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  • Julie Patchouli

    Everyone in our town (Jewell, Iowa) received a notice that the lead levels are unsafe in our water and we should filter it. I called city hall and they told me that the state does not require the town to fix the problem only to notify people of it. I bought a water distiller… 🙁

    • Wendy Allen

      EDTA suppositories/IV chelation may help remove lead. Far Infrared Sauna may help sweat out toxins/heavy metals/chemicals fast. Any sweating may help detox.

    • archer

      What exactly are they regulating or responsible to fix? Yup your water is bad sorry nothing we can do about that. Unacceptable dereliction of duties and the finger pointing starts.

  • OhZone

    How did the lead get into the water?

  • “take action” button is doing nothing.