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Action Alert: Tell the EPA to Ban Glyphosate!


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    They only needed to prove that DDT was hurting the breeding of the falcons by making the egg shells too thin, why is it so hard to get this stuff banned?? Is it that it is only hurting people?? Because that can’t possibly be true, if it’s hurting people it has to be hurting everything that is eating this stuff. They are killing the planet one GMO at a time. They might as well get off the global warming band wagon, there won’t be anything left to save by the time the rising sea level gets to be an issue.


      I reckon ddt safer in some instances..all the old timers say it never should of been banned

      • IsThis4Real

        I wonder how many of those “old timers” are now sick, if they have cancer or if they are still with us. If they are no longer living I would be interested in knowing what they passed away from and I would love to have their blood tested to see what the levels of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), and Glyphosate would be. Monsanto, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and many other of the so-called elites want to reduce the global population by billions. Poisoning our foods is just one of the many ways these people and companies and slowing committing a mass murder. As Bill Gates says – “it may take 10 – 30 years to kill people…slowly and without it being noticed. It can be put off as a long illness” while Big Pharma continues to get richer and richer.

    • 1947goldenjet

      The goal of the One World-Globalist cabal is to thin the herd. I saw 1 number that suggested the optimal amount of people on our blue marble is a max of 500 million. We have way more than that now.


        Bill Gates and his foundation has been working with others of his billionaire status foundation holders, yes the Clintons were included on that list as well as the Ford Foundation, has made the statement that 85% of the world’s population needed to go away. I have no doubt in mind but that they have a plan to make that a reality very soon. From what they have been pushing as far as fake health care advice, I’m guessing it will be a very lethal flu virus.

        • 1947goldenjet

          I think that you are spot on. I believe that this was their 2nd option. Their first option failed to win the Presidential election. I believe that a 3rd option (a time released bacterial concoction in our food supply) was also on the table.