The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Getzmore

    Revolving door…

  • kibitzer3

    Thanka for this initiative, ANH. Keep up the good work.

  • AnnieLaurie Burke

    “Big Pharma makes Big Money from pumping the most vulnerable among us full of vaccines..” The author forgot to note that Big Pharma is able to do this with no product liability whatsoever.

  • Terri Willcocks

    The FDA is as corrupt as the CDC. i don’t see how this is going to be useful at all.

    • Lifeonerth

      If we do and say nothing, we are merely enabling this to continue as “status quo.” Change has always started with individuals. The President has said that he would make significant cuts to the FDA. Let’s hope he keeps that promise; in the meantime, we must make known our will. If they feel their jobs could be at stake, they will ultimately change.

  • sal3

    Please do the right thing ANH, and never publish an article like this without referencing the sources of the data upon which assertions are made. Without the refs for readers to check, The “report” is of zero positive value. Thank you.

    • Lifeonerth

      I would also like to see ANH provide references, as the message would have greater impact, and these issues are too important to take shortcuts.

  • I agree with Terri,
    with the level of corruption in the CDC, FDA, NIH and EPA, I believe that the president or congress would have to fire all the upper level personnel and put in some honest ethical people and that is not going to happen based on where the money and power are coming from. It is very discouraging, but we continue to be going nowhere fast. I recently heard someone say that adequate numbers of parents refusing to allow their children to go go school if the school requires them to get vaccinated, is the only thing that might work. That may be true, but will enough people with both the education, knowledge and strength to do that come forward? Not likely.

    • Lifeonerth

      We certainly do need a major housecleaning and reduction of bloated alphabet agencies that overstep their bounds and are not beholden to the voters. However, as I said above, change starts with individuals. Doing nothing and remaining silent will certainly not help and merely enables the sickness.

    • d-dectiri

      This anh agenda is just to educate the legislators, i guess.. but there may be a much more powerful agenda already afoot… a group of a couple of lawyers and people with anti-vax credentials have written a 16page legal document that demands that the FDA perform what the law demands when there’s such evidence as in the document. The premise is that the FDA must shut down the challenged drug/program if the required studies have not been done adequate to what must be legally defined ‘informed choice’…

      The process is in play for another 10 or so weeks where the doc — having been posted at the CDC website for CITIZEN COMMENT for 90 days (which is where we come in with our own blast after reading the doc’s challenge and picking a target to relate to) — can be seen and comments posted… easy process… after the public comments have Hopefully been large in number and suitably angry, then the law requires that the CDC / FDA **respond** according to the demands supported in the comments….

      The doc wants a MORATORIUM ON VAXXING FOR 5 YEARS WHILE APPROPRIATE TESTING IS DONE… as well Iirc, that ads direct-to-the-public be forbidden, just like they were required to do for cigarettes (taking back our control of the media on drug issues)… The ‘informed choice’ argument leverage would require such a moratorium and testing…. so if the FDA refuses then they are breaking the law AND CAN BE SUED which should open the door for Trump to pink-slip major heads.. and force testing according to the law.

      The challenge is at regulations dotgov slash docket? with the rest of the indescribable file id of D=FDA-2017-P-4500

      Hope to see y’all soon at the regulations webpage…… where you can also see the comments already posted for your own enjoyment and inspiration… so far 1500-some comments and ten weeks to get them swamped with lots more… how about a million… ttyl

  • AutismDadd

    FDA has no intention of doing this, but if it did it would never search for the truth, insteam they’d wheel out the meme’s, talkin points and references to Wakefield.