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Action Alert: Tell the FDA to Grant Compassionate Use to Dying Patients!


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  • AlterPforz

    FDA and EPA, two evil institutions.

  • LindaRivera

    Totally evil. People who paid taxes their entire adult lives are refused the treatment that could save their lives. And innocent children.

    • petulantes

      Its hard to let someone else cut in on 180 billion dollar profit industry. Mafia methods!

  • petulantes

    What America is known for best its MEDICAL MAFIA , revolving doors from government to pharma and back. ensuring people die for profit . DISGUSTING

  • Denise Watson

    They need to butt out and remember we live in the USA, land of the FREE, where we are allowed to make our OWN decisions!!!!!

  • TylerW

    Is this a joke? Lifesaving treatment? Death warrant? First of all there is little reputable evidence for any of the claims you have made, and there are a number of potential side affects to what you arbitrarily call “antineoplastons”, which is in reality a byproduct of the body’s metabolism of sodium phenylbutyrate, an orphan drug for treating urea cycle disorders. The FDA has blocked this treatment as there are not nearly enough empirically reviewed studies which examine the drug interactions of this treatment, nor the long term side affects of the treatment. Further more, the man who developed this treatment annually makes upwards of $60-80,000 per patient, and seems to have randomly chosen a drug to throw at desperate cancer patients. Does this sound like a man who is selflessly helping those around him? Overall, you are doing a shameful thing in championing this treatment with little or no background information.

  • Aggie Mac

    Obviously TylerW either hasn’t heard from all the patients whose death sentences from respectable institutions like Sloan Kettering, were reversed by Burzynski. Proof of the patient’s condition before and after were submitted to grand juries and judges. Or perhaps TylerW is part of the problem. Wake up America! A cure for cancer would be very bad for the US economy. I’ve lost several loved ones to cancer. All using the approved (chemo, radiation and surgery) treatments. All these are horrific to endure. I only pray Burzynski is around if any more of my kin succumb.

  • Tim Reihm

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    • kona ohana

      If you belonged to the no comment is negative comment then feel free to continue your assault. I’ll never believe the big Pharma mafia is anything other than a cash cow at the expenses of the world’s health.