The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Jay McCaman

    One of my clients has cattle that know the difference in GMO’s. They try to avoid them.

    • Lynn Klein

      Animals are smarter than humans..that proves it. 😉 Seriously though, give an animal a choice in what they can eat, and it will be real, natural food every time. can’t say that about most humans.

  • archer

    its abominable what is going on with all this suspicious BS called government regulations

  • C R C

    Not only does the whole soy / corn gmo make us so sick, but now we have no health care because of the costs. I also believe that is why we have all these gender issues (they have been injecting hormones in our foods – WAKE-UP!) ITs a big carousal, FDA, OBAMACARE, BIG PHARMA get them addicted, then charge 100.00 for a methadone / or suboxone pill that kills you and doesn’t work, have the people pay for it and they also in my families case bankrupted my moms pension after 50 years of work. They said it was insured, they lied. My husband cannot even bid on a job cuz its given to the elect’s family members, friends or pay to play people. We need to get gov. out of our stuff. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

  • patgo

    Uh, where’s the wording of what you’re sending? I don’t sign blank checks any more than I read labels that lack information. Label GMOs clearly, print your petition clearly.

    • Carol

      hit the enter button and it is the next page