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Bad Vaccine Bill on the Fast Track in California


If it becomes law, California’s SB 277 will likely spread to other states across the country. State-based Action Alerts!

Legislation to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions has cleared the California Senate and is now moving to the state Assembly, where it faces an even easier path to passage. In the Senate, it needed to be voted on by three separate policy committees before going before the full body. Thanks to efforts by Assembly Democrats, the bill will only need to go through one policy committee in the Assembly before getting a full floor vote.

The bill eliminates all non-medical exemptions, including personal belief and religious exemptions, from the requirement that children receive vaccines for certain diseases in order to enroll in any public or private elementary or secondary school or daycare center.

Not only are proponents of SB 277 removing procedural hurdles in the hopes of speeding passage, they are also sending clear messages to those who would stand in their way. The California Chiropractic Association has been an outspoken opponent of the effort to mandate vaccinations. As budget negotiations come to an end for California’s next fiscal year, budget subcommittees from both chambers voted to restore six of seven optional Medi-Cal benefits that are currently unfunded. The one benefit that was left out? Chiropractic services.

Of course, the legislators responsible for leaving chiropractors out of the budget deny allegations that the decision was in retaliation for opposing the vaccine bill. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Legislators speeding this bill to passage are not scientists, yet they’re telling everyone that the scientific evidence is unambiguous—that vaccines are 100% safe, and anyone who believes otherwise is a mentally unbalanced “anti-vaxer.” They believe this gives them the right to take away a parent’s right to make choices about their children’s health. Of course, campaign donations by Big Pharma have nothing to do with it.

In fact, there is ample evidence that suggests vaccines are not without risk and can have a significant impact on children’s health. You don’t have to be against vaccination in general to have doubts about the current vaccination regime, which requires more and more shots to be given at the same time, and at an earlier age than ever before. There are plenty of reasons to reconsider this approach:

  • One study that compared vaccinated to unvaccinated boys found that vaccinated boys were 155% more likely to have a neurological disorder, 224% more likely to have ADHD, and 61% more likely to have autism.
  • A Dutch study found that vaccinated children had higher incidences of a number of illnesses and other health indicators compared to unvaccinated children in the first five years of life. Vaccinated children had high incidences of chronic eczema, allergic reactions, ADHD, ear infections, throat inflammation, and were more likely to be sickly.
  • A study in New Zealand found similar results, with vaccinated children having higher incidences of asthma and eczema, and an astonishing tenfold increase in the likelihood of tonsillitis.

Combine these studies with the slew of other studies we’ve covered in the past, and you begin to wonder at the supposed “scientific consensus” on the safety of the present vaccination regime being touted by those who would remove our freedom of choice.

In light of this significant body of evidence that conflicts with the mainstream narrative about vaccines, parents’ right to make informed choices concerning their own children’s health must be preserved.

Now that the government has removed any legal liability for vaccine manufacturers, and if they continue to subsidize vaccine development and production (thus guaranteeing high profits), and make mandates such as this one with virtually no exceptions, what incentive will the pharmaceutical industry have to invest money to make vaccines safer? What incentive will government have to reconsider the schedule?

Time is running out to stop SB 277. We must send a clear message to legislators in California, as well as all state legislatures that are considering removing exemptions to vaccines, that SB 277 will cause irreparable harm if it becomes law. This concerns all of us: if SB 277 becomes law, it could embolden state and even federal legislators to advance legislation of their own.

Action Alert! California residents, write to your representative in the Assembly and urge them NOT to vote for SB 277! Please send your message immediately


State-based Action Alerts! Look below for your state, and write to your legislators, urging them NOT to remove important exemptions to vaccination. Please send your message immediately.

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