The Alliance For Natural Health
  • duglle

    We need a totally Govnt. controlled health system. Drug prices, hospital charges standardized, all aspects of care will be given strict profit and percentage structure. Md’s will work on a lucrative payscale that is performance based. Socialistic heatlh care, not communistic. The only way to get quality health care to all in an equitable manor is to get rid of the corruption. Medicine for the people, not in spite of them. The legal drug cartels have made untold millions of dollars on the purses of the poor and middle class. They pump poisons for profits and nobody goes to jail. A committee should check out Hong Cong’s health plan, by an American designer. Nothing is free, but it doesn’t have you a devastating chunk of your income. It’s time to turn the tab

    • amaimbourg

      We DON’T need anything more controlled by the govt. Are you aware of what the govt did to the VA??? I am a vet and I can testify it is the worst-run system anywhere! We need LESS government, NOT MORE!

  • Sendmoney

    Medical Cannabis in all 50 states has all sorts of benefits that Big Pharma does not want people to have. There should be severe felony punishment for drug pushers who have faked research data to get the high dollar drugs through the FDA mill. All Govt. healthcare plans should offer acupuncture and Medical massage. Chiropractors and services are supposed tone covered now,but the Medicare rate for a Chiropractor is $23.00 !!

  • ProudAmerican9

    Personally, we want the government out of healthcare and everything else they are NOT Constitutionally called to do. All their involvement does is make a bigger mess, less liberty/freedoms for us citizens and costs/wastes far too much in taxpayer money. State governments aren’t any better and none can be trusted with something so valuable as our health. My family knows how to obtain good health and that includes NO vaccines, GMOs, pharma products, chemicals and toxins. Let the people have their choice and also pay the price for it. I’m fed up with paying for “healthcare” that is anything but healthy and for subsidizing people who are too stupid to do what really brings health.