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Action Alert: Tell the AG Supplements Are Safe!


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  • griffinrosse

    I have tried to send e-mail twice and both times when I hit send, all my details cleared and it didn’t go through.

    • Steve Thomas

      You have to have cookies enabled so ‘big brother’ can track your every move. That makes me question the integrity of any site.

  • TabBCat

    I got a message back saying I needed to copy & paste in the “official’ e-mail form for her office. I didn’t have any luck trying to follow the directions. Maybe it’s copied somewhere, but I don’t know where & it doesn’t just paste. Very frustrating!

  • griffinrosse

    I have tried enabling cookies and it just doesn’t recognise. May be because I am from UK. Crack down seemed to start with the EU, now spreading. Brexit or not will probably make little difference at this stage. Heading for a corporate sponsored dictatorship it would seem.