The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Doris Kelsey

    Nothing is going to be done as long as the GOP is in charge. Who do you think is PROFITEERING off the drug war? Hint: Iran/contra scandal.

    • kenmarx49

      Doris, that’s just baloney!

      • Doris Kelsey

        Get your head out of that dark space. I KNOW a mule that works for the cartel- the GOP cartel. Ze was told by one of the supervisors that their jobs were safe as long as they remained in office! GOP= Al Capone. Of course they want it illegal, that is how the $$$$ is made. Can you think of any other reason NOT to legalize it?

    • Marcia Kirschbaum

      You mean nothing’s gonna change while we have an exploiting, profit driven oligarchy. This has been the same MO for decades, regardless of which puppet is on the throne.

      • Doris Kelsey

        It totally agree. Two sides of the same coin. We are being ruled by the corporations. Eisenhower warned us. We just didn’t realize that industrial=corporate.

  • Rene

    Any Plant, Weed, herb etc. grown in its natural state, that offers medicinal properties to help an assist others with various conditions should absolutely be encouraged allowed and legal.

    It should be illegal to prohibit safe non-toxic non-invasive risk-free compounds from being utilized by any living being.

    It is a Act of evil to impose and mandate that people be forced through manipulation to take dangerous compounds provided through this system of profit before life. The perversion and tyranny of the pharmaceutical companies crap that it is entangled with in our government and lobbyists and politicians and medical system blah blah blah is the crime of the century as far as what it has done to this population and future Generations.

  • Rene

    I have faith that the good people of this country who have a heart and a soul that yearns for good for truth For Love for peace will participate in the movement to to ensure that these things in fact do come to pass. All of us see what’s going on but the only way to see the changes that we want comes from not only acknowledging these threats but and actually believing in good and they’re for acting upon those beliefs. What seems to be so prevalent today is that people have such little faith in that good in itself has power over evil. It always has and always will. It is our calling to act on that Goodwill to see the transformations and restoration of Our Lives. Without faith and deep-rooted belief in good (God) and power of good it’s a lot of work that is beyond our carnal capacity. We are not impotent we are and always will be magnificent strong. Don’t believe the propaganda in that it causes one to be paralyzed and just in despair.