The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Ron

    Why do I have to write that food safety not be compromised and mislabeled? Must the average US citizen report and correct these criminal acts by alerting Congress members? This is not an oversight, this is another yet another criminal act of our agencies.

    • herbprof

      Exactly, when citizens have to remind a government agency to do their job…That means it is long past overdue that management heads in those departments, like the USDA, need to be rolling right out the door!

      • Jackson

        It’s not a matter of govt agencies not doing their job. It’s the fact that govt has been hijacked by corporate powers. So govt and it’s agencies are working for the interests of big business and not for the citizens of the country. For example, the head of the FDA is a former top executive from Monsanto, and was appointed by Obama, who campaigned on the blatant lie promise that all GMO’s would be labeled.

        • Ron Wheeler

          Yes, you are correct, hijacking by none elected criminals who have been put into office by yet other criminals.

    • djoy11

      and your Senators and Congressmen NOT giving a hoot about us in lieu of pleasing their OWNERS!

  • Phyllis Brown

    The U. S. has become so dishonest. The lawyers protect and twist the truth as it suits them, and have been powerless to stop them. Can I no longer trust the labeling of foods saying they are organic? Apparently so! the only ways to be sure are to grow your own food or shop only with places that you can trust – such as farmers markets!

    • Bobby Freedom

      I have found my local farmers market is full of glyphosphates and GMOS….our local farmers sold us out and they don’t care or want to discuss it.

    • Jabezabella2013

      Even at our local farmers market I can’t be sure…someone last year was outed for buying commercial produce from Walmart and selling it as organic…then there was the lady who was helping to sell her neighbors corn, and had no idea what glyphosate was, but her answer was that she had never seen him spray his fields, so he probably didn’t use it…then when I asked another he replied “What is glyphosate?” When I said “It’s in Roundup” , he proudly replied “Oh, of course I do!”.

    • Lifeonerth

      To be fair, it isn’t just the US that has dishonest people acting in positions of power. This problem originates in Turkey and other countries, for example. Selfish action at the expense of others is just part of human nature, one which we should each strive to rise above. Our civilization is crumbling as we tear down the institutions that used to keep us honest and bring us together- the church, the community, the nuclear family. Just as ancient civilizations knew, caveat emptor- let the buyer beware. Human nature is universal.

  • Bob

    Ron, I could not have said it better. These heads at these agencies are crooks, plain and simple.

    • Jabezabella2013

      Sadly, we no longer live in a democratic nation…the U.S. government incorporated itself back in 1876…we are living in a “corporacracy”. It’s becoming more obvious each day, and explains why we have a corporate CEO as our POTUS.

    • Ron Wheeler

      Please show me where you have said it better :).