The Alliance For Natural Health
  • loulou2lou

    Western medicine works for the most part with an array of side effects.The choice should never be revoked.Natural medicine does not dig into the profits of drug companies.The drug companies bleed us dry.The FDA is not our guardian.If it were there are a large number of drugs that would have never made their way into our medicine cabinets.

    • Ron Wheeler

      A drug only needs to test effective 5% successful to be listed as approved by the FDA, now tell me who is criminal?

      • loulou2lou

        I guess we both know the answer to that one.Stan

    • Theresa

      Yeah, Western medicine works for the most part in killing people!

      • Excuse me

        When Western medicine is inappropriately applied, it is dangerous, and filled with risks and adverse effects. But remember the genesis of much of modern medicine was developed for rapid response to life-threatening conditions, such as acute trauma. In that, it has no equal in alternative care. The mistake is made when physicians view every problem as a nail that requires a hammer to treat. Ideally, I would like to see a system in which naturopaths like they have in Washington State are the PCPs, and MDs provide care for the failures in wellness. (And there will always be plenty–observe the crowd at the shopping Mall…) When the patient is stabilized by the systemic onslaught that can be part of allopathic care, she returns to the PCP for restoration from the effects of the life saving treatment. 🙂

        • n8ftc

          Don’t forget the programmed masses who flock to their physicians, urgent care, or ERs and nearly get violent if they’re not given a plethora of pills in response to their aches and pains. People in America want immediate gratification and for the most part refuse to put any effort into their care. We can’t blame physicians who are more or less caught up in the middle any more and have become scapegoats for big pharma, insurance industry, and lawyers.

          • Excuse me

            That’s a very good point. The system is damaged or broken in several ways, and those who should be key players–providers of care that include NDs, DCs, MDs, DOs, ARNPs, and PAs–are buffeted by regulatory changes that force them to spend time and money reporting statistics to the government or providing translation capability for 50 different languages.
            Our government is filled with bright people. Unfortunately, the more of them that gather in a decision-making group, the dumber they must get, until they are unable to organize a two float parade–or they are so bought and paid for they can’t make a decision in the interest of anyone other than the contributors.

      • loulou2lou

        Hope no one you know.Stan

      • Darja Cocca

        Vioxx killed an estimated 60,000 people before it was pulled and no one was held accountable.

      • Headhunter

        Genocide population control.

  • Dale P Patterson

    I use a number of supplements and prefer them over pharmaceuticals. Established healthcare is not interested in alternative medicine and if natural medicines are going to be researched or even allowed to be used, We The People will have to make it happen.

    • kenmarx49

      I have started to use a potent form of Curcumin. For the first time in years, I can sleep without my arms killing me. What a blessing, and it didn’t require a patent to be produced. It costs less than $35 for a 30 day supply. By comparison, my wife is using a special cream produced by big pharma that comes in a 1.5 oz tube and lasts about a month for $204. Of course, the cream is patented and FDA approved.

    • Mary Walczak

      As do I, and my health would suffer tremendously if I didn’t have my supplements.

  • generalJed

    My grandfather was a pharmacist compounder of natural medicines back in the 1920s, before antibiotics. They worked! To this day, I take both pharmaceuticals and natural medicines. Both have their applications. The FDA should not stand in our way in being treated.

  • drbarney

    The FDA has been caught publishing the fraudulent claim that dietary fat is responsible for all the harm added sugar does; they were lobbied to do so by the commercial junk food industry. This is an example of why they have not earned the credibility of most highly trained licensed physicians. What is now worse, they are under the farm bureau which is no run by a Hardee’s CEO whose company was busted numerous times for wage theft of people on minimum wage which was kept below a living wage through lobbying on his industry. Many Kellogg’s breakfast cereals are more than 50% sugar and by law are required to be sold as candy rather than food. The FDA does not dare to enforce this law because the breakfast cereal industry tells them what to do. Lying, cheating, and stealing go together and the FDA is mixed up in all of these. Therefore the physician should be protected from FDA interference that the physician judges best.

  • Len Wojno

    My first choice is naturopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathic, vibrational therapies such as SCIO, Diadens, and Rife machine, etc, Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and enzyme therapy. Allopathic with all it side effect drugs , unnecessary surgery where things can go wrong is not my choice. I will take allopathic only if I break a leg or if in a car accident etc.

  • Julie Fraser

    For things to change, we must forge ways forward WITH traditional medicine, not in OPPOSITION TO. The way to bring systemic change is to pull in the stakeholders who have the most to lose in a change. Let’s find common ground. Together, we have a chance to change healthcare in this country.

  • Cheryl Detar

    I have been using Natural Medicine for 30 years. I will be 69, next month and have NO health issues…I’d say that’s proof, it works.

    • kenmarx49

      I am 73 years old and stopped taking formulated medications many years ago in favor of supplements. I know my health numbers as I donate blood platelets every two weeks. They are all good. Also, people tell me I look much younger. That may not be “proof” of anything, but I have lived longer than my parents did and I expect to be around for many years to come (as long as I don’t get hit by bus or something).

  • kenmarx49

    Compounding pharmacists are becoming a rarity, even in large metropolitan areas because they are prevented from compounding and selling medications that are tailored for patient needs. My wife is seriously allergic to mass produced progesterone and thyroid medications and needs to have continued access to these compounded substances. We know of only two remaining compounding pharmacies in the western half of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and they are 20 and 35 miles away. There are nine conventional pharmacies within two miles of our home. Something is out of kilter here.

    • canitary

      heyn ken you still can get IT on line,ck Life Extension

  • Jp Cain

    Most pharmaceuticals have more side effects than the disease you are taking them for. FDA only approves what is written on some piece of paper by some lab. And we feel like the lab rats.

    • Headhunter

      I totally agree!!!!

  • Emmett Grogan

    It took over 40 yrs for doctors to diagnose my simple low thyroid. I had a goiter hanging out of my neck and still they wouldn’t give me thyroid medication. Natural medicine saved my life, literally. I SUFFERED and no one can imagine how bad it was. And there are LOTS of people like me with undiagnosed thyroid. We have to keep natural medicine!

  • Ailim Hazel

    It makes sense that the current administration would be doing this. If you cut healthcare the way they are in this new Senate Bill, all that’s left for poor and working people is herbs and natural remedies. Cut those off and the poor die faster. Isn’t that what the rich GOP wants?

    • Mary Richter

      This started more than 3 years ago under the last administration. My husband used to be able to get a B supplement from a formulary and his prescription plan covered it.

    • Headhunter

      Yep that what it sound like to me poor folks don’t matter.