The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Ed Alvarez

    Stop Fake Organics…..our lives depend on it

  • Abraham Kovler

    I could not vote here bc my valid address input somehow was not acknowledged as valid!
    Let’s straighten this out shall we, people?

  • K. A. Elenich

    Just sent an email to my Congressional representative. I encourage everyone to send a message or call their rep. as well. Even if you believe that they will be opposed to this bill it is important that they hear from you. If they don’t hear from their constituents then they think that no one cares about this issue. Let them know that you do, in fact, care and that people are paying attention to what they are doing.

    • ManagedByCat

      Even though 92% wanted labelling of GMO food, Monsanto bought our hill critters (for instance Sen. Cruz got a cool million dollars) to vote against the bill which they did. So letting them know what we want doesn’t mean much to them. That is one reason Trump won because many people were tired of such shenanigans. Let us hope this bill passes.

  • Pro-Israeal

    If I pay more for organic, I expect it to be organic.