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BREAKING NEWS! CDC Has Just Recommended Routine HPV Vaccinations for Boys!


vaccine-boyIn a shocking move, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that the HPV vaccine Gardasil should be given to 11- to 12-year-old boys as well as girls.

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices unanimously recommended routine vaccinations for boys to protect them from cancers related to the human papillomavirus, or HPV. Federal health officials usually adopt what the panel says and asks doctors and patients to follow the recommendations.

Merck & Co. designed Gardasil to prevent sexually transmitted HPV infections, which can lead to genital warts and cervical cancer in women, and cancer of the penis and anus in men. Merck won FDA approval for female patients in 2006, and male patients in 2009.

The problem, as we have pointed out previously, is that of the 100 different types of HPV, only fifteen might someday develop into cancer; moreover, the Journal of the American Medical Association says the relationship between infection with HPV at a young age and later development of cancer is unknown. Of those fifteen potential cancer-causing strains, the vaccine targets only two: HPV-16 and HPV-18. In other words, the vaccine will have no effect on 87% of the HPV viruses that might potentially cause cancer, and the causal link between HPV and cervical cancer is far from definitive.

According to, today’s finding reverses a 2009 recommendation by the panel that the HPV vaccine should be optional for boys. The panel at the time said the benefits of giving it routinely to 11- to 12- year-old boys wouldn’t justify the costs.

The CDC’s recommendation flies in the face of data from its own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which received a total of 18,727 reports of adverse events following Gardasil HPV vaccination. A whopping 1,498 of those events (8%) were considered “serious”—such as blood clots, the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and 68 reports of death. While the most common reactions might be redness or swelling at the injection site, to ignore or soft-pedal the existence of serious side effects (including death!) is not acceptable.

As our readers know, the HPV vaccine has been a national issue recently thanks to the GOP presidential debates. During this time, the major media have faithfully parroted the line that the vaccine is safe, and have refused to pay any attention whatever to the adverse event reports or the testimony of parents. The US government’s Institute of Medicine has also chosen to ignore the adverse event reports, saying disingenuously that they only consider peer-reviewed research. Unfortunately, both the major media and many of the IOM researchers depend on the drug companies for support, and it appears that we cannot expect anyone in an official position even to acknowledge, much less investigate, reports—often submitted by doctors—of what this vaccine is really doing.

It is outrageous that this vaccine has been mandated for girls in some states. To recommend it for boys is no less outrageous.

  • Jim Park

    As long as government agencies can be completely corrupted (bought and sold) by the big pharmaceutical companies, there will be outrageous actions coming forth, like giving the really dangerous HPV “vaccine” to little boys as well as little girls. Soon the CDC will try to mandate these shots for the elderly, using another totally invalid argument like it did for young girls and boys. The Fraud and Death Administration (FDA) doesn’t even try to hide the conflicts of interest within its bogus administration.

  • Razzle

    While some may believe vaccines have done good things, NO vaccine should be Mandatory in my opinion. There are some with certain health conditions who would be harmed significantly from mandatory vaccines. And there are some who have personal or religious objections to vaccinations.

    How come we don’t spend more time and effort eductating people on the effects of intimacy outside of wedlock? Human Papilloma is a sexually transmitted disease – we shouldn’t NEED a vaccine for this if people would have better morals…

    Just my opinion…

  • Dr. Richard Edlich

    As a physician, I oppose strongly the recommendation of inquiring the HPV vaccination for young boys in our country.
    The vaccination itself can have detrimental effects.

    Dr. Edlich

  • Nancy Doyle

    I would never let my children have this vacination. We seem to live in a world of fear and need to protect our children from this and that. If we have healthy children by giving them healthy foods what is there to fear. My personal feeling is to work strongly to make sure the immune system stays in top working order. This is what I do for myself and my family. There are lots of foods and supplements to work with to make this a fact. And frame of mind with a positive outlook at life. My prayer is that more people wake up and become educated comsumers.

  • George Tolhurst

    Wake up Mothers and Fathers, They are posioning you and your children. Fluoride in your water is posion–toothpaste ditto–50 % Mercury in your silver fillings–vaccines etc. etc.
    Do your research your and your children’s health and life depends on it.

  • its pure criminal; parents are stupid if they allow their boy and girls to be forceably sterilized. that’s what it is ;

  • D.

    Huh? I have never even heard of any little boy or little girl having HPV. I’ve heard more about this vaccine than any cases of people with HPV. And if they want ppl to get the vaccine why not recommend it to 18 yr olds, not children. This is bizarre. It just doesn’t add up.

  • RRRayburn

    Truly outrageous, but remember, no vaccine is mandated. Even if “they” say it is. Just say NO.

  • elizabeth Alexander

    Gardasil for anybody is outrageous! Have you not done the research? This can only be about money and greed – certainly not about health.

  • Rose Schaaf

    Educate parents and it should be up to them to decide and not the government re.HPV vaccine to their children. Thank you.

  • Stephen

    One more step closer to control how we live and taking freedom away.

  • Randolph Leno

    We know all about operation Paperclip and your bringing Nazi doctors to the USA to destroy our health. I look forward to the day you are all hung until dead for your conviction of war crimes against the american people.

  • Bea Stagg

    The FACT that Gardasil has caused numerous deaths and blood clots and neurological disorders does not seem to make an impression on the CDC. They are immune to good health practices so therefore their suggestions should be ignored. The fact that they receive monetary benefits individually it apprears from Big Pharma, should caution everyone to realize they speak with forked tongue. Don’t be bought. Use your intelligence and avoid vaccines of all types.

  • Jim Phillips

    NO! HPV vaccine Gardasil should NOT be given to 11- to 12-year-old boys. This vaccine is not a good vaccine at all. This is a fake vaccine designed to make money for Merck and shareholders.

  • Anna Aldredge

    The CDC’s recommendation flies in the face of data from its own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which received a total of 18,727 reports of adverse events following Gardasil HPV vaccination. A whopping 1,498 of those events (8%) were considered “serious”—such as blood clots, the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and 68 reports of death. While the most common reactions might be redness or swelling at the injection site, to ignore or soft-pedal the existence of serious side effects (including death!) is not acceptable.

  • Emily Erickson-Sandstrom


  • Annapoorne Colangelo

    Vaccine is used to often in our country without having enough testing. And, there is a lack of choice – there are ones who feel deeply that they do not choose to vaccinate. Who are we to tell them they must?

  • ruth weinfeld

    It is absurd that young boys should be subjected to vaccinations for HPV. In my opinion this only encourages more promiscuity by sending a message that these young boys will be protected if they have sex.It is a green light.

  • Superimposing vaccines on the parents of children needs to be outlawed. This action is “unconstitutional.” No Hands Off!

  • Brad Chisholm

    Do not succumb to corporate pressures. Research the lack of merit of Gardasil and truthfully see that is lacks any relevance in reducing medical issues, but rather contributes to them. It is totally outrageous that is is mandated for girls in some states!

  • We can leave poisons in plastic drinking vessels and canned goods while Europe has banned them, I guess it suits the generation of illlnesses perhaps autism, which generates profit for big pharma and health-nets. This shot however also generates profits for big pharma while its potential for causing harm is still under question. The poisons forced on the public in our food in the false name of saftey should be generating enough illnesses for their profit margins, Now it will be mandatory to make your child potentially ill. How festive..

  • SchaOn

    Thank you for publishing this! If people have not seen this website,, about the adverse reactions of this vaccine, you need to read it! One (small) study they talk about shows a 15.4% death rate from the vaccine in a 6 month period.

  • nami jackman

    Please put a stop to the vaccine industry. It is designed to make money for the drug companies at the expense of our health freedoms and most of all, our health. These pushed and forced vaccinations are intended to intimidate, take away our rights over our own bodies, and harm our immune systems’ ability to keep us healthy. All this pressure to vaccinate is an attempt to create billions in profit for a few companies and officials, while harming the health of young and old alike.

  • Justin J

    This is just beyond rediculous!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Ellen Boyd

    This WHOLE idea is absolutly rediculous!! The American People DO HAVE BRAINS – Surprised? Well it seems like SO many who think they can STRIKE out our freedoms have blown up egos and little to think with!
    I am so tired of all these people who are distroying USA and what we are, and who we have the right to be. I think they ALL have forgotten OUR Constitution and OUR Bill of Rights.

  • wow what a rage this is not ok as our young kids are dying because of this maybe we should wait till they are at least 14 and teach our kids to keep it in their pants !

  • Rob

    Please remove me from this list. I had no idea that this site was an anti-vaccine site. Boys have the right to be protected also! Your reporting is heinously unacceptable!!!

  • Perhaps this is another thumbing of the nose to the rabble. Much of what is coming out these days is off the chart. It’s like the days of Caligula…..

  • MJ HawkSpirit Everhart

    This is outrageous. As a mother and grandmother I say……why don’t we as a civilization go back to the basics of humanity and the natural laws. This way our children will know right from wrong or just plain old tie it in a knot. And I hope the men in government positions will be the first in line!!!!

  • steamdwarf

    follow the money!

  • Elaine

    It’s time to stop the drug companies from forcing us to make our children take more dangerous injections. It is only making them more money and, endangering the children when they are pumped full of mandatory drugs already.

    Schools are pushing say no to drugs. The drug companies are on T V saying yes to drugs.

  • Dressler

    Just sickening how far reached corporate greed is, in our government. At the cost of our own children.

  • Lou

    News Flash 2012: Following their successful campaign to get boys injected with the very toxic, worthless and counter productive hpv “vaccine” the CDC today issues the following.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that all women must be given a prostate rectal exam at least twice a year. For those doctors having trouble locating the female prostate a manual will be forthcoming, CDC-IISDUM-2012-642.

  • Leona Hill

    My God! I’m speechless. Is there no end to Big Pharma’s greed?

  • John Mascord

    Not content on killing and injuring young girls, the CDC is now trying to include young boys into their disgusting schemes.

  • B. Talbert

    This is totally irresponsible of the CDC in the light of adverse events associated with this vaccine.
    Last night on TV I saw a doctor advising all parents to have their boys vaccinated. Seems like the networks support this. Just shows what “perception management” can do to make truth out of something that is not.

  • paul


  • John O’Donnell

    STOP forcing Vaccines on on our children, it is Not helping them, it is dumbing them, let them ues their true potentual.

    • Lou

      According to the Rockefeller controlled NIH the finest potential of our children as well as their parents is an early death on the alter of population control.

  • Ed

    When the CDC is contaminated with people from big pharma, this is what happens. There is no trust left in government that is run for the greed of the few at the expense of the many.

  • Gerry Subban

    Interesting that this site did not find this recently published article (on the reduction of the risk of anal cancer in men vaccinated against HPV) worthy of mention (

    It is much easier to obsess about the risks of Gardasil, when you systematically avoid discussing the benefits, I suppose.

  • Dr. Manhattan

    Quite a few people who I know personally who got the flu vaccine experienced some really messed up unexpected effects.

    Have never gotten one and I take mushrooms and immune formulas and I go through the winter without catching anything.

    Giving an HPV vaccine to little girls was bad enough.
    Now to little boys as well.

    Plus they forget that even though many of these lab “cures” may happen to work they keep having to change the formula because they make the viruses mutate.

    Better to make compounds that strengthen the immune system naturally so our bodies can oust infections.

  • Robert

    For all those people who are in “Dislike” of the FDA’s recomendation of getting this vaccine I say about time everyone realizes that this is a very serious issue. Anybody that is sexually active should have to prevent HPV. I am in my 40’s and never heard of nor cared about “HPV” until I was diagnosed with rectal cancer 6 years ago and 19 surgeries later all caused by the HPV viurs that was undetected. People wake up, until it happens to you complain all you want it’s going to cost you alot more in the long run than the vaccine from the start.

    Ponder that for a while before you complain about a simple recomendation from someone who is looking out for your well being.