The Alliance For Natural Health
  • BarbaraCharis

    The premise of vaccination is weak. In order to build up natural immunity one has to AVOID stress of any kind….and injecting toxic matter into the bloodstream overworks the immune system; it does not build up immunity. The Creator who made the human body…made 5-6 layers of skin to protect the bloodstream from contamination. Many today do not believe in the Supreme Intelligence…they worship the Almighty Buck…it is their reason for being. There is Universal law and I am sure these vaccine promoters will pay for their lack of knowledge. Corporate heads can’t hurt and kill people in order to make billions promoting vaccines. It says in the Bible that the sins of the fathers will be visited unto the heads of the children, unto the third and fourth generations. The fortunes gathered from harming others is going to lower their whole family for generations. I am sure that our Creator who is aware of every sparrow that falls… will let the punishment fit the crime. it is wrong to promote substances that are dangerous and force parents to have them injected into their children. What do you call people who do this? I’m sure our Creator would classify them as evil. Ignorance of the True Law, which is the Creator who made all living things, is no excuse. None get away with anything. As we sow; so shall we reap.

  • movingwaters

    Having read about the side effects experienced by a very significant percentage of the girls who have gotten this vaccine for several years now, I know I would strongly discourage anyone from receiving it.

  • Abraham Kovler

    Twice now my address has been declared invalid!

  • archer

    Fortunately many health consumers are demanding heath freedoms, some in governance and science known as whistleblowers are beginning to come forward with or questioning the harmful and dangerous truths. We are so grateful for the independent scientists and media that have forewarned us. Most definitely the Good Fight Amen