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  • Joseph Puglia

    Gadolinium = Poison.

  • Carol Sidofsky

    Some years ago I had an MRI of head done, to check on potential ear tumor. No tumor found, but shortly after that MRI, which used GADOLINIUM as the contrast agent, I had severe hip pain, which I hadn’t had before, which I figured out had to be connected to the Gadolinium. So, I used a detoxification method (oral: Modified Citrus Pectin) daily, for a month, and my severe hip pain thankfully WENT AWAY! I also found that after the MRI, I actually DID have residual Gadolinium in my blood, even one month after the MRI (Quest Labs had to learn from MAYO Clinic how to accurately test for Gadolinium residues, because they hadn’t known how to do it, before I requested that lab test), even though “supposedly”, one is not supposed to have any Gadolinium left in the body, shortly after an MRI. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there about Gadolinium toxicity, and I can personally agree, from my own experience.