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  • windofchange

    Lund U. in Sweden has been doing research on the natural antibiotics in Honeybee raw honey.
    Columbia U. has done studies with raw cacao powder in hot chocolate for restoring age related memory loss, it works, I’m 84. Silver socks work with cellulitis on the legs as it dried mine, helped to restore skin, etc. My immune system is still weak.

  • Susan Jane Beers

    Could you please make your confirmation codes iPad friendly as inserting bold type is impossible.
    Thank you

  • Sendmoney

    I have used silver for years for anything that ails me. If exposed to any infection, I take a dose each day for three or four days, and never get sick. I have used it to remove warts by application under an adhesive bandage and keeping it moist. I had a patch of rash on my leg after a hospitalization (Morgellons) against which nothing worked, I used silver for a few days and healed it. It also helps to prevent scarring after being sutured ! Yes it is a natural nutritive material and it will not turn you blue unless you try to make your own, and mess up. Before refrigeration and pasteurization, Dairy people put a silver coin in their containers on the way to market.

  • Ira Gerard

    What about ozone for treating bacteria infections? You guys are not talking about that. There is a hospital in Habana Cuba that is all ozone related. Look them up.