ONE worthy of running this bankrupt country as ALL are corrupt and are liars. America is already doomed.


  4. Kelli says:

    The Federal Death Administration needs to go through their own closet before trying to label supplements as “dangerous”. There simply annoyed that supplements can be every bit as affective if not more so than their toxic drugs.


  5. Linda N says:

    Preventative control means exactly what is says. The FDA wants to prevent us from having access to our supplements. Period.


  6. joe says:

    i have been taking suppliments from age forty i take about twenty a day,, and on other days, i take maybe twenty different ones….of course im retired,,,who would hire a ninety year old man but let me tell you something to the (f.d.a. ) ill take on any sixty fiveyear old jerk that works for you any time…im in better health and stamina than any one of you jerks… the ( f.d.a. ) dose not work for the american people,, even though we pay their salary.. they are our judas,,,they have sold their souls to the devils ,jnamely,,the pharmacutical industry and latley the devils helper ( monsantoi ) its true they are out to kill as many people as posisible…you see,,,monsanto is feeding the world poisond foods,,,the ( f.d.a. )is giving you bad medicine,but they will not let you take suppliments much longer…either way,,,you get sick…and you die…oh well,,,the operation was a success,but the patiient died…but there is a reason for alll this too happen,,,congress is in on this too,,,the united nations came out with it about twelve years ago ,,,( we must reduce the worlds population fifty to sixty percent,,,that would be about three billion people…the last report i received the enchanted ones only need one billion slave population to care for them…thats why we have wars,,bad medicine,,bad food..the hand writting is on the wall ….wake up we are purposley being killed….and so are your children with vaccines ,,chloride in your teeth in the vaccines flouride iand a lot more in your drinking water and i will not get into ( haarp ) ill be here all night wriitting about it. do some research and learn……..well,,ill say good night and pleasant dreams your friend joe


  7. Mark says:

    Fine, let them try to ‘dig in their heels’. The FDA has no power to rewrite the law of the land, and any petty bureaucrats who think otherwise should be fired, arrested, and imprisioned. That’s the only treatment that will curb these corrupt scum and their clients.


    • Sue says:

      Amen to that. Everyone expects the government to follow the law but they don’t, they have ignored our immigragion laws for the last 20 years and look at the mess now.


  8. Gloria Jones says:

    I find it strange also, that the supplement companies seem to be complacent about a possible demise of their businesses. This is not just a sounding board, but an expression of real concern for the continuation of our right to choose supplements over prescription poison. We desperately need the support and backing of the companies that sell and produce our supplements, as they are under just as much, if not more, fire than we are. Just as there is safety in numbers, there is also power in numbers. I just can’t fathom that they haven’t been aware of the dangers ahead. It’s their livelihood at stake as much as our health may be severely compromised. Wanna hear the latest about what Big Pharma does? When the patents expire and their wonder drugs go generic, they take the same drug, make it look different, give it a different name, and sell it as a new drug with a similarly high-priced tag. No wonder they are all billionaires at the expense of people like us. The FDA is the scourge of our health industry. They should be run out of business.


    • Rob says:

      I’ve often wondered myself-where’s the outcry from the health food stores, and supplement manufacturer’s who seem to be largely silent? I’ve recently asked employees at one of my local health food stores if they had heard about the NDI draft proposal, and nobody was aware of it? I even printed out the article by ANH and provided the owner of this store their website – anh-usa.org so they could research this issue, I never back from them? I also asked a co-worker of mine, whose mom is the manager of a large vitamin supplement chain if she had ever heard of CODEX, she said she’d never heard of it? The only explanation I can come up with, is that if and when these are implemented, that they’ll continue to sell their products, only they’ll cost more and be in dosages that are largely ineffective.


  9. Suzanne Conner says:

    i want to shout. but you would not post my caps— so here i go again in lower case.

    i have an idea, defund the fda and give the money to planned parenthood. planned parenthood saves lives and evidently fda is trying to kill us by witholding beneficial supplements and urging us to take toxic pharmaceuticals instead.

    read archie and mehitabel by don marqus. all written in lowercase by a cockroach and a cat on a typewriter after hours in the office. of couse a cockroach cannot capitalize jumping from key to key. nugh said


  10. Lisa says:

    they need to get Michael Taylor (Monsanto) and all the other corporate thugs out of FDA and other like agencies. Period.


  11. Kevin Law says:

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  12. Carol Wessel says:

    It is ridiculous that any more regulations need to put on supplements making many supplements obsolete or very expensive. The FDA needs to be regulated. I say No to the new FDA legislation.


  13. Tony Zitzelberger says:

    The FDA has become the gestapo for the drug companies in the USA. Instead of herding us into their death camps with guns, they do it by adding poisons to our food and denying alternatives that work better than what the drug companies have to offer. And if you don’t think these are not death camps, just listen to the side affects from a few drug adds on TV. And those are only the ones they want you to hear about, many are hidden and or never reported.


  14. Peggy Worley says:

    At 63 yrs. old I only take natural supplements, I do not take any presciptions. I believe that when something is wrong with the human body you are not lacking a prescription!! This assault on our supplements has to stop. Vitamins are made from food, so are they going to pull food off the market because it could be harmful? They think we are so stupid and don’t know any better, but we have their number don’t we!!


  15. The FDA is in the vest pocket of the big rich, same as other Federal regulatory agencies like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which allows the prices of gold and silver to be “naked shorted” (lowered by paper sales of nonexistent metal) so as to make the synthetic US dollar seem like it has some “value.” The SEC has allowed these interests to pillage equity investors also with all manner of fraud besides naked short selling, driving many companies into bankruptcy and denying investors of their true net worth. The pharmaceutical industry traces in part to the old British opium “trade” in China. Nothing is any filthier than the patent drug business. At the center of these exploitations of the public stands a single organization linked to the British Crown—The Pilgrims Society, set up in 1902 to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world,” see documentary at site linked. The organization has about 700 US members, a waiting list of about 70, and pharmaceutical execs and directors are involved. The President is always an “honorary” member (documented twice) and makes all manner of Federal appointments!


  16. Badnewsmessenger says:

    The bottom line is Hamburg (and all bureaucrats, including the NGO worker bees) are eugenicists at heart (whether they’ll ever admit to it or not) and they are true believers, in that they truly believe the masses are asses and deserve to have EVERY aspect of their lives scrutinized and run by their “betters”. The FDA is not a “rogue” agency. None of the alphabet agencies are “rogue”. They are accomplishing exactly what they were meant to accomplish –supranational government (mind you) at the direction of the many United Nations commissions, committees and under the many U.N. treaties signed behind closed doors which the media barely passes-over with a one line entry at the back of the newspaper (if at all). We are mushrooms kept in the dark.

    The alphabet agencies are answerable only to those who are very much higher up the ladder than any of us. That’s why the bureaucrats only barely pretend to listen to your emails, letters and phone calls anymore. They never really answered to us–it’s only in the last couple of decades that it’s really been in our faces and we have found it increasingly difficult to fool ourselves about it.

    EVERYTHING that has happened over the last 200 odd years in the USA, and around the world is about 2 things, and 2 things ONLY: LAND & EUGENICS (and ultimately Transhumanism–which explains the reasons for the push in media discussions of transgender, transsexual, etc.) Do you really believe the powers-that-be give ANY importance to those who feel “trapped” in their bodies? No. It’s really all about predictive programming and getting you ready for things yet to come. Do you really believe all of the new techno gadgets (all tax payer funded and having military applications) are really to help quadriplegics and disabled people? The disabled and “unfit” (to live) will be among the first to be eliminated.

    Nothing else matters to the New World Order (”coming into view”). They will get what they want regardless of how many people are harmed, maimed, or die. Death and control is THE POINT of all of this chaos. (Kaos and Control,… remember?)

    So step OUTSIDE the system and take a look at it from the outside where you’ll be able to begin to see it more clearly. (A little aside: remember the word “congress” also means coitus, sexual relations—from the Latin–coitio or coire. I suppose it isn’t altogether strange that this was the word chosen as the word to also mean our federal legislative body.)


  17. Joan says:

    I have been homeopathic for the last year and haven’t felt this good in about 15 years. I’ve been treated for as long as I can remember for migraines & 3 herniated disks until we lost our medical coverage when we moved from one state to another. I take about 15 different supplements that were recommended to me when I went into the most recommended vitamin store within 50 miles of where I live.
    My back has stopped hurting, my migraines have dropped from once a week to about once every 3 months, my digestive system has regulated & the “allergies” I was told for 18 years by doctors that I had, turned out to be massive sinus infection have cleared. I have been able to breathe through BOTH nostrils at the same time for almost 2 decades!
    If the FDA can’t abide by the laws & want to disregard the desires of the people, they can be disbanded.


  18. Mary Thompson says:

    I guess I will just have to use my social security check every month just to stock up on all of my whole food and organic supplements before they are no longer available!!!


  19. Barb says:

    I am so sick and tired of the government thinking they know what is best for us. NO THEY DON’T! They could give a hoot about any of us. They only care about lining their own pockets. That is only human nature with most people…unless they have a heart of gold! Most people are selfish and even in this, have selfish reasons.

    Many have stood up and wrote their congress about this but they could care less what we think let alone about what we say.

    I need supplements. I do not eat well at all. Very little an mostly just once a day which does not give my body what it needs.

    Quit ignoring the Constitution all you political figures out there. We are responsible for ourselves. Many in the USA and all over the world are just getting plain sick of you all!


  20. Ruth says:

    Lots of words in these comments, many of them truthful and well spoken.

    Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to make the FDA or Congress care enough even to read them and pay attention?


  21. The poison is in our food on one side and in medication on the other approved by FDA. The FDA takes our right to see legitimate scientific research in connection with foods and dietary supplements that help us while they support drugs that dumb our children down. They took away our right ot know what foods have GMO’s in them and they don’t want us to know the truth about the healing power of real food. Plus they have a handy revolving door policy so you can barely see the difference between the employees at the FDA and Big Food (Monsanto employees are a prime example).

    Here is the perfect illustration, President Obama who said, “he would stop the revolving door policy in government” and then picked the poster boy of “revolving doors” at the FDA, Michael Taylor as Food Czar of America.

    Michael Taylor’s revolving door history at the FDA:
    1976 staff attorney FDA, assistant to the Commissioner.
    1981 law firm representing Monsanto
    1991 returned to FDA as Deputy Commissioner for Policy
    “Taylor did not simply fill a vacant position at the agency”, says Jeffrey M. Smith in his book Seeds of Deception, “In 1991 the FDA created a new position for him: Deputy Commissioner for Policy. He instantly became the FDA official with the greatest influence on GM food approvial.
    1994 USDA, as Administrator of Food Safety & Inspection Service.
    1996 returned to Monsanto Vice President for Public Policy
    2009, Senior Advisor to FDA Commissioner
    2010 appointed to FDA, Deputy Commissioner for Foods

    Doc Blake


  22. Jenni says:

    When are PEOPLE going to rise up and let their Congressmen and President know that the FDA is not above the law!! When is the FDA going to listen to the voice of the AMERICAN PEOPLE? Some one should shut the FDA down since they are not listening to the PEOPLE or Congress!!


    • Joyce says:

      Excellent information on the laws already on the books to control supplements. They certainly don’t need more. The FDA’s present attempt to control supplements through their NDI proposal is an attempt to turn supplements,, etc. into drugs and market them like they do prescription medications now.


      Issue: 93 Page: 42-57

      The Regulated Dietary Supplement Industry: Myths of an Unregulated Industry Dispelled
      by R. William Soller, Holly J. Bayne, Christopher Shaheen

      HerbalGram. 2012; American Botanical Council


      In 1994, the 103rd US Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This legislation, along with previous laws and the 2006 Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act, has provided the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with statutory authority to regulate dietary supplements and those who manufacture, distribute, and sell them. It also enabled FDA to take enforcement action against unsafe or mislabeled products and those who sell them—fulfilling the agency’s mandate to protect and promote public health and safety. A comprehensive framework of regulations also has evolved through the public notice and comment rulemaking process. These regulations address essential aspects of the safety, labeling, health-related claims, and quality of dietary supplements. Consistent with its legal mandate, FDA has taken a primary role—using interagency collaborations as needed, particularly with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—to pursue enforcement actions against non-compliant products and companies. And yet, critics still charge that the dietary supplement industry remains “unregulated” and many members of the media use this word to characterize it. This is a myth. Today, dietary supplements represent a major industry in the national marketplace, the products of which are used widely and safely by millions of Americans under a comprehensive set of statutes of regulations.


      President Bill Clinton signed DSHEA into law on October 25, 1994.1 DSHEA amended the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) in several important ways, thus creating the legal framework for FDA to develop a comprehensive, predictable, and transparent regulatory system for dietary supplements. Importantly, DSHEA confirms that dietary supplements are legally classified as “food,” defines a “dietary…


    • Frank says:

      the only problem here is that both the “president” and FDA believe they are above the law. thomas jefferson noted when this situation occurs it is called tyranny. the FDA consistanly oversteps its mandate. when you have the WH doing the same things why would the FDA obey the law?


    • janice hamel says:

      i take supplements to keep my bones denisty good calicum and vit d. fish oil for my cholestrol which works and glucosamine for my arthritis .i would be lost without these. prevents me from having problems and helps my wellness 10 fold. need these very much


    • Malibu Kim says:

      If you want to reel-in government power grabs – VOTE FOR PRESIDENT RON PAUL 2012!!! Then see how quickly FREEDOM is RESTORED. President Ron Paul will kick that CRIMINAL FDA to the curb once and for all.


    • R. Garner says:

      You can thank McCain and the other sycophants of the prescription drug companies that oppose natural ingredients that are relatively inexpensive as opposed to prescription drugs that are artificial and dangerous. I noticed an editorial in the NEJM supporting the FDA’s attempt to even make drugs like aspirin a prescription drug. McCain’s wife is the owner of a large generic drug company. The hidden investment vehicle of the senaters and representatives includes huge numbers of drug companies and other healthcare companies. I notice that the FDA article really did not document harm but talks about potential harm because a natural produce contains substances similar to prescription drugs. This is the whole point of natural drugs. They are blends of a variety of natural substances that are safer and less costly, many that have been used for centuries. It is amazing how a few self serving senators and representatives are attempting to make themselves wealthy at the loss of freedom and choice of Americans. W need to vote out the butt heads who voted for this stupidity and flood the NEJM with comment for supporting such a monstrosity. The editor who wrote the editorial needs to be investigated for ties to drug companies such as McCain’s family.


    • Mike says:

      I Contacted my Congressional Rep Charlie Bass here in NH and Told him to Stand up for the People he Represents against this Injustice, Everyone else should do the Same When our voices are herd in Large Numbers They get the Message.


  23. I folllow this site because I value my supplements, and it’s my business what I take. I think that some people who follow this site believe that Government can be an agent of good. So here is the the absolute truth about any Government. The larger the Govrnment, the more coercive it is, and the the larger the Government; the smaller the individual.

    My proof is this: Rather than trying to reduce the size of Government, we are trying to use our power to coerce our opposition to submit.


    • Bill Kornell says:

      I agree it is time for the FDA to go away. The people must make choices. This next election, vote out those that are against the people.
      Bill Kornell CRT,spoa


  24. ann mcgarry says:

    The FDA is out of control and clearly there is collusion going on with big business against the natural foods industry. This needs to be stopped now. It is un-American . The FDA should be exposed and the heads of this unethical group held accountable. NOW.


    • Ann says:

      I really thought that when President Obama was elected, that the US would finally have an ethical government and put the FDA in its place. I am very disappointed with President Obama. He also has a family and should only want the very best if something should happen to the health of his wife or children. The FDA is on the side of Big Pharma and BIG BUSINESS who only care about making BIG money at the expense of US citizens. When is government going to wake up and realize that we have the health problems today because of all the drugs, pesticides, herbicides etc. that is being allowed in this country.
      I always take healthy supplements and don’t want to be denied of these. Drugs only mask diseases, causing side effects to create more disease. BIG PHARMA will never find a CURE for any disease. They only want to sell these life threatening drugs to make all the billions that they make.
      I no longer give to causes like the Cancer Society, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. because I have learned that the money goes to BIG PHARMA. Before contributing to a cause, please investigate and make certain that the money is going to ethical researchers who have no involvement with this demon – BIG PHARMA! The ONLYway that a future president should be elected is if he promises to stop BIG PHARMA and any BIG BUSINESS from exploiting the American people’s health.


  25. Doesn’t the FDA have to listen to congress and the senate? I didn’t vote for the FDA. I did vote for legislators who support the use of supplements. Right now, in Columbia Presb. in NYC, there is cutting edge alternative medical practice being used avoiding the use of CHEMICALS AND PHARMA altogether…with strong herbs that have been used for 4000 years. Who is the FDA to deny CHOICE TO THE AMERICAN people. We don’t vote for them. But lobbyists and corporations, i.e. the medical industrial complex is running scared because their love of money wants them to keep the monopoly going. The more the FDA resists, the more Big Pharma and their lackeys resist what is trending throughout the world, the more they will be the dinosaurs with their feet on banana peels. Hello! There are doctors and hospitals who are forward thinking toward success. They are going to beat out Big pharma and the medical industrial complex and put them out of business. Why don’t these folks just get in on the action and join the alternative therapies movement. Better late than never. They have grown fat and lazy and to stuck in their traditions to budge. Well, too long they’ve had a monopoly; too long they have kept a tight reign on Med schools, not wanting to flood the market with doctors so they could keep prices high and the health industry crippled. IS ANYONE THINKING???? The medical profession and its attendants who (well maybe not big pharma) have sworn to do no harm are the liars of the century. That is all they do with their lack of innovation in bringing forth proper medical care that combines many different treatment protocols: holistic, homeopathy, etc. Too much testing and not enough time to interact with the patient. Egregious, egregious, egregious. And now, they want the American public to bow to their lies once more overthrowing herbal remedies that have been in existence since the dawn of man. Despicable. Corrupt. Wicked. The FDA is especially so when it greenlights a drug whose side effects are: stroke, heart attack, death. (as read on the TV when the litany of side effects were being read off. This drug is passed by the FDA and some supplements that have NEVER KILLED ANYONE aren’t? Any senator/congressperson who doesn’t take a stand against the FDA’s action will be voted out. The health community of alternative medicine and supplements and holistic medicine and naturopaths will get the word out online. And we will make sure to take a stand!


    • wvhillbilly says:

      The FDA is a 3000 pound canary that needs to be taken out back and terminated, Killed dead and replaced. (The agency, not the people mind you.) That’s the only way it’s going to be fixed. Congress needs to toss the entire agency and everyone in it out and start over. And laws need to be passed that no company shills, no company lobbyists, no company officers current or previously, of any company or corporation regulated by that agency will be allowed to chair any seat in that agency. And no one in that agency shall accept any money or gifts whatsoever from any company or corporation they regulate, from or any person now or formerly employed by said entity, and that anyone found accepting bribes or found occupying or formerly occupying any position of influence in any company regulated by the agency or influenced by said company or corporation shall be IMMEDIATELY terminated.

      That is the only way it is going to be fixed. Sadly, I fear that so many of our congressmen are so under the influence of these same corporations that now control the FDA that they won’t allow it to happen.


    • lei says:

      You took the words out of my mouth. I am in agreement 100%.


  26. Rex Kittle says:

    I want the FDA out of the federal government all together. They are being funded by companies and Corp’s , not the American tax payers.


  27. First let me state that as a physician, I feel that the pharmaceutical industry is a vital pillar in the health care system of this country. And there has been a huge amount of rhetoric by the president and our political institutions about increasing health care access to more people. Letting The FDA limit access to supplements, which over 100 million people in this country use to keep heathy by the devious and hard to comprehend actions underway now is going to harm the health of tens of millions of people. When Americans realize what has hit them, and have to suffer the illness that follows, millions of people are going to be very unhappy about the system which talked health and produced illness. There is plenty of need for pharmaceuticals without crowding out supplements as this action appears to be doing. We need access to the best of both worlds to have the best health in the world. There is no place for this FDA directive against supplements in a “Free Country”. Nor is there room for the former VP of Montsanto, who brought us unlabeled GMO foods, to be the president’s advisor on FDA matters.


    • Allan Dattner, MD has it right, IMHO. There is more than enough room for both drugs and supplements in the healthcare marketplace. There will always be those who prefer to practice educated self-care and prevention and those who will only rely on our broken medical paradigm. However, vilifying supplements by the FDA shows a certain amount of fear on the part of those running the place, (from big pharma/industrial farming interests) that their business is threatened by dietary supplements and untampered-with, whole foods. With no cooperation, then everyone loses in the end. Everyone.


  28. Rev. Ken Smih says:

    We need to stop the abuse and denying of choice in buying supplements! This is America not the Soviet Union!


    • alfiya says:

      you are very wrong dear comparing soviet union with america. Before saying so you should check what do you know. Post soviet era? people crying out for those days because it was controlled by the government who knew healthy nation is county’s asset. Government didnt allow any chemical in the food, The laboratory for food analysis present on each city market where stuff can walk around pick up any food go and analyse, if anything find confiscated and destroyed. Since socialism by help of the western destroyed all the chemicals flow into the country-freedom to manufacturers but not freedom for public, democracy? this applies to everything-you have much freedom now? perhaps 1% otu of 100%. But in poor countries people have much more freedom to do what they want and particularly anything related to health. In russia still half of the pharmaceutacal shops piled with herbs and tinctures and docotors not yeat corrupted to stick to the drugs only but they have freedom to treat people well and say what they think is good-herbal well known even by child medicine always goes first. FDA cannot get into the russia yet because Putin stands on their way that is why media bought by corporations try all their best to rubbish him. Buy ticket to russia and see what is going on there-you will love it. Before that fight for freedom where you are. The problem is you just think FDA controls americans, but not only as soon as their criminal paper approved by signature of couple of animals they spread their legislations all over the Europ. THAT HAPPEN WITH HERBAL MEDICINE LAST APRIL.


  29. David Shear says:

    If this legislation passes, I truly foresee riots.


  30. Dell Roark says:

    A totally out of control agency which congress should stop them from making law. Not their job

    They are under the control of the drug companies who fund them.

    Disgusting 4 sure. Not right at all.


  31. I have maintained my family’s health through the use of supplements and many other health food products. Because we have no health insurance it has been my efforts in preventative alternative solutions that have kept me and my family free of any perscription drugs. We eat fresh foods and exercise a well. Thank you for standing up to those who would attack this industry. The FDA should regulate the Pharmeceutical companies much more rigorously. The friends I know who take some of the drugs they are prescribed are not being healed; only their symptoms are controlled.


    • wvhillbilly says:

      The whole problem is, the pharmaceutical companies regulate the FDA. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want any competition, and natural supplements compete with and (in their minds) take away profits from their drugs, so they influence the FDA into trying to outlaw supplements in devious ways, to protect their profits. Never mind they already make $billions every year, greed is a mon$ter that is never satisfied.


  32. Richard Pawley says:

    When I was a child there were only four other countries IN THE WORLD where people lived longer than they did in the USA. Today there are more than FORTY where people live longer than here. Back then the CDC was concerned with health and most doctors wanted to cure disease and heal patients. The FDA was somewhat concerned with keeping Americans healthy but even then they were mainly interested in supporting those industries that were making profit. A profitable drug in Europe in the late 50’s was scheduled to hit American shores and I seem to recall it was a friend of President Kennedy at the FDA who fought all the pressure to approve the drug for “morning sickness”. Thalidomide around the world caused some 12 to 17,000 deformities and caused many deaths of children but properly prescribed and administered drugs today kill far more, some 100,000 a year. The drug has since been discovered to have value for other things but it was kept out of the USA although some women got it overseas. Sadly today the FDA today is almost totally about securing profit for the companies who virtually control it.
    Each year things seem to get worse. In our Bi-centennial year so many died from drugs given for flu Congress passed a law that drug companies could not be sued. More recently dozens of young girls have died and more have been paralyzed or worse from Gardasil which is barely effective at what it is supposed to do, but it is quite profitable (so much so they want to give it to boys who can’t even get the disease). In Japan where only half the vaccines are given to young children that our children receive the death rate is also only half. I got only three shots between before starting elementary school and joining the USAF twelve years later. Today children get 36 to 39 vaccines before they start school and all these drugs (vaccines) are – to put it simply – shortening their life and killing them, although it often takes decades.
    Almost as bad as the drugs the FDA tells us are necessary and safe are the foods they allow to be sold to unknowing Americans. Before GMO food (genetically manipulated or modified) Autism was quite rare, maybe one in 10,000, today with GMO food flooding our supermarkets, 93% of soy, 86% of corn, over 80% of cottonseed oil, sugar beets, etc. Autism today is around one in 110. Some will say this is only a coincidence. Maybe, but isn’t it interesting that the Amish who use no GMO seeds or even chemical fertilizer have about the…


    • Richard Pawley says:

      same one out of 10,000 that all had 30 years ago before massive vaccination and GMO foods that Americans don’t even know they are eating, became so prevalent.
      I don’t know the answer to all this. Perhaps after the tripling of prices and/or the collapse of the dollar and the inevitable shortages there will be some kind of renewed morality and we will return to the beliefs, care, and concern of our Founding Fathers. Sadly, today’s FDA seems totally in the pockets of Monsanto and a few others. If you only know what everyone knows you do not know enough to survive the next two decades, WWIII or any of the other possibilities or even probabilities that are likely to beset us all. There is time to learn and to prepare but not enough to waste. May God bless all who read this.


  33. Laura K says:

    It is so obvious this is about Big Pharma’s pocketbook! What the FDA fails to realize is We, The People are the government. We, pay their salaries and foot their bills. They are public servants, not demigogs. It is not acceptable to us, that we be dictated to, by The Pusherman (Big Pharma) and/or the Dealers (A.M.A.) through you (FDA), in you (FDA), or with you (FDA).

    You are trying to infringe on our Freedom of Religious Rights. God gave us the herbs, plants, and animals to do what we want with! Get real; look at the crap pharma peddles with all the debilitating and deadly side effects. I’ve never heard of anyone OD on weed. Undo the corporate coup!
    You work for us, now get back to the work we pay you to do or leave!


  34. Nancy A Evans says:

    My supplements are essential to my health, I do not take prescription medications. I eat a healthy and GMO free diet, esercise, have a healthy spiritual life and do not want to have a government agency telling me how to live. Especially since these agencies are driven by greed and no concept of health.


  35. Elaine Kittredge says:

    Big Pharma has enough products to make billions of dollars in profit. Keep our vitamin and supplement access inexpensive, and stop pandering to the wealthy.


  36. Judy Burke says:

    Do not force this issue. We don’t want big pharma.


  37. Marcia V. Grossbard says:

    Repeal the law and rewrite it clearly. We have too many bad laws with loop holes that cause more troubles than they help. Why should an alternative medicine specialist MD be held at gunpoint by either the FDA agent or the USDA agent while the “gang” gathers up all his supplements, and practically puts him out of business when he was doing good? This did happen.


    • Auburn Celtie says:


      LISTEN TO http://www.wbai.org Gary Null, PhD. He teaches how to restore health after ‘western diseases’ and how to maintain a healthy body & life. I have learned a vast amount of real information from this man. Also the site, has been warning us about the coming and implimentation, madates of forcing us into illnesses via the rules of CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS — google that and learn that indidious genocide plot.

      There are foods that are eaten by young children and will make them sterile – FOOD THE NEW WEAPON OF MASS DISTRUCTION. Brought to you by Cargill, ADM, AND the trailblazer & master Death Perveyor, MON=SATAN-O. FDA JUST GREEN LIGHTED GMO CORN FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION LACED WITH DNA OF PLAGUE, SMALL POX, LYSTERIA AND 2 OTHER LETHAL DISEASES. W H Y??????

      FDA IS TO FOOD AND DRUG SAFETY AS THE SEC (Security & Exchange Commission) WAS TO THE 2008 GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRASH. FORETHOUGHT OF DESTRUCTION. It’s a web of deceit behind a smoke screen of ‘in your best interests.’ so: beaware, and be ware!


  38. Jean Baugh says:

    Congress is the supreme last word and I suggest they ignore the FDA and act as DSHEA was intended, and the people want.

    Jean Baugh


  39. Kathy says:

    Would backing H.R.3380 be an alternative? Called the “Dietary Supplement Protection Act” (H.R.3380), the DSPA moves the defining date of October 15, 1994, to a more realistic and recent date of January 1, 2007.


    • Auburn Celtie says:

      your statement is confusing and seemes out of date. What is H.R. 3380? WHAT IS DSPA? What is the significance of defining date of 10/15/94 to l/l/07 …….it doesn’t make sense> please elucidate your thoughts so we can all understand your points> Thanks.


  40. Vicki says:

    Because of supplements that I can purchase from Iherb and eVitamins I am able to take anti-yeast products that have improved my life in amazing ways. We need to be able to purchase supplements that will help us like those sold at Wal-Mart and other drug stores. This is our right to stay as healthy as possible.


    • Auburn Celtie says:

      by shopping at Walmart you are feeding the monster — destroying the solution of our problems –
      Walmart initiated the NO UNIONS POLICY in their stores – sent employees to game the system @ local community health centers to fatten their bottom lines…. Walmart has been taken to court for stealing their employees (poor) over time by cheating them out of overtime pay. Walmart exploits people who manufacture for them by shaving costs to the suppliers only making a mere subsistance, while W gleans the lions share of profit on any item. Walmart exploits their customers by supplying shoddy merchandise guaranteed to last an average of 6 months on most items — so robbing it’s customers (lower income & ignorant of their exploitation world wide) of their hard earned money.

      There are other places to purchase vitimens and diatary supplies — stop feeding the beast who’s IN BED WITH THE OTHER MONSTERS DESTROYING DEMOCRACY & QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR COUNTRY.
      WAKE UP PLEASE. You are intelligent enough to be reading this ANH newsletter – so you should be cognizant of the big picture — walmart’s in bed with banks and big pharma. Stop shooting yourself in the foot.


  41. The FDA is turning out to be a bad joke on the American people. It is a farce. It’s also in the pocket of the wealthy businesses and cannot be trusted. They are just showing their true nature again with this new supplements incident.


    • Auburn Celtie says:

      google CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS in effect in Europe for a few years. Clinton, in 1996 signed us into the World Bank and Codex A was part of the attachments — it’s insidious.


  42. Frank Apostol says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    The FDA is subordinate to the will of the congress. So there is really nothing to debate here. It should simply be given an order and forced to comply with same.

    But the fact is, and we all know it, the FDA, as far too many of our congressmen, have prostituted the powers of their positions to the uncaring,greedy executive higherarchy of the corporate world.

    The FDA has deteriorated into a snake pit that needs to be totllly cleaned out, and repopulated with people who will feel a responsibility to those from whom they receive their legitimate pay.

    There is more than enough evidence to back up what I have, both, said and inferred here.


  43. John says:

    Good, I wish other federal agencies would stand up to the big business thugs in congress. Congress under funds the FDA so they can’t do their job so I’m glad to see them going “rogue”!


  44. Gordon Waddell says:

    Why aren’t all the vitamin & supplement companies contacting their customers to take action! I buy vitamins etc from at least 5 different online companies that have thousands and thousands of customers and NOT ONE has sent me an e-mail to take action.

    What about all the fitness & bodybuilding magazines with thousands of subscribers – why are they NOT taking action, supplements are their biggest advertisers.

    The NDI will destroy these companies & magazines, why are they NOT fighting for their LIVES!!

    I will fight for them & with them but we can only do so much!

    They need to get involved IMMEDIATELY!!


    • DR Vince Hope DC, QN says:

      Did you know that most vitamin are derivatives of a general stock of raw material that is produced in labs, many outside the USA? And what’s even more confounding or astonishing is that most of the companies that make the raw materials are contriolled by the drug compnaies. So it is not the threat of lost profits but of bigger profits that they’re looking at. That happens if you get so ill that you resort to drugs, that’s where the BIG profit is.
      Since many (90% +) of the supplements out there are synthetic they do little to improve your health and may even harm it. Added that much of the supplements are of poor quality those too do little for health.
      Did you know that since a vitamin is synthetic then it acts on your nervous system just like a drug, which it actually is, (hey it’s not food! Research hard to find supplements that are totally derived from plants and animals and are of the highest quality, then you’ll be doing yourself good. Otherwise you are doing yourself little or no good.
      And those of you that eat well and take supplements and are healthy, the likely reason you are is because you eat well.


  45. Carolyn Hightower says:

    Do not take away our rights. You won’t get away with it. We have the right to choose what we want and we want to have supplements.


  46. Kent Gardner says:

    NDI Draft Guidance is a Big, Fat Gift to Big Pharmaceutical companies! This action will clearly drive the price of suplements up that many of us use. These companies are legalized crooks of modern day and part of the collapsing econony.


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